Slim Cell Shady: The Adventures of Ambages Demo

If there’s one thing we like, it’s cartoon puzzle-adventures. If there’s one thing we hate, is screenshots with logos on which means we can’t crop them attractively. In which case, The Adventures of Ambages is scoring 1-1 before you even actually play the bally thing. The game’s coming out in the age known as “Q3” but this is a cell-shaded and… waitasec. This is interesting. Its feature list states it’s “Free for all ages” and then says it’ll cost “$14.99”. Presumably it’s a translation error from German (“Accessible to all ages”?), but at least it fills this post until I get to the bit where we stick a video beneath a cut. Phew.

And here’s ADVENTURE! by Be Your Own Pet for added irrelevancy.


  1. Ed says:

    That music video is disturbing. I was kind of hoping the other rabbit would go on a rampage and make human sausages out of the band. Twist!

  2. Ecko says:

    A band which is sadly dead.

    I enjoyed seeing them live greatly, wild fun!

    And uh, cellshaded yay.

  3. Bhazor says:

    Isn’t that the music from Karoshi 2?
    Not too impressive debut trailer but I’ll wait to see some sample puzzles before I dismiss like it was a gay game by gays for gays.

  4. El Stevo says:

    That looks absolutely awful.

  5. Sparvy says:

    Sorry but this drives me nuts, its called cel-shading. One L, thats all, not two, it has absolutely nothing to do with cells.

    Ah well, can’t really say that video impressed me anyway, time will tell I suppose.

  6. JonFitt says:

    He’s right you know.

    Also, I can’t hear “driving me nuts” without thinking of the pirate joke.

  7. Smee says:

    Well, at least they get points for using the guitar riff from Karoshi Suicide Saleryman: link to

  8. Wulf says:

    @Bhazor: Derogatory gay jokes, how could you?

    Now from what I’ve observed, Britain has become forward thinking enough to leave that behind. I haven’t heard someone make a genuine gay sleight in years. Maybe it’s just Wales, I don’t know, but I’d like to think that the whole of Britain is fair-thinking towards minorities.

    Now this presents me with two thoughts: You’ve either been dropped on your head too many times as a baby, and you haven’t caught up with everyone else yet, or you’re from some place else, apparently a place that’s apparently far less open-minded and fair than what I’m used to.

    That’s the kind of thing that really drags the public appearance of a place down too, what’re you trying to do, make RPS look like XBox Live? As I said, how could you? Poorly played indeed.

  9. LionsPhil says:

    Did I just fall through a time vortex into the ’90s?

    Because, if so, I need to go buy a few million copies of everything Looking Glass have released. Just checking.

  10. noom says:

    Gah. Thankyou for reminding me of my massive crush on Jemina Pearl Abegg. Now I am sad.


    Much as I really don’t want to be involved in kicking off some interwebs argument, this idea that using gay as a pejorative term is offensive to gay people is infuriatingly short-sighted. Choosing to ignore the difference between a slant on gayness, and an ironic slant on homophobia, is in my experience usually just self-serving and self-righteous, or on rarer occasions just genuinely stupid.

    I, for one, am going to continue calling things gay, as well as making frequent racial slurs, referring to children as c***s, and insinuating that women are inferior to men. I think perhaps you just don’t understand British humour…

    (though it has just occurred to me that you may be joking too… >_> )

  11. Michael Rose says:

    I still have both Be Your Own Pet albums on my mp3 player and listen to them frequently. The death of both their… ‘alternative rock’ plus Test Icicles a couple of years back saddened me deeply.

    I mean, need crazy in my guitar music.

  12. Eli says:

    I for one prefer the mysteriously cropped screen-shot.

    @Michael Rose: Yes, these things have saddened me as well. I think we could all use a bit of crazy in some tracks now and then.

  13. dingo says:

    I just checked the German website of the team and they mean “Jugendfrei” which means “E” (Everyone) if you use the ESRP equivalent as rating.

  14. graham says:

    Holy Cow, this game looks dreadful.
    I’m all for puzzle adventures but this one will be at the bottom self of the PC game section in a supermarket or better still in those special stands in supermarkets that sell ‘my magical horse simulator’ or some dodgy train management clone for 4.99.
    bugger me, they should quit now.