What Now? Night At The Museum 2 Trailers

Imagine how dull it would be if this happened at the V&A.

I went to see Star Trek last night. Spoiler warning: they shoot stuff in space. But it’s the trailers that I’ve brought you here to discuss. There were a couple that stood out by looking like absolutely dreadful films, but dreadful films I found myself rather wanting to watch. On any other day the most embarrassing of these would be G.I. Joe. However, last night it was Night At The Museum 2. I’ve not even seen the original, but I’m blaming Hank Azaria’s awesome delivery of some super-corny jokes, and Owen Wilson playing a teeny tiny cowboy. Oh, and the bit where Ben Stiller grabs the pitchfork from the American Gothic painting on the wall. I know, I’m sorry. The purpose of this gripping tale? There’s a videogame to go with it. Can the trailers for that achieve the same remarkable feat?

My plan here was to write “No.” And we’d all laugh. But what the heck is going on? This looks half decent too. It’s obviously a third-person action adventure, because it’s a movie tie-in and that’s the law. But from the three trails it’s certainly varied and looks pretty robust. Also, I like the idea of a game where you unsmash everything, rather than the more common approach. Anyway, while I doubt we’re dealing with a genre classic here, there’s potential for a game your kid will pester you to get that might not disappoint. However, early word is that it’s incredibly short. Here’s three chunks:


  1. Theoban says:

    This does not look like the worst game i have ever seen.

  2. Jakson Breen says:

    I am left wondering where is the music? All sounds very empty, and the sound design is terrible…but I guess we won’t truly get a great movie game till Ghostbusters…but then that’s how many years after the movies came out?

  3. Rosti says:

    Night at the Mu2eum in possible 7/10 shocker? Can we make this the norm for tie-in games, please?

  4. Optimaximal says:

    Looks awful…

  5. duel90 says:

    lol, thats the first trailer i’ve watched in a while that i havent had to put in my date of birth.

    also, did anyone else feel sad about the massive use of stock sound effects?

    No? i didnt think so…

  6. Larington says:

    No, no, no, no, no, memories of the Von Braun, the cries of the many!

    NO! (Runs away and hides)

  7. Larington says:

    Quick note on the Ghostbusters game, some sort of deal has been struck with sony that means that in europe the game will be exclusive to the PS3.

    Yes, you heard me. I may end up importing, I suspect loads will use this as an excuse to take without paying. Such is the folly of dealing with straw men.

    Atari must be short on cash or something as they’ve pulled out of demonstrating stuff at E3 too.

  8. Gap Gen says:

    “Night at the Mu2eum”


  9. James G says:

    Someone recently told me that apparently the original night at the museum was the highest grossing comedy film of all time at the box-office. I had somewhat written it off as a cheap film which would have been destined for a straight to DVD release if it weren’t for a conveniently placed half-term holiday into which to release it. It made me feel somewhat strange to realise that it must have been a ‘Big-thing (TM)’ only I’m old enough to have completely missed it, whereas lack the children who would have bugged me to see it.

  10. clovus says:

    Wait, there’s a GI Joe movie coming out! What about a GI Joe game tie in?? That has to be good right? I want to play an FPS where I shoot lasers and never hit anybody! Why didn’t you tell us more about that! I need to know…

    …and knowing is half the battle!

  11. Alex Hopkinson says:

    It’s only a timed exclusive, Larington.

  12. The_B says:

    Is that actually Ben Stiller doing the voice work in this one? As if it is, I must say they didn’t get a great likeness of him for the character model.

  13. Vandelay says:

    @Clovus – I know very little about the GI Joe cartoons*, but the trailer looked very different to the GI Joe I assume you refer to. The film has something to do with some military group that wear high tech suits that make them jump around a lot… or something.

    I think Night at the Museum was supposed to be one of those completely random hits of an absolutely horrid film, which then went on to make a fortune on DVDs (in fact, there was some controversy over it because the DVDs came out very soon after the cinema release much to the anger of cinemas that were still showing it following its success.) I expect the sequel will follow suit and we can expect a third in a couple of years. Both will be shit.

    As for the game, the best I can say is it doesn’t look terrible, rather it looks very mediocre.

    And thanks Alex Hopkinson, I was worried for a second there.

    *my only experience is from the joke in Family Guy and those really random internet videos that changed the sound on the GI Joe cartoons – I’m assuming they are American and that I haven’t missed out on an important part of childhood.

  14. grey_painter says:

    Its not just me but Ben Stiller seems to have aged terribly in that game…that or the modelling isn’t up to scratch.

  15. Gap Gen says:

    Has museum funding been cut so badly that he must scour the museum after hours to find pennies and quarters dropped by tourists?

  16. bob arctor says:

    Mimimimimimi. Mimimimimimi. Mimimimimmi.

    Give him the stick. DON’T GIVE HIM THE STICK!

    Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….

  17. Larington says:

    @Alex Hopkinson: An exclusive is still an exclusive, timed or not. The question is how long would everyone have to wait, weeks? months?

  18. simbo says:

    Does every movie have to have a tie-in game nowadays? I’m so glad Lolita or Schindler’s List aren’t being remade at the moment…

  19. Morph says:

    I fear to admit that I went to see Night at the Museum at the cinema. Yes, I paid to see that film (there’s a complicated reason), though I hope to avoid the sequel. It really was awful.

    PS: Star Trek = massively overrated

  20. clovus says:

    Night at the Museum was not horrid. It was an ok film that might get a mild laugh or two. If I had to sit through a movie with a kid, then Night at the Museum is ok. I did recently have to sit through The Pink Panther 2 with a kid though. That was absolutely horrid. I bet someone could make a fun AG out of The Pink Panther though.

    @Vandelay: GI Joe is an inescapable part of American pop culture (for ages umm.. mid-20s to late 30s?). With it’s crazy flag waving jingoism, I wouldn’t have thought it would be exported. A movie based on GI Joe should be a parody of the original show, like the Brady Bunch and Scooby-Doo movies. Doing a straight GI Joe movie is kinda’ retarded, like the Transformers movies.

  21. JKjoker says:

    the game looks horrid but they seem to have recorded a looooooot of voice overs, they talk almost all the time (probably why they didnt put any music)

  22. Bananaphone says:

    Night at the Museum is actually…alright. Not amazing, but if there’s nothing else on it’ll keep you entertained. Ricky Gervais was shit in it though.

    GI Joe looks fucking mental. It’s a live-action Team America.

  23. PC Monster says:

    GI Joe is going to be AWESOME, John. Let me know your preferred cinema and I’ll buy you the ticket myself. :) Take a lady, if you have one.

  24. JonFitt says:

    I thought the first film was an enjoyable bit of fun. Good for the kids with some funny parts. Also Steve Coogan and Owen Wilson engaging in mini-war.
    It had Dick Van Dyke in it too, and any thing with DVD in it goes up several points.

  25. Vandelay says:

    A live-action Team America is a good description from what I could tell from the trailer for GI Joe (also whilst seeing Star Trek.)

    John also forgot to mention that he saw some quite good looking trailers (at least I assume so, I saw the two he mentions, so I guess it was probably the same trailer reel.) The new Sam Raimi horror flick will undoubtedly be good, whilst the trailer for the new Terminator looked surprisingly quite good. It was made even better by the inclusion of the Sarah Connor music at the end, which may only just be a drum beating but it always makes me smile.

    P.S – I thought Star Trek was great. A good start to a new direction for the series. Some elements I could have done without but were acceptable (and understandable) for a first film, such as characters being close to parodies of the former portrayal, but hopefully they will soften those aspects up a bit for the next film.

  26. Stupoider says:

    Agreed, JonFitt. Dick Van Dyke brightens anything up. :D

  27. BigJonno says:

    Night at the Museum is definitely one of the more entertaining family movies in my DVD cabinet. It has Steve Coogan, as a mini Roman, with Owen Wilson, as a mini cowboy, driving an RC car. Then Coogan throws the horns. You couldn’t make it up.

    Except that someone did, natch.

  28. edosan says:

    Finally — an opportunity to play Ben Stiller in a video game!