Pornography Starring Your Mother: Meet The Spy

It’s here! It’s very funny! It’s absurdly violent! It’s like Poirot with more splattered brains! It’s one of the most incredibly-animated things I’ve ever seen! It even includes ‘your mum’ gags! It’s been unofficially leaked in low res! It’s… Meet The Spy!

Another thing I really like about this: it’s the Meet The video that’s most like the game itself, as opposed to the more abstract settings and stories of the others.

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  1. Amqz says:


  2. Martin K says:


  3. blerg says:

    Scouts mother is really hot.

  4. Poltergeist says:

    “Another thing I really like about this: it’s the Meet The video that’s most like the game itself, as opposed to the more abstract settings and stories of the others.”

    I wish playing as a spy was half as exciting and badass as shown in the video :(

    Valve really is good at this marketing thing, I haven’t touched TF 2 for 3 months and now I want to play it right now!

    I actually was there when a guy managed to leak the video on the Facepunch forums.

  5. Bobsy says:

    Wait, wait, wait. The Red Spy has been doing his own mother?

  6. JW says:

    “Another thing I really like about this: it’s the Meet The video that’s most like the game itself, as opposed to the more abstract settings and stories of the others. ”

    Come on, discussing and stuff, no running around and shooting. :) Still lovely and abstract as usual imo.

  7. Stupoider says:

    That was.. HNNNNGGGGG. I love you, Valve! <3

  8. MrBejeebus says:

    omg i laughed so much!!!!!!

  9. Stense says:

    Brilliant! Best one yet.

  10. Monchberter says:

    Exactly what i needed on a Sunday morning. Just perfect. :)

    And a ‘real’ spy keeps his mask ON in bed. ;)

  11. Kholmark says:

    My guess is they learnt a lot from the intro sequence to Left 4 Dead, in the sense that they used it not only to present the setting and characters but to also showcase some of the mechanics of the game.

    This “Meet The” appears to do the same, we can see the spy using most of his abilities: disguise, backstabbing, electro sapper.

    As to the video itself, fucking hilarious; love the bit at the end, anyone knows what he actually says in french?

  12. Poltergeist says:

    Rumors have it that the Scout’s mother is actually the Pyro, and that the Red Spy had an affair with the Blu Pyro.

  13. Fazer says:

    The best one so far! And the bloodiest, too. Spy looks really badass in the movie O_o

  14. Flint says:

    I think this is the weakest so far but eh :(.

  15. Arnulf says:

    Scout’s mum is hot!

  16. Thirith says:

    Bit at the end: I think he calls the scout’s mum “my little cauliflower.” Bless.

  17. HidesHisEyes says:

    “ah, my little cauliflower”?

  18. Vanguard says:


    Sounds like “my little flower”. I don’t know the other word he says though.

  19. Funky Badger says:


  20. lemming says:

    I love Valve so much it hurts… physically….inside me….

  21. TooNu says:

    That, was awesome :) Love it.

  22. SlappyBag says:

    Absolutely brilliant, nice that it really has a story to it. The animation is incredible as well, I’m glad they took their time – I’ll be watching again once its out on steam.

  23. Nuyan says:

    Amazing. Best one so far.

    “No… That would be your mother!”

    Most nonsensical plotline ever. It’s perfect.. Brilliant. I do wonder how the scout got to its end though.

  24. chaves says:


  25. mrpier says:

    It’s “My little cauliflower” apparently

  26. anonymous17 says:

    Computer: Protect the briefcase!

    Soldier: We need to protect the briefcase!

    What? Is the Soldier Combine now? Either that or some sort of Star-Trek-computer-girl-hybrid.
    Hilarious though.

  27. Thomas Lawrence says:

    It’s broken!

  28. ChaosSmurf says:

    Scout’s mom: you would.

  29. Mr Pink says:

    But everyone knows that you should never disguise as a scout!

  30. Jacques says:

    Yeah, choufleur is cauliflower. French terms of endearment are a little odd. N’est ce pas ma biche?

  31. anonymous17 says:

    But that’s not just a red spy.

    That is the Red Spy.

  32. Stupoider says:

    Scout’s mum is the announcer.

    Conspiracy theorists, go!

  33. Kast says:

    Excellent as always. Valve’s always pushing themselves to go further and it works every time…

    I am however confused to see (or not as the case may be) that Meet the Spy hasn’t appeared on Steam or the TF2 blog or the Spy Update pages… :/

  34. Mark-P says:

    This is amazing. I’ve been rewatching it all morning and it doesn’t get any less hilarious or impressive on each subsequent viewing. There’s so many beautiful little touches, so many brilliant gags, fantastic editing and choreography, great voice acting and peerless facial animation. And they’re still just using a higher-poly version of the game engine to do this

    Valve have demonstrated that they have the talent to produce AAA animated material. For what sinister purpose might they have acquired such a capability? We can only hope that a TF2 movie is their ultimate goal. ;)

  35. Lack_26 says:

    I took it as ‘My little hot flower’ or something that effect, but then again my French sucks.

    EDIT: Okay, I re-watched it, I was wrong.

    Also, the scout’s Mum is blatantly the announcer.

    @Kast, perhaps it has. But it’s still cloaked, biding its time.

  36. Spliter says:

    ….I was struck with awe. This is the best meet the video I could EVER as for. I have tears in my eyes!
    One thing that bothers me is:
    Not a notice about that video on the valve side…

  37. Ecko says:

    Ye Mother of God, I have never cried with laughter so much!

    What, are you president of his fan club? No, that would be your mother. Wuhssubbubuhh-

  38. TheDeadlyShoe says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaalllright then.

    You go Heavy.

  39. jf says:

    Wait, does this mean the Red Spy could be the Blue Scout’s dad?

  40. Jon says:

    Video hasn’t appeared officially yet because it was put up by Valve, then taken down again. But there was an iPhone app which let people still download the video and so people downloaded it like there was no tomorrow.

  41. Rob says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant

  42. Jacques says:

    I think they’ve got the choufleur bit wrong, sounds like he says “ma choufleur” when it should be “mon choufleur”.

  43. Dave says:

    So is the spy a Frenchman?
    I always thought he was British.

  44. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Great stuff, nice work Valve.

    @ Kast:

    I am however confused to see (or not as the case may be) that Meet the Spy hasn’t appeared on Steam or the TF2 blog or the Spy Update pages… :/

    According to Shacknews it was accidentally uploaded to Valve’s Youtube account and released early (I’d imagine they were saving it for the Spy/Sniper update finale). It’s since been taken down but the video has spread everywhere, obv.

  45. Jacques says:

    He’s a Frenchman with a sucky accent.

  46. The Hammer says:

    Hahahahahaa. That was brilliant. Really confidently put together. Grade A dialogue and voices. Man. Valve clearly have love for their own game.

  47. A-Scale says:

    They simply couldn’t have made a funnier or better video. It is in all ways perfect, and the world is more perfect for them having made it.

    But I must ask, where did you gents come across this video? It’s not on the site, nor anywhere else that I can see. Was it leaked directly to the press?

  48. Carra says:

    Excellent clip. And does what it’s supposed to do: I want to get my copy of the game out of the closet and install it again :)

  49. Nick says:

    I enjoy the videos a lot more than the game now.

  50. sockpuppetclock says:

    The video was apparently set to private on Valve’s youtube account, but with the iPhone you can still see the video even if it was private, apparently.