The Sunday Papers

Sunday cometh. Hence we compile a fine and noble list of all the interesting gaming reading from across the list and strive towards an equally fine and noble day when I don’t slip into a link to a piece of pop music that’s been working on me over the same period. We really do try.



  1. AndrewC says:

    Uh-huh. So how is your time is Darkfall going?

  2. TooNu says:

    Good one this week :) cheers Kieron.

  3. Bobsy says:

    My eyes will bleed in terror.

  4. Funky Badger says:

    Dammit, TakeTwo – give Gollops a large pile of money!

  5. AndrewC says:

    ‘in’ Darkfall, obvs.

    Umm, can I be told that Simon Parkin isn’t the Simon Parkin what did children’s BBC and now does the weather on the regional news?

    I already know that Chris Evans isn’t Chris Evans.

  6. Sagan says:

    Am I blind or is the first link missing?

  7. Helm says:

    “Art should belong to the people”

    Give it away for free then. A lot of indie developers do.

  8. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    @Celiah Ailey Vs Ky Ky Pre Match Commentary

    Wait, what?

  9. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    Also, Bill Roper sure says “like” a lot.

  10. SlappyBag says:

    @Sagan, good spot, it is missing actually.

    Its at “”


  11. Down Rodeo says:

    The Sunday Paperss? Has it always been like that and I have just failed to notice? Oh my.

    I liked the achievements article, quite funny but had a valid point. I don’t think I’m too far gone yet… For instance, I don’t want to buy the Orange Box for my XBox just to get the achievements not available on PC. And I haven’t tried the gnome yet.

  12. Batolemaeus says:

    I’m so glad neither Supreme Commander nor Eve Online nor Civ4 feature achievements.
    The line “Who needs gameplay when you have ACHIEVEMENTS?” is just so true. First consoles screwed over our games by producing horribly ported versions of console crap, and now this..

  13. Pags says:

    If you havin’ game problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but reviewing Darkfall ain’t one.

  14. qrter says:

    From John’s (excellent) article on Thief:

    But it doesn’t make your weapons less effective, or raise enemy hit-points, or artificially hinder you in any ‘gamey’ way.

    Not completely true.. Garrett’s hitpoints drop down significantly every step the difficulty goes up.

  15. Jockie says:

    SoloraiderPVP is becoming something of an internet legend it seems. Truely an ambassador for gaming with great crossover appeal, they should give him his own tv show or something.

  16. Dreamhacker says:

    Whoa, so Bill Roper and three other guys from Blizzard gambled by giving the offer “Let us in on the business end of Vivendi/Blizzard or we resign” and Vivendi chose to fire them?

    They have some really intelligent and forward-thinking executives at Vivendi…

  17. Arnulf says:

    What I do not get: why did Davidson & Associates sell? I mean, Blizzard was exceptional even back then. What was their reasoning?

  18. Billzor says:

    And after you’re done with Darkfall you can interview that Stalin vs. Martians guy proper.

  19. Matthew Gallant says:

    The Black Album is fantastic! See also the excellent Danger Mouse mashup.

  20. KentuckyFriedGamer says:

    Why are all the gaming luminaries white men?

  21. leeder_krenon says:

    chaos and rebelstar are way better games than anything sid meier has have made.

  22. Pace says:

    I’m not sure if that Minesweeper article exactly falls within the bounds of what I’d call “good taste”.

  23. Colin Hansen says:

    Check out the Grey Album by Danger Mouse for the original awesome mashup. I don’t really like remixes that much, but it’s pretty objectively great.

    Edit: looks like someone beat me to it. Do itttt

  24. Chis says:

    Bloody hell Kieron, get yourself some decent hip-hop!
    link to
    link to
    link to

    (And yes, Meet The Spy is indeed fabulous. Valve’s best yet, roll on Thursday. I haven’t touched TF2 in months, and this is definitely enough to get me to try it again.)

  25. Smileyfax says:

    Nitpick: In America, the first X-Com was subtitled UFO Defense. It was called UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe.

  26. Legandir says:

    “The juiciest stuff is on Page 3 ”

    Something else to add to the reading list Kieron? :P

  27. MD says:

    From the SvM interview: “the creators are just as intelligent and funny as their game.


  28. Orange says:

    This was a particularly great week for Sunday papers.

    I loved Julian Gollop’s games as a kid. Chaos and Lords of Chaos were two of the first games I really got into. Rebelstar II was also brilliant, loved the whole Aliens feel to it and the firing system where your view traced the bullets was genius.

  29. Muzman says:

    I appreciate Jim’s trying to acknowledge Ion Storm’s role in PC history by tying it to the Thief article (And they and LG share a lot of course). But as a Thief fanboy I feel obliged to chuck in that they can’t really be given equal reverence in any discussion of the Thief series.
    The open ended city idea was part of Looking Glass’ plans for Thief 3 when they closed and an engine was in development to handle it. And the “city” segments from Thief DS, if you joined them all together, would fit easily into any one of the big city levels in the previous two games.
    Just so people know, anyway.

  30. Kieron Gillen says:

    Re: Grey Album. Almost linked to it actually, but decided against it. Have no idea why.

    Chris: Distinct lack of egotistic African-American gentlemen shouting, man.


  31. Chis says:

    That’s the point Kieron, lets not go encouraging black criminals now, eh chaps? :P

  32. Kieron Gillen says:

    But I was in the mood for grandiose tales of macho! You’re recommending me Belle and Sebastian when I was in the mood for turbonegro.


  33. Muzman says:

    By the way; Is that Darkfall video from the “FOOOOOO! Urogamer! I will not buy your magazines! I will pre-patch fire kick you!” guy?

  34. Kieron Gillen says:

    That’s the chap.


  35. AndrewC says:

    Would you say he was representative?

  36. Tei says:

    Kieron, If u are playing Darkfall… buy bags, It helps organize the inventary. And If you need help, just ask in “Race Alliance”, people is very helpfull there. Since you are a newbie, you will be stuck killing goblins, If you get attacked by reds, try to teamwork with the other newbies, you have nothing to lose, and the reds his gear.
    The game is much like a Gym, where the basic task is to let your character levelup macroing. There are much more options once you join a guild. The player cities are the awesome (you feel the ownership, is like a small town where you know everyone, and every once in a while, stuff “grown” from the ground has is built / enhanced ).

    Also, good luck. If sad you have to play the game now, the relation eurogamer – darkfall is tainted, and most people will be negative (well.. almost the ~9000/H/H/H a megazillions players have declared the WAR to eurogamer[1], you probably sould not joint that guild ;-) )

    link to

  37. Chis says:

    At the very least Joanna Newsom, but Belle and Sebastian? Crikey Kieron, put the testosterone away! ;)

  38. Kieron Gillen says:

    Tei: As a matter of interest, as a player, how do you think the last patch has effected macroing?


  39. jalf says:

    I thought the DF devs didn’t want a re-review after all?

  40. Kieron Gillen says:

    Yes, they didn’t. But it’s not actually up to them.


  41. Tei says:

    Kieron: “As a matter of interest, as a player, how do you think the last patch has effected macroing?”

    Reduction total on the typical guy shotting to the sky. It will change the way guilds macro, but don’t stop it.
    I think afk-macroing is part of the culture now.
    And there are people swimming at nigh… on all cities.
    I don’t see macroing as a problem. I like his effect on the world, it feel full of people and activity.

  42. Rei Onryou says:

    Many good reads here. Thanks again.

  43. Jetsetlemming says:

    Shigero Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, etc
    For the west the best answer is probably percentage of population plus percentage of population wealthy enough to afford a PC (and be interested in the PC) back when those luminaries were getting their start.