Facebook + Sims + Kudos = SimSocial

Bloody drow.

This is fun. As part of the hype up to Sims 3’s release, Electronic Arts have done a facebook app inspired by the Sims. Simsocial is basically a turn-based single-character life-simulator, which seems terribly derived from Positech’s lovely Kudos 2. And for good reason, as the about file reveals: EA commissioned Cliffski to make something based on Kudos 2 for it. It’s similar but different – there’s Sims 3 elements plugged in plus some Facebook social networking, minus Jamie McKelvie’s lovely art and a load of Kudos’ complexities. Either way, it’s accessible, free and only a click away. Assuming you’ve a facebook account, anyway. And, no, I won’t be your friend. I’m barely my friends’ friend.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    You won’t be my friend? Fine, I’ll just follow you! And i don’t mean twitter.

  2. Feet says:

    Oooh awesome. I am so going to give this a try.

  3. The_B says:

    Also quite good is the SimFriend game – you’re basically controlling a Sim’s fate via email.

    Link is here.

    and if you don’t have a Facebook account or want to try SimSocial away from FB there’s this link right here.

    I try doing this with friends. Subversively.

  4. Benny says:

    I think i blocked most of the applications on facebook already. It’s only real use is to determine who’s going to the pub and when they’re going. Which i add is extremely useful and saves my poor texting fingers for drunken messages.

  5. Tei says:

    Congrats, Mr Cliffski,. I guest this is a strong push to your work. I am looking forward for Gratitious Battles In Space :-)

  6. Flappybat says:

    Wow, this is a really appropriate adaption of Cliffski’s work.

  7. SmallGods says:

    Oh good god, Facebook and The Sims AND Kudos all combined into one? Well I’m never seeing the bloody girlfriend again, cheers Cliffski!

  8. Jockie says:

    Gah! It even has timers like those horribly addictive browser games that make you want to check it periodically throughout the day! Good stuff though cliffski.

  9. rkcr says:

    Relevant information from Cliffski: link to positech.co.uk

  10. callofb00ty says:

    I just played Sims 3 for a few hours and have to tell you that the game is much improved from Sims 2. There are a lot more options and ways to be and live. The game flows a lot more and just seems a bit smarter. Definitely recommend it.

  11. Kadayi says:


  12. SKACE says:

    That’s worst facebook game ever….

  13. clovus says:

    Hmm.. cliffski working (and maybe getting paid) by EA??


    Haha, just kidding. “I’m not gonna’ work on Maggie’s farm no more…”

  14. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Kudos for Cliffski!

  15. Rei Onryou says:

    @Dorian: I see wot you did thar!

    Grats to Cliffski. Does this mean Gratuitous Space Battles can be made 10% more gratuitous?

  16. Sum0 says:

    BOB CTHULHU shall be the top news anchor!

  17. Jakson Breen says:

    Why?! Why did you tell me of this incredibly addicting game. Now, I might succumb to the whims of EA, and buy Sims 3…why…/sob/

  18. Jody Macgregor says:

    Thank God it makes you stop playing after a while. Tomorrow though, Gomez Addams will continue on his quest for political power and chess mastery. Also, girlfriends.

  19. Sam Hamilton says:

    I like facebook for social networking and keeping in touch with old friends but its no bueno when it comes to discovering bands. I find the layout of myspace to be nauseating so I’ve been using http://www.putiton.com to find and follow new music acts.