Order Of War, Coming Right Up

I order you to war, TO DEATH!

As Britain’s foremost expert on real-time strategies, it’s my pleasure to bring you these three videos of the forthcoming Order of War. I mean, what can I say about the RTS, and the role this game plays in it? Well, “War”, that sure implies there will be battles, and they certainly do require strategy. And you can’t be strategic without some manner of order, I’d imagine. So I think we can all agree, it definitely is an RTS, and they are games that people like. And they have tanks in them. And something about resources. Look, everyone else is out, okay. More helpful information below.

Published by Square Enix, working alongside Wargaming.net (Massive Assault, Galactic Assault), this is a PC only WW2 RTS. Much appears to be traditional at this stage, featuring two single player campaigns set in 1944 (US vs. Germany and Germany vs. Russia), as well as all the expected multiplayer modes. There’s promises of cinematic intensity, and perhaps more interestingly, of a far larger scale than others of its ilk. Up to one thousand units under your control at any time, and what’s described as a dynamic camera to allow this geographical spread to be manageable.

While I clearly have a limited idea what I’m talking about, I’d say the obvious comparison so far is Company of Heroes, which has yet to be matched in terms of intense, frantic action. Take a look at the videos below and speculate whether you think Square Enix’s first Western game will match or beat it.


  1. LactoseTheIntolerant says:

    Clearly somebody was envious of Men of War’s claim to being the blandest named RTS of the year.

  2. nakke says:

    So, what’s the next x of War RTS going to be? Weapons of War?

  3. John Walker says:

    War of war.

  4. Rich_P says:

    So Company of Heroes meets World in Conflict meets crappy name?

    At least they didn’t call it O.R.D.E.R. of War (see that I made a joke about RUSE).

  5. Russ says:

    Whoa what, Rich_P? Where I come from only two things can have a love child. Any two things are acceptable, I’m not a bigot. Except against Space Aliens. They get bullets. In the face. Or lasers, or whatever the weapon of choice in the future it.

    Probably laser chainsaws.

  6. subedii says:

    WWII seems to have become a testing ground for new and different RTS gameplay ideas.

    But I seriously am starting to get bored of it, and I suspect that WWII fatigue is just going to cause this title to blend into the haze of all the other WWII RTS’s and get missed out on because of it.

  7. Serondal says:

    Company of Heros was matched and defeated in all ways by Men of War already. When I first say Order of War my heart sprang for I thought it was a new (of War) series game but then I say Square Enix and I threw up instead :( They’ve got no excuse for such a horrible name. they’re not Russian, they’re not low budgt !

    WTF @ name of this game.

    I LOVE WW2 games, rts fps ect ect but even /I/ am starting to get tired of it! That is saying something. I’m also tired of United States versus Terrorist / OpFor type games. US needs a more interesting enemy like. I’d love to see a game where it is US Vs UK , that would be interesting. I’m tired of M1A2 fighting T90s and everyone wearing the same F@#$@ uniform blah blah.

  8. Nick says:

    I would buy War of war.

  9. Tanner says:

    Battles of War.

  10. Serondal says:

    Universal Combat, oh wait that’s actually a game, All Aspect Warfare , oh wait . . .that’s a game too :P There should be a top 100 worst name for games of all time with a special reward for the worst named game that was actually good but shot it self in the foot with its bad name.

    On a similiar note, I think there is much money to be made by starting a consultant company that creates good names for video games when the company in question is having trouble.

    “Uh yah, we were gonna call it Order of War”

    “NO! NO! BAD Square Enix. you will name it Final War X and then stated that there were 9 other Final war games released in Japan that no one ever heard about to hype the game and it will be about Cloud being thrown into an alternate reality where he is a WW2 general and destroys tanks with his Buster sword”

  11. Bhazor says:

    Unless there’s really good delegation I seriously doubt it would work at the scale they’re suggesting. Also I never liked World in Conflict.

    Definitely wait for a verdict on this.

    I don’t understand the hate for the name. I quite like it, brings to mind the fact the whole world was coming together to beat the living shit out of each other. As in the order of the day was war or the dictionary definition “Order – functioning state: the state something is in when it is functioning properly” . Certainly better than Faces of War. Which means nothing. Though this would admitadly make more sense as a name

    order of battle
    (plural orders of battle)
    organization of military forces for battle: the way that military forces are organized in preparation for a battle

  12. Fenchurch says:

    Ooh, trying to match the scale of that Ruse game maybe? :3

  13. Oak says:

    The Call of Men and Orders of War and Honor of Duty in Conflict and Arms: Heroes of Valor Edition

  14. Serondal says:

    They claimed there would be thousands of units in that movie based Lord of the Rings War game when it was first coming out, then when it came out it as just a WOW rip off . So we’ll see how this works out I can’t think of how you would control that many units.

  15. Fetthesten says:

    In Order of Peace, expect to recruit and command hundreds of ordinary civilians! Only your brilliant strategic mind can help them accomplish everyday chores such as shopping for groceries, getting to work on time and taking out the garbage! Face overwhelming, true-to-life dangers such as discouraging financial outlooks and starvation (if you fail the Shopping for Groceries mission)!

  16. Xercies says:

    I’m surprised this isn’t Final Fantasy War.

    It does seem strange for Square Enix to go into the RTS market…hmmm

  17. Gap Gen says:

    Clearly this game is lacking androgynous man-children with swords larger than a small car. Perhaps they will be in the beta.

    The thousand unit thing might be good, although it depends whether or not the AI is up to scratch. Having troops die because they took cover on the wrong side of a wall would be frustrating in a game with a larger scope than CoH.

  18. Elyscape says:

    @Xercies: They aren’t developing it, just publishing.

  19. CakeAddict says:

    Reminds me the most of World in conflict and yes crappy name, but then again I find that with most games.

  20. Vincent Avatar says:

    This game looks like someone modded World in Conflict to be World War II instead of the Cold War. I don’t know if that is a bad thing or a good thing; I haven’t picked up the ol’ WiC in a dog’s age.

  21. MacBeth says:

    @ Fetthesten

    That’ll be the Sims 4, I guess…

  22. RealHorrorshow says:

    WW2 World in Conflict? I’m there.

  23. Alez says:

    This looks exactly like a world in conflict mod. Everything…except it’s in the bloody WW2 universe. Because god knows we can’t let those nazis resting even in the digital universe, they must be constantly at war! Company of heroes might be the only one that actually overcomes this pathetic cliche and delivers a fun game despite the fact that you already killed billions of germans and allies before.

  24. Serondal says:

    Or Ultimate Sims . . . of Civic War

  25. Alec Meer says:

    There’s a handy hands-on preview written by an RPS hiveminder who isn’t terrified of tanks here

  26. psyk says:

    seriously what would you call a ww2 rts?
    Also saw the name and thought oooo a new faces of war/men of war am now disappointed.

  27. Clockwork Harlequin says:

    My WWII RTS will be called:

    A.M.P.U.T.A.T.I.O.N. Medic of War.

    You will control surgeons and doctors in Berlin’s underground, trying to operate upon never-ending streams of casualties. There will be a resource system based on scavenging for bandages and past-the-sell-by-date penicillin.

  28. Fumarole says:

    I like the name, as would most grognards methinks.

  29. Frye says:

    Hmmm fed up with WWII as a theme for RTS games? Heck thats like being fed up with books. No, fed up with food! For all i care they base the next decade of RTS games on WWII.

  30. Thiefsie says:

    when is ‘War’ going to come out?

  31. MrBejeebus says:

    I’m sorry, but by the looks of this video, its just World in Conflict in WW2, plus that would be a better name

    I’m happy with MoW for the present…

  32. cliffski says:

    “seriously what would you call a ww2 rts?”

    Churchill Vs Adolf : “Kick Hitlers Ass”

    But then I’m a fan of games with ‘to-the-point’ names.

  33. Lack_26 says:

    Looks like WiC meets WWII

  34. leeder_krenon says:

    all these companies are just disappointed that they got beaten to the punch on the ‘wargasm’ name.

  35. psyk says:

    Churchill Vs Adolf : “Kick Hitlers Ass”

    would love to see that on the shelf.

  36. Subject 706 says:

    And how is this one going to rise from obscurity, considering its competition and the saturation of this genre?

  37. Gap Gen says:

    “In single-player, you can’t lose, apparently.”


  38. devlocke says:

    I feel like “Warriors of War” has to happen at some point. Or maybe “War’s Warriors” but that doesn’t have an “of” in it, so I guess it’s not valid.

    Gap Gen: It says you can’t lose unless you play it on the hardest difficulty setting, at which point it becomes… hard. That sounds ideal to me. I suck at RTS games, and I’ve been hitting brick walls in them where I can’t go any further since I played Dune 2 on a 386SX a gajillion years ago. It would be nice to have brute-forcing the levels I’m not smart or capable enough to beat as an option. And also nice to challenge myself with a difficulty setting that had legitimate stakes. Seems like a wonderful compromise. As long as you get some kind of negative feedback from sucking, even at the lower levels, then I don’t see a problem.

    If the play experience is exactly the same on normal difficulty, whether you’re completely incompetent or masterful, then that would be a problem. But it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. I get the impression that more people die when you suck.

  39. Ashurbanipal says:

    I feel like “Warriors of War” has to happen at some point. Or maybe “War’s Warriors” but that doesn’t have an “of” in it, so I guess it’s not valid.

    Soldiers of War?

  40. Chaz says:

    This reminds me more of Sudden Strike than Company of Heroes. Which in my opinion is no bad thing, because call me a mad crazy fool, but I actually prefered the Sudden Strike series to Company of Heroes. Codename Panzers wasn’t a bad effort either.

  41. SwiftRanger says:

    Looks like a WiC mod idd, though that doesn’t too bad.

  42. Lady Bobz says:

    With the advent of the digital download, it doesn’t matter if the product’s name is horseshit because word of mouth is word of finger and no-one actually has to enunciate it to get a copy. You couldn’t ask for ‘Roar of War: More’ in a shop because it’s just a meaningless noise.

  43. autogunner says:

    snore, why would i play this when i have men of war and its map editor?

  44. theleif says:

    Men with Guns: Hot Struggle