Punch! Kick! Zeno Clash 2!

More snouty beasts, please.

ACE Team have just announced the excellent news that they’re already working on a sequel to Zeno Clash, the first-person beat-em-up we poured praise upon last month. Zeno Clash 2, as it’s currently known, will take place after the events of the first game, continuing the adventures of Ghat, this time in a larger world, with mysterious “RPG elements”.

There’s to be more about Father-Mother, the peculiar Golem about whom so little was revealed, as well as promised new characters. ACE Team also explain that it’s going to be a bigger game this time. Interestingly so.

“ACE Team wants the next installment to be much larger in scope, so the new game will feature open ended gameplay with large explorable environments and RPG elements. The unique melee combat system that made the first game a success will also be expanded to feature even more brutal and engaging gameplay.”

There’s also news of a new patch for the original Zeno Clash, which amongst fixes and so on will add health and time counters for the Challenge Mode. And there’s promises of new DLC for the game due in a few weeks.

Zeno Clash 2 is currently in super-early stages, but as soon as there’s more details we’ll grab ACE by the collar, punch them three times, then knee them in the face until they tell us all about them.


  1. Meatloaf says:

    This makes me want to hug a camel-elephant-giraffe-thing.

  2. Dead Fish says:

    The update for Zeno Clash just hit Steam. I’m glad the game was successful enough to have a sequel. :)

  3. Lewis says:

    Perversely pleased about this. Didn’t ACETeam say they weren’t going to make anything that big again, though?

  4. Ziv says:

    damn, I was sure we’re in for another psychonauts, good this game got a sequel.

  5. Nighthood says:

    @Lewis Congratulations for still believing an april fool, even though they said it was a joke.

    Worst/Best April fools ever.

  6. Lewis says:

    Oh! Hah! I must not have checked the internet after midday!

    Oh dear me. How unfortunate for me.

  7. Stupoider says:


  8. Markoff Chaney says:

    It’s all in the mind! Fantastic!

  9. Cypher says:

    having finished this brilliant game at the weekend and resigned to a long wait for more Zeno, this brightens an otherwise crap Tuesday.

  10. The LxR says:

    @ Nighthood: Oh damn, that was a good one! :-D

    Hopefully, the’ll have enough funds to make a proper RPG with an open world – even if it’s nothing too large, Zeno Clash was just asking for the wonderful designs to be put to a better use, then just a short linear melee-fighting game.

  11. skizelo says:

    It’s always good to see the indies prosper, especially the crazily art-directed, but that’s a terrible name for a game. Zeno Clashed? Aeno Clash? Z2no Cl2s2ed?
    Zeno Clash 2: Electric Boogaloo?

  12. ZIGS says:

    This news made me happy in my pants

  13. Gap Gen says:

    I want to play as the Golem, where you have to look on dispassionately as everyone else punches each other repeatedly.

  14. Persus-9 says:

    @ Lewis: I didn’t know that was an April fool until just now either. I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear about it on the 1st of April which didn’t help.

    Anyway, yay! Zeno Clash needs a sequal and it needs to be more open worldy RPGish so yay all round!

  15. solipsistnation says:

    zIIno clash.

  16. metal_spider says:

    @Gap Gen

    … and 50 exciting Rubik’s Cube puzzles.

  17. yhancik says:

    Reading this I was almost (pleasingly) surprised. A sequel that isn’t a prequel. Ahhhhhh… feels good !

  18. jalf says:

    Oooh, what a nice surprise. I too fell for their aprils fool thing.

    Looking forward to it.

  19. Cedge says:

    By this, I take it that the first game has managed to turn a good profit. I’m glad.

    I have not enjoyed any game more than I did Zeno Clash in quite a long time. Gaming gods be praised; I’m dying to go back to Zenozoik.

    Ooh, and now with the new patch, I can finally nail that up-until-now bugged Animal Cruelty achievement….

  20. Matthew Gallant says:

    Fantastic! Maybe they’ll explain who Deadra is too.

  21. solipsistnation says:

    @Matthew Gallant: She’s Ghat’s sister! And girlfriend! Of course, since (SPOILER), (SPOILER).

  22. Hulk Hogan says:

    OH YEAH!!!



  23. MrBejeebus says:


  24. Pavel says:

    WOOHOO! More RPG is always good, so if it is gonna be something like “beat ’em up Deus Ex”, awesome.Can’t wait.

  25. Subject 706 says:

    Yippieee yay! Zenoclash positively cried out to be released from its confines and expanded into a more freeform adventure/rpg style. Happy news indeed!

  26. SuperNashwan says:

    Obligatory 2222 22222.
    This is excellent news, I bought Zeno Clash purely because I wanted to wander around the world I saw in the screenshots, so an open world sequel is just about the bestest thing they could do.

  27. PC Monster says:

    Some thoughts occur about grading this excellent news RPS style…for reviews they give out highly sought-after Optimus thumbs. But what about great development news like this? Obviously we can’t use Optimus again so how about a lesser Transformer? We start here with Bumblebee thumbs, Extra cool news gets Jazz thumbs…hey, really bad news (DRM issues, etc) could get an evil Decepticon! starscream or Megatron…

    Sorry. Babbling. Great news! Open-world sounds much better than tight corridors and hurrah for Zeno Clash DLC!

  28. Optimaximal says:

    If it’s really bad news, I propose Drift Thumbs…

  29. Corvus says:

    Great news! Ace didn’t leave much doubt as to their sequel intentions I suppose, considering the ending of Zeno Clash (which I won’t spoil for anyone here who hasn’t finished it), but I’m glad to hear they’re opening up the world some more. I felt Zeno Clash only scratched the surface of the weird and wonderful punk fantasy world they created, which was my only real disappointment with the game.

  30. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Persus-9: Same, I think I picked it up from Eurogamer a few days after 1st April (who incidentally still haven’t corrected their original news item).

    Anyway, great news this. Particularly as ACE Team seem to be rather close-lipped about how well Zeno Clash has done.

  31. Lorc says:

    I’m glad that they’re going ahead with it – obviously they had the intention, the question was whether Zeno Clash did well enough to make it practical.


  32. PC Monster says:

    @Optimaximal – I’ve not yet read AHM; am waiting for both trades to be out so I can do it in a one-r. Is Drift that bad a character?

  33. Dr Gonzo says:

    I quite enjoyed Zeno Clash and would happily buy the sequel, though I found it to be mostly pretentious and silly, it had some of the best character designs I have ever seen!

  34. cyrenic says:

    Just exploring that first small desert area was so enjoyable, I can’t wait to see large explorable areas from these guys. With intermittent bird face punching, of course.

  35. Dominic White says:

    @Gonzo: Pretentious? How? It’s a game which the developers themselves say is highly inspired by The Dark Crystal. It’s just funky 80s weirdo-fantasy with lots of face-punching.

    It’s the least pretentious thing in decades! Why do people keep using that word where it has no place?

  36. Lorc says:

    It’s such a reassuring word, isn’t it? “It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that they’re not as clever as they’re pretending to be.”

    Which is not so say that it’s always unwarranted – but I bet it’s invoked a lot more often than it should be because it makes the critic (and their audience) feel better about themselves.

    Though in fairness I think I understand where the complaint comes from here, even if I don’t think it’s quite the right word. There were a few parts in Zeno Clash where I felt it was assuming a bit more gravitas than it had earned. Lots of games do that though – expecting the player to care about something just because we’re told to.

    But then again, part of Zeno Clash’s charm to me was how completely straight faced it was, even when it’s a bonkers melange of bird people and explosive possums. Overall I’d say that it contributed more to the atmosphere and character of the game than it detracted.

  37. teo says:

    I wouldn’t say it was pretentious, it was just silly/stupid at times

  38. Dracko says:

    This is excellent news. I just hope they can make do on their ambitions this time. We shall see, but whatever the case, they’ve already guaranteed a purchase from me.

    I fail to see what was pretentious about the game either. It was a delightfully inspired Dying Earth style punk fantasy game (Don’t forget Hieronymus Bosch and John Blanche) with one of the most engaging and rewarding melee systems this side of Chronicles of Riddick. Sure, it had one of the most frustrating cliffhangers since Soul Reaver, but the game itself was a gem.

    I wonder if ACE Team have read William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land?

  39. Wedge says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay. That’s all I can say really. Hopefully that means the game has done well enough they can be affording to try something that uses a bit of their original plan.

  40. Sonic Goo says:

    I wonder if more people will be using this method: start with a small game, relatively low cost and low risk, and when it proves its worth, release a bigger sequel. The limited scope of such a first game could allow you to try something new without going broke on it.

  41. Nallen says:

    It sounds like a bloody good method to me…

  42. Devan says:

    Great stuff! Now it’s going to be a long sit and wait for this new game. At least Zeno Clash was almost finished by the time I started getting excited about it.
    All well, I’m just glad they’re starting already, and that the first game was apparently profitable enough to warrant it. If they have another half-price preorder, I’ll have to buy an extra copy for some unknowing friend who has yet to discover how awesome ACE Team is :)

  43. Moh says:

    woooohoooo damn i love this game ! go ACE !!!

  44. MeestaNob! says:

    2eno Clash, surely?

  45. Jayteh says:

    Can’t wait to see a more open ended RPG game in this universe, will be unreal

  46. Qwertyman says:

    I played Zeno Clash and I thought “damnit, we wont be getting a game like this again for a long time” I am so glad I was wrong!

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