Quake Live Six Maps In Six Weeks

But which maps? And will they ultimately disappoint? The first isn’t too inspiring, it’s Hidden Fortress from the Dreamcast version of Quake III. Not a bad map, it seems, but still not one of the classics. Will one of the new maps be my ultimate CTF dream date, Spider Crossings? What would you choose, readers? (Link ’em for classic Q3 download if you can be bothered.)


  1. Mugrul says:

    ztn3tourney1. Why choose anything else?

  2. catz says:

    if I got to choose the 6!?
    aerowalk, ztn3t1, spidercrossings,the edge,ztn2dm3,and.. a surprise theewave map!

    And of course, more threewave maps!! And some delicious combination of cpm maps(1a,3a,21,4a?)!

  3. Turin Turambar says:

    The new update also contains a new training section, with 2 maps and videos, apart from this new map. Interesting.

  4. Schaulustiger says:

    @catz: I don’t think The Edge would work well in QL, but I guess anything will be better than just a bunch of mediocre FFA maps. I *do* heartily agree with the rest of your list. I find Quakelive’s lack of good duel maps so annoying that I would happily settle with the likes of ztn and hub again.

    The absolute best thing would still be good, brand-new maps from some of the talented mappers the community has. But I fear that we might see the usual tournament maplist of “dm6, ztn, hub, t4” all over again ;)

  5. Lorc says:

    Anything so long as they contain the nailgun. I love that weapon so much but it’s in just one deathmatch map.

    I mean, the chaingun’s ok, but it’s the nailgun that won my heart. So many significant innovations over the flak cannon; it is the ultimate FPS artillery shotgun.

    *ahem*. Sorry.

  6. spirit7 says:

    Q2DM1: THE EDGE.

  7. Rei Onryou says:

    Facing Worlds. So what if its from UT, it still rocks!

  8. Valentin Galea says:

    +1 for The Edge

  9. teo says:

    I don’t know the names of the new maps but some of the original DM maps for the beta were actually quite good. Personally I’d like OSPDM5. It’s one of the best TDM maps ever

  10. Theoban says:

    I like the one where you shoot people. They should put that one in.

  11. Irish Al says:

    Yeah, with rocket launchers.

  12. mrmud says:

    As people have already said Edge doesnt work in q3.

  13. Azazel says:

    Did ztndm3 ever get remade for Quake 3? If so they should probably put that in.


  14. orta says:

    Sigh, still no news on the Mac version. Does look cool though.

  15. PoR3 says:

    Ztn would be nice for duels, evet though i dont really like it. Too much items, camping etc, welcome to 2-1 scores duels.
    HubAeroQ3 is great too, CPM1a along with ospdm5 & 6 for tdm.
    And spider crossings for ctf, must have.

  16. teo says:

    CPM3a of course!!

  17. Theo says:

    its know its old, i know we have all played q3 to death, but this is definatly the best free to play game in the last 5 years. frigging awsome. cant believe how much time ive put in to this since early beta.

  18. Anonymous says:

    90% of the above suggestions are custom user-made maps, so the odds are against them. However, just judging by the language that id software has used and not outright denying some of the usermade classics, I think we’ll see at least one “surprise” custom classic. However, it’s far more likely to be mostly new maps plus some of the missing Team Arena content.

    Also, I don’t think Jim is giving Hidden Fortress a fair shake. It *is* considered both a classic and a heavily requested map, though maybe not with the visibility of ztn/hub or the Threewave classics.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Uh, yes. ztn3tourney1 is a remake of ztndm3 for quake 1 and is by far one of the most popular Quake 3 duel maps.

  20. abhishek says:

    i’d go with hubaeroq3, ztn3tourney 1, cpm1a, cpm3a, cpm15 and any one more.

  21. Tworak says:

    all of the q2ctf maps PLX.

  22. tekDragon says:

    Add me for Q2DM1.

  23. sbs says:

    regarding the map remakes suggestions in thread: cpm1a works well enough in vq3, 3a not so much fun though. 15 is useless because its movement is so specifically geared towards cpm it would be heresy to play it in the quakelive.

    And The Edge would need a massive redesign of mh room, obviously.

    Personally I hold cp22 and cp14 in much higher regard than cp9, so yeah, rather one out of those two than the midwhores paradise that is spider crossings(SORRY JIM ROSSIGNOL).

    Of course I would not mind a Blood Run Tourney or Aerowalk remake. Well, port, more like. Maybe replace q3-Aerowalks Rail with Nailgun? Would be interesting.
    But if I could make a request it would be for some decent 2v2 and 4v4 dm maps, with optimally the latter featuring dual powerups like bs/quad or even quad/invis(me loves 18i/r <3).

  24. Lorc says:

    I did love Q2DM1, but I wonder whether it would be suitable for Q3. It has a fair old bit of the old quake 1/2 deathmatch philosophy that weapons must be tucked away in awkward-to-reach, easy-to-camp places, while Q3 design requires that they be placed at hubs and on thoroughfares.

    People would boycott the map over the rocket launcher alone. And let’s not even mention the railgun pool.

  25. Azazel says:

    @Anonymous: ah kk :) I missed Quake 3.

  26. teo says:

    Well it’s stupid that they haven’t added CPM movement anyway. I don’t care what their reasons are

  27. Milan says:


  28. Biz says:

    for all the edgers… there is a quake 3 version of the edge. it’s called return to the edge i think

    don’t remember playing it much, but i’m sure it would work for something like FFA with a little tweaking. maybe put quad where the railgun is … etc.

  29. warthog2k says:

    Definitely AEROWALK. Loved that one.
    Also really enjoyed MUNY15 & MUNY18 for Quake1 – fugly but well laid out. (www.munyul.com)

  30. lol says:

    pretty sure the next 2-3 maps are custom. SyncError pretty much said so on esreality

    link to esreality.com