Architect Vs Gamer: BLDGBLOG Cross Pollination

Games are my bread and butter, but there are few other things I obsess over. Such as buildings. One of my favourite blogs on that particular subject is BLDGBLOG, written by Geoff Manaugh. It’s an extraordinarily omnivorous survey of architecture, buildings, landscapes, and the ideas that hook into these subjects from an alphabet of supplementary sources, all knitted together by Manaugh’s speculative imagination. Last week I was pleased to be able to contribute to that blog with a post on evil lairs in videogames. This week Manaugh has posted a conversation with me about my 2008 book, This Gaming Life, and related subjects.

Manaugh’s book – a heavy illustrated compilation and extrapolation of his astute blogging project – is out soon. If you have even the slightest glimmer of interest in the world around you, you’ll buy it.


  1. Anon says:

    Just curious – any reason for taking one of Introversion’s pictures of “Subversion” and using it? Was a generic city landscape too hard? :D

  2. chiablo says:

    I’m betting it was an attempt to make an architecture post on a gaming blog have a correlation to gaming. :p

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    Subversion was actually one of the things we mentioned in the text – re how Delay had based the creation of his cities on the maths people had developed for describing city plan development – although looking at it now we might have cut that bit… Oops.

  4. Yossarian says:

    Spoiler Alert for Shadow of the Colossus! Perhaps there’s a statute of limitations on those things, but that bit on the ending was news to me.

  5. Dracko says:

    I am liking this blog. Cheers for the hook-up, Jim.

  6. skizelo says:

    Reading your earlier article, you keep on making interesting statements just before you hit a new paragraph and completely change tack. I guess you were giving a broad overview of the field of video-games to an uninitiated audiance, but it was very frustrating. For the love of god, write a full article exploring how S.S. merges the lair with the enemy, or how Bioshock seperates them again. Don’t just say that they do and then move on.

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    Skizelo: I’d love to, and shall, given time.

  8. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Putting aside the fact that I can’t read the name “Rossignol” without adding the prefix “Lollo” (mmmm – lettuce) I found that to be a thoroughly interesting article and I am now off to look for a copy of the book.

  9. Simon Jones says:

    I hate Manaugh. [/biff]


    Evil lair post looks fun. Are you planning to follow it up with a Heroic HQ article?

  10. Jim Rossignol says:

    I hate your mum, Simon.

    We’ve not discussed any follow ups, but I have a small list of ideas.

  11. Simon Jones says:

    I’m hoping you got the rather feeble Back to the Future reference and didn’t think I was just being rude.

    As long as you don’t have any spy-related photographs of my mum I think we’re OK.

    Back to the subject at hand…

    The Citadel of HL2 is a particularly interesting Evil Lair, because for all its imposing metal fortress exterior and the cavernous interior full of screaming, mutilated humans, the game’s (apparent) ‘Bad Guy’ actually resides in a rather plush and homey office complete with globe, ornate oak desk and comfy chair. And he’s a bearded old uncle-type.

    It’s that juxtaposition that makes the Citadel’s architecture particularly memorable, I think.

  12. terry says:

    Cripes, never expected BLDGBLOG to be linked here – I am not much of an architect nerd and their articles use lots of weird jargon like “spider corn supports” and “febrile bearing rays” but the photos are wonderful.

    Edit: the phrase “sustaining this mummified England” is also wonderful.

  13. MacBeth says:

    I was quite unsettled to be reading BLDGBLOG the other day and see the mighty Rossignol name appear. It’s like discovering your girlfriend is friends with your other girlfriend (I imagine) without either of them knowing.

    The Evil Lairs article did seem heavily edited and in need of expansion to detail all the ideas that were briefly displayed before being whipped away and on to the next thing… please do a Director’s Cut version and post it somewhere?

  14. Cargo Cult says:

    Yeah, stop combining my favourite things. Or I’ll have to come round and separate BLDGBLOG and RPS with a rusty architect’s drawing kit!

    (No doubt next week there’ll be a collaboration between RPS, Ben Goldacre and my coffee machine…)

  15. Sam C says:

    Great articles, and like skizelo I’d love to see some of the topics you both touched on in the conversation covered in more detail, on both/either blogs.

  16. Steelfist says:

    Oh, you’ve written a book?

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