Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!: Squid Harder (Beta)

Yes. There are days when all is right with the internet. The fact that it coughed up the exploding neon bit-tune psychedelia of Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!: Squid Harder, via Indiegames, onto my monitor when I should be writing a review, can only be portentous of one such day. The sun is shining, the squid are firing continuous laser-blasts into their enemy, and my tea is warm. It is a good day to be alive, and a good day to blog about ludicrously-named, rather brilliant arena shooters. Video below, but frankly you should just go and play it.


  1. Saul says:

    Wow, love the old-school arcade music! And the neon explodyness. Will have to have a go when I’m not supposed to be writing :\

  2. Torgen says:

    I think I just had a seizure, after watching that. :O

  3. Freudian Trip says:

    Tried it but it keeps booting up a fullscreen in windowed mode. I’m not explaining it right. I mean like this

    link to img34.imageshack.us

    I’ve tried editing the screensize in the gamesettings.ini with no luck.

    edit: Turns out the problem was the gamesettings. I had to change the 1 for a 2 for screensize

  4. Magic says:

    I just managed to beat level 2. Why does beating a level feel so much more awsome in the classic kind of game?

  5. Ben says:

    Any game with an effects setting of ‘my eyes!’ is ok with me.

  6. {HERO SQUAD} itsallcrap says:

    This looks fscking amazing.

    Hope Wine’ll cope with it.

  7. unclelou says:

    Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!: Squid Harder

    Is Russ Meyer in the games industry now?

  8. spell says:

    Yup, the game is pretty sweet. Sometimes you have no idea where is your squid and where are enemies (well to say true quite a lot of times) but it’s still awesome :D
    tip: change the turning radius in settings to thigh

  9. Farewell says:

    Managed to hold out for 3 minutes and 6 seconds and now my arm is mincemeat. But it was oh so worth it :D

  10. Philip says:

    This is the most amazing game ever.

    The music is simply awesome.

  11. Tonamel says:

    This game wins all prizes just for “Warning! Games as art debate approaching!”

  12. ToadSmokingDuckMonkey says:

    +1 Shiny

    +1 One Screen Arena Shmup

    -1 Controls (any game wherein one axis of control is overloaded with another axis of control (in this yaw and translation on the horizontal axis) has control problems in my book)

    -1 Spinning Is a Good Trick (I beat the first two “worlds” whilst doing nothing but spinning. Its hard to do consistently due to the awful controls…)

    +/-0 No mouse control. A must for a PC game made in the last 20 years (then again the first computer I had growing up was the original 128K Macintosh, so due to my mouse chauvinism this is merely an observation rather than a solid plus/minus).

    Space Giraffe gets it right in the Shiny/Tempest Clone departments, without all of the problems this demo has. With some sort of alternate control scheme, this could be extremely satisfying. As is, it warrants a “meh, pretty, but it rips off Space Giraffe in the name, graphics, and weird departments”.

  13. oddbob says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m a bit surprised everyone has taken to it so well for the most part given it’s a bit of an anti-game at times.

    TSDM, sorry you didn’t like the controls, man.

    It was, for better or worse, a very conscious decision to choose that scheme. The idea (and I’m really not sure if I’ve been successful in conveying this at at all) is to nudge you into taking a more aggressive play style not to do a Geometry Wars forced defensive sort of thing.

    What I intended was (as I say, dunno if this worked) that folks would quickly realise that you don’t actually need precision control over your shots. The collision detection is incredibly generous with everything bar your bullets having nice and small hitboxes. Just run into stuff guns blazing and you’ll get through it all in no time. Line up your squid and charge.

    It’s not really supposed to be about clearing the worlds and winning, it’s meant to be about shooting out a metric bucketload of bullets, letting rip with giant explosions and enjoying the light show as you go. Hopefully making someone smile along the way.

    ‘Course, I’d hope it can be played both ways, but you never really know :)

  14. steeddy says:

    Something is messed up with the controls for me. Just trying to use keyboard, no joystick or anything, and I always just move straight into the top left corner and get stuck there. The music is still awesome though :D

  15. oddbob says:

    It is a very nice corner, right? You’ve got to give me that :p

    Heh, I dunno what’s going on there. Unless there’s a stick plugged in somewhere and it’s picking up the input from that, I’ve munged something up with style :D

    Will have a looksy into it! Ta.

  16. RogB says:

    it might be to do with my whack desktop res + 2 monitors (1920*1080 + 1280*800 cintiq), but i get nothing visible ingame other than a small ribbon of screen at the top and left side of the window. 90% of the screen is black.. windowed or fullscreen. shame as i love thse types of games :(

  17. ToadSmokingDuckMonkey says:

    Oddbob: Its just a bit of constructive criticism! I just tried it a minute ago with the analog stick on a gamepad, and this works much better.

    There is just something a bit offish in the movement of your avatar when carrying lateral momentum in one direction and the holding down the opposite direction’s key… you see to sort of strafe turn and the space between your shots becomes wide (a bad thing in my 15-25 minutes of experience).

    Also, I was really surprised how differently the avatar moved about when I picked up the gamepad. Did you do playtesting with one?

    “The idea (and I’m really not sure if I’ve been successful in conveying this at at all) is to nudge you into taking a more aggressive play style not to do a Geometry Wars forced defensive sort of thing.” -Oddbob just now

    I approve, and it works.

  18. oddbob says:

    TSDM, don’t worry! I took it as such and really, it’s much appreciated.

    I probably come across a bit grumpier than I am as I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall for nigh on 5 hours trying to find what’s causing the controls to bomb out (huzzah, I think I’ve just found it too) and throw in trying to explain oneself in text without being able to emote properly is a recipe for disaster :D

    Really, all comments good/bad/somewhere in the middle appreciated as it all helps me learn. Sorry if I didn’t come off that way.

    I think there’s something more natural about the stick controls that does it. I prefer keys myself (Speccy kid through and through, see) but the analogue movement/4 key thing *is* probably a bit odd compared to pad controls. I’ve been playing it for a month none stop so I’m not the best judge.

    I dunno! One thing is for certain that it won’t exactly hurt to offer a choice, so I’ll do just that.