Brutal Legend Not On PC. Still.

We like physical puns like so.

Despite our immediate early support, it seems that the masters of capitalism have decided Brutal Legend is not for the likes of us. So let’s do something about it. Let’s keep storming Doublefine’s headquarters and threatening Tim Schafer with the insertion of obsolete 3D-cards into much-needed body-orifices. As a Plan B, forumite Ulix has made a petition demanding Brutal Legend PC. Sign it. You may think that internet petition never change anything. But I think you’ll find that an internet petition was actually instrumental in the emancipation of women across many western states. It worked then, and can work again. Sign the petition here. And watch the trailer beneath the cut, then probably want to sign it again.



  1. AbyssUK says:

    This news makes me very angry I am on the Internet and I am a man…. that isn’t good for anybody.

  2. Po0py says:

    I think there should be more petitions like this but they only ever take off when a big site like RPS champion them. Sometimes the industry needs to be reminded that there are a lot of people out there who buy pc games.

  3. danielcardigan says:

    Best trailer I’ve seen for a while.

  4. Monchberter says:



    We need Schafe-love


  5. We knew this says:

    The game was never announced for the PC. Don’t know why people thought so.

  6. gulag says:

    I think I’ll just wait for it on Steam.

  7. Joe says:


  8. Nighthood says:

    Gah, what happened to good games coming out on the PC. I mean, it seems only a handful of developers even CARE about it at all.

    And that trailer is AWESOME!

  9. lumpi says:

    It might not make any sense to you, but I’d rather see an awesome console game (not owning any current-gen consoles) than a loveless PC port been thrown at us (only to say “Told you so, PC’s dead!” when people refuse to buy the buggy mess). Maybe I’m just in stubborn-mode, I don’t know… :(

  10. The Hammer says:


  11. whaleloever says:

    + Tim Schaeuoifer
    – Jack Black


  12. rocketman71 says:

    If this doesn’t come out for PC, I’ll never again buy an EA game!!!

    Oh, wait…

  13. Flowerpot Wang says:

    Tim. Sellout? Boo?

    I still love him though. But if it comes out not on PC my Manny doll will cry.

  14. NuZZ says:

    But guess whos comming to PC now?
    link to

    Bad company 2. Meh, right?

  15. NuZZ says:

    SC2, D3… Oh, you must be referring to Blizzard as one of the few developers that give a shit. Truefact ;(.

  16. RiptoR says:

    That voice… isn’t that Duke Nukem’s voice?

  17. phil says:

    Petitions never work ( the possibility of Half Life on the dreamcast still hold bitter memories, that had 15k signature f memory serves.)

    Forming para-military cells, targeting infrastructure and communications hubs, gaining the endorsement of the military and police, reassuring the CIA you are a regionally stabilising influence, establishing all powerful cabal behind a puppet leader, that is how one gets a game released. Look at Need for Speed: Underground.

  18. Wulf says:

    I really don’t understand what the hype is surrounding this game, and I’m as metal-head as metal-head gets (literally).

    To me, it’s Jack Black + Unimaginative, Template Medieval Movie World + The Most Damn Cynical Take on Metal I’ve Seen in Years.

    I was iffy about this because of Jack Black (he’s hardly a metal hero), but seeing what they did with the idea, I’m left feeling largely unimpressed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic idea, but it could’ve been so much more imaginative, beautiful, and alien. So much more. Just look at their source material! The end result is that they’re running on the fuel of a brilliant idea, but what they’ve done with it seems shallow, soulless, and realised by people who don’t really understand their source material.

    After playing around with something as brilliant as Zeno Clash (which bizarrely strikes me as much more of a ‘game with the soul of metal’), this leaves me cold by comparison.

    TL;DR: It looks like standard console fare.

  19. BrokenSymmetry says:

    Stop complaining, please. Just play it on your console (I know you have one).

  20. Tei says:

    PC Games != Console Games

    If is a Console Game, It will play like a Console Game on the PC, and It will suck. Probably the same is also true, like playing Mount & Blade on a XBox, or something. Can the XBox run Mount & Blade? If not, why not? Ohh…. Is LOCKED DOWN hardware, you own the console, and maybe you can own the game, but you can’t use one on the other, because you need Microsoft to get down his high horse and sanctione the use of the game on the console, and let you play it. How people can accept something like that, Is beyond me.

  21. qrter says:

    I don’t know.. I don’t believe online petitions carry much weight (if any) but look how little time it took me to sign this petition anyway..

  22. Seth says:

    Shouldn’t we be sending the petition to the publisher, or someone with actual money?

  23. Stupoider says:



    Brutal Legend. PC. That’s a must. :( I’ll be sad if it doesn’t happen.

    @Nuzz: That does not equal the loss of Brutal Legend from the PC. :(

  24. Quests says:

    I seriously hope this game doesn’t come for pc, it’s the biggest compliment Mr. Schafer could make to pc gamers, stating “it’s not a pc game”

    Why? Because Tim Schafer clearly said BL is a pure mindless action-game, with moves to learn and combine together, it’s a button masher like no more heroes and godhand, so it’s pure CONSOLE, with almost no thinking adventure puzzles. The fact that some pc gamers want to play this is not a good sign, it means we got console freaks disguised as pc-gamers in our bosoms… so the fact Schafer doesn’t want it on PC is a clear underlying statement that “PC gamers want deeper and more intelligent games”

    The only way I could accept it for PC is if Schafer substituted half of the console figting scenes with graphic adventure puzzles.

  25. Stense says:


    Time to sulk.

  26. Thirith says:

    Quests, for your sake as much as for ours I hope you’re being ironic.

  27. Hümmelgümpf says:

    “button masher … godhand”
    Credibility check failed. God Hand certainly isn’t a button masher. But hey, if a game is all about punching people, it has to be mindless console crap, and there is no way combat may require some thinking, right?

  28. Heliocentric says:

    Graphic adventure? Rather than graphical? Would that make it a porn game?

    I’d never buy a console to play this, but it will be missed. I guess i’ll play it in the future on an emulator. Well done publishers, i hope when the 360 iso’s get torrented you can say “see people with pc’s are thieving bastards” and then feel much better about alienating customers. I won’t sign a petition unless double fine point one out. There are hundreds of petitions for everything.

  29. ulix says:

    Cool, thanks for posting the link to the petition, hopefully it’ll gain some momentum. Tell your friends ;)

    And I have absolutely no problem with mindless action games on PC, I love my mindless action games, I mean, what are most 1st person shooters? Deep, tactical and strategical experiences? Come on. Racing games? Etc.
    Also, some people (like me, poor student) really don’t own a 360 or PS3.

    Look at Mass Effect. It has aparrently sold so well on PC as to justify releasing Mass Effect 2 on PC simultaneuosly with its console-counterparts. And just as Bioware’s main fanbase is made of PC gamers, so is Tim Schafer’s.

  30. Stupoider says:

    @Quest: However, Tim Schafer is making it.

    Therefore it is -worth- playing.

    I’m looking forward to the story and the laughs rather than the gameplay, although I do enjoy good gameplay.

  31. Heliocentric says:

    I’ll admitt. I’d care more if this was psychonauts 2 and the plot was less meta, or meta about something i care about.

    It worries me that the focus is too strongly on personality, thats not a stab at mr black, i love tenacious d. But i like game in my game.

  32. Quests says:

    ““button masher … godhand”
    Credibility check failed. God Hand certainly isn’t a button masher. But hey, if a game is all about punching people, it has to be mindless console crap, and there is no way combat may require some thinking, right?”

    HAhah sure i hear you, keep your panties on, in Godhand i suppose you need some skill, reflexes and junk, whatever. You have to mash the RIGHT buttons at the RIGHT time but it’s still a button-masher, ok? Sure you don’t push random buttons, if that’s what you mean.
    But it’s neither Broken Sword and Steel Panthers, is it?

    Mr. Schafer hints of his own take into the matter of thinkers/non thinkers, in here link to

    “the first time i don’t claim a game of mine is a graphic adventure, this is just a fun action game” aside from “now and then you stop to consider using 2 things together”,
    but in the end it’s a pure action game based on players’ skill and twitch.

    Connecting this statement that reveals his point of view into videogame GENRES with the decision(i hope he stands by it) to make it console only, it’s an underlying compliment to all pcgamers on the fact that “pc gamers don’t enjoy button mashers”

  33. catska says:

    Oh cry me a river. This game is a console game through and through, look at any of the gameplay footage and you’ll see its definatly in the console action game genre. Why not start a petition for every console game that never comes to PC like God of War or Rachet and Clank?

    Maybe one day people here will wake up and see that every developer who carried PC gaming in the 90s is now making console games, and actually, I don’t know, buy a console.

    I’m sure everyone is all up in arms that a PC legend like Tim Schaefer is making a console game, but these are the same people who would pirate the hell out of the game, watch it be a sales bomb, then cry more when their next game (if there is one) doesn’t come out on the PC at all.

  34. Quests says:


    Sure, but if i played it i couldn’t help but think that so much goodness is a waste for this gameplay, i’d get pissed and bored with the button mashing, which i hate.

    I hope most of the pc gamers are like me and prefer slower, less accessible, less glamour games.

  35. James Tao says:

    “The fact that some pc gamers want to play this is not a good sign, it means we got console freaks disguised as pc-gamers in our bosoms… so the fact Schafer doesn’t want it on PC is a clear underlying statement that “PC gamers want deeper and more intelligent games””

    Tribal fanatic is tribal.

  36. Dominic White says:

    This comments thread is evidence enough that PC gamers don’t deserve this game. They’d reject it, like they rejected Devil May Cry 4 for having a combat engine too complex to be played on a keyboard, and refused to accept the existance of gamepads.

    You know the drill – Tastatur/Maus Uber Alles.

    I started gaming on the PC. CGA monitors and PC speaker audio, games under 100k and processors with double-digit MHZ counts. I have a high-spec gaming PC. I WISH they’d put more of the big-name console titles on the PC as well, so that I could throw more hardware power at them, but they don’t.

    And why? Because they get crap reviews, sell badly, and get pirated to hell and back. It’s not worth the time, effort or abuse that they’d inevitably get.

    Well done, you lovely insane PC Purist tribe – you’ve driven off Brutal Legend. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

    Me? I’ll be buying it for the 360.

  37. Quests says:

    Im sorry but it’s the truth.

    back in the early ’90’s(pc golden age of glory) such a game wouldn’t be made on PC not even in a million parallel dimensions, nobody would produce it, we were all adventure gamers, flying jets in simulations, and wargaming.

    The fact that now this is questioned and that there’s some people among us who want it is sad and alarming. Sure you can be selfish and say who cares i just wanna play something entertaining for a while but you must understand that before your selfish needs there’s the IDENTITY of pc-gaming that’s at stake here and it’s been in danger for years now.

    I’m just glad this is not made first hand on PC, if it gets ported it’s fair enuff, it’s just a port, everyone already played it. The important SIGN is that the launch is just on consoles.

  38. Hümmelgümpf says:

    “in Godhand i suppose you need some skill, reflexes and junk, whatever. You have to mash the RIGHT buttons at the RIGHT time but it’s still a button-masher, ok? Sure you don’t push random buttons, if that’s what you mean.”
    Not only me, the entire internet defines button mashers as games where you can close your eyes, push buttons at random, and still be able finish the entire thing. God Hand doesn’t fit this definition, and it’s enough to make it an excellent game. An excellent action game, to be precise, as it doesn’t try to be anything else, and shouldn’t be judged as an adventure game.

    “But it’s neither Broken Sword and Steel Panthers, is it?”
    No, it’s neither an adventure game, nor a strategy game. So what? You might as well bash a comedy film for not being a drama movie. It makes no sense.

  39. Xercies says:

    Tim Schaefer why have you forsaken us….

    I will still be getting this because Tim is funny with whatever he makes, and I have no brainless action games so this one should be good. Oh and i have a console….

  40. Dominic White says:

    @Quests: To hell with your ‘PC gaming identity’. It’s a myth. Remember the 90s? Back then, the shareware scene was absolutely awash with platformers (such as, I dunno, Duke Nukem, maybe?), scrolling shooters, fighting games and more.

    It wasn’t just adventure games, wargames and FPS’s. That’s just the rut the industry drove itself into and the fanboys retroactively glossed over the good old days, rewriting them with their own twisted, grey and mechanical history.

    You want a real kick in the nuts? The Wizardry series may have ended on the PC with Wizardry 8, but they’re still releasing new Wizardry games (classic first-person dungeon crawls with brutal difficulty) in Japan, on the PS2. In fact, the whole subgenre there is making a resurgence on consoles, and is nowhere to be seen on the PC.

    Your ‘PC gaming identity’ is a joke. An excuse to make you feel less bad when good games pass you over.

  41. ulix says:

    So much stupidity and PC snobbery in this thread… its sad. Maybe PC really doesn’t deserve this game…
    And whos talking of the mid 90s? That time is GONE, and even then there where tons of brainless (gameplay-wise) action games exclusively for PC, so all you arguments are EPIC FAIL.

    Apart from that, I second Dominic’s post.

  42. Stupoider says:

    @Dominic White: I thought Devil May Cry 4 was just a messy port, which deserved to be rejected.

    @Catska: Way to stereotype that the whole PC Gaming playerbase are pirates, yet we love our Valve games that we buy via. Steam.

    It’s not a case of whether we deserve it or not. How exactly are we supposed to deserve it? Do you expect every playerbase to be crystalline in appearance? Every platform has rotten eggs. Stop making generalisations based on the words of a few peeved PC gamers who are annoyed that one of PC gaming’s legends isn’t releasing one of his games on the PC. It’s not up to you to decide who gets what. Releasing the game on the PC can only mean good things because Tim Schafer has a strong following on the PC.

    He creates amazing games, and I’d be a fool if I didn’t buy his latest one because it features “button-bashing”.

    And seriously folks. Telling the PC gamer crowd that they don’t deserve this game? On RPS? PC Gaming since ….?

  43. Dominic White says:

    @Stupoider – DMC4 wasn’t a port. The game was actually primarily developed on the PC. It actually looks/runs WORSE on the consoles.

    The PC version had more features, (including a Serious Sam-ish ‘millions of enemies’ mode), better graphics, more options, and it got shat on by the snobby PC gaming press because it reminded them too much of consoles.

    The DMC3 port WAS terrible, but that was done by Ubisoft, who also fucked up the porting of Resident Evil 4. RE5, Lost Planet 2 and Street Fighter 4 are using the same PC-centric engine as DMC4, so expect them to get lousy reviews as well, because PC purists are stupid.

  44. Jonas says:

    This game must reach everybody! Sign’d.

    Kickass trailer too, hadn’t seen that one before.

    “You start a revolution, Lars!”

  45. oddbob says:

    Is the PC golden age of glory like the golden age of television? The kind of thing where it only works if you pretend that the 2% of memorable and truly brilliant output wasn’t surrounded by 98% of crap?

    I don’t get this whole “it’s a PC game”, “it’s a console game” lark. They’re games. All of them. Why segregate them? What exactly does that achieve?

    Sure, each platform has certain strengths but I don’t get why one genre can’t appear on another platform providing it doesn’t get horribly broken in the transition – and that’s something to be judged on a game by game basis surely?

    And yes, the trailer made me do a wee wee in excitement. The spirit of rawk is strong here. I’m officially excited regardless of what formats it drops onto.

  46. Jim Rossignol says:

    Oddbob: you are right, of course. It’d be great if we had the option to be able to get this on PC – it’s looking like one of only a handful of console games I’ll buy this year – but them’s the breaks.

    For the record: the various format arguments bore the piss out of all of the RPS team. We’ve heard it all before, going back over a decade.

  47. James Tao says:

    It’s not true, it’s laughable, hypocritical bullshit.

    What I called you was tribal. I didn’t bother with your “PC genre” foolishness. Did you listen to yourself when you referred to anyone who didn’t conform to your imaginary ideals of PC gaming as a “console freak”? That would be tribalism. You’re defining and stereotyping an entire facet of gaming culture simply because you think you’re of a different one.

    The sooner gaming gets rid of that mindset the better, because it’s this sort of ivory tower nonsense on both sides of the platform divide that makes me sorry to call myself a gamer.

  48. Jad says:

    The great thing about the PC is that it can be anything you want it to be. Game is better with gamepad? Plug one in. Keyboard and mouse? Duh. Playing inches from a monitor in your basement with the windows closed and the sound up? Scare yourself silly. Connected to your TV and sitting on the couch? Yes, too. (I did this recently, got MAME, and have been having arcade beat-em-up classic nights with my friends every weekend — console-style gaming only now available on a PC) Mod your game into something completely different? Feel free.

    To me, the “PC gamer identity” is exactly one of choice. Not limiting your choices, but being able to do anything you want with your system. Hack it, mod it, attach any peripheral you want. Please don’t try to close down my system and turn the PC into another console — the “strategy/MMORPG console”.

  49. Dot says:

    Dominic, how about, instead of going on about “snobbery”, you would just realize that the reason why action games generally don’t appear on the PC is because the audience is different. Same reason why Hearts of Iron doesn’t have a console release. Same reason why console RTS games sell poorly. But in reverse.

    And Devil May Cry 4? I’ve played it on the PC since I was kind of curious, it was a superb port technically, but you don’t seem to be able to comprehend that it doesn’t count the absolute lack of effort on Capcom’s behalf to at least make its camera be controlled via mouse. DMC4 fared poorly on the PC? How about instead of the attitude that hasn’t allowed a lot of various forms of trash gaming concepts to proliferate on the PC, you blame Capcom’s close-minded transition of the control set to KB/M, and their Japanese offices’ stupid relationship with digital distribution? How about you blame reviewers like 1up’s review that just outright stated that the newly added game modes were ‘wasted’ on PC gamers?

    Stop blaming PC gamers for an inappropriately thought-through console to PC game transition which amounted to the console industry shooting itself in the foot-and unless they keep trying to finally “catch” what it means to properly translate a console action game to the PC, this will continue to happen. So instead of gloating at the PC gaming crowd here blaming them for this, how about you just go complain to the console developers responsible for this mess in the first place.