SBK 09 Superbike World Championship Demo

Motorbikes have never been sensible. I mean you can’t fall off a car, can you? Anyway, they do nevertheless produce racing excitements unlike any other, and the videogames which accurately portray the about-to-die experience of going very fast on a motorbike are few and far between. SBK 09 Superbike World Championship is hoping to get close with its licenced high-speed shenanigans, and you can play the demo of this latest superbike game right now, unless you are reading RPS at work or something. Naughty you. The demo includes a single track from the full game, which will apparently appear on PC on the 29th of May. Footage after the click.


  1. Wolfman says:

    First rule of trailer club is … don’t show frontend menus!
    Second rule of trailer club is … dont show frontend menus!
    Third rule of trailer club is … dont show loading screens!


  2. {HERO SQUAD} itsallcrap says:

    That really is a rubbish trailer.

    Also, that guy can’t hit an apex for crap.

  3. Ian says:

    If you can’t unlock a thing where you can turn your bike into a sheep as you could in Manx TT then it’s not worth buying.

  4. Duoae says:


    Some of us like these games but are so bad at them that we have to play on the easiest level.

    I loved Moto GP 07 but there’s really not enough difference between these types of games to support mutliple yearly releases, unless one of the franchises has a particularly bad release (Moto GP 08?). How does SBK series compare with the Moto GP series?

  5. MD says:

    I reckon it’s a good trailer. Maybe not from a ‘must build hype with slickly produced highlights reel’ marketing point of view, but as a potential customer I much prefer to get an idea of how the game actually plays than cop a face full of the usual quick cuts, ridiculous voiceovers, perspectives that may or may not be those found in-game, etc. etc.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    These superbike game all look identical to me. Motocross madness ftw.

  7. Bobsy says:

    Thing is about biking is it’s proper mental, but the thing about track racing is it’s proper not. The best biking games embrace just how ball-bendingly crackers the whole thing is and run it to it’s logical conclusion. Like jumping over flaming buses with a pyramid of naked girls balancing on your shoulders and Faure’s Requiem blaring out in the background.

    And the ninjas are on fire, too.

  8. Ian says:

    Which games have that, Bobsy?

  9. danielcardigan says:

    “I mean you can’t fall off a car, can you?”

    link to

  10. Andy`` says:

    It’s not a trailer, it’s “footage.” In footage club, you can show front end menus and loading screens, and everything that doesn’t make sense in a trailer :P especially when the video’s not even by the dev team. It’s by a “reviewer”, and he does that kind of thing with other games (in the Dark Athena one he even goes into the options so you can see what video settings are there, though its useless to us who don’t read Spanish)

    This game needs more compressed tracks and a faster feel of bike movement so it feels like you’re going faster and you have to do more turning. And then it needs punching, kicking, flails and sticks so it can become Road Rash.

  11. Richard Beer says:

    I only ever read RPS when I’m at work! If I’m at home and I get the rare opportunity to spend some quality time with my PC, then you can be dang sure I’ll be playing games and not reading about them.

  12. Markoff Chaney says:

    If I ever couldn’t get to RPS from work, that would be a sad day indeed. Of course, I go for the best of both worlds. I checked the site this morning at home, started downloading the demo, then came to work to post about posting at work. When I get home, maybe I’ll get to fire up that demo too. Of course, I didn’t think to check out the trailer. Why do that when I can play the game myself?

  13. Rubeck says:

    Screw this SBK nonsense, now all I can think about is that I really, REALLY wish the game Bobsy described existed.

  14. ACESandElGHTS says:

    Never mind the sheep, I just want to race Isle of Man. Also, I thought Moto GP 06 (and sue me, I never bought 07+) had Bobsy’s idea nailed.
    The GP bikes were squirrely, the tracks invariably flat and unforgiving, the circuit scene kind of boring.
    But the superbikes (or whatever they called the customs) were fun. I recall the Brazil urban circuit having loose asphalt, extremely high speed turns, bikes that would fall on you if you turned and accelerated too aggressively. It’s not flaming ninjas, but it pretty extreme.

  15. DigitalSignalX says:

    I won’t even ask if it has decent PC controls. The days where games with driving make superb use of a mouse and keyboard have passed into legend.

    Watching this guy demo the game though, does remind me of the inherit suck most of us (well, myself especially) have with some racing games in that it’s almost impossible to break and accelerate semi-realistically, no matter how bang-on the physics and game engine are. We need some sort of “around 90kph” type of indicator around turns and straights in the pace lap so we know sort of where to be at during the apex.

    That guy, who I presume had played it before making that video, was still wandering all over the corners, either massively over-breaking or scrubbing past into the grass trying to keep it in lane. This game, and I suspect most others, compensate for this not by giving more realistic cues, but by nerfing the opposition apparently. He was still well ahead in first place despite the grandma driving.

    Obviously you need to find a balance for gameplay in player skill levels and experience, but I wish there was a better way to coach the player up rather then dumb the opposition down.

  16. Serondal says:

    @DigitalSingalX = The obvious soluton is for you to buy a track IR And a joystick , then mod the joystick so that it is two handle bars with a big part in the middle with all the buttons you need and when you lean the whole F@#$@# then left and right it efffects the correct axis to make you lean the bike left and right, then attach the entire thing between your legs to the chair so you literally have to lean left and right to make the bike move (also you need to make one of the handle bars have a break and throttle that work in the game) So you can drive correctly and you can look around in first person mode by just moving your head. If the game actaully supports track IR :P Racing Sim fans are lazy compared to flight sim fans I swear.

    I turned my shoe closet into a KA-50 cockpit, when I get shot in the cockpit my air condition is set to come on and blow cold wind in my face and I’ve attached a ceiling fan with two rotors above a plexiglass window I stole from a dump and duck tapped up a bit to look like a cockpit and my wife shots me with a smoke machine when I take a lot of damage. You don’t even want to know what happens when I eject.

  17. DigitalSignalX says:

    Sounds like a plan. The calluses from my oblivion treadmill and bow aiming mod have finally healed over, so a new project could be fun.

  18. Heliocentric says:

    If he doesn’t eject successfully his wife shoots him with a shotgun filled with salt pellets.

  19. AndrewC says:

    Serondal is joking, isn’t he? He is, right? Right?