The TF2 Unlock Teacup-Storm

I’ve been out of the TF2 scene for a few months now, as all that focus on achievement-whoring and increasingly technical play turned me off the game somewhat – paranoia I couldn’t keep up with The Kids as much as anything else. However, the combination of a masterful marketing effort and the promise of new toys that didn’t require incredi-skill or soulless grinding to attain lured me back in today. Clearly, I’ve had a great time – the current free weekend means there’s a palpable excitement on the servers, and some of the community maps that have sprung up during my time in the wilderness are pretty spectacular. (There’s one with biplanes in the sky and an underground ice cave which was particularly gorgeous). The new weapon unlock system though – not so keen, and you may have caught some folk venting in our other TF2 threads.

Top bit of info to know before your bonce explodes in rage, however – I bounced a quick mail to Valve’s very own Saxton Hale, TF2 lead-guy Robin Walker, who reckons there’s some sort of bug in the system that’s meaning people aren’t getting unlocks even after hours of play. “Not at all how it’s tuned,” apparently. Which is, I think, the first time I’ve been relieved to hear a game has a bug – it means the problem will get fixed. Read on for my thoughts on the change and word on how it’s supposed to work from the goodly Mister Walker.

Here’s what the controversial change is in, a nutshell. Previously, gaining a new weapon/item required earning a certain number of achievements – some of which were pretty easy, some were enjoyably challenging, and some were just a silly grind that was totally divorced from what you’d naturally get up to in the game. Valve nobly tried to tweak the number and manner of achievements required for a new toy into something that wasn’t quite so intimidating for the more casual TF2 player, but it never felt quite right – it was always a rich get richer system, the most practised players being rewarded with stuff that would make them only more fearsome on the battlefield.

So, with this update, Valve did the gentlemanly thing and scrapped the reliance on achievements to gain these unlocks altogether. Now, anyone can get any unlock – be it from the new Spy/Sniper pack or the old Heavy, Scout, Pyro and Medic ones – no matter how good/bad/laughably bad they are at the game. It is absolutely, entirely fair, and it ensures people are genuinely playing the game rather than disappearing into a cheerless, artificial pattern of achievement-hunting. And that’s what these updates are for – to get people playing TF2, as TF2 is supposed to be played. This way, the playing field should be entirely level – a quiet acknowledgement that maybe everyone should have had everything in the first place after all. It also means the servers aren’t as swamped with Spies and Snipers as one might have expected, as winning an upgrade is class-agnostic – so a Scout might win a flare gun, or a Heavy a piquant Jarate. It also means those creepy achievement servers are less in demand.

So all’s fair in war and war, right? Technically, yes – but in practice, it feels unfair. I clocked up four hours of play since the update went live, and won nothing. Returning later in the day, I was granted Natascha whilst walking across a bridge, which was nice – but not one of the new incredi-toys. The presentation of it was disappointingly naff too – no sense of having found something, despite it being described as such – just a pop-up screen out of nowhere. Someone else said he’d won three flare guns, and that he’d already unlocked the flare gun during the Pyro update anyway, so he must have been really miffed. Meanwhile, I saw messages about others finding Ambassadors and Razorbacks occasionally pop-up, and I just stared aghast, gripped by childish jealousy of these obscenely lucky strangers and unable to do anything whatsoever about it. Where did they get those wonderful toys? Yes, it is true: I briefly became an Angry Internet Man.

The concept is certainly sound, but some combination of the execution and this bug has made for a frustrating experience today. Especially given the new weapons have been a big lure for lapsed players, but now they’re finding they can’t get access to them. Without seeing the intended frequency of drops in action, it’s impossible to judged whether there’s genuinely a problem with turning that concept into practice, or if everyone would be as happy as a Scout with a Taco if it weren’t for this unfortunate bug.

We’re told there’ll be a post on the official TF2 blog, explaining exactly how the system works, soon. That’ll be fascinating in and of itself, as hearing people repeatedly come up with crazy theories as to what the behind the scenes maths is, only to have it obviously disproved moments later, has made for some laughs. It’ll almost be a shame to ruin the mystery… Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan became a whole lot less interesting when we found out he was a teacher, y’know?

Here’s the full skinny from Robin Walker:

“As in everything else we do, we want to iterate, so this is really the first step towards our desired implementation. We also think we have bugs in the system as well, since we’re seeing some players not finding any items after a few hours of play, which is not at all how it’s tuned. We want unlockable drops to be a pretty regular occurrence for players, with the cosmetic hats being the rare finds.”

Which sounds reasonable – I suspect a frequent trickle of items would be exciting rather than, as it currently is, frustrating. It almost make some sense of the current oddball collection of multiple duplicates – having more Flare Guns than everyone else could become a point of pride. Hope the problem’s fixed soon, anyway – I want my jar of piss, dammit.

Update – the TF2 blog now has more details, including the revelation that item trading is on its way. The problem seems to persist for a lot of folk despite an apparent patch, however. This certainly hasn’t been Valve’s finest hour – but again, let’s hope the planned changes make up for it.


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    We all want our jar of piss. (And in the game!)

  2. Torgen says:

    So this is all nothing but a tempest in a piss cup?

  3. Smee says:

    The Jarate is so much like Left 4 Dead’s Boomer Bile it’s uncanny. The screen goes all green and slimey and *everyone* in the vicinity aims for you. Dead!

  4. Chris R says:

    Make sure the server you are playing on is connected to steam… I was connected to steam myself (as I could see my friends list and chat with them), but the weapon loadout page told me that I was NOT connected to steam and I was unable to select different weapons, even the ones I had already unlocked. When I joined a different server, I was able to choose different weapons from the loadout screen. All the servers are being hit hard, so just be patient and jump to another server if you can’t access your loadout screen.


    Oh, and I started to receive unlocked messages after I switched servers to one that was connected to steam (presumably). While I was on the other server with the goofed up loadout screen, I received no unlocks, nor did I see anyone else receive anything either. After I switched servers, I received 1 new unlock, the Cloak and Dagger, and a bunch of stuff I already had (4-5 existing unlocks). All at random, while just goofing off and not really helping the team out at all.

  5. James Tao says:

    Suddenly I feel much better. Thanks RPS!

  6. Vinraith says:

    I don’t even know what the point of having an unlock system IS if you’re just going to hand out items randomly at a rate of more than an item of hour. Very shortly everyone will have everything, at that rate why not just give everyone access to everything to begin with? For me, the achievement unlock system motivated me to play (and frequently motivated me to play better, as I tended to go after the achievements that represented what that class should be doing anyway). it was something to work for.

    I’d decided I wasn’t going to come back to the game for this update already, but I’d always figured that down the road (once the class rushing and the “LOLZ PEE JARZ” crowd died down) that I’d come back. Without anything to work for, I’m not sure I’ll find the motivation to make that happen.

  7. P7uen says:

    I thought John was the goodly Walker :(

  8. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    I covered Alec with enough piss to fill a few jars, so I’m sure he wins somehow,

  9. Rosti says:

    I got a jar of pi-iss!, I got a jar of pi-iss! And guess what’s inside of it!

    Really looking forward to the explanatory blog – I’ve not played TF2 properly since the Heavy pack and jumping back in today was a proper blast.

  10. The_B says:

    I stole his identity. I still didn’t get anything. I feel slightly cheated.

  11. RagingLion says:

    I certainly share some of Vinraith’s sentiments. It is quite nice to work for achievements knowing you’ll get a tangible reward at the end of it.

    On the other hand I often just play for playing’s sake, trying to do well for the team which means I neglect the kind of activities needed to complete many of the achievements, so given that the new system is useful.

    I also heard a rumour while playing today that maybe Valve are going to introduce a system for swapping unlocks, hence a reason to have multiple items. Not sure if that has any grounding.

  12. Some Guy says:

    6 hours and a second backburner, “fun”

  13. Josh says:

    See, what I don’t understand is why they would do this. If you don’t play often enough to get the new weapons under the old system then you probably wouldn’t have used them much anyway.

    Under the new system though, Captain Nubba can join the game, get all of the acheievements in one playthrough and leave the best player in the server with nothing.

    Please tell me their fix will be going back to the achievements, they’re useless if you can’t unlock anything with them.

  14. Chippit says:

    This is what Walker gets for firing everyone! Poor Stavros can’t get everything working all by himself.

  15. Sparvy says:

    I honestly cant say Im unsatisfied, I consider myself a fairly skilled player but I have not unlocked the ubersaw, the KGB, BONK! through achievements yet. Today I spent a few lovely hours on the RPS server and unlocked the KGB, the Razorback, the jarate and the Dead Ringer, and had a blast doing it by simply first playing classes I like, and then changing to check out all the cool new stuf I got (Heavy Boxing on Redfort :D). Yeah sure its abit frustrating seeing people get stuf you dont but really, Im getting things faster and having more fun getting them now than I did before.

    However, I just looked through my achievments, apparently I got the Dead Reckoning achievment (Kill an enemy with an arrow while you’re dead) even though I havent unlocked the huntsman, and I remember someone getting an Enemy at the Gate (Kill an opponent within the first second of a round) halfway through the match on ctf_aerospace (on which it is impossible to kill someone right away). And then there is the fact that the Ambassador can shoot through the gates at the beginning of rounds (kinda like the sandman or the flamethrowers, except more reliable). All in all there seems to be quite a few bugs that sneeked into this update.

  16. Wulf says:

    I always loved the Valve unlocks, I was a huge fan of them. I loved watching a Heavy beat a wall with boxing gloves whilst waiting for a match to start, and I had loads of fun watching Scouts blast themselves into the stratosphere, only to get taken down by a headshot by a sniper (silly scouts).

    But the thing is, the achievement system was borne of stupidity. There are only going to be two people who could love such an ugly-stick beaten bastard child: Live bois, and WoW-grinders. You know, the people who can transform a fun game with which one may while away a little time into a second job, which they believe is as serious a consideration as any other part of their life.

    There are those that are like that, and those that… well, to be honest, those that aren’t.

    I fall into the latter camp, as I don’t want to waste my life on playing games as a job, not unless I’m being paid to beta-test anyway, that’d be different, because that would be a real job, but there’s no way I’m being suckered into a virtual job which I’d perform in my free-time.

    So I only got a couple of unlocks, some very basic ones, and those were awarded for simply playing the game as it was intended. For those who play the game as a game, it’d probably take them the rest of their lives to unlock a few of the incredi-weapons, and that’s just rather sad. Not to mention that it fosters a bad mindset for playing the game.

    What I’m hoping is that this new system allows for that, that it allows for people to play the game as a game. I’m a bit baffled why they don’t just give everyone everything at the start (as one person said), but if they really do have a proper system of distribution there, then I’m all for it, just as long as it doesn’t require me to engage in a second job.

    What could this do? It could introduce a number of players who play for fun, this could create a more friendly atmosphere in TF2, which is friendlier as a whole, and more pleasant for newcomers. This would mean more sales for Valve, because since the first round of unlocks tied to achievements, TF2 started looking like an insurmountable and unfriendly thing.

    Now people can just jump in for a quick game. We’ll have less WoW-grinders in the game and more everyday PC gamers, and that’s a good thing, because it raises the bar for what a TF2 game can be like. I’m hoping that it really will remove the silent, and almost militaristic nature that’s been prevalent surrounding these updates.

    If Valve can make a more social game out of TF2, which always looked like it was supposed to be more of a fun, silly game, then they’ve won. Regardless of what Angry Internet People might think.

  17. James says:

    I think I land strongly in the middle for fans here – when I play, I’m more than a casual fan, but I’m not “hardcore” by any means. That being said, I always thought the achievement-based unlocks were fun and challenging. I was a bit annoyed that some were antithetical to the game (such as ubering 50 scouts), but for the most part, I always felt like I’d EARNED the unlocks that I’d received. I suppose the fact that I never found myself in Achievement Box proves I’m not hardcore.

    I also thought the crazy free weekends of pyros and heavies were a blast, cause you knew they’d even out in a few days. I guess that’s not the message Valve wants to put forward with their free weekends, but I’m a little wary of the new system. Originally, I was always a Heavy or a Pyro, and the Medic update and Scout updates made me not only learn another character I wasn’t familiar with, but made me appreciate them, too. I’m disappointed I won’t get the same experience with the Spy and Sniper. I guess I’m a comfortable and lazy bastard, and won’t get out of my comfort zone except for rewards.

  18. James says:

    P.S. And in the game.

  19. roBurky says:

    I like this new system. I think it’s almost the best way of dealing out the unlockables while still keeping them unlockables.

    It is, at the very least, monumentally more fair than the old system, where those who were willing to cheat or use achievement servers got the unlocks first, then those that focused on achievements at the expense of the other players, and then, several weeks or months later, those who were playing normally.
    This way, everyone plays normally, and everyone gets the stuff in the end.

    Only problem left with it is the few ways in which people can still get to the stuff by acting unusually – like just spectating and going afk.

  20. Redford says:

    I am fairly sure that a large number of the complainers are also the same people who, on release day, would go to an achievement server, and not play an actual game until they had unlocked everything with the barest minimum of effort.

    This is clearly Valve’s reaction to this – you must now play in order to get your items, even if we have to force you to do it.

    Amusingly, the people who exploited the system the worst are now complaining about a change which was motivated by their exploitation of the game.

    This is an old story in most MMOs but not nearly as often seen in FPS games.

    In the end, if you want achievements, then play for achievements. If you want to play for points, then play for points. This method will allow all players to collect all items more fairly and is in the end, better for everyone on average.

    Also, in the end, the worst of the lot (the achievement server people) end up on the bottom, which is poetic justice at it’s finest.

  21. ZomBuster says:

    I think the problem is that Valve left too much unexplained. How does it even work? Even after reading too much gaming news then that is healthy for me I still have no idea.

    They put too much time in silly things (which are great) and completely forgot to explain this.

  22. Walsh says:

    I thought the achievement unlocks were ridiculous, some of them were impossible to get. I play TF2 maybe once a week for an hour or two. This is the perfect solution imho. The argument that casual players won’t try use unlocks is a straw man.

  23. Neut says:

    Hang on why are any of the weapons unlocks at all? What’s wrong with just giving everyone access to all of them straight away?

  24. bacon says:

    I’ve been playing since before the Medic update and I still don’t have the ubersaw (despite the fact that I am a stone’s throw from completing the Chief of Staff achievement), and I don’t have the last two scout achievements. I’m not going to complain when (read: if) I get them though random drops, but I can’t help thinking that it’s going to feel like a hollow accomplishment. When you complete some of the crazy achievements like Chief of Staff or the million burn damage one for pyro, you really feel like you did something, and if it unlocked a weapon it was even better. While the actual achievement will still be impressive (to, um, some people I guess) it will have no impact on the game, so why bother going after it?

    I only play 5-10 hours a week, and based on some of the estimates I have read stating that it takes 30-40 hours of play to get all of the unlocks, I could be playing for anywhere from 3-8 weeks to get these things. That just blows.

  25. Nels Anderson says:

    The bit I find frustrating is you don’t have any control over which unlocks you receive. Spy has been my preferred class since launch, but even though I’d really like to try their new gear, I’m as likely to get a Heavy unlock (a class I’ve played for all of 22 minutes) as I am a Spy unlock (a class I’ve played for ~10 hours).

    Maybe when the full explanation post goes up it will be revealed that the drop percentages bias toward classes with more playtime. But currently, not knowing whether if it will be two days or two months until I get Spy gear is saddening.

  26. SWW says:

    As someone who plays TF2 maybe once a week for an hour or two, as well, this is the worst solution. I can’t get anything, even if I work hard at it! Statistics says it’ll take 60 item drops on average for a new player to get all these items, after duplicates. I doubt I’ll ever put that much time in…

    The new items tend to make new playing styles available. Playing styles that might have caused me to enjoy different classes more. Too bad I’ll never be able to use them!

  27. Blast Hardcheese says:

    The most probable reason that it wasn’t explained beforehand is that they wanted to see how it panned out, and to discourage cheating the system. Since it’s bugged right now, the explanation may have ended up changing.

    Also, the complaining about the new system never stops. Ever. It may be bugged, but damn if I didn’t find an AFK guy and +attack to get three medic achievements so I could get the Ubersaw since my teammates were never capable of doing what I needed like “kill five people” or “punch two dudes”. I’m amazed I got the Pyro one to set three people on fire while healing.

  28. PleasingFungus says:

    Hey, I get a reference! (Unless there are two guys who have managed to get a pair of flare-guns on top of their old, achievement-earned one, and nothing else.) I feel all warm and glowy inside.

    Anyway, I’m not really bitter at all. There’ve been tinges, here and there – all those people running around with the Huntsman! (For a bit I was afraid that there was some sort of bug meaning that I got the weapons for the class I was disguised as – been playing a ton of Spy, disguise as Pyro by default out of habit. Though the improvements to the masks mean that I’ve been experimenting with disguising as spy/medic instead.) It’s been a splendid update, great new maps, classes that I’m actually pretty good at. (Had no fun with the Scout update, though I tried to enjoy it.) And the fact that apparently the weird paucity/irregularity of weapon-drops is a bug reassures me.

    Would be even happier if the game stopped crashing on me, but you can’t have everything, obviously.

    @Josh: “…going back to the achievements, they’re useless if you can’t unlock anything with them…”

    I’ve actually heard that from a friend as well. It bemuses me more than a bit. They’re achievements! They’re inherently useless – there to demonstrate that You’ve Done Something Cool (in theory), not to do something cool themselves. I’m glad that they’re ‘useless’ now – it makes them pure, so that people who don’t care about them but do care about weapons can just ignore them. I do like achievements – they’re delicious! – but I do approve of the change… the achievement-servers, and the whole culture underlying them, just seems fundamentally twisted to me. “Game as work”, etc.

    (One last question: does anyone know how to reproduce the new crab-spy taunt? It seems to be tied to the disguise kit, somehow…)

    EDIT: @Neut: Don’t ask that question! You’re not allowed to ask that! Quick – someone, silence him before it’s too late!

  29. Vinraith says:


    It’s the logical question, isn’t it? If you’re just going to give them out randomly anyway, why not just unlock all of them for anyone playing the game and be done with it? That I could at least understand. It still renders achievements totally pointless, but at least no one gets screwed outright.

  30. mgl says:

    Someone suggested (on RPS? somewhere else?) that weapons unlocks should be tied directly to points, and I thought that seemed like the best option, kind of a hybrid of the achievements system and the new one.

    Say the weapons unlocked at 25, 50, and 75 points of play as a particularly class (or 50, 100, and 150, whatever). That way, you’d play the game as you normally would, and the unlocks would track with your progress. I rarely play Scout or Spy, for instance, and I can’t be bothered to get good enough to win some of the achievements, but a points-based system would encourage me to learn.

    It wouldn’t kill achievement farm-type behaviour, of course–you’d still get people logging into those servers simply to rack up 100 kills in 15 minutes–but for those of us who enjoy actually playing the game, a points-based system would make us feel like we had actually achieved something.

  31. Random reader says:

    I don’t know who is managing your TF2 server but if you need to kick someone in order to make someone else enter the server because the server is full (or whatever reason), you should announce it before.

    Being kicked without any reason is very unpleasant.

    Sorry for my english.

  32. Vinraith says:


    Unlocks for points, now there’s a system that would have made more sense than the old one OR the new one. It’s a shame that, with the random drops having already been handed out, it’s kind of too late.

  33. PleasingFungus says:

    @Random reader: sometimes they do, but not often. I feel your pain.

    @mgl: You mean points in one life, right? Because – call me rubbish if you like – I’ve never gotten more than 28 points in any life, ever. (Was a heck of a life, mind you.) So if you’re suggesting that you unlock a weapon for 50 – 100 – 150 points in one life…?

    That’d be worse than the achievements, really.

    Or do you mean cumulatively – across play on one map/server, or lifetime-wise? Because that seems pretty trivial.

  34. Serondal says:

    People complian about the unlock system because it is to slow, now Vinraith complains because it is to fast, other people complained when you had to work for it! Obviously it is impossible to make everyone happy, at this point I think Valve is just trying to amuse themselves by f@#$@# with your head and so far they’re doing an awesome job. They must be bored :P

  35. Marz says:

    So far I’ve played maybe 12 hours (yes I have no life) since the update went live and have “found” duplicates of everything I already worked my ass off to achieve while obtaining achievements. Seriously, this is a terrible release.

  36. mgl says:


    Well, I’m a pretty trivial kind of guy. But I meant cumulative points, the actual amount to be determined by those fervent playtesters at Valve. The kind of thing where you get one unlock relatively quickly, then the other two perhaps further away as you get better.

    Hey, even let the player choose which class unlock s/he wants each time! Want the KGB before the Sandvich? Go ahead!

    The thing is, I really only play Pyro, Medic and Demoman with any regularity, followed by Heavy and Engineer. Soldier, Scout and Sniper rarely. Spy never. Tying unlocks to points would encourage me to learn those classes more seriously. Just giving them to me randomly may encourage me, but not so much.

  37. Dave says:

    @ PleasingFungus:

    Getting multiple flareguns would be fantastic if you could dual-wield them. :)

    Despite my previous complaint, despite crashing a couple times while backstabbing, and despite generally hating getting sniped and not really wanting to encourage snipers… I’ve had fun with this too. Maybe it’s the sudden license to run around like mad as a spy, disguised as an enemy spy, and actually get some kills for a change instead of just a wrench to the face.

    Way more fun than the scout update.

  38. Fat Zombie says:

    As a person who has only managed to unlock the pyro items out of all the released unlocks so far (and pretty much almost went gibbering insane whilst trying to unlock the flare gun*), I approve of this new method.

    Instead of having to worry about points, or whether I need to do this thing with this class at this exact time, the knowledge that unlocks will be random fills me with relief. I can concentrate on enjoying myself, rather than the unfun OMG MUST BE BEST attitude, and if it takes a while to get the right unlocks, then I’ll just enjoy it some more.

    *Why did I need to unlock the flare gun, you ask? Because flare guns are awesome. If there is a flare gun in a game, I must have it. No matter the cost.

  39. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    I thought the unlock system was fine. :/ Guess I’ll wait for another patch to fix the new not-as-good system. :/ I’m not excited to keep getting things I’ve unlocked over and over again though. :/

    And mind you, I haven’t even gotten all the medic or scout unlocks. So I stand to theoretically benefit from this but I still don’t like it unless they change it to remove finding duplicates.

  40. PaulMorel says:

    as someone else said, the depressing thing is that you have no way of knowing when, or if, you will get the drop that you want. and that really repels some people who love the game.

    I know a couple spies and snipers who are seriously upset that some nubbies have all the cool new weapons, and they have nothing, or 3 blutsaugers.

    anyway, this system is less fair than the old one, imho. having a choice between random drops and achievements would be nice.

  41. armless says:

    The way they should have handled the unlocks is by making achievements based almost entirely on doing things you do on normal play, i.e gaining points and killing ppl. They should have been relatively easy to get and your reward should be class specific unlocks. You could have got one for 50 kills one for 200 etc. That way you would have had constant reminders of how close you were to unlocks.
    This new system is way better than the old ones ( i think its ok actually) with the ridiculously idiotic achievements but it could be better. Cant believe all this unlock business came from the intelligent people that made the half life games and the awesome basic gameplay of tf2. Its absolutely ridiculous, like they had a brain bypass for a brief duration.

  42. Serondal says:

    Armless – these are the same people that made the origonal team fortress mod , they can do whatever they want with it ;P They followed the basic COD4 formula in which unlocking achievements gets you new weapons.

  43. Little Green Man says:

    While tonight I had one of the best TF2 games in a long while on the fair RPS server with a bunch of other people, and it was a lot of fun seeing how unlocks worked, and there was an even balance, I was still slightly pissed off that almost everyone else had the new weapons, and all I got was 2 extra ubersaws and Jarate (after 3 hours). There was also occasional bitching among people playing that they couldn’t play with the ONE THING that they wanted to, which other people had. It’s just annoying when you can’t feel any progress and it is completely arbitrary over whether you get one or not.

  44. Norskov says:

    Yeah, sure was a great game tonight.. one thing i still don’t know is do the flaming arrows have a bonus?

  45. Serondal says:

    Flaming arrows? I haven’t actually seen ANY of the new unlocks in action. How do you get fllaming arrows, shoot the arrow while you’re on fire or shoot it through a pyro firing off his flame thrower?

  46. Norskov says:

    You can get a flaming arrow, if you get a friendly pyro to set the huntsman on fire, but I’m not sure if it’s purely cosmetical or if it has a bonus.

  47. invisiblejesus says:

    I’m not nuts about what I’m hearing here (I’d have preferred to have everything available as well, and scrap unlocking), but it’s a hell of a lot better than the achievement system. If I wanted to spend a lot of time doing inane stuff that has next to nothing to do with how I’d actually play in a normal game I’d go play an MMO.

  48. Some Guy says:

    been playing for 8 hours, 1 backburner that i already had, its beyond a joke, bring back achevments

  49. Serondal says:

    Well that sounds like it is worth exploring by going on a server and getting a pyro to help you test it ;) Then ask the victim how it felt , for posterities sake. To which they will reply *whimper/cry” and you will say *interesting” as you write down their response in your journal with your six fingered hand O.o I’m BORED! One of you must pull some strings and get me off work early.

  50. Norskov says:

    Well, I tried, but it seemed that everytime I had a flaming arrow I missed ;)