The Sunday Papers

For God's sake, let my pain end.

Sundays are for… Sundays are… for. Okay, try this again.

Sundays are for crashing into bed after serious drunken Stafford Wedding dancing, having a scant few hours sleep, be up before 8 to get a train which somehow finds a route from the Midlands to Euston which takes three hours, going to a big hall full of thousands of people dressed as Death Note characters, limping to the pub for a couple of desperate hairs of dogs, crawl into a train, get dragged home and then pushed in front of your computer to try and compile a list of interesting reading from across the week for the RPS readers, while trying to avoid posting a piece of early nineties pophouse that was dropped at the wedding and warning the audience that if anyone says anything about the grammar, spelling or anything else in this formed-through-denial-of-physical-pain-post then next week will be the first skip-week for the Sunday Papers ever, you bastards.



  1. Gap Gen says:

    Yeah, I do need to check out garlic more. So far I tend to just cover all lanes, which is often expensive (although if you use the tree’s stellar advice of using two rows of sunflowers, it’s not so much of a problem. If you use double-sunflowers, especially in survival mode where you can expand quite a bit, then it becomes quite difficult to click fast enough to collect all the glorious sunshine.

  2. Cian says:

    Stu has won my eternal respect.

  3. Dolphan says:

    I like the funny codes the tree gives you. And there’s something compulsive about growing it.

  4. Wedge says:

    Capcom’s stance on crossplatform play is disappointing to say the least. Though I wonder how much of that is Microsoft wanting to totally abandon that and never allow it to happen again. Good to hear new stuff will be coming out on Steam at least…

  5. Catastrophe says:

    I wonder if the Professor who wrote in regards to “Journalists deserve low pay” appreciates the irony that he (no doubt on some stupidly high salary) makes most of his money from writing in a similar fashion to journalists.

  6. Gap Gen says:

    Well, using, it informs me that an American assistant economics professor earns $66k (£40k equivalent). That’s not to be sneezed at, but when you consider what people with equivalent skills in industry would be earning…

    And yeah, it is a separate issue that bad bankers earn more than good nurses, say. I suspect that it’s more to do with the proximity to the flow of money (possibly to avoid corruption, or maybe just because banks can afford to pay high salaries and hospital trusts can’t).

  7. Dolphan says:

    Academics tend not to have stupidly high salaries – outside of professorships, which aren’t exactly growing on trees, they don’t have high salaries in any sense. And they do a completely different job from journalists.

  8. Jetsetlemming says:

    From that Capcom interview:

    BB: While on the topic of Steam, do you see a possibility in releasing classic Capcom titles such as Resident Evil 1-3, Mega Man Legends 1+2, etc. via their service? And if not Steam, perhaps or other outlets?

    CS: No plans at this time. It seems like a brainlessly easy thing to do but there are other considerations like outstanding licensing agreements for voice overwork, musical scores, middleware or other components that could have lapsed. Titles need to be recleared legally, new contracts struck in some cases. On top of that there’s support costs for games that were never made to run on Vista or Windows 7 that we need to consider.

    As titles are created today, obviously these issues are taken into consideration. But 10 years ago, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

    That’s pretty damn confusing, seeing as they’re reselling RE1, 2, and 3 all the goddamn time on console releases. They just released RE: Director’s Cut AGAIN, this time on the PSN store for $10.