Modern Warfare 2: The Enfootaging

Infinity Ward have been teasing us with er teasers over the past couple of weeks, and the now the full trailer is finally here. Modern Warfare 2 a first person shooter videogame, featuring the misadventures of unpleasant terrorists and the Men Of Action who intend to stop them. The footage is heaving with clues as to the kinds of scenes we can expect to see in the game – a street full of fleeing civilians particularly caught my eye, along with that zip-line to helicopter moment towards the end. Go take a look. The game is out on November 10th.


  1. Skurmedel says:

    They named him after a russian pistol. I’m sure “Makarov” is a regular surname, but I’m not surprised if that’s how they got the name.

    Anyway, another Tom Clancian “evil russians” plot. How very original.

  2. Paradukes says:


    Time to upgrade my computer…

    EDIT: Heh, I love how part way through the video the words “Checkpoint reached” flash up very briefly in the top left corner (Around the snowmobile chase). Looks like a good portion of that is actually in-game footage.

  3. Dr. Quincy says:

    And not an Activision logo in sight.

    Its nice to see a developer receive some front line brand support for a change, rather than the publisher/distributor take all the credit. Obviously Infinity Ward’s association with the Call of Duty franchise is a fairly special one, but its nice to see none the less.

  4. Digit says:

    That actually looks quite good. I’ve never been much of a fan of the Call of Duty games since the first one to be honest, though 4 did have an awesome intro sequence, and that does look pretty packed with coolness.

  5. Lack_26 says:

    Actually looks really quite fun, unlike CoD 4, which was a bit dull in places.

  6. me, ehem. says:

    Anyone else see that electrical torture part? Boo for lazy 24 “hard men” tosh. Sad to see that still sells even given the past few years.

    @Skurmedel: Rather, the pistol was named after its designer. So I guess it is a regular surname!

  7. Gap Gen says:

    I stand by my theory that this is a remake of NOLF2 in disguise. Snowmobiles, Russia, a castle on a cliff…

  8. bookwormat says:

    I hope they promote the new title by dropping the price on the old one. I’m still looking forward to play CoD 4, but $70 is simply way above what I’m willing to pay for a video game.

  9. Smee says:

    Snowmobiles! Man, I haven’t driven one of those in a videogame since No One Lives Forever 2.

    Game trailers are looking more like film trailers with each release.

  10. teo says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t like CoD4? It had no pacing and was really incohesive. It felt like it was made for people with a 5 minute attention span. They totally overdid it. I mean, I realize how well they do the stuff they do. The game looks and runs amazingly well, no bugs, great scripting… but it’s not much fun

    The first CoD felt like a war game and CoD4 felt like it was trying to be every war/action movie you’ve ever seen. It didn’t feel like CoD at all

  11. Ginger Yellow says:

    In case you’re wondering, the Russian at the end is roughly “Take revenge on me, and I will avenge.” There may be a more idiomatic translation, but that’s the literal one.

  12. Ginger Yellow says:

    Actually, now that I think of it, “nemo me impune lacessit” is a pretty good translation, just not into English.

  13. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    looks good to me. Go infinity ward.

  14. Lars BR says:

    @Paradukes, even if it is in-game footage, you can be sure that “Checkpoint reached” wasn’t there by coincidence.

  15. sockpuppetclock says:

    Damn, I can’t believe this is going to take all the way to November to come out. Also, I noticed in the middle of the video that the knife the guy is holding goes through the shoulder of one of the “hostages.”

  16. Lack_26 says:


    Your not the only one.

  17. Okami says:

    @Lars: My thoughts exactly. That’s no oversight on the part of the people who made the video, but a very deliberately placed “clue” so that people on message boards can be all “ZOMG!!! TAHTS INGAMEFOOTAGE!!11111!!1einseinseinself11!!”.

  18. Andrew Wills says:

    @bookwormat: Yeah me too, I’ve been holding out for around a year now for COD4 Steam Discount weekend.

  19. Dain says:

    Looks very much like a spy/action film in videogame form… this could be A Very Good Thing.

  20. Jim Rossignol says:

    CoD4 wasn’t perfect by any means, but it’s impossible to ignore some of the craft in there. IW pulled off some brilliant individual scenes.

  21. toni says:

    craft using a sledge hammer and the patriotismn trumpet doesn’t go down well with me. COD4 was shameless propaganda, almost a game for fanatics (only this time christians) in my eyes. And it was boring. When will they drop their spawn-wave mechanic that makes their nicely scripted levels look so gamey and bad. anyways, it’s continuing success only confirms my belief that the “industry” and its “audience” aint capable of liking/understanding something more complex, subtle and/or daring in terms of gameplay/narrative. I predict massive sales for a glorified expansion. newest feature: your avatar now can open doors !!!! a revolutionary evolution for FPS

  22. teo says:

    Yeah but it never really lets you play the game. Not a minute goes buy without you being told exactly what to do.

    btw, this EVE vid is awesome

  23. Rosti says:

    Modern Wa2are: Men of Action go!

    The video looks strangely like a Time Crisis introduction video to my eyes, which amuses me more than I think it’s supposed to.

  24. Tei says:

    Really bright design decisions, crafting, style and taste. Congratulations to the dev’s.

    Now, time to upgrade our engines, because running this in something less than “excellent graphics mode” is a insult to the devs.

  25. Sum0 says:

    CoD4 was too heavily scripted and linear, for sure, and it could get a bit tiresome at times, but what it did it did very well. It aimed to be an all-out blockbuster of a game, and it succeeded in doing that (even though it could never be as subtle as, say, ArmA).

    @Skurmedel: There are so many flashpoints in the world that it’s a shame that developers keep rehashing the same old plots for wars in games. The Cold War has been over for nigh-on twenty years! In Clancy’s Debt of Honor (which I admit I’ve never read) there’s a hypothetical second Pacific War between the US and China in the 80s – improbable, but interesting. Personally my favourite parts of CoD4 were the Middle Eastern stages, because they were “ripped from the headlines”, so to speak. It’s a shame “Six Days in Fallujah” got cancelled.

  26. Tworak says:

    Can I play as a Russian and down americnz plz? plz plz. In singleplayer that is.

  27. Simon Jones says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed CoD4, although it’s certainly a guilty pleasure and rather gung-ho. Although I’d argue that it’s perhaps less jingoistic than most war shooters – at least it takes the time to show that things sometimes go wrong.

    The best thing about CoD4 and probably CoD5 are, of course, the insane production value and genius bits of craft going on, as Jim says. What really excites me about the games is that they seem to offer a glimpse of what all gaming could be, in terms of technical quality. I’d love to see an RPG benefit from Infinity Ward’s attention to detail, for example.

    Looks like there’s potential in CoD5 for some interesting insight into the problems of urban warfare…whether they even attempt to examine issues beyond “shoot them all!” will be interesting to see.

  28. Gap Gen says:

    So what was the propaganda in CoD4? That the Americans are fuck-ups and the British are bastards? That the Russians will save the day?

  29. Skye Nathaniel says:

    Most of the complaints here about CoD4 (“too heavily scripted,” for instance) are of the absurdly useless kind that wants a game to be something it never aspired to. As for the endless respawning troops, the most gamey and criticizable aspect of CoD4, Infinity Ward have said that they are rethinking that structure in MW2.

  30. The Archetype says:

    @Sum0: There may be a lot of modern conflicts one can choose from, but try making a game about one of them. Someone is going to start yelling about how your game demonizes their side and next thing you know you’ve lost a potential source of income. There’s more money in reusing the generic plots that everyone has accepted by now, so that’s te direction most games choose to go.

    And of course, there are still a lot of conflicts that stem from the cold war era, so the old plots can be used and still attempt to claim to be modern.

  31. fulis says:

    @Skye they are reasons for people not liking the game, and as such, perfectly valid. Just because a game is a certain way intentionally doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it for it. How good a game is isn’t the same as how much it is what it’s trying to be.

    “too linear” doesn’t even begin to describe CoD4 anyway

  32. Freelancepolice says:

    I believe they’ve addressed the spawn waves that occur. Easily the worst thing about COD 4 for me.

    The trailer looks excellent, although I’m not sure whether to get this on pc or 360. It still feels very much a console game to me.

  33. Walter says:

    Wasn’t GRAW2 banned in Juarez/all of Mexico? I too am tired of the Russia/Middle-East settings.

    I’m glad to see some of this taking place in Africa. I hope this game has some “SWAT” elements worked in.

  34. Persus-9 says:

    @ Toni: Seriously? Because if so it sounds to me like you either didn’t finish the game or somehow managed to completely miss most of it’s points (so much for it not be subtle in that case).

    I also don’t like horribly patriotic games but I really didn’t take that away from CoD4. What part of the Americans going guns blazing into the middle east ended well for them? The whole patriotic religious war thing the Americans had going in the game ended in complete catastrophe with the city getting nuked and the main character dying horribly and accomplishing nothing as far as defeating the main enemy was concerned. Far from being Christian propaganda, if anything I find that a rather blatant commentary on the folly of certain other cryptoreligious crusades being conducted in the real world.

  35. Toby says:

    Why is it the new Transformers movie trailer music is popping up in several game trailers as well? There’s this one, and another I just watched yesterday.. though now of course I can’t bloody remember what.

    Someone has fingers in many expensive pies.

  36. sinister agent says:

    I can understand the reason for the setting – it’s a straight-up sequel plot wise after all, judging by the voiceovers. But I’m tired of shooting generic Russians like it’s 1974, and generic Arabs like it’s christmas at the Met. I want a game set in Dunstable, damn it.

  37. Excalibur says:

    0:45 is almost exactly like a scene from Collateral, only he didn’t finish the Mozambique Drill.

  38. weegosan says:

    The only thing I didn’t like about CoD4 was that I never got the chance to crawl around in a ghillie suit in the forest for 20 mins getting close to my target.

    Really looking forward to the next one.

  39. Jonas says:

    Woah, that looks quite like an action game to me.

    I really hope we’ll get to visit places that have civilians now, and that they aren’t just for show during an interactive cutscene like at the start of CoD4. It’s kinda difficult to take a supposedly anti-war message seriously in a game that features no civilians.

    Good trailer, though it leaves the main question unanswered: Is Capt. Price still alive? :P

  40. Radiant says:

    Cod4 was brilliant.
    As an action adventure it had some fantastic moments and was really well crafted.
    When people trot out the old ‘where’s games’ Citizen Kane?’ line I want to point out that Citizen Kane was actually really boring but if you want to play games’ Diehard then CoD4 is pretty much it.

    Please please please make this good Infinity Ward!
    There is a thin line between a war game that’s unpalatable and one that’s great that CoD4 never really crossed and which the likes of Graw gladly traipses across [whilst slapping minorities and pregnant women].
    Hopefully they can find that line again with this one.

  41. Theory says:

    Holy shit that was exciting. And I don’t often say that.

  42. Dreamhacker says:

    @Walter: Well, if Mexico and the Middle East comes off as kind of controversial, it’s nothing compared to a game set in Africa. Resident Evil? Racist, says the (mainstream) press. Far Cry 2? Immoral, says the (mainstream) press.
    What would they say about CoD in Africa? Neo-colonialist? Anti-African?

    Better stick to Eurasia. Or heck, why not Western/Northern Europe? Lots of citites, lots of semi-rural to rural landscapes. Or hey, Canada! Not many games set in Canada!

  43. James T says:

    So what was the propaganda in CoD4? That the Americans are fuck-ups and the British are bastards? That the Russians will save the day?

    Some of the absolute shit that got spouted in the loading screens comes to mind. I know there was some inane “excite the rednecks” garbage from Condoleezza Rice in there, pretty sure there was a Rumsfeld one too, *eyeroll* There’s the inherent dehumanising aspect of mowing down wave after wave of rowdy coloureds, which is inevitable in this genre, but which has unavoidable implications the more naturalistic your setting and rendering gets. Yeah, the Yanks cop it, but what can we conclude from that? “We should just use an ICBM next time”? We don’t expect intelligent… er, anything from CoD games, but that doesn’t do much to ameliorate the politics. Think the death of protagonist 2 in CoD4 was daring? How about a CoD starring an Iraqi on a mission of vengeance after losing his family to a stray airstrike in post-collapse Iraq? Now you’re messing with minds…

  44. cliffski says:

    on which planet is COD4 $70?
    Not on PC anyway. If you want to play it on a console where you pay a platform-holder-tax, that’s another story, but that’s your choice…

  45. espy says:

    That looked really good.

  46. James T says:

    Cliffski: Australia. It’s bizarre, I don’t know whether CoD4 was absolutely insanely popular here or whether there was some sort of… mistake, but it’s only in the past nine months or so that it’s drifted down from the 90-100AU bracket.

  47. kvertiber says:

    @Ginger Yellow

    It looks like the biblical “It is mine to avenge; I will repay” (Romans 12:19). Except, rather than google for the Russian text of the Bible, the makers of the trailer chose to (incorrectly) translate the phrase themselves.

  48. Gap Gen says:

    “How about a CoD starring an Iraqi on a mission of vengeance after losing his family to a stray airstrike in post-collapse Iraq?”

    Well, the antagonist in the trailer *is* on a mission of revenge for what the West did to his friends.

    But in any case, I don’t think it’s CoD’s place to make that kind of statement. Aside from the fact that it would anger more people than it would gather customers, I’m not convinced that that particular aspect would be constructive. Most Americans already know that the Iraq War was a clusterfuck brought on by dishonesty and poor planning. And CoD4, depending on how you see it, is either jingoistic or an example of how Western interventions can fuck up. I don’t think that most people would conclude that since Iraq was a disaster, we should nuke the place, so I don’t see how people would think that an ICBM would be the solution in the game.

    I think it’s about interpretation. Personally, I didn’t see it as being too jingoistic – it’s far less jingoistic than most summer blockbusters, I’d say.

  49. Simon Jones says:

    James T – yeah, it’s a shame that the ‘call of duty’ is always from just one side of the conflict, whether in the WW2 games or CoD4. It’d be great for them to examine the concept of the ‘call of duty’ but from everybody’s perspective.

    It doesn’t have to stop the game being thrilling and exciting to play, but it would give it a lot more depth and longevity in the story department.

    I want a level in which you play as an American/Brit storming through a town somewhere, followed by the exact same level but from the POV of a civilian, and then again from the POV of the enemy.

  50. Squiffy says:

    I’ve been a massive fan of CoD since the first one, though I’m not totally convinced by that trailer; Infinity Ward seem to be fundamentally changing the narrative perspective of the player.

    I liked the early CoDs because the role you played was understated – I felt like I was fulfilling a small but tangible role in a huge conflict. The Modern Warfare games seem to be placing the player much closer to the center of their respective conflicts, and though that allows for more Hollywood-esque action sequences, it’s starting to feel a bit plastic.

    CoD 4 struck a good balance between the narrative function of the player and the over-arching story as a whole – I hope this does the same.