A Fold In Space & Time: PaperWorld


I’m absolutely intrigued by a video posted on IndieGames for a game called PaperWorld. It’s apparently entered in the Swedish Game Awards, and somehow in the Norwegian Game Awards too. But there’s no website for the developers, PaperPeople, nor any more details I can find other than the description on the YouTube page. But check below to watch the video, and see if you find yourself wanting to know more about it too.

It’s described as a “feelgood simulation game”, which already makes it sound lovely. It goes on:

“The simulation is more focused on the people living in the towns and the intregation of colors amongs them, instead of the maintainance of the city. It is a friendly and cosy game where you can play around, make social experiments or try to reach the top in the highscore by getting the largest

Apparently developed for the Swedish Game Concept Challenge (yet another page that offers absolutely no clues about anything at all), the whole thing looks completely adorable, and I want to know all about it. PaperPeople – get in touch with us. Meanwhile, everyone else enjoy the cute-on-a-stick video.


  1. Tei says:

    it works! i already feel good, after watching the video.

  2. Alex says:

    Hearing the car go “Brrrroooommm” instantly sold this game for me.

  3. John Walker says:

    I loved the “Brrrmmmmmmm” so much.

  4. bobisimo says:


  5. DigitalSignalX says:

    Human car noises FTW. Need more info!

  6. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    I can only echo how cool it is to see a game do the car noise by hand (mouth).

  7. Smike says:

    The looks great; what kind of game do guys/gals think its gonna be? I for one if I’d have to guess I’d think it would be some kind of sandbox. I am also in agreement to everyone above that the car noise was awesome.

  8. armless says:

    The car noise was so awesome. Out of all the car noises I have heard in my life it was in the top ten, and I live on a main road. brmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Matt says:

    I love the audience’s reaction to the car noise almost as much as I love the “Brrrroooommm” itself.

    <3 this game, whatever it turns out to be. I really hope they get in contact with you guys and drop some more info.

  10. Stuk says:

    Love the look and sound of it. I’m getting a slight Mario 3D vibe, maybe there will be little tasks to complete around town?
    I need to know more!

  11. PC Monster says:

    The Pied Piper of Papertown?

  12. Lewis says:

    That looks unbelievably cute.


  13. Some Guy says:

    car noise fort he win

  14. Xercies says:

    I don’t know…i felt kind of disturbed about it. Everyone has got a smiling face and its all happy and care free *shudder*

  15. TheSombreroKid says:

    i’m so jealous of the visual style it’s the kind of thing i’ve been trying to come up with for a while now, it’s so good i might even rip it off :D

  16. Bluepixie says:

    Intriguing! <3 on the guys t-shirt made me lol. :)

  17. Jazmeister says:

    I read the comments before watching the video, and therefore was steeled against the mind-control effects of the endearing car. Looks gosh-darned cute, though, this here swedish paper game.

  18. anpd says:

    Hi I can fill you in on some details. The game was developed with a group of students from School of Future Entertainment http://www.sofe.nu for the Game Concept Challenge ( a yearly competition at our school) during 7 weeks. Some more info can be viewed on link to forum.leadwerks.com

  19. Fredrik Häthén says:

    Hey, everyone! I’m glad you enjoyed the music and sound effects in the trailer (and it makes me really happy that you liked the car sound – that’s actually me in front of a mic acting like a child :P). Thanks for the kind comments!

  20. cowthief skank says:

    Looked great

  21. clint lolzwood says:

    Looks like some kind of weird (wonderfully weird) mix of Paper Mario visuals and, perhaps, Sim City-style gameplay that will somehow utilize the paper concept? In any case, interest +1.

  22. Dr. Nerfball says:

    @ Fredrik: Well if you gave me a microphone that’d probably be the first thing I did with it as well. Also, could you give us any indication of how far along this is? It looks absolutely fantastic. And sounds so cheerfully carefree! If only my world was made of paper…

    Oh, and it kind of annoys me that a game like this which is filled with beautiful animation and all the rest of it will be completly over looked by the majority of gamers because it’s not a thrill-a-minute testosterone filled game… Of course that’s just my increadibly depressing predicition. I mean, it’ll generate a dedicated little fan base (which I now vow to be involved in) but most people will simply stroll right past it to the stall containing Halo 4…

    Oh, and will this have any ability for modding? Just wondering, because I now have an urge to create a cyberpunk world in paper…

  23. PleasingFungus says:


  24. PaperPeople says:

    First of all we want to thank you all for the interest you have shown our game :)

    We would love to try and answer any questions regarding the game, though we are still developing the game and gameplay.

    // Best regards PaperPeople