Get Spooked: The Blackwell Convergence

Oh, when adventure games were wonderful.

Fans of Dave Gilbert’s Wadjet Eye Games should already be looking forward to The Blackwell Convergence. The creator of some really fantastic independent adventure gaming, like the award winning The Shivah, and the previous Blackwell games, Legacy and Unbound, has been building up to The Blackwell Convergence for quite a while, and now there’s a new series of teaser cartoons to build up to the 30th June release.

The Blackwell games feature ghost Joey Mallone, a spirit guide to mediums Rosangela and Lauren Blackwell (the second game, Unbound, taking place in the 70s showing earlier events in Mallone’s afterlife, featuring Rose’s aunt, Lauren). It’s murder mystery meets ghost story, created in AGS, and most importantly, beautifully written. I strongly recommend getting both games, along with The Shivah. The stories are so much more than you might expect, the subtleties intriguing, and the undertones genuinely unnerving.

Convergence is looking absolutely gorgeous, Gilbert describes the forthcoming third game in the series as follows:

“A new film opens to rave reviews, despite its bloody history. A beautiful uptown office remains unoccupied, despite its prime location. A downtown artist berates himself for selling out, while a Wall Street investor congratulates himself on a job well done. Just normal life in the big city? Or is somthing more sinister binding these events together?

Bizarre connections are a dime a dozen for the Blackwell family, but just how far back to they go? Medium Rosangela Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone are about to find out.”

Here’s the trailer for the game, which shows the hand-painted backgrounds and neatly animated pixel characters to great effect. Also, it shows that Wadjet have still not bought themselves a new microphone, so expect more exploding ‘p’ sounds in this game too. The only gripe I can level at them.

And here’s the first cartoon to promote Convergence. A few more sound effects would have made the off-camera activities make a little more sense, but it’s a fun time, and introduces the two lead characters well.

Thanks to Richard for help putting this together.


  1. Gremmi says:

    Really looking forward to this. Surprised you didn’t mention Emerald City Confidential in the post though, even though it’s not particularly special (by all accounts it was heavily dumbed down at the publisher’s request).

  2. Ozzie says:

    Blackwell Legacy was alright, but the follow up was the one that made me love the series. It was the title where Dave Gilbert finally came to grip with serious, dramatic storytelling. His first foray into it with the Blackwell prototype “Bestowers of Eternity” was a snooze fest in my opinion, but since then it only got better!

    Blackwell Unbound had a powerful ending and I really became attached to Joey and Lauren. I can’t really say this about Rosangela in the first part, but I like what I see in the cartoon. So, I’m sure to buy it as soon as it comes out!

  3. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Yay, that’s some great news! I had first started with The Shivah and then continued with B. Legacy when it came to BigFish Games and then bought the prequel Unbound directly from Wadjet, I even exchanged a few emails with Dave back then, because he noticed my email address including Vetinari, a discworld character :)
    The demo was ace, I’ve been really looking forward to this for a long time, glad to see the portraits back…

  4. Angel Dust says:

    I quite like the Blackwell games and I am eagerly awaiting this one. My only beef with them is the “hard-boiled” dialog from Joey. I just don’t think Mr. Gilbert or the voice actor are very good at it and being a huge noir fan, especially of the old-school Hollywood style that he seems to be channeling, I find Joey’s lines a bit clunky at times. Still I know I’m being overly picky there and I’m sure they’ve gotten better at it!

  5. Jonathan says:

    That screenshot reminds me of “The Haunting Starring Polterguy” for the old Sega Genesis.

  6. Ginger Yellow says:

    Emerald City Confidential is fun enough, but it feels a bit like a Popcap game at times.