Retro-Squared: Tomb Of The Aztecs

This is interesting: a “3D realtime raytraced dungeon crawl”, called Tomb Of The Aztecs. It’s both a classic randomly-generated Roguelike, and also a rudimentary FPS reminiscent of the early days of textured 3D gaming. All of which disguises the fact that this is some very clever design indeed: auto-generated maps that allow the raytraced 3D screen to spring forth. It’s the kind of thing that big old commercial games couldn’t even conceive of doing in the current climate. It’s a shame it’s not a slightly more sophisticated dungeon-crawler (not much in the way of loot or stats), but it’s a fun concept piece. And it does suggest an angle of attack other ASCII heroes might one day take. [Via the all-seeing Indiegames.]


  1. Omroth says:

    Love the look, love the concept.

    PC games win.

  2. Carra says:

    Run, Ray, run!

  3. danielcardigan says:

    “Love the look, love the concept”

    I loved the bit about Aztecs. I haven’t bothered to play it either.

    Edit- I played it. My favourite quote from the summary above is “It’s the kind of thing that big old commercial games couldn’t even conceive of doing in the current climate.” to which I would reply, good thing too.

  4. mysterylobster says:

    I liked the concept of the game, but there wasn’t anything to keep me playing. Also, my framerate dropped to 6 FPS using a 2.2 Ghz dual core CPU.

  5. Satsuz says:

    A FPRL, huh? Neat idea. Here’s hoping someone takes that and runs with it.

  6. ZeeKat says:

    Game’s bit boring, but engine being realtime raytracer is mighty interesting. I remember being all “wow” when watching DOS demos with realtime raytracers (i.e. Transgression/MFX). Neat stuff, even if rendered (no pun intended) pointless by modern GPUs now. Works smooth on my Intel E2180@2,8Ghz, by the way.

    (Additional points for usenet link in the news)

  7. undead dolphin hacker says:

    It also apparently has stolen sprites from Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger or some Squaresoft game.

    But anyway, this kind of reminds me of Might and Magic VI. What ever happened to the first-person party-based RPG on the PC anyway? I’d sacrifice at least four goats to get another legit Might and Magic game. That or someone redoing Might and Magic IX so it was actually functional.

  8. mysterylobster says:

    I would love more party-based first-person RPGs, too. Are there even any indie developers making games like that? The last I remember seeing was The Devil Whiskey. It’s sad that the Nintendo DS has a couple of decent games in the genre, and we don’t see any on the PC.

  9. Sunjumper says:

    undead dolphin hacker did you ever play Wizardry 8?
    That is as far as I know the last ‘big’ comercial party based first-person RPG. And it was brilliant.

  10. undead dolphin hacker says:

    The Japanese are the only ones who still crank out classic Western RPGs, ironically enough. Etrian Odyssey 1 & 2, despite their anime aesthetics, are hella hard dungeon crawls (you even have to draw your own map using the bottom screen of the DS)!

    The recent Dark Spire, also for the NDS, is even more hardcore, AD&D stuff like less AC being better, limited spells per day, and even an option to play in wireframe mode ala Wizardry. In fact it’s pretty much a direct Wizardry clone, down to the nearly identical spell lists and endgame comprised entirely of spamming the equivalent of Tiltowait because you’re facing multiple packs of many monsters.

  11. undead dolphin hacker says:

    And yeah I played Wizardry 8. Cool game, but I still preferred the openness of Might and Magic VI-VIII. Finally getting access to Fly was always an immensely satisfying moment.

  12. Nick says:

    Wizardy 8 was good fun, yeah. Shame there won’t be more like it.. the Etrian Odysseys weren’t bad, but got a bit dull after a while. Well, at least I felt that way. Still got plenty of hours out of each mind you.

  13. Sinnerman says:

    No invert option makes this too hard to play. I’m sticking with Dungeon Crawl.

  14. IainC says:

    Thanks for the link Jim and thanks for the comments guys :)

    Undead dolphin hacker: The sprites are most definately NOT stolen, PLEASE at least read the readme before tossing round statements like that :)