Tropical Tropico 3 Trailer

Recollections of the Tropico games rapidly disappeared into the hazy history of tycoon games, but they were nevertheless remarkably playable at the time. I’m glad that Kalypso Media have decided to support a third iteration of the series, developed by Haemimont Games. I hope the Bulgarian team can get the tone of it right – their recent Grand Ages: Rome was pretty and playable, but ultimately frustrating, with a poorly-conceived micromanagement system. It looks like they’re aiming to create Tropico 3 using a buffed up version of the rather proficient Grand Ages: Rome technology, as you can see from the teaser below. The world’s friendliest dictatorship is scheduled for release in September.


  1. Olix says:

    I’m re-playing Tropico 2 at the moment. It is one of my favourite games, but apparently everyone else thought it was a bit shit.

  2. daniel says:

    I’m re-playing Tropico 1 at the moment. It is one of my favourite games and I hope Tropico 3 will somehow come close.

  3. Torgen says:

    I was disappointed in how rudimentary Tropico was. I was hoping for more of a political simulation, where you vied with the different factions for control of the government (not that I didn’t play it quite often for a while.)

    That said, I’ll probably pick this one up, if only for the music :)

  4. Serondal says:

    Very interesting indeed. Tropico was one of my could be favorite games that I never quite got the hang of hence didn’t play very long. I still had the CDs but they and my fallout 1 and 2 CD no longer work O.o

    Also my Sacrifice CD and my Messiah CD and rogue Spear , the list goes on. Which makes no sense cause they were in theri CD case in a giant tower and all the other games still work (Giant, AVP 1 and AVP 2) Infact AVP 2 was forzen under an inch of water and after I got it out (one the water melted on its own) it still worked!

  5. Marty Dodge says:

    I liked Tropico quite a bit. As someone who lived in Miami as a young adult we used to chat about what it would be like to run your own island… how bored were we?

  6. Vinraith says:

    My wife (and occasionally I) still play the original Tropico. It has a feel and a management style not since duplicated by any city-builder, no matter how accomplished. I was terribly disappointed by the extreme lack of flexibility in 2, so it’d be wonderful to see a return to the series’ roots. Here’s hoping Kalypso can pull it off.

  7. Sartoris says:

    Yes! Some new Tropico info at last!

  8. Frosty840 says:

    The music is subtly wrong, as is the pacing of the trailer.
    My guess is that this will be much closer to that last Sim City: Complete Travesty Edition game than it will be to Tropico. I mean, there’s a paved road in that screenshot. That strikes me as being distinctly un-Tropican.

    I may be being unduly pessimistic, but I find it saves me time later on.

  9. pirate0r says:

    I have many fond and endearing memories of Tropico, especially the elections.

    Publicly executing the intellectual factions presidential candidate and then incarcerating his family and supporters in the local dungeon was just one of the ‘Tropico’ ways to keep the title El Presidente.

    I think the only part of the original game that irked me was the time some things took to build. On one play through I misjudged how flat the terrain was, it took my slav*ahem* workers 20 years to build the airport

  10. Polterjunge says:

    Tropico 1 was ingenious. Humorous and very detailed. The economy always felt realistic to me although it’s really simplified. *sigh* Maybe I’m just too nostalgic…

  11. shon says:

    I thought Tropico 2 was pretty spiffy too. I still play it on occasion whenever I want to hoard my money in a Skull mountain.

  12. Lucas says:

    I love Tropico. Phil Steinmeyer left some huge shoes to fill. Good luck Kalypso & Haemimont.

  13. Nurdbot says:

    I am eagerly looking forward to this again, I’ve missed sucking up to the Soviets.

  14. Lukasz says:

    I hope they will add a nuclear program. I want my banana republic to have nukes so I can scare off my neighbors.

  15. Fumarole says:

    Thank god the music sounds exactly like it should. Tropico had one of the catchiest soundtracks ever.

  16. TychoCelchuuu says:

    I too am thrilled that the awesome soundtrack appears to be returning.

  17. c-Row says:

    What was so bad about GA:R? I didn’t invest too much time in it since my PC gaming attention span is pretty short these days, but I enjoyed most of it.

  18. starclaws says:

    Tropico 2 was awesome

  19. James O says:

    I can’t wait for this, and I’m also heartened by the continuity in the music (I hope they managed to contract the original guy, Daniel Indart, for this outing, since his music was so key to setting the tone of Tropico.) I’m kind of concerned about how Haemimont will handle this, though, since GA:R and Tropico are really very different games at their core – In GA:R, you’re managing perfectly predictable resources, and once you understand the game’s mechanics, its very easy to set up a rich megalopolis in short-order – the people milling about are completely incidental to the simulation except as a visual element. Tropico, by contrast, is really about managing unpredictable people and trying to make-do and work around the AI. In all my open-ended games of Tropico, I tend to hit a stumbling block after 50-60 years where the system entropy catches up with me and things often start to fall apart (particularly when my Dockworkers get lazy and let hundreds of thousands of dollars pile up on the dock for months, crashing my economy and pissing off the World Bank, in turn pissing off all my citizens, ultimately ending in a rather nasty revolt.)

    I used to think this was a problem with Tropico and it’s lackluster AI, but I’ve come to embrace it as the reason I periodically revisit it, moreso than other city-builders – Tropico feels (appropriately) less stable and thus more of a challenge to actively manage, whereas in other city-builders (like GA:R) I feel I can quickly hit a stable equilibrium after which it becomes virtually impossible for me to lose, and at that point it’s just like playing with infinite money cheats. Adapting to and dealing with emerging failure states in the simulation is my favorite part of these type of games, and Tropico has a good range of those stemming from the political system and AI-citizen-driven economy. I hope Haemimont is able to maintain the chaos and challenge in this game, since while I have been enjoying GA:R, it’s become mindlessly easy after my first few games.

  20. Catastrophe says:

    Settlers 1-4 = best city builders ever. Shame Settlers 5 was nothing like the previous games.

    I say this without ever playing Tropico mind you.

  21. The Hammer says:

    Never had the pleasure of playing the first two, but this one looks like it could be a real fun time. I do like the setting and music there, and dictatorships under a nice sun are always good.

    AND IN THE GAME, etc, etc.