Pseudo-Vegetables: Science Girls Demo

I'm not sure exactly what science has been learned.

The demo for Science Girls is an interesting combination of weirdness, amateurish hacky writing, scientific pedantry, and utter rubbish. Sort of an RPG, you play a girl at a Japanese school who teams up with the rest of the Science Club to fight off the attacks of some peculiar plant-like creatures.

“They’re not plants!” as one of the girls keeps crying, the central theme of the game apparently being some smart-arses bickering about the vagaries of pseudo-science. Occasionally you’re asked questions by the other girls, who then snippily pick apart your answer with a tone of disgust. But most of the time you’re engaged in some of the most awful RPG battles ever committed to barely animated Manga gibberish.

It’s fun for all the family, we’re assured, but you’ll have to draw your own conclusions about who wants to play a crappy fighting sim featuring wide-eyed girls in school uniforms. Oddly the redeeming feature is the idiotic dialogue as the rival scientists snap at each other over the failures in their scientific rigour, while discussing mutant killer plants. (“They’re not plants!”) It randomly tries to teach you about the classification of plants, or the nature of rocket propulsion, but without really warning it’s about to, and delivering it all as if you’re being told off by the cooler kids. Bonkers.


  1. Robin says:

    The rest of the games on the publisher’s site look absolutely extraordinary: link to

    I expect someone will eventually manage to transplant a decent quality original Japanese visual novel type game to the Western market. Trying to clone them (particularly with no budget, horrible art and writing, etc.) seems like an exercise in futility.

  2. lolcopter says:

    You know, I would probably take the review more seriously if it wasn’t like “Yeah, cause it’s anime, it sucks!” You shouldn’t even review the thing in the first place if you hate anime so much, because you will criticize “Anime” instead of the said game itself.

    Science Girls is a good game. The idea is refreshing. It’s a nice combination of “RPG” and “Moe”, without relying on fan service or violence— which is something too common nowadays. If there’s anything it lacks, it lacks story elements that go beyond girls defeating aliens. It’s still fun to play and a bit challenging. It certainly doesn’t deserve all this hate.

  3. Mr.President says:

    This was an opinion, not a review, and he dismissed it because it’s, apparently, crap, and not because it’s anime.

  4. Levictus says:

    With regards to the Anime hate:

    Check out “The Sky Crawlers” or “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” for something that a typical hollywood production would never even attempt.

    As medium anime is lot better suited for crazier projects, because it allows for greater creative freedom due to lower financial requirements. In hollywood, only a few people like Stanley Kubrick were able to get both total creative freedom and sufficient financial support to actually implement their creativity. Anime can change all of this!

    However, I do agree the vast majority of anime is total crap, ranging from Pokemon to bland crap which recycles the same imagery/stereotypes over and over again. But if you guys want to check out some thought provoking anime, check out my anime list:

    link to

    P.S. This game looks pretty bad, I have yet to find a game that uses anime graphics/style that was worth playing. Although I’ve heard good things about “Oni”.

  5. DK says:

    “the central theme of the game apparently being some smart-arses bickering about the vagaries of pseudo-science.”
    That’s the best kind of central theme. What’s so bad about having an alternative to “Chosen One saves the world by kicking ass!”?
    Bring on the intellectual stuff I say.

  6. Chaingun says:

    I’ve played the demo. John’s right, it is a bit lacklustre. I wasn’t impressed.