The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bones, Flat-tops, Ninja

A grand old week of bargainage, this one – some big names, some superlative indie hi-jinks, and an overlooked demi-classic or two. Manning the discount decks is, as always, Savygamer‘s LewieP. Go bargains!

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition and Duke Nukem Manhattan Project – £5.55/€6.35/$8.98
Always bet on Duke. I wonder how much of the money from sales of this will be going towards 3D Realms’ legal fees. Duke Nukem 3D is still to this day a hell of a lot of fun to play. It’s genuinely surprising how fresh it still feels. Yes elements of it are seriously dated, but it’s not difficult to see past them. Never played Manhattan Project myself though. Follow the train wreck that is DNF here.

LightWeight Ninja – £0.61/€0.70/$0.99
I checked out the demo for this, and it’s a pretty basic 2D platformer, where you play a Ninja. The jumping is a bit floaty, and the animation is not superb, but it was a fairly serviceable 16 bit-esque platformer. It costs literally spare change, and I imagine it would be a great time waster to have on a netbook.

Freedom Force: Freedom Pack – £4.49/€5.84/$6.74
Apparently these games are brilliant, can anyone confirm/deny that for me? [They’re brilliant – Alec]. I love me some comic book antics, and Ken Levine being attached to them gets my attention. How exactly do they play?

Unreal Tournament 3 – £6.99/€9.99/$9.99
Unreal Tournament 3 is free to play this weekend on Steam, and has a decent discount to boot. The real bargain here though is the also discounted “Unreal Deal Pack”. You get every single one of the proper Unreal games for £11.49/ I can’t really imagine myself play much of the previous versions of UT over UT3, but it is definitely nice to have the single player games too. RPS coverage here.

Bullet Candy – £2.99/€3.99/$3.99
I’ve been tempted by this more than once, but I’m going to have to take the plunge now. I’m loathe to call it a geometry wars clone, but that’s the quickest way of telling you what it is. It has lots and lots of bright lights, and the trailer on Steam is delicious. If you like it, Space Phallus from the same developer is free to download, and has a ‘not big, not clever, but kind of funny ‘ name.

Deal of the week
The Bone-Breaking Racing Package – £3.45/€4.20/$4.50
I’d strongly recommend getting just Trials 2 for this price, but including Monster Trucks Nitro bumps this up to deal of the week status, and then some. Trials 2 is a very simple, devilishly difficult, physics based action puzzle game. It looks great, and it’s very easy to spend hours and hours having “just one more go”. I’ve not played Monster Trucks Nitro, and it’s a shame it isn’t discounted on it’s own, because it is still £16.99. If I buy the package, will I be able to gift Trials 2? RPS coverage of both games here.

Also of note:
MumboJumbo games 50% off
BioShock – $9.95
Flock – £5.99/Ä7.49/$7.49
Some bad divisive Ubisoft games for cheap
Men of War – £10.79/$11.99

If that lot’s not enough for you, do check out for constantly-updated bargains across all formats.


  1. Lukasz says:

    Got myself assasin’s creed for ten bucks, Unreal pack for 20 bucks and freedom force for seven bucks.

    good purchase.

  2. Flappybat says:

    Flock isn’t a terrible game but it does itself in by having you rely on indirect controls with frequently fiddly and frustrating results.

    For the reverse of ‘Deal of the week’ check out The Sims 3 item store and get less content than an expansion pack for $60! All this in a game already described as being light on content.

  3. SmallGods says:

    “Some bad Ubisoft games for cheap”

    I rather like Assassin’s Creed actually; makes for a rather good ye olde chav simulator, with my hood up scooting around back alleys knifing people..

  4. LewieP says:

    Yeah, AC is OKish, I am probably bitter that the utterly sexcellent Chaos Theory is inexplicitley absent.

  5. RagingLion says:

    Oi, watch yourself! Some people like myself really really liked Assassin’s Creed. It hardly deserves to be called a bad Ubisoft game. The gameworld they created was a great achievement even if some people wrote it off for its somewhat repetitious nature.

    Now, should I buy Flock. Hmm.

  6. MikeBiggs says:

    I nice little haul, but nothing that seems to excite me this week.

    And I’d argue with the sweeping comment about the ubisoft games on offer. The original Splinter Cell was a damn fine game in my opinion!

    Also does anyone know the answer to the trails gifting question? Cos I’d quite like to get nitro but already have trails 2.

  7. AndrewC says:

    Oh god Flock is great hangover gaming. Simple, obvious, soft edges, poo jokes and it teaches you not to rush about (as Flappybat refers to – the controls and the sheep don’t like being hurried). Best tactics are quiet and gentle movements, which is what the hangover needs.

    Oh so soothing. Fuck the music, mind.

  8. MikeBiggs says:

    “Some bad divisive Ubisoft games for cheap”

    Heh, nice update

  9. Ashurbanipal says:

    Some nice deals this weak. I picked up Luxor 2 and Double Agent for a cool $US5.98.

    Luxor 2, which only cost .99c, I picked up on a whim, but was pleasantly surprised that it’s a clone of Popcap’s Zuma, only set in Egypt and having some very nice visuals. For such an absurd price, I’d strongly recommend getting it.

    And I’d echo sentiments on Assassin’s Creed. Most open-world games suffer rom repetitiveness in one way or another, and Assassin’s Creed was probably the the worst. Nevertheless I loved the beautiful animations, seting, some of brilliant assignments and set pieces (in particular, killing the glutton at his revenge party) and even the blend of sci-fi and medieval history, which I thought not only gave a convincing explanation for game elements, but also allowed one to get a breath of air after things had gotten too tense. Ending was terrible, though.

  10. Howard says:

    Damn, I already have all of those that I might want. Might grab the cheap n’ cheerful platformer for my new netbook thought; sounds like a sensible move.
    And what’s with the sudden Ubi love, guys? Sure I liked Splinter Cell 1 (and 2&3 I admit) back in the day but SC:DA was a total abortion of a game (basically was utterly non-functional on its PC release) and Assassins Creed was a right minger (and not even worth its reduced price). Really gotta agree with Alec’s summation.

    Hopefully some more bargains for me next week! =)

  11. AndrewC says:

    So: do I play the first Freedom Force first, or do I go straight for the sequel?

  12. Iucounu says:

    For less than a fiver, Freedom Force is worth picking up. It’s a bit clunky to control but fun enough. The problem I had with it was that with a superhero game you want to feel, well, superhuman, and in the Campaign Mode your heroes always seem a few power levels behind what would be fun to play with. It breaks the mood to have to concentrate very much on subduing hired goons, for instance, and there’s a lot of wondering whether 50xp would be better spent on upgrading your ineffective melee attack or your sparrow’s fart of a death ray.

  13. mystic sika says:

    Men of War – £10.79/$11.99

    hows the uk/us price worked out with gamersgate? would it not be like £7 something if its $11.99.

    I am easily confuddled with evil numbers.

  14. Mr Chug says:

    Freedom Force? My favourite pair of RTS/RPG combinations ever? That I lost/scratched in disk form? On the super-cheap?


  15. bansama says:

    Also does anyone know the answer to the trails gifting question? Cos I’d quite like to get nitro but already have trails 2.

    You’ll “lose” the second copy of the game. You will not be able to gift it.

    And as always, a comprehensive list of digital distribution sales updated on an (almost) daily basis is maintained here to complement LewieP’s work.

    link to

  16. Tei says:

    URGENT MESSAGE: These that has never played Freedom Force . MUST use this offer to play it!

  17. Ian says:

    You could easily make a case (and I possibly would) for Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich being the finest superhero game ever.

  18. Stense says:

    Freedom Force, criminally under appreciated when they came out. Well worth looking into. Nuclear Winter’s theme music still makes me grin from ear to ear.

  19. udm says:

    Impulse has some great deals too. Check em out:

    link to

    Most notable sale: The Corporate Machine, at only $0.99. Beat that!

  20. Flappybat says:

    Sword Of The Stars Ultimate is still £13 on GamersGate, good deal as it’s £20+ elsewhere.

    Great game in multiplayer. Really deserves more attention. I wasn’t sold on the demo but took a gamble on it when the second expansion came out and it really shines in multiplayer thanks to the randomness.

  21. bansama says:

    Sword Of The Stars Ultimate is still £13 on GamersGate

    Yesh, despite being billed as a 1 day only sale, they seem to have forgotten to end it. Perhaps because Impulse also have the game on sale? And this is a good chance for GamersGate to undercut their sale.

    Most notable sale: The Corporate Machine, at only $0.99. Beat that!

    Just be aware that you may have to disable direct X acceleration via dxdiag to get the game to run on XP and above.

  22. RLacey says:

    I’m tempted to get the Freedom Force pack, if only because my disc copy of the second game is StarForce infected…

  23. Lucas says:

    I found Freedom Force very underwhelming to play. If you LOVE designing superhero characters and outfitting them with powers and upgrading them, this might be for you. It turns out I don’t like to design things when I could be playing a game instead (GalCiv2 sadness). It has premade characters you can use, but the gameplay is not so hot. I’d pass and get into something like City of Heroes or Guild Wars instead.

  24. Markoff Chaney says:

    Freedom Forces are enjoyable games and well worth the 5 dollarydoos. I play it still when I wanted a small squad based pausable strategy game with charm. I never got into the creating part much, but I enjoyed the gameplay quite a lot.

  25. Tei says:

    I don’t know the expansion, but Swords Of the Stars don’t fit with my gamestyle. Games become 9 hours long, since I am a soo pasive, scientist and expansionist player. Also, the “cpu moves” takes like too much time. The game could be persuaded to be more dynamic, and faster, but I sacrificing greatness. Or that Is what remenber, I could be wrong.

  26. Walter says:

    There is no way the Original Splinter Cell can be called a bad game! However the only good things about DA are the Iceland and tanker levels. Never played Assassin’s Creed.

  27. Rockeye says:

    I’m definitely going to get the Freedom Force pack, I loved the first game and want to try vs. Third Reich. I wonder if they would run ok on my EeePc? Worth the £4.49 on the off chance that they might. In response to Iucounu comments about the heroes being underpowered in the campaign, I’d agree to an extent, but if you created your own heroes and recruited them you could have more specialised characters who’d have a couple of awesome powers rather than 3-4 average ones. That you could create characters with weaknesses in order to yourself more points to spend on powers was great, trying to push the limits of how puny you could make a hero in order to give them a massively powerful ranged attack with splash damage and knock-back.

  28. clint lolzwood says:

    Freedom Force doesn’t work for me in Vista. FF vs. 3rd Reich does, however.

    Also tried Luxor 2, which seems pretty good and for only 1 euro.

  29. TooNu says:

    Just bought the Freedom Force pack. If it is rubbish, some of you are going to suffer.

  30. Rei Onryou says:

    Splinter Cell 1 and the Freedom Force pack are now mine. God I love getting super good deals. 3 great games for £7.50. Who can argue with that?

  31. El Stevo says:

    When I bought the Orange Box I was able to gift the extra copy of Half-Life 2. Is that only for Valve games?

    Also, I found Assassin’s Creed enjoyable if infuriating.

  32. Lukasz says:

    was the 11 steps to quit the game ever patched for assasin creed?

  33. abhishek says:

    El Stevo : The gifting of extra games only applies to Half Life 2 and Episode 1. None other.

  34. Oak says:

    When I bought the Orange Box I was able to gift the extra copy of Half-Life 2. Is that only for Valve games?

    That was a special thing with the Orange Box. A game can’t be gifted away under any other circumstances, as far as I am aware.

  35. El Stevo says:

    That’s a shame.

  36. ArtyArt says:

    Can anyone else confirm Freedom Force not working under Vista? I’d love to get my hands on the English dubbed version for my laptop (superhero hijinks abroad, wheee!).

    …and isn’t Bullet Candy always that cheap, anyway?

  37. Mister Hands says:

    @Lukasz It didn’t have to be – a simple Alt-F4 always did the trick.

  38. Seniath says:

    @ArtyArt I had no problems running it on Vista.

  39. LewieP says:

    Bullet Candy will always be that price from now on, it has had a price drop recently, but it is permanent.

  40. abhishek says:

    Is Splinter Cell Double Agent a decent game? I loved Splinter Cell 3 but I’ve never really bothered to keep up with the series after that. It has a Metacritic rating of 80 which looks decent enough but I’d love to hear some opinions from gamers as well.

  41. Radiant says:

    I’d love to check out Freedom Force what is it like to play?

  42. Heliocentric says:

    No stalker love? Clear sky 10 on gamers gate.

    Lots of little pieces to buy this week, a gaming buffet.

  43. LewieP says:

    Double Agent is actually two games, which share nothing but name and some story elements.

    There is the one that was on the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube/Wii, made by Ubisoft Montreal, which is basically like a direct sequel to Chaos Theory. Pretty good, tried a couple of new things, but not much (like some levels where you don’t have much equipment, and competing objectives given by different parties). Highly enjoyable, if not quite as balls tighteningly incredible as Chaos Theory.

    Then there is the 360/PS3/PC game, made by Ubisoft Shanghai. Much worse in basically every way. The levels are split up into tiny sections, with frequent loading. There are also a lot of daylight missions which I didn’t like. I played it on the 360, but everything I’ve heard about the PC port makes me believe it is a bad port.

  44. Xercies says:

    i loved freedom Force, the best thin about it was the cheats to maximize your superhero spending power and making your own god to take down all the puny humans. I say to anyone check it out, its like an RTS/RPG Hybrid thingy.

  45. ry says:

    picked up the FF pack because, frankly, i owe it to myself.

  46. Adventurous Putty says:

    @LewieP: I agree entirely with your assessment. That the “old-gen” Splinter Cell DA went almost totally unheralded by the mainstream makes me rather sad, as I thought the “next-gen” one kind of sucked.

  47. solipsistnation says:

    Hum. I wanted to like Freedom Force a lot more than I did. I found it kind of fun, but the actual interface and combat was unintuitive and confusing. I made it through a mission or two before giving up on it.
    Maybe I’ll try it again for 6 bucks, but it’s honestly not very tempting.

  48. hydra9 says:

    Some of these comments have made me finally get off the fence and decide to buy Assassin’s Creed. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, even if it is a bit repetitive at times. Thanks guys!

  49. Heliocentric says:

    I wish we’d gotten the last gen port of da, chaos theory was awesome(still is). I’m planning to use a ps2 emulator soon, i understand with some lan magic the coop might be playable, did the ps2 have multisystem coop? Also i want to find a retail copy of shadow of the collosus for less than crazy money.