Blur: Sadly Not About Racing Faded Britpoppers

The full trailer for Bizarre Creations’ (Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars) new racer is up – and it’s real-world cars with fantastical power-ups. I saw Blur a little while back, and asked if there was any in-fiction explanation for these powers. They claimed not, all their attempts to dream one up having proved too ridiculous. I know I’m happy to just take it in my stride: magic cars are magic cars.

Despite the studio’s fairly sober racing heritage, this’ll be fairly accessible, apparently – Bizarre are aware that some driving games are too technical and presumptive to lure the more casual pretend-driver. Fun stuff, and hopefully the right mix of silly and satisfying. Mario Kart with less goon-faced mushroom men, perhaps, or a more unhinged Wipeout.

Oh, and lest you were wondering – yes, this is indeed coming out on PC. Presumably one side-effect of Bizarre now being owned by Activision, rather than contracted by Microsoft, as was the case with the PGR series.


  1. Noc says:

    You know, when Mario Kart got a four letter racing game title, I assumed it would just be “KART.”

  2. Optimaximal says:

    Fuck me – if that turns out as half batshit crazy as a particularly agressive alcohol-fueled MK session often turns out, then I’m sold.

    Also, when they’re advertising the Barge power-up, was that a Transit Van?!

  3. DMJ says:

    You know the world is in a f*cked up state when the only way to get a Windows PC release is to pry the devs away from Microsoft.

  4. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Wait, did I just hear a cameo by that loveable scamp the Bungee Zombie?

    *readies Umbrella Leaf*

  5. The_B says:

    “Brian had sex, with a really dumb girl. Now he’s taking his friend Stewie to get some ice cream in his car.”
    “Oh you’re a poor sport.”

  6. jalf says:


  7. solipsistnation says:

    Speaking of an unhinged Wipeout, how about POD? That was a great game…

  8. Post Maker says:

    That’s one of the more fantastic selling lines I’ve seen in a while.

    “It’s a race
    It’s a battle
    It’s a racing battle”

    Is it now? Well sign me up!

  9. anon says:

    Will there be a RPS E3 coverage?

  10. Stuk says:

    Ooo, this looks great for some console multiplayer *gasp*.

    Really, if it’s like some kind of real 3D Mashed style game, then I’ll be all over it. Or maybe just Flatout with weapons. Looks a bit like that too.

    Anyways, looks like some good, mindless fun.

    @anon: Look at the front page (or here).

  11. Elyscape says:

    I was sold when I heard one of the drivers shouting, “YEEEEEEE-HAW”. Seriously.

  12. Linfosoma says:

    I would really, REALLY like a PGR on PC.
    That said, Im probably going to get this game.
    It looks like Burnout with powerups, and that can’t be bad.

  13. demonarm says:

    Gary Numan > Blur for someone my age, anyway. Mind you, I always thought Cars was a song about NOT interacting with anyone, and far less about having FUN.

  14. Smee says:

    This won’t be as good as Tank Racer. Then again, what is?

  15. Y3k-Bug says:

    But, will I ever see the Geometry Wars sequel on PC?

    Oh, and this Blur game looks wonderful.

  16. AndrewC says:

    I got Flatout vibes off this too, and I thought Flatout: Ultimate Carnage was super dull in single player (and as the PC leaderboards had about 5000 or less names on, i’m guessing multiplayer isn’t heaving). Having gone through the pain to actually learn how to play exactly those more serious racers Bizarre want to move away from, those serious racers are all I want to play.

    But all they need to do is show a video of the Dalston map and I will be all their’s.

  17. SixStringSamurai says:

    HAHAHA, that is totally what I kept thinking about when I saw this trailer

  18. Alexander Norris says:

    So this is… Mario Kart with shiner graphics and real-ish cars?

  19. TheSombreroKid says:

    activisions next step along the EA wannabe route, buy racing studio and force them to compete with burnout.

  20. Noc says:

    . . . it occurs to me now that WiPE would also be appropriate.

  21. AlexMax says:

    Project Gotham Racing 2 is one of my favourite racing games of all time, so I’m quite interested in how this game turns out.

  22. Radiant says:

    That’s pretty cool they didn’t dream up a ridiculous ‘magical wand engine/cock’ explanation for the car powers.
    Driving against oncoming traffic or drifting round corners to inexplicably build boost power never hurt anyone.

  23. Radiant says:

    But yeah this game does look marvellous.
    Hopefully that project gotham tv malarky should really take off this time!

  24. Lacobus says:

    This really does look like Mario Kart with realistic visuals.


  25. drewski says:

    Blur are SO not faded, you mean, mean man.


  26. vicx says:

    Mario Cart meets burnout. I will play this.

  27. Corey says:

    This looks fun, just plain fun. Also gotta give the Bizarre Creations guys credit for rocking the Gary Numan, I love that song.

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  29. SiUnit says:

    YEY! Another 4 letter racing game =D

    I hope they dont get rid of the classic Bizarre driving feel. I just want PGR for PC. I have Burnout if i want to boost around the map twice or do a double flip into a pedestrian.