E3 09: Mass Effect 2 Trailer

The fragments of dialogue in this gives a way a fair bit of what’s going to happen in the game, so if you’re allergic to spoilers you might want to avoid it. A rather classy little trailer for Mass Effect 2, anyway, and I’m loving the super-detailed science fiction cities. Falling-to-death dude looks remarkably like the zombo-drones from Dark Athena, too. Hmm. More on this soon, as John gets to see it at E3.


  1. Brian Blessed says:

    Shepard’s alive?

  2. Bobsy says:

    Well, that says pretty much nothing, doesn’t it?

    I’m finding it impossible to get into ME1. The Bioware structures for story telling and dialogue are starting to really, really grate. And I don’t get on with Shepherd. She’s someone else’s invention, not mine.

  3. Daniel Rivas says:

    Less exciting than I thought it’d be. Looks like Mass Effect with a rocket launcher. However, what was really great about the first game was the universe they built to accomodate it, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about it.

  4. Quests says:

    Shepard’s alive!
    And who cares, too.

    Info on the choices & consequences structure, PLEECE, everything else is futile.

  5. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    @Bobsy: I note that you referred to female Shepard by default.

    Wise choice.

    Can’t say the same about the trailer, though. Tsk.

  6. idmmao says:

    Is it going to be delayed 6 months for PC like the first one was?

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    I believe it’s an all-formats release this time.

  8. Bobsy says:

    @Dorian I tried a male Shepard first, but was so utterly appalled by how tedious a person he turned out to be that I switched. And then was only marginally less appalled by female Shepard.

    It’s the same problem I had with JC Denton. As soon as they start voicing and acting my character it stops being my character and starts being someone else’s. And that’s not something I like in an RPG. Plus JC was a dick.

  9. Lewis says:

    My sassy female Shepard was awesome.

    Ah yes, nothing like a “Dead? Not dead?!” conundrum to set the hype train running. Rather predictable, when you think about it.

  10. Rummy says:

    I sorta hoped that Shepard would stay dead.

    I generally enjoyed the story (as far as derivative sci fi plots go), but I thought Shepard came off as, well, the kinda guy who was the high school football captain in some small, God-fearing town, who went and joined the military out of a sense of duty to his country, but still has no clue about the world he lives in (is there a single word for that?).

    I mean, some of the comments he made in the game… is this who we want representing humanity in the wider galaxy?

  11. subedii says:

    Just a heads up: This isn’t the full trailer, just a cut down preview.

    The full trailer’s going to be shown at E3.

  12. Lack_26 says:

    I’m disappointed that they choose the (generic) male Shepard for the trailer.

  13. DigitalSignalX says:

    I really hope they have a more significant trailer at the actual E3 event then this? BOOOO if not. *taps nails on desk impatiently* Seriously, that blew chunks. The old “what we’re doing at E3” dev’s talking trailer had 50% of these clip snips in it in the background and was 4x longer.

    edit: also, Curious that all the ME media at the official sites only ever show male Shepard when clearly fem was wildly more popular a player choice.

  14. Ashurbanipal says:

    Geez, I’m glad I’m not alone in hating Shepherd.

    JC Denton, though, was beautiful in an unintentionally hilarious sort of way. Or maybe it was intentionally funny. The icy monotone was great either way.

  15. Dr. Nerfball says:

    @ Bobsy: I thought Denton was supposed to be a dick. Either that or everyone else is because they call me a dick for doing my job which involves being a dick by killing terrorists… and random civillians that get in my way. And robots. And the occasional rat. Okay so maybe I’m just pure evil, but it does make games more fun.

    @ Rummy: Really? I thought he was a guy who joined after his parents died and led his entire squad to their deaths when he was young and foolish or some bollocks. Which everyone is VERY eager to point out to you throughout the game. Oh, and the single word you’re looking for? Idiocy. Or patriotism. They’re the same thing basically. Zing!

    I now choose to retract my zing before a pro patriotism guy comes along.

  16. D says:

    The background was a choice you initially made when your “file” i guess, was being read to you. I liked my Shepard personally, she was kicking ass and taking names..

    I also liked the universe of ME and the ending especially was a high point for me. Despite some glaring flaws, I thought it was a great game.

  17. Theoban says:

    I still haven’t completed Mass Effect, I love the atmosphere of a lot of it but there are tiny things that grate.

    I mean the conversation structure is brilliant, but on the other hand I got to a point where I was dreading another thirty minute conversation about space politics with another alien. But I couldn’t skip the conversations because they were so well done, damnit.

  18. subedii says:

    Shepards background is something you choose for yourself at the beginning (place of birth, distinguishing aspect of his career). And he’s only some nice-nice tooth glinting hero if you play him that way. If you want, being a complete git is just as viable to be honest, or just somewhere in between:


    “That makes you a criminal. I can kill criminals.” :)

  19. MrBejeebus says:

    Rummy, i believe the word you’re looking for is “Ignorant”

    Female Shepard is the bomb, boring male Shepard is a douche, or is that cos I played ME1 through as good man, bad woman?

    and subedii that was awesome!!!! :D

  20. Sideath says:

    Dear Bioware,

    Please let there be coop in MS2. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

  21. Richard Beer says:

    I liked ME 1 enough to play it one and a third times, but it didn’t have the decision-tree complexity of KOTOR, so my Simon Evil approach wasn’t as satisfying as I’d planned (even though I was Simone Evil).

    More importantly, will we get to repeatedly drive a bouncy, remote-controlled monster truck around featureless wasteland again?

  22. DBeaver says:

    F YEAH!!!! Welcome back, Shepard!

  23. Meat Circus says:

    Darker and edgier?

    link to tvtropes.org

    This won’t end well.


  24. Carra says:

    My first thoughts were also “heck, Sheppard is a red haired female”. Or maybe “where’s the heavy rawk music”?

    I enjoyed Mass Effect but it paled in comparison to Fallout 3 I played a few months later. It just wasn’t on the same level as its unofficial predecessor Kotor. And I hoped to play for around 40 hours while I got to finish it in around 20 hours without feeling like I was rushing. But it’s always nice to see a new universe. And I’m looking forward to the sequel, still got my old character save!

  25. Dan says:

    I’m interested to see how the mechanics of porting your character from the original ME will work in terms of game difficulty. In the first game, you only unlock the harder difficulty settings by completing the game on ‘Normal’. If you’re starting ME2 with a Level 50/60 whatever guy (or girl) then surely they’ll have to make the harder settings available straight off the bat? Otherwise it would be ridiculously unchallenging.

  26. Snuffles says:

    ;3 I muted the sound.

    No spoilers for me! Just uh, a nice look at some pretty vistas, and um, hopefully they’ll be tweaking the shadows in the sequel because I remember them being glitchy, and I think I saw some glitching in the trailer. Meh. One of the freshest new IPs I’ve seen in a while. Better than KOTOR, or it’s non-sequel. I just wish that the gameplay could have lived up to the same standard as the story. The story rocked my socks off.

  27. eyemessiah says:

    I enjoyed Mass Effect, (except the ending which was awful) but I too am done with Sheppard. I’d like another character to play with! Here’s hoping they fix the infinitely overheating weapon bug, because when you combine bugs like that with a checkpoint system it produces a lot of RAGE. Also please god no more horrible bouncy vehicle sections, or interminable rides in lifts.

    Actually, now that I think about it ME1 was sort of a best worst game for me. There was so much about it that ragequit inducing. I think it was really just the story telling that kept me going. When the dialogue options worked well it felt a bit like the game was letting you direct they scenes. Picking the “tough” dialogue option didn’t just change what your character said, it also told the game something about how you wanted this part of the story to play out. Sometimes the game ignored you of course (AND SOMETIMES IT CALLED YOU A RACIST FOR NO REASON!) but still, when it worked it helped me at least feel a bit like I was driving the story.

    Where it failed was often due to ME being overly focused on catering to people on either end of the moral spectrum. I’d like to have more scope to play the Hans-Solo morally grey middle-ground type hero, and I’d like to not be called a racist, and I’d also like at least ONE npc to fall in love with me.

  28. tomaac says:

    i finished mass effect 1, but shepard`s alive at the end. is there some DLC or smth? Why he should be dead? or it`s just alternative ending?

  29. SmallGods says:

    I believe there was an earlier trailer which showed Sheppard as dead or K.I.A or something.

    I’ve just finished a playthrough after seeing the trailers for number 2 and purchasing the 1st finally. The grey area fell easily for me, in that my character tried to do the right thing where possible (e.g. save people, not just screw em over), but was generally pretty gruff to anyone in authority or who tried to push him around. The Paragon points came in for main mission objectives, but the Renegade points rolled in equally quickly for the conversations I had.

    However, at no point did I feel I was going for the super-rude approach for effect – any gruff or Renegade point earning dialouge sequences felt like a general good guy who just disliked authority / certain individuals would speak.

    Sure I executed a few individuals along the way, but only where I felt they deserved it – some were allowed to walk free if they made their case well enough.

    In general then, the grey area is there – you just have to play that way. If you feel there isn’t a middle ground, maybe you’re just not playing that way *wink*

    (For the record, by the end of the game both my Renegade and Paragon points were about equal at 75% full).

    EDIT: Oh, and I was fully in support of the alien races and the council, saved em at the end and everything. Didn’t effect my general manner in any way to others in the game. I ain’t no racist! ^_^

  30. Tei says:

    I will call my first born “Idon’tcareanymore”. Because.. he.. Mass Effect long will probably be 20 hours of gameplay. I will finish it in 2 days. And I am waiting it.. .how much? maybe 2 years. Is like… is too long the wait, and too short the fun.

    Any women here want to help me create that firstborn?

  31. Skalpadda says:

    Here’s hoping they fix the infinitely overheating weapon bug

    Didn’t they fix that pretty soon after release? At least it never happened to me more than once so I assumed the patch took care of it.

    I have to say I agree with those who disliked Shepeard. It never really felt like my character, the female version nor the male one, in part because none of the renegade/paragon “paths” really felt like a character as I’d play them and I have a hard time role playing an army guy/girl.

    The biggest problem was with the way the short dialogue options would quite often not give me the correct idea of what my character would actually say and do though (this is why I fear even more for Alpha Protocol). I understand that having the full dialogue and then have the character say the exact same line would get tiresome after a while, and I get the idea of having faster and more fluent conversations for a more cinematic feel, but what I really want is to play a role playing game, not watch a slightly interactive film.

    Still liked the game, I just hope to god they make the side missions at least a little more interesting this time (the monkey planet was cool though!).

  32. Bhazor says:

    Seeing this really, really makes me miss the unreleased half of Anachranox.

    Also am I missing something? I really don’t remember any “oh is she or isn’t she” cliff hangers from the first ending. I remember her being splattered by a boulder and then just sort of stepping into shot with big orchestra number 12 in order to indicate that this is a good thing to happen. Because if she’d been crushed to bits, that would be bad.

  33. Tom says:

    Role on ME2!

  34. Zyrusticae says:

    Maybe this is silly of me, but I really, really hope they’ve worked on the character creation some.

    The faces, that is. The faces were AWFUL. Could only make butt-ugly characters, and the only characters that looked good all looked the same.

    No way to change nose length or width outside of the catch-all “Facial Structure” slider, and the control for mouth width hardly did anything at all (it was always wide), and no controls for eye size, either. And for some reason their definition of “cheek” doesn’t include the area that most people think of when you say “cheek”.

    These things didn’t bother me way back when, but after messing with Aion and even Fallout 3’s character creation, it just feels BAD. I really hope they ditch the “Facial Structure” slider entirely and give us control over those things.

  35. Jeremy says:

    Okay, the time has come for me to finally break down and get Mass Effect. I’ve been wanting to play for a long time, and I just never got around to playing it. I’ve been trying desperately to maintain enthusiasm for NWN 2 but the bugs are crippling my experience.

  36. Stupoider says:

    Needs more Marilyn Manson, amirite?

  37. Susan says:

    @Stupoider: Please don’t give them ideas.

  38. sigma83 says:

    Wow at the ME hate. But it was awesome!

  39. Shepherd says:

    Utter elation————————————— Awesome.
    ————————————————————– Meh.
    I hate the games/bands you like —————————– Seriously, it wasn’t that good.

    (Contrasting sigma83, I don’t get the love for this game (or any recent RPG, for that matter). I thought it played well enough, but was still too much typical sci-fi fare to be spectacular in any way.)

  40. Andrew says:

    Glad to hear many of you opted for female Shepard. If we get to step back into her authoritative tight ass or not i dont really care. I just want more creamy Bioware storytelling goodness.

  41. Zoolooman says:

    I’m really excited for Mass Effect 2, if only because I enjoy the style of it all.

  42. EyeMessiah says:

    @overheating bug: I don’t think they fixed it, I’m pretty sure I was playing fully patched. Maddening it was too!

    @morally-grey: It was mainly the ending that was the kick in the teeth for me, I didn’t save the council, because I thought it made most sense to save the universe first (and I wasn’t aware it was a false dilemma) and got lumped in with the EVIL ending in a way that didn’t really make much narrative sense. Also I didn’t have sex with anyone, apparently because I was neither nice nor nasty enough to anyone!!

    Oh disappointment…

    Looking forward to ME2 though.

  43. ACS says:

    Re: the character creation options.

    I thought it was either entirely incompetent or gleefully subversive that it was impossible to create an unambiguously Caucasian character with Mass Effect’s chargen tools.

  44. Funky Badger says:


    Excellent soundtrack as well – shades on some of NIN’s more thoughtful stuff.

    Also, JC Denton’s “You’re gonna burn alright” is the greatest one-liner in gaming history. Fact.

  45. Grey_Ghost says:

    I super enjoyed Mass Effect 1!
    I hope they expand on ME2 in all the right ways!
    I like my Female Shepard, all you haters can stuff it! 8P
    I don’t want to be KotOR II’ed again with the Exile!
    One of the reasons your KotOR characters felt more like your own was probably because they were mute! Voice has a real impact on a character.

    I want to play my Shepard from ME1 through this epic tale. Even if they do something douchebaggery like reverting your skills/level whatever. I could listen to Female Shepard talk all damn day!

  46. Ashurbanipal says:

    @morally-grey: It was mainly the ending that was the kick in the teeth for me, I didn’t save the council, because I thought it made most sense to save the universe first (and I wasn’t aware it was a false dilemma) and got lumped in with the EVIL ending in a way that didn’t really make much narrative sense.

    Oh yeah, I almost got caught by that one too. There was also a bit where there are aliens who’d lost their minds lumbering around and drooling in a cell, and I think Wrex argues that it would be a good idea to put them out of their misery. I think, yes, sure, that’s a compassionate thing to do! Cut to an in-game cutscene where Shephard guns them down like the Punisher with a grim sort of relish and the game gives me a paragon point. I was furious. Is euthanasia really so edgy in the future?

    A similar situation occurs in Neverwinter Nights 2, close to the start. A dark dwarf is dying from his wounds, you offer to help, and he throws the offer in your face because he would rather die than see a surface dweller help him. So again, I think the compassionate thing to do would be to choose the “slit his throat” option, since he’s dying anyway and it would be he merciful. No, apparently, this is wrong – I have that annoying spotless paladin sidekick chastise me for being a prick. Argh.

  47. DSX says:

    subedii : That video is +1 hilarious, reminds me of The B’s Asshole Shepard project.

  48. apnea says:

    If only Mass Effect’s actual in-game soundtrack was as interesting as that final pulsing ambient thing they add at the end of every trailer of the series.

    But no, half-assed Star Wars Orchestra it is, sadly. Seriously, why is most sci-fi franchise always stuck with the unoriginal grandiloquent orchestral scores.

    If they want to ameliorate at least one element of the game for the sequel, I’d go with some vibrant otherworldly electronic soundtrack. The movie Sunshine was ace on that point alone.