Left 4 Dead 2 – Podcast With Chet Faliszek

Imagine a big banner boasting Chet's name on this too.

In a world exclusive audio interview, Rock, Paper, Shotgun sat down with Valve’s project lead, Chet Faliszek, to discuss the freshly revealed Left 4 Dead 2.

Within is comprehensive coverage of the new game, the new ideas, the new weapons and campaigns and characters and Infected. You’ll find this nowhere else on the internet. It’s still a Rock, Paper, Shotgun podcast, of course, so there’s also plenty of discussion about our mums, swine flu, and Chet’s horror at John’s foul language. Chet talks not only about the new elements to the game, but also gives us some background as to why Valve chose to make a whole new game, rather than expanding upon the original. There’s also information on how this doesn’t mean L4D is forgotten.

And if that sounds too sensible, you can also hear John ask Chet questions like, “2?” and “Is this the best interview you’ve ever had?”

To get hold of it, you can download the file directly from here, or visit the podcast page here. And you can find it on iTunes here or RSS to it here.


  1. Kadayi says:


    If it was say 2 new campaigns tagged onto the existing setting with a new gun or 2 and maybe a new boss I’d agree with you. However given that this is clearly a much bigger game than the original in both scale and scope (when you look at the facts in detail) I find its a position that really doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. None of the FO3 DLC remotely matches FO3 in scale, likewise GTA: LaTD is barely a 3rd of the length of GTA IV.

  2. Malagate says:

    Ohh wow, at first hearing this news I could only feel immense surprise (Valve…doing something quickly!? O_O ) and then fun-fun happy excitement! This podcast has only gone on to reinforce the excitement, so good job and thank you for making it!

    All I can think about now is the potential for a truly epic marathon games, first play all the L4D co-op campaigns in a row…then all the L4D2 co-op campaigns in a row! Imagine it…just for a few moments…hmm, tingly. Although L4D2 makes me think of R2D2’s older brother.

  3. Fan says:

    left 4 dead 1 was an impressive game worth its price (I got at least 200h of fun out of it).

    If they felt they had enough content and ideas for a sequel I’m all for it.

    Referring to the tf2 model is a bit unfair. That’s exceptional generosity, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

    The only things that do not convince me is the new cast and the incendiary rounds. ALso it feels that valve listened to player’s feedback, and that’s a double edged weapon.

  4. jalf says:

    Sticking to the actual podcast, am I the only one who felt the promise about still supporting L4D was awfully vague? “We’ll have community-made maps and, uh, we’ll still support the game… And we’ll have community-made maps”.

    @Fan: The reason people are referring to the TF2 model is that this is what Valve and Chet promised before L4D launched. I’m sorry to bring it into this thread as well (since this isn’t directly related to the podcast, although if Walker gets the chance at E3, I’d love to hear what Chet has to say about it).
    But before L4D launched, an interview with Chet Faliszek revealed, and I quote,

    The company plans to add new scenarios to the game’s initial 4, as well as new bosses and weapons

    The Valve writer also promised that the studio aims to make that DLC available more quickly than they have done with Team Fortress 2

    Given that, why should people not refer to the TF2 model? Why should people not take it for granted?

  5. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Building a brand, and building expectations to go with that brand, is what comapines do. People are sensitive to those expectations and make purchasing decisions accordingly. That’s basic marketing!

    A lot of people bought into expectations which it now seems Valve isn’t going to fulfil. A sense of betrayal is entirely understandable – indeed, Valve should be pleased that their brand is so strong that people had the expectations in the first place.

    Of course, having now been disappointed, some people may not buy so readily into the Valve brand any more. And that’s fine. Valve evidently felt the damage to their brand was worth it.

    The sequel sounds great and I’ll probably buy it. But writing off people’s responses to branding as fanboy entitlement is kind of a strange way to look at marketing. Expectations are useful.

  6. Kadayi says:

    @See my response in the other thread.

  7. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Good podcast, cheers chaps.

    Still not in the slightest bit interested in either of Valve’s zombie shooters, rather I’m hoping this reveal doesn’t preclude Valve from showing any morsels of Ep3 or Portal 2 at E3, but it’s always fun when some of the more amusing nodules of the RPS and Valve hiveminds are manacled together and forced to produce auditory delights.

  8. Bigolslabomeat says:

    I’ve always said that come the zombie apocalypse, I’m heading to Sainsbury’s and what does Chet think? “Head to the supermarket and hole up there”. If there is a man who knows what to do when the inevitable zombie hordes come, it’s Chet.

    I enjoyed that immensely, good work chaps, and Chet seems a very nice bloke.

  9. Matt says:

    Left4Dead broke some new ground in co-op games, and yes we’ve all got lots of hours of gameplay out of it (hell it’s a good game). But none of that is the point.

    The point is most of us paid full price for a game that turned out not to deliver the content it promised, and the content that WAS provided was full of bugs. Many of these problems have still not been fixed.

    The point is that Valve took our money, but delivered a game that is substandard.

    I have no doubt that L4D2 will rock. It will be fun and I will play just as many hours of it. That’s not the point either. The point is that Valve have not supported their existing customers very well with the L4D title.

    They figured they can make more money by concentrating on a new game, than they can by updating the existing one. L4D1 has been neglected.

    I don’t personally think DLC or content updates are as important, but releasing a good quality product IS important. If it’s not good quality on release, then I think customers are entitled to free updates to bring the game up to standard.

    The DLC Survival mode for me did not add anything at all to L4D. They should have spend the dev time making the existing game work properly.

    The bottom line for me is… Killing Floor is more fun, so I’m sticking with that for now!

    [edit] I really should have posted that in the other thread! oops! ;-)

  10. EyeMessiah says:

    Sainsburys? You shmuck. I’m winging it straight to M&S and bolting the door behind me. I will then endeavour to eat all the very fine cheese cake and olives before the zombies catch up with me.

  11. Jetsetlemming says:

    That podcast was very informative.
    Honestly though, my biggest problem is that I can’t play L4D right now on this computer, and I’m afraid that I’ll get into L4D when I can just in time to see it completely die out. I wanna play around in the PA campaigns before I move south! :(
    I’m hoping that Valve includes L4D1 with L4D2. After 2’s release the first game will be pretty much worthless, after all, and having it included for L4D2 owners will make setting up a party of friends to go play the old stuff much easier, long after the general players are gone.

  12. Snozz says:

    I didn’t really know what to think after hearing about L4D2 I think it’s a bit to soon to make a sequel, some more info from valve about what they plan on doing about L4D1 would be nice, as they were apparently going to make new maps and give new guns. If they decided to just make a full new game instead of an update of L4D1 i don’t mind as long as they integrate L4D1 into L4D2 so online you can play all 9 maps and pick from 8 characters, if they do this i won’t complain.

  13. Gap Gen says:

    Cutty? Hells yes.

  14. CeZ says:

    @ Fan

    Ditto! I really can’t see myself connecting with the new characters…

    And as much as I love the idea of a sequel, I think incendiary ammo is a stupid idea, however thats just my personal opinion.

    As for entertainment to price value, L4D is, has been and will be (at least for a while longer), my most played and enjoyed game on console, even with the supposed “lack of content” so if they want to go ahead and make a sequel that they will continue updating instead or as well as L4D 1, it’s their choice… and i’m pretty sure most of those complaining about l4d2 will end up buying it anyway… I know I will.

    And I’d like to thank Valve for L4D one (Amazing game) and L4D2 (in advance so please don’t screw it up!) :)

  15. L4D freak xD says:

    I will by this game as fast as it hits the game stores.

  16. Erltard says:

    Im going to buy L4D2, no matter what. “The screaming unhappy people” can either stick to something else, or realise this game is great. I enjoyed every moment i played L4D, and i even dug into the stories, behind scenes, and every other thing i can read, see or hear.

    My though is that Valve are trying to get something to get their game fans something to chew on while waiting for the meal.
    Episode 3 will be released in the future, but not as soon as people want to. Ever tried to create npcs, new enities, or even maps with their engine?
    For me it seems alomost impossible, but valve is made of people, not game creating AI computers! They also use THEIR time to create a sdk for L4D to “the hungry people”!
    For me, valve is doing a great job, if you feel fooled by their prices, then try to complain, you will not get so far with it anyway.