E3 09: Alan Wake, Lots Of Footage

Can a man called Alan really be an iconic action hero? Divining rods point to yes after watching this actual-proper-footage demo of Alan Wake on stage at last night’s Microsoft presentation. The light-as-weapon really does look like an interesting system, and the general visuals seem to be an enormously high quality. Hard to really know if it’s going to have the frights we’d expect from a supernatural thriller, but you can bet Alan is regretting marrying a woman with such as spooky voice. Go watch.


  1. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Maybe I’m not the targeted audience, but why did the game have the narrator go over what the game should be showing? Yes, we can hear that guy’s screams because we’re listening to you already…

    Plus if he wrote the manuscript, why does he still need to find the missing pages unless he’s either a really bad writer or has terrible memory?