The Left 4 Dead 2 Trailer

The Left 4 Dead trailer doesn’t pull many punches. Fighter planes, chainsaws, dudes with holes for faces, and a whole lot of prayin’. Yeah. That’s what I call a trailer.


  1. Dave says:

    Well. Now we know how to make a frying pan as a weapon actually look cool.

  2. Vinraith says:

    I’m kind of surprised, but that didn’t do anything for me. The characters are, at this point, terribly generic looking, the narration’s unappealingly cliche, and the daytime zombie thing just doesn’t work for me atmospherically. I’m sure it’ll improve with more development time, but right now I think I’ll pass.

  3. Otto says:

    Heh, I thought it was incredible. Completely took me by surprise as Valve haven’t said a thing on this all year. Now they’re far enough in development to show this cinematic trailer with stunning effects, level design, and character weapons.

    I never thought of a sequel, only more Downloadable Content, but I see now so much more content would make the original game insanely more valuable and WAY too big to download.

  4. Lobotomist says:

    Few things come to mind after watching gameplay videos (at IGN)

    – The game (graphic) looks same , even worse than original L4D

    – Gameplay is more or less the same. Even most of special infected are same.

    – Sound is same. Music is same (except some jazz in background)

    – There is nothing – not in the gameplay , graphic or game mechanic – that calls for a need of standalone (different) client. It is basically several new maps, new infected, several new weapons and different skinned player models.

    This is actually the content Valve promised as free update , all rolled in one package.

    For people that own L4D there is actually not much reason to buy this…

    So let say that people interested in zombie shooter all went and bought L4D.(so let say that is the entire zombie shooter public) Perhaps only 15% of those will go on and buy L4D2.

    Rest 75% will feel cheated by Valve.

    So Valve makes a bad selling game, and in the same time alienates 75% of its loyal customer base ?

    Does this sounds logical to you?

    I mean they might got greedy , but this would be insane!


    What we are actually seeing here is free content update.
    Valve just decided to make it whole new campaign…

    Even the name L4D2 – sounds really funky for a standalone game….they would have better copywriter than that

  5. billyboob says:

    I’m buying it!


    at you angry internet mans

  6. Subjective Effect says:

    Love Valve’s videos. Production is just spot on. The “tech” music just as the title comes on is becoming fairly evocative of L4D now too, just like the signature pieces for TF2 and that lovely bass behind the Valve-in-the-head/face splash screens and HL2 (remember getting the suit again in HL2?).

    But this better plug in to L4D and be low cost to L4D owners or Valve will make themselves very unpopular – which would be a shame because they are one of the few big companies that gets props from gamers in general.

  7. Not Bernard says:

    Huh? Logical would be explaining where the other 10% went…

    Anyway, of course it would be better if it was free, but I have a feeling this may just be worth the money.

  8. Atalanta says:

    I dig the daytime zombies. You kind of expect horrible things to happen at night, but seeing masses of the dead rise up and run after you on a beautiful summer day is just plain wrong.

    As far as I’m concerned, the idea of beating the undead with a frying pan until candy comes out is golden.

  9. sigma83 says:

    Lobotomist: Way to shoot your mouth off without knowing the facts.

  10. Lobotomist says:

    Bernard … thanks for pointing out the typo.

    It should be 25%

    But what the heck. If they go on and actually make it standalone game. Some will buy it. Yes…

    But lot of people that were loyal to Valve will not. In fact lot of people that bought the Valve games on premise of “ever expanding content and patches” Will not do that anymore. So it will hurt their future games aswell.

    And dont forget viral marketing.

    I bought L4D and advised my friends to do the same.

    Now i will refuse to buy it, and will advice everyone not to buy it as well…

    Multiply this by at least half of former L4D customers…

    I would be worried if i was Valve…

    And all this reputation thrown away for what ?

  11. Dyscharge says:

    Lobotomist, keep in mind that almost no details have been shed up to this point. The game is just in its infancy right now.

    I, for one, am extremely excited by these videos of L4D2. While it looks “the same” as L4D, that’s kind of the point. It is safe to assume that it’s an expansion pack to the original one. I doubt they’ll charge anything more than $20 for it. I mean, the chainsaw alone would be worth more for me.

  12. megaman says:

    Seems like a bit early to comment on this, but if it really turns out to be L4D with new models, a couple new weapons and campaigns, I’m not going to pay full price for this.
    TF2 is almost 2 years old and they are still maintaining it, I still have hopes they will be doing this for L4D, too.

  13. Wirbelwind says:

    Lobo, you’re making up statistics and assuming other things (placeholders) don’t change.

    If the PC audience is appalled, they still have the Xbox crowd: they’re used to paying for minor sequels every year. Their dollars bring in more money than free updates, so Valve seem to think.

    L4D: 2010 edition, calling it.

  14. FunkyB says:

    Being from the sceptered isle myself I don’t really like the idea of zombies in the deep south; the aesthetic just doesn’t appeal. Let’s see what they can do with it, but I’m unsure.

    It is a bit of a sideswipe to the L4D players who made all those suggestions to improve the game in their forums though, isn’t it? For example, I read a post describing the Charger ages ago. Seems like Valve liked the idea, but just put it in 2 instead of 1.

  15. PC Monster says:

    Firstly: ZOMBIES. DON’T. RUN. These ones run, ergo they’re not zombies, they’re mutants. Must try harder, Valve.

    Secondly, the new boxart hand shoving up two fingers this time around reminds me, somewhat unfortunately, of this cunning adaptation of the original:
    link to
    (NB to Non-UK residents – sticking up two fingers here is just as rude as the middle one everywhere else. Well, it’s more of an English practice, but still….)

    @FunkyB: No, no it really isn’t any kind of sideswipe. Take a chill pill. The better Dev teams have been listening to fan feedback and making changes to their sequels for decades now. Why should Valve be any different? Are you seriously suggesting we should criticise a company who might have been caught in the act of listening to their customers???

    Of all the things you can criticise Valve for, that generally isn’t one of them.

  16. sigma83 says:

    Don’t forget that the director can now modify map layouts, weather effects, improved crescendo events, new gauntlet events, plus whatever else they’ve yet to announce

  17. Freelancepolice says:

    haha, classic stuff! A boycott. I’m buying out of spite towards the angry mob.

    Anyway, the IGN preview says they are still supporting L4D so quit your whining

  18. phuzz says:

    OK, so Valve are releasing a sequel to a game only a year after they released the first one, and this is a bad thing?
    Someone is going to have to explain why more games from Valve isn’t good, I just don’t get it myself.

    (Apart from the fact that this flagrant disregard of valve time is a sure sign of the end times and we should all start hoarding frying pans and chainsaws now)

  19. Hermit says:

    Oh no, it’s Left4Dead with new characters, story, maps, more weapons and new enemies. So that’d be like most sequels then.

    I trust Valve enough to know that they’re not ones to cash-in on an idea. I’m excpecting good things from this, and I expect once the League of Angry Internet Gentlemen calms down we’ll all be rather excited for this one come November.

  20. MonkeyMonster says:

    So perhaps putting in all these extra’s meant so much change to the code they would basically have to rewrite such a vast % that it was easier to start again?…
    Not sure what to say to those who say it looks like L4D apart – ehh yeah course it does…
    Pan to the FACE – vic and bob are THE saviours of the zombie apocalypse.

  21. An Irritated Customer says:

    Let me start by saying: I’m buying L4D2. I had ages of fun with the first game, and I’m totally up for more of the same.

    That said, what irritates me about this is the disparity with TF2.

    TF2 was a £20 game, and since it’s release it’s had two (or three?) new gamemodes, a bunch of new maps (plus the stuff the community has made), and eighteen new weapons/items.

    L4D was a £35 game, and it’s got one new map, two of the versus campaigns that should’ve been in at release, a new gamemode that, while kinda fun, isn’t exactly comparable in ‘newness’ to, say, Payload in TF2, and the SDK has only just become available.

    Speaking as someone who likes L4D and is indifferent towards TF2, I feel a bit put out.

    Edit: I’m not saying that it’s not generous of Valve to offer as much as they do for free, considering what other devs do. I’m just saying that this is out of keeping with their established behaviour. It’s… a disappointment. Like when someone you know is a great artist draws your portrait on the back of a napkin with a bic while drunk, and it looks like the back-end of a donkey.

  22. PC Monster says:

    Pan to the FACE – vic and bob are THE saviours of the zombie apocalypse


  23. Ian says:

    I know for a fact that exactly 1026% of L4D buyers will protest this by wearing shiny top hats.


    In other news, I liked the trailer.

  24. Junch says:

    This has a whole dawn of the dead feel to it which has me sold already. And I don’t know what you’re talking about “worst graphics” Lobo, the graphics look positively shinier and bloodier in this.

    They look like zombies as opposed to grey-palletted people as in the first L4D.

    I LIKE! I LIKE!!!!!!!

  25. Larington says:

    It’s comically ironic that the trailer ends with us being given the two finger salute. lol

  26. Dan says:

    I’ve not played the first one yet. Is it any good?

  27. dishwasherlove says:

    Bets that Valve will integrate the best community campaigns into L4D1 like the community TF2 maps? I’m sure L4D will still continue to be patched.

  28. videogangs says:

    This has really split everyone into two camps. Personally I get the feeling that Valve’s generosity has made some people more than a little ungrateful. They are entitled to make money of you know- their customers. I know plenty of people who got a lot of enjoyment out of Left 4 Dead, and I certainly feel like I got my money’s worth with that title. I’m a little dissapointed this isn’t coming in the form of downloadable content over Steam, but let they have this one guys- they deserve a little Valve-time considering all the free additions they’ve been bringing out to CS, DoD, TF2, etc over the last 5 years. Let’s just hope this isn’t a pattern they repeat often.

  29. Sco says:

    Don’t forget the mass of dedicated servers they run. There’s no way the game would be playable without them, unless everybody bought their own, in which case we’d all end up paying monthly.

    I’d have to say what I dislike about this most is the player base splitting we’ll see. Instead of just the bought-map/didn’t of Halo 2 we’ll find ourselves with the deserting of L4D1 ala Battlefield. I’m silently hoping they’ll change it to a paid download content.

    Thankfully this is still 5 months away, cool your jets peeps :)

  30. SwiftRanger says:

    @An Irritated Customer: completely agree, L4D2 doesn’t look bad at all as some say it is in this trailer (and from RPS’s write-up/podcast) but when you had Gabe Newell explicitly promising TF2-style free content (new weapons, characters, campaigns, etcetera) post-release for L4D to grow the online community then you can’t do anything else but frown when suddenly all Valve has to say now is they’re fixing matchmaking in a future update while they have been working on a full price game with new weapons, characters, campaigns, etcetera.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone could be possibly entitled to demand that L4D2 should be free (five campaigns, new setting and props and all that), but hell, the Survival Pack definitely didn’t live up to what was promised either and yeah, that nags a bit as clearly there were a lot of ways to improve and expand L4D.

  31. Gnoupi says:

    What is pity, with this announcement, is what it probably means for the actual l4d, which is abandonment.
    I agree that this l4d2 looks appealing (aside from the daylight ambiance, though, not at all the previous creepy mood, we’re more in a “fun zombie kill lololol”, but i guess it can be fun too). But with doing that, it means that there will be two separate games, two separate communities.

    They just released the SDK (with almost nothing inside, but they did), but why people would bother making maps for a game supposed to be left on side in like 6 months ?

    My biggest concern, is this : i don’t see the point of dividing for two games. If such content was a big downloadable expansion pack, even to pay for, I would have no problem. But with making it a separate game, cutting player base in two, it’s just plain silly…

  32. P7uen says:

    The scout, the TF2 coach’s t-shirt, and the frying pan get a big ‘hmm’ from me, the rest gets a big ‘yay’.

    I will be one of Lobo’s 23.9398742% of return customers that purchase these particular pixels.

  33. Alex McLarty says:

    @ Lobotomist.

    Myself and my friends chatted about this last night on vent. L4D is still broken in so many ways – server crashes, lack of rating system, lack of content.

    I think it really depends on how L4D is treated after L4D2 is released; will there be any new content? Will people leave L4D and jump straight to L4D2?

  34. FunkyB says:

    @PC Monster
    No of course not. It was more a “Discuss!” than a direct statement from me. I think people are riled because they felt their suggestions were to improve v1 rather than charge for v2. Either way let’s hope that when we know more it turns out to justify a new game and not just a mod.

    Or do we dare use the forbidden “expandalone”?

  35. FunkyB says:

    “If such content was a[n]…expansion pack, even to pay for,… no problem. But…cutting player base in two, it’s just plain silly…”

    Agree 100%. I’d pay for the TF2 updates if there was a way that optional payment could work. Joining the two games together would seem to make the most sense. Maybe they will.

  36. TwistyMcNoggins says:

    Well i’m pretty pissed off. I bought L4D full well knowing there was only about four hours of original content on the disc. There’s no way I would have done that for any other company than Valve, because after my experience with TF2, I was expecting them to show a lot of post-release love.

    Instead it took them four months to release a couple of maps that the modding community had unlocked within days of the game being released.And now we get the sequel. I feel very short changed by my purchase.

  37. Heliocentric says:

    I hope valve use a company of heroes style shared launcher for the various l4d campaigns. So if the server is a mix of both games i can hop from one to the other, also inviting friends with both from one game to the other.

  38. CMaster says:

    Oops, wrong comment thread.

    Trailer was OK. NOt as brilliant as the L4D intro movie, and I felt like shouting “BONK!” when I heard the bat noise. Still, some of the new event/sequence combos look good, and intesity should be as good as ever.

  39. Monchberter says:

    Left 4 Dead: Vice City

    In more ways than one, the more i think about it…

    And Valve would’ve saved themselves a hell of a lot of ANGRY INTERNET MEN had they not put a ‘2’ on the end and just called it ‘the deep south’ or something…

  40. Dedajim says:

    This had piqued my interest far more than the COD 6 trailer above this post…mainly coz u can’t run and jump off of mountains hoping ur ice axes will hold….u die! but this has chainsaws!!!!!!!!

  41. Rinox says:

    Regardless of the many and sometimes valid outrages by the Angry Internet Man crowd I can’t help but feeling giddy about this announcement.

    Left 4 Dead = most online fun I’ve had in years, perfectly balancing difficulty with team play and fun (on expert). So MORE L4D, in whatever form, is a good thing regardless of its name, origin and whatnot.

    Not that I don’t hope for a discount for L4D owners or anything!

  42. Lollerskater says:

    Hoping Valve is just pulling another Sniper on us and will soon announce Another-Color Box (HL2EP3 + L4D2). Now that I would buy in a heartbeat.

  43. Azazel says:

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Stenhousemuir 2 Cowdenbeath 1

    Annan Athletic 0 Forfar 0

  44. TooNu says:

    :) HAHA! exactly

  45. Joakim says:

    Looks like it will be fun for like a week. L4D laster like 3 weeks. I find it really boring now.

  46. TooNu says:

    Oh and that Star Wars The Old Republic trailer was massively awesome

  47. DragonSix says:

    Looks like Valve has gone alone ahead of the rest of the team and messed with the marketing boomer, and now all the zombie angry internet men are after them, too far to be saved.
    Bad teamplay ruin the game, Valve, you should’ve stay close to us.

  48. William says:

    Hermit: “I expect once the League of Angry Internet Gentlemen calms down we’ll all be rather excited for this one come November.”

    Who told you of our league?! Seize him! *runs off down alley way in Renaissance Italy* Why do I know this will end badly…

    I’m looking forward to this, I always thought New Orleans was a good place for a game like this. The music done jazz style is kind of funny, frying pan is hilarious, I just hope they add enough new game moments to keep it exciting, first L4D got old fairly quickly because of no variation in levels. For instance the special infected in Versus will always try to attack in the same spots because there are no other good locations – if the director can change maps now, there will be new opportunities to kill the survivors depending on how it’s set up.

  49. Mark-P says:

    I don’t get the negativity. I got a ton of gameplay out of L4D for £17 at release. It was excellent value for money. And some of the Steam sales have been almost giving it away! The volume of content doesn’t concern me. It’s the quality and quantity of the gameplay that matters, and L4D delivered that in high volume.

    I’d have paid for an expansion pack. This is even better! I’ll be picking L4D2 up at release and I’m excited to see how much further Valve can take the concept.

    Valve is a business, not a charity. And they’re still gold-plated awesome.

  50. Squizz says:

    Is there actually any word on if L4D-2 players will be able to play the original campaigns with L4D-1 players? I can see the playerbase being really split up over this.

    Also, there best be some massive discount for players that own L4D1, to make L4D2 more like an expansion pack rather than a new title. I just don’t get Valve’s logic, on the one hand they have TF2 with all of it’s free updates. On the other hand you now have L4D. I think most people are angry because of the perception that Valve have encouraged that “if you buy the game, you’ll get free content updates”.