The Heroes And Villains Of Majesty 2

It’s not all impossi-budget shooters being shown to the drooling crowds at E3 here on RPS this week. For a change of pace, we’ve rounded up Steve Breslin and Alexey Kozyrev, editor and producer respectively on upcoming RTS/management/RPG sequel Majesty 2: The Fantasy Management Sim. They’d very much like to give you sterling people an exclusive look at the men, women, beasts and demonic rocky things that’ll be populating Maj2’s tongue-in-cheek world of war and greed. As well as that, there’s a fresh-from-the-show-floor developer interview to feast your ocular organs upon. Oh, and we’ve got a couple more of these developer write-ups due as Majesty 2 approaches its release later this year.

Here’s a general trailer to wetteth yon appetite:

And now here’s Steve Breslin and Alexey Kozyrev exclusively describing six of the game’s major units. First up, three of the heroes:


– Hammer attack
– Master engineers
– Remarkable ingenuity – great problem solvers
– Excellent melee fighters

“These stocky, four-foot powerhouses may be a little slow getting from A to B, but don’t say that to their face – unless you fancy being knee-capped by a swift blow from their trusty hammers. Skilled engineers, these guys just love tinkering with anything mechanical. Perpetual Mr. Fixits, they work tirelessly to help their human allies with any construction project that happens to be on the go. Just the folk to have around if you can’t tell a socket wrench from a soldering iron. These stout-hearted allies are equally invaluable in a melee – just watch those tiny hammers fly.”

Tax Collector

– Fast reckoning skills
– Able to interpret dense bureaucratic jargon

“Everyone loves a tax collector, right? All those tricky little deductions and devious loop holes, designed to help folks’ hard-earned cash make it safely into the royal coffers… good job the tax collector is waiting at the other end to reckon it all up safely – wouldn’t want the crown to go short now, would we? But it’s all for a good cause – without this faithful civil servant, quests would cease to be funded: the Paladins would be tragically plume-less, and god forbid the Blademaster should go without his thong (shudder…) All in all, this is a very valuable – and cost-effective – servant to have on your pay roll.”

Sister of Krypta

-Raises undead servants

“Naughty clerics grow up to be Sisters of Krypta, dedicating themselves to the Darkness, and donning a suitably rebellious dominatrix corset. I mean, who wants to spend their time fixing the boo-boos of a bunch of muscle heads, when you can rock out with a bunch of totally bitching spells, raise some skeletons (after all, there is no such thing as too thin…) and cast evil magics.”

And now for a few of the villains…


– Excellent spies
– Travel quickly through network of sewers
– Great defense when threatened

“Ardania is over-run with these creatures: scrabbling in basements, scratching away behind walls, and scrambling through the sewers by the thousands. In fact, a highly organized, gigantic network of callous, unscrupulous spies, able to collect and disseminate information at incredible speed – and if you get in their way, watch out for those razor sharp teeth… a cornered rat always goes for the throat! Nothing’s worse than a dirty rotten rat. Unless it’s two. Or two million…” Or…


– Native cunning
– Unscrupulous readiness to attack
– Skilled thief

“Talk about the WORST of both worlds: rat + man equals big trouble! This slimy, self-serving thug is ever-ready for a rumble, and while fighting is always a pleasure in itself, if there is some profit to be had… well all the better. The Ratman especially enjoys leaping out on the poor, unsuspecting Tax Collector (this particular animosity is genetic, and can be traced back to his human ancestry) or raiding unguarded settlements. It is said that this unhappy hybrid was the result of pollution: all the bad spells and mis-judged potions flushed down the toilets of Ardania over the years formed a potent toxic cocktail of magic and mayhem. And its name is Ratman.”


– Resistant to magic and missiles

“These jangling bags of bone are the unholy remains of fallen warriors, whose final peace was desecrated by the dark enchantments of necromancers. With the Demon King on the throne, the dark arts spread like the plague across the kingdom and soon all graveyards lay empty, their inhabitants unwillingly roused from rest by the battle cry of Evil. Although not terribly strong – they lack a certain muscle power – skeletons can easily withstand missiles and are not susceptible to magic attacks.”

Thanks, chaps. Finally, here’s another of the game’s producers talking players old and new through the Majesty games at E3 yesterday:


  1. Wilson says:

    Someone should blatantly make an RPG about being a tax-collector. Any time period is good.

  2. phil says:

    Game – Interesting system but a bit too Pratchety in tone

    Video Interviews – Awesomely retro, it’s like media training never happened. And yes, I know it’s probably his third language but for the love of God, get to the point.

  3. Zyrxil says:

    What the hell is wrong with their website? It’s a giant flash app that….approximates a normal html website, design circa 1996? It even has a fucking vertical scroll bar, FFS. Why would you do something like that? I would go as far to say their website somehow invalidates any presumption of the dev team’s competence.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    A little manual fluff is nice but i’d sooner know about how they intend to model indirect management. Do they intend to give some direct management. What range of indirect commands are planned? Even how they intend to manage fog of war and misdirection. The developers have my attention, i just hope they aren’t wasting it.

  5. Rich_P says:

    So the dwarf is really Brak?

  6. DMJ says:

    I now demand that each of those bullet points listed for those characters must have an in-game use.

    Let the mighty Tax Collector grapple with, and overcome, a wandering mass of bureaucratic jargon in an epic battle with stunning particle effects!

    Allow the Dwarf use his “remarkable ingenuity” to build elaborate McGyver contraptions to defeat foes, escape peril, and make lunch.

  7. danielcardigan says:

    Heliocentric says:”A little manual fluff is nice but i’d sooner know about how they intend to model indirect management. Do they intend to give some direct management. What range of indirect commands are planned?”

    I never played the original Majesty – was that the one where you didn’t give ANY direct commands, beyond how many of a particular unit you wanted and then they sorted things out themselves. Or have I misinterpreted it?

  8. Heliocentric says:

    Oh for sure. It was very indirect, but this is a sequel by different developers. They may have a very different take.

  9. Heliocentric says:

    Also, picture an assassins creed mod where you play as a tax collector, tax too little and the economy collapses, tax too much and the economy collapses, use a slice of your tax to finance guards while assassins try and eliminate you, too much and the ruling family will be unhappy, too little and you’ll be dead, also the ruling party unhappy.

  10. Legionary says:

    >”Who do you think will enjoy this game?”
    The interviews should’ve been less confrontational, they made me feel awkward. Poor interviewee, that lady took no prisoners.

    Majesty was great, Majesty 2 looks at least an entertaining diversion.

  11. PeopleLikeFrank says:

    @daniel cardigan

    The only direct control you had was to place bounties on monsters or for exploring a certain area. This would usually entice some hero in to trying to collect, but you definitely couldn’t tell them to. If they were too low level, they might not go for it, and some were simply more cowardly than others.

    The other thing you could control were spells, which you cast yourself. You needed a mage guild of a certain level to get them, I think. But you could cast various healing/protection/attack spells on heroes and monsters. You didn’t have the mana to rely on those exclusively, but it could help you tip the balance of a fight.

  12. Vinraith says:

    The original game was (and still is) superb, this looks like a promising resurrection. Here’s hoping it lives up to the name.

  13. ComVlad says:

    Does preferring the old Sister of Krypta outfit make me a snob? Oh well as long her voice is on par with the original I’ll be happy(there was a reason i always built that temple).

  14. Jeremy says:

    Helio, they use flags for indirect control, it’s in the vid. Flags for exploration, protection, attack, etc.

  15. Vinraith says:

    I do hope the remarkable diversity of (variously mutually contradicting) deities and priesthoods are kept in this new iteration. That was one of the most interesting aspects of the original game, making careful choices about what kinds of casters you needed most in a given situation. Plus they had some seriously fun-to-watch powers. I’m very heartened to see Kryptans coming back.

  16. Tom says:

    SWEET haircut

  17. Levictus says:

    Looking good, we need more interesting game like this. Hopefully, this will live up to the original Majesty. It was great game.

  18. Tomhet says:

    That dwarf looks like a cock. And by cock i mean rooster.

  19. Carra says:

    So the six units they present are all in the original Majesty? Come on, give us something new.

    Majesty is one of those rare games that I get out once a year and still play from time to time.

  20. Serondal says:

    Personally I think it would be interesting if you could construct quests akin to mmorpgs like “Kill 5 wolfs and you get a reward” Kind of quests so you can keep certain enemy populations under control without having to directly put bounties on them. It got a little crazy on some of those maps where there were tons of monsters or an entire enemy kingdom to deal with.

    I loved the various temples you could build as well, that was a very interesting part of the game and the sisters of krypta were always my favorite.

  21. Hulk Hogan says:

    Tax Collecter: The Taxing

    A libertarian draws near!

    What dost thou do?

    |TAX |
    |MAGIC |
    |ITEMS |
    |RUN |

    Thou doth tryeth to tax thy retched foe.
    Ye Libertarian use-eth innate ability: tax evasion
    Your attack fail
    Cursed whore-son! Ye Libertarian attacketh thee! He bite-eth into your supple warm flesh and teareth out a chunk! Thou are bleeding to death! Thy hath bleedeth to death! Ye Libertarian spit-eth out Ye Tax Collecter Chunk. Ye Libertarian gains 100 evil points and groweth horns of evil.

    Tis’ game be over.

  22. Heliocentric says:

    Serondal so playing majesty 2 should be like micromanaging an mmo. Create newbie areas and then keep them occupied repeating quests for meaningless loot?

  23. Zindaras says:

    @ ComVlad: I have to admit that if you’re a snob, I am too. Crimson robes and a hood make sense for a Sister devoted to a death goddess. This lady looks like she’s out for Easter sunday or something. I only hope the Solarus are as awesome as they were in the original, they were totally my favorite. (Kryptans came in second though.)

  24. Ziv says:

    weren’t the sisters of krypta red and gothic??? go damned i was hoping for red clothes&leather w/ enough make up to make K.I.S.S. like a bunch of sissies!

  25. Serondal says:

    @Heliocentric Actaully if you played Majesty 1 you may agree with me that some of the heros could use a newbie area lol. I know most of my heros died at level 1 or 2 and only the lucky few that survived lived on to become true heros. But no, I mean it would be useful to create quests that can be repeated by several heros that don’t involve an exact target. Say you put down a quest to kill rats and every time a hero kills a rat and returns to this quest giver they get a reward of gold (meaningful in this game as the heros can buy potions and upgrade weapons and armor ect) That way you don’t have to put a bounty on each and every rat that comes out of the sewers and you don’t have to invest as heavily in guard posts which general the guards never were able to kill the rats in my game any how (once they become rat men and trolls ect)

  26. malkav11 says:

    Yeah, those descriptions are amusing but every one of those characters is from the original Majesty. I wanna know what new stuff’s coming.

  27. Thranx says:

    Is this similar in style and play to Hinterlands? Despite it’s simple execution, hinterlands was pretty good.

  28. Cpy says:

    It’s like having your own mmo! But now with kick ass graphics! I just love this game.

  29. Kikiyoshi says:

    Hello guys. I am QA Assistant of Ino-Co and I have a couple of things to say about this article.
    First, the images posted here are just concept art (work-in-progress graphic materials) and do not represent the final quality of graphical appearance of Majesty 2 game.
    Second, the web site mentioned here,, was created by Paradox Interactive team completely without our (actual game developers, 1C:Ino-Co) concern. On the other hand, the web site (in Russian), was designed and implemented under our control. Please have a look at it ;)