The Witcher: No Sequel Yet, But More Stuff

So you hold the button down, right?

And the award for Most Prosaic-Ever RPS Headline goes to…

All’s been a bit quiet around well-received, dodgily-translated blood’n’boobs’n’moral deliberation RPG The Witcher for a while, with its fans hoping E3 might offer news of a follow-up. No such luck, unfortunately, but there is more Witcher inbound – the 1.5 patch, which promises two rather exciting changes. Also, CD Projekt RED’s cavalier mention of a “Director’s Cut” will doubtless fuel a speculatory fire.

Witcher 1.5, to the great delight of techno-fearful men the world over, removes all DRM from the game – including even the disc check. Obviously less exciting for owners of the Steam version, but disc-jockeys will be pleased.

As well as that, it includes five new adventures – apparently made by the fans. Not sure as yet if those are already available from the internet wilderness, or if they’re brand new. Nice for a freebie either way, certainly.

Then there’s this whole Director’s Cut business. CD Projekt are being incredibly cheeky there, giving no details bar the name – which, specifically, will be the remarkably cumbersome “The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut.” ‘North American gamers’ are mentioned specifically, which may mean half of gamingdom is set to explode in fury at some point, but we’ll see. So what does this mean? How does one enhance an Enhanced Edition? There’s still perhaps room for better English voicework, while an option to deactivate those infamous smutty cards would please those who found them tawdry and jarring. What else, fellows?

Anyway – that 1.5 patch is tagged ‘coming soon’, and apparently will be applied to all versions of the game. More details as and when.


  1. NegativeZero says:

    @Clovis: since you name-dropped Australia I must point out that the game was released here with the smut cards uncensored. It’s got an MA15+ rating (the highest possible in Australia) with content descriptors of “Strong violence, sex scene and drug references”.

  2. Guhndahb says:

    I can’t say that’s a terribly exciting announcement, really, but I love the gang at CD Project Red so I’m still happy. I hope they keep doing what they do best!

  3. James T says:

    Do you think the Witcher demo is a good representation of the game? I have been meaning to try the game and I am looking for the demo now.

    It’s kind of a ‘muted’ preview — at most stages of the game, you have more maps to visit, they’re somewhat busier, and you’ll be fighting better due to the accrued level-up unlocks and new swords/armour. Plus you’ll be starting to see the fallout from your decisions kicking in. But it shows the basic mechanics pretty representatively.

    Strictly speaking, probably all the cards are optional, but you have to play a very particular variety of creep not to get some of the story-related ones (ie Triss and Shani, and… hang on, is there any way of skipping Adda?), so, whether you get them or not, they’re an aspect you have to contend with, an embarrassing one that The Witcher would be better off without; that said, I’d probably put it second only to Deus Ex as my game of the decade (oo, 6 months to go though), so I’m not saying anyone shouldn’t play it.

    edit: Oh, I see they’ve put ‘Rise of the White Wolf’ on hold. Couldn’t give a shit about the game itself — haven’t got a console — but I want these guys making money off their good work, so that’s a shame.
    …Although that news report does also tell me that “Rise of the White Wolf” was NOT their as-yet-unrevealed ‘secret project’, so… hooray!

  4. Anonononomous says:

    Clovis: The first GTA IV DLC has a penis. It’s rated M.

  5. James T says:

    And I could swear I’ve seen the Alghouls’ tiny David-esque cash-and-prizes dangling about after I’ve sent them sprawling…

    (I read somewhere that the Ancient Greeks aesthetically prized having a smaller unit; that’d certainly scythe a lot of nonsense out of male intrasexual politics!)

  6. Serondal says:

    I broke down and got it. I Have to say it’s F@#$@# awesome dunno why I put it off so long, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  7. TeeJay says:

    On the original version sells for £9.99 and the enhanced edition for £29.99. Can anyone give me some advice about how hard it is to upgrade the original game up to the Enhanced Edition and what else I might be missing out on ifI go for the cheap version?

    £9.99 version

    link to

    £29.99 version

    link to

  8. Nick says:

    Its a fairly large couple of downloads that you need to register for, but nothing too tricky. Other than that you miss out on bits and bobs that come with the game, not missing anything actually in the game.

  9. James T says:

    TeeJay — buy the normal one and you’ll have to d/l the Enhanced Edition and associated bonus material yourself — quite big, but free. The difference between Enhanced Edition retail is that you get the (very nice) soundtrack, the (half-good-half-terrible) Sapkowski tribute album and the making-of docos in CD/DVD form rather than mp3/wmv form, and the book-y stuff (some game-guide material) in print form rather than PDF form; oh, and I think the retail version might come with some maps (ornamental, we’re not talkin’ GTA here) that you just get as big JPGs with the patch version. So you’re paying 20 quid to get the extra stuff in solid form; personally I didn’t feel the need, so d/led it (I was tempted to buy the retail EE out of sheer CDPR-philia, buuuut I’m just too frugal.)