Drive a Volvo For Free

I may get my real car done up like this. Not that I have a car. But I'm tempted to buy a car to get done up like this.

Go joyriding. And if a bout of twocking doesn’t appeal, you could be attracted to Gamersgate latest offer. Basically Volvo: The Game is available free to anyone with a Gamersgate account. As mentioned before, it’s been developed by SimBin, who you’ll know from serious sims like GTR and allows you to drive Volvo cars like Volvo car 1, Volvo car 2 and Volvo car 3. Er… probably. We don’t know much about Volvo cars. But – er – in this version you can play in an especially skinned Gamersgate volvo. It’s totally true. Press releases never, ever lie. Er… footage beneath the cut?

Yup. That’s footage, all right.

Of course, as our comments thread points out, you can also just download the non-Gamersgate version from SimBin’s site. Which you can do so here.

Hurrah for videogames?

Yes. Hurrah for videogames.


  1. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Huh. Thirty second long look at new Volvo car (commercial!) ends with disembodied Stig head?

    Could be that Volvo is vindictive because Top Gear doesn’t like their cars or something.

  2. Colthor says:

    You can also get it from one of the mirrors linked to on SimBin’s site:
    link to

    The 240 is jolly good fun.

  3. Benny says:

    That’s footage indeed, but where’s the RPS skinned volvo for this stunning endorsement?

  4. Ian says:

    If this doesn’t win Game of the Year in every publication or website that awards such an accolade then it makes a mockery of everything gaming stands for.

  5. Tworak says:

    L4D2 should be free.

  6. bansama says:

    As much as I want to like this, the fact that I can’t steer to save my life in any Simbin game, really does it in for me. No matter what I do, the darn cars will never turn!

  7. Markoff Chaney says:

    @ bansama Did Simbin do that BMW racing game too? If so, I had the same issue with the non-steering. I shrugged and exited it after not being able to go around a single bend on the course.

    -Edit- Nope – “Developed by Blimey! Games and 10tacle Studios in cooperation with BMW engineers”

  8. Blather Blob says:

    I had the same couldn’t corner/couldn’t not crash experience when I first tried the demo of GTR 2. But I was looking at it from a view of assuming it was somewhat accurate and since I don’t know how to drive, really, I assumed that I wouldn’t know how to go around corners and stuff. Playing it with an analogue device helps a ton; I used a mouse on the demo of GTR 2, which sort of worked for steering, but accelerate/brake were still digital (buttons), so it was still kind of hard. An XBox controller works quite well too, if you use the triggers as accelerate/brake. But really, the main thing of importance is that you accept cars can’t go around corners at 100mph while accelerating, and that you actually have to use the brakes ahead of time. If this works like SimBin’s other games, you can load a ghost car of someone who knows what they’re doing and turn on a racing line to see where they’re braking/accelerating, to give you an idea of how very much before a corner you need to start braking.

    This, the BMW game, and the GTR series are all based off of an engine from yet another company, ISI, I believe. But, the free BMW game was by Blimey!, which sort-of used to be Simbin during the days of development of the games prior to the RACE series, but then left and started their own company, and then went bankrupt, and so changed their name to Slightly Mad, got yelled at by Simbin for claiming they were 90% of the people who had made GTR2, and now are making the next Need For Speed. I’m very much looking forward to NFS: Shift, if only to see what it ends up being (sim or arcade? Or the magic combination of both that everyone from new-Simbin to Codemasters all promise and then release something that really only works as one or the other).

  9. Goaty says:

    I read about this in the swedish newspapers. Some people had opinions about making a Volvo game and lay off people at the same time.

  10. DSX says:

    I saw “4×4 HUMMER” on a pirate site a couple days ago, basically the same sort of advergame for now former General Motors (irony included) line of 4×4 Humvees and Chevy trucks that you can drive off-road. Not for free (except if you pirate it of course) and not half as interesting as Volvo imho.×4-hummer/overview

  11. Bas says:

    Shit handling. This makes me want to never buy a Volvo, ever. Seriously, how long can it take to go from 100 km/h to 50 when I hit the brakes? Five minutes in a Volvo.

  12. Dozer says:

    In a Volvo bus, it goes from 30mph to 15 in about 0.2 seconds, whenever you brush your foot against the brake pedal. But they’re much, much nicer than the British-made buses >:-)

  13. caesarbear says:

    Sounds like RPS fans don’t know how to drive.

  14. Jeremy says:

    “Sounds like RPS fans don’t know how to drive.”

    That’s because they drive on the left over there. No wonder they’re crashing everywhere. [/american]

    Really, though, how is this any different from the Chex-doom game from 10ish years ago?

  15. egpheel says:

    I downloaded mine from link to
    I always loved Volvo and i was really happy to see a 240 in a game! I drive an american model 244 so I was really excited :D

  16. david says:

    Erm, is that a PS2 game??

  17. Psychopomp says:


    Oh, you!

  18. PC Monster says:

    …an odd idea. Asking people to download a branded version of a brand-focused game you can freely download elsewhere without the additional branding.

    Thanks but no thanks, Gamersgate.

  19. nakke says:

    To people who complain that you can’t drive in it: do you drive your car with a keyboard?

  20. Blather Blob says:

    I just installed and tried this; even the version straight from Volvo includes Gamersgate-branded cars. Also, Volvos are apparently indestructible.

  21. Dozer says:

    Indestructable Volvo estates? Not if you fire a modern car into one: link to

    (skip to 5 minutes in for the interesting bit)

  22. DigitalSignalX says:

    Fascinating video Dozer, read the comments (= They rigged the test; the 940 was missing its airbags and a front safety beam that prevents the in-line engine type from sliding over during an off-set collision.

  23. Blackout62 says:

    That car can’t be a Volvo it looks too fun.

  24. DerangedStoat says:

    This game is great (like most of the SimBin racers). I normally hate advergames, but this is generally because they are crap.
    By pairing up with a respectable racing sim developer, they’ve created an advergame that is actually not in the slightest a ‘throwaway game’.
    I do have a love of all things Volvo however (to the point that I bought Race: Swedish Touring Car Championship, soley because it’s a sim… with Volvos!), so this may be slightly biased, but the sheer glee of finally getting a simulation that includes the 850 Wagon cannot be understated.

    To those of you having trouble steering, are you playing on keyboard? If so you are probably suffering from ‘tyre scrub’ when cornering. This happens when the front wheels are turned too far for your speed, and end up getting pushed along as their angle is too great for the direction & speed of travel to rotate normally, and so they ‘scrub’ along the road, resulting in severe understeer.
    And since a keyboard is digital ‘all or nothing’ steering, it’s nearly impossible to avoid, unless you slow right down before steering.