Metal Gear Solid 5 On PC. Woo?


There isn’t much love for most of the MGS series in Castle Shotgun, but of course it has its fans and they’re totally entitled to that, regardless of the fact that we’ll eventually round them up and drown them all in the river. The news that the upcoming new’un, MGS: Rising – which apparently stars some half-robot ladyboy or something – is departing its traditional Sony-only shores for the PC (360 too) is a little surprising, though. I don’t believe we’ve had a Metal Gear since a port of number 2 yonks ago, so it’s odd for it to suddenly come back now.

I guess Rising is a new age for the series, seeing as it doesn’t star Solid Snake this time around and lacks a number in the title (I insist on giving it one nevertheless, because I’m an idiothole like that). All that cutscene jaffery might well drive me spare, but it’s always a happy day when the PC gets treated to something it’s normally denied. We don’t get much Konami stuff around these parts, so hopefully this is the first of many. Some footage’n’that below, if you’re curious.

That means literally almost nothing to me. Apparently Raiden… is baaaaaack, however. One of these days I should probably just head over to Wikipedia and work out what the hell MGS’ labyrinthine plot is about now, but frankly I’m a little scared to do so.


  1. Sonic Goo says:

    I would go for ‘Solid Snake Rising’. Just to complete the imagery.

  2. Bear says:

    The “Lightning Bolt Action” still cracks me up everytime.

  3. JKjoker says:

    yet another game developer with a franchise that has always been (or spent some time being) console only coming to PC, whats going on here ? its like they were preparing to leave Sony and MS to die in the desert

    also… OMG!, not the sissy idiot that stole MGS2 away from Snake again… -_-

  4. ReturnToNull says:

    It’s not Snatcher, or something new and possibly interesting. Burn Kojima alive!

  5. malkav11 says:

    Two things – first of all, MGS3’s version of Raiden (looks identical, may or may not be related as the storyline confuses me) has apparently been having a hot man-on-man relationship with one of the bosses. So, yeah.

    Secondly, I wish the Ac!d games would become the main series franchise. They make even less sense, plotwise, but the adaptation of stealth/action gameplay to a turn-based collectible card RPG is nothing short of inspired. Metal Gear Ac!d 2 in particular is just layers and layers of gaming goodness on one little UMD. Tons of tactical options, tons of variety in the main missions, plus a plethora of optional side missions including out and out puzzles. And for whatever reason “3D” videos. That use a special viewer (included) to generate a rather headache-inducing spatial illusion.

  6. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Malkav as far as I understood that snippet of the story (I only ever got to watch) it was more about Raiden getting man-pwned than him being a man lover. Like a gimp. The gimp may not enjoy THAT, they just enjoy being a gimp. Otherwise why would you do it?

    (I’m fairly sure that’s how it goes, anyways.)

  7. tmp says:

    A lot of you guys are misreading that Kojima intro, at least imo. I thought it was more of his trolling, like “Yeah, you guys are getting an MGS game, but it stars pretty ass Raiden, hated by comically insecure gamers all over the world.”

    That’s how it read to me too, given pretty fanboyish PS3 attitude in MGS4 and how he then went at length to explain during Sony presser the PSP game will be the only of the new installments he’ll actually work on together with the core team.

    He’s saying “Owned” in that opening, just using few more words.

  8. unique_identifier says:

    best opening line ever mr meer.

  9. malkav11 says:

    I won’t swear the Raiden character was into it, but the boss was definitely hinted to have some emotional investment there.

  10. Psychopomp says:

    On one hand, he’s a bishounen as you can get…

    On the other hand, he
    1.Loses both his arms
    2.proceeds to stop a mobile fortress’s movement ,*by himself*
    3.Get’s crushed by said fortress
    5.Fights off armed soldiers with a sword in his teeth
    6.He *is* the lightning.

    And isn’t that what gaming is all about?

  11. david says:

    Nick says:

    Adam & Joe reference?


  12. Radiant says:

    MGS 1 was brilliant absolutely brilliant.
    MGS2 was where Kojima seemed to lose his audience a bit.
    3 was fantastic but that was mostly about ‘boss’ battles [geddit?] like Shadow of the Colossus but where you had to kill and eat Agro.
    4 was bullshit and I got the feeling Kojima at that point really hated Snake.
    4 was like playing a 3rd person shooter but as my granddad.

  13. Radiant says:

    The card game on the PSP MGS: ACID 2 is excellent btw.

  14. Psychopomp says:


    He wanted to do something new after 3

    He still does

    *No one will let him*

  15. PC Monster says:

    In common with many others above I am pleased the PC is getting more attention but have no great faith that this won’t be a clunky port of the original. I don’t think we should be supporting people who equate ‘game’ with ‘interactive movie’ either.

    @Tom: I don’t like MGS or Final Fantasy games either.

    Lastly (and I’m sorry if this is turning into a moan – I’m just up out of bed) I’m tired of having to adjust the shape of my mind to fully appreciate the Japanese way of thinking, when if they’re selling products over here it should be them adjusting to ours. I’m still waiting for them to apologise to the world for the utterly pointless Pokemon ‘phenomenon’.

  16. dash says:

    As far as I’m concerned they still owe me a free and working copy of a new MGS game, considering the fact that i’ve spent 46€ on a broken and half assed PC port of MGS2 back then which was never fixed…

  17. Hybridens says:

    lightning bolt action?????

  18. Dominic White says:

    My main worry about any port here is that the controls won’t carry other. MGS4 uses every analogue button on the pad – even the pressure-sensitive face ones AND the motion sensor features.

    There’s no way in hell to replicate that control setup on a PC, short of custom PS3 pad drivers.

    I’m less worried about the general quality of the port, and more the straight-up impossibility of replicating the control method. Again, just reminding people that EVERY button on the PS3 pad is analogue. In a driving game, you can bind ‘accelerate’ to, say, the X button and the harder you press, the faster you’ll go.

    And Konami games in particular are really good at exploiting this feature. I remember a couple of weapons in Zone of the Enders 2 that would drastically change depending on pressure, like a machinegun that would act as a wide suppression/stun weapon if pressed hard, but a tight beam of high powered energy if pressed lightly.

  19. Xercies says:

    Ninja Gaiden ripoff.

  20. dash says:

    @Dominic White
    This button sensitivity problem was addressed with introduction of “half press” button in MGS2 PC. If you wanted to half-press button X on PC, you had to press 2 buttons: the “half press”+X LOL.

    It wasn’t a perfect solution, but hey, it did work. ^^’

  21. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I find it interesting that they’d try and go back to Raiden, who was pretty universally hated, instead of trying to return to the setting in Snake Eater and do the whole gritty Cold War bit. By moving into prequel mode, they easily avoid the nonsensical “WHAT A TWIST!” kind of bullshit that’s par for the course in MGS 1, 2, and 4.

    All that aside, I still eat Metal Gear?!?!?!?!!! up with a fucking spoon anyway. Snake is just a hard-boiled badass with as much personality as a rusty saw, and I feel good about it. That, and my style of play (murder everyone in sight) would be tremendously complimented by a mouse, so I’m mildly interested in what Raiden might have to offer, knowing full well that it’s going to be nothing but 24/7 SORD FITAN and I’ll feel like I’ve been kicked in the balls.

    This is all very depressing actually.

  22. not the rob with a pony says:

    Just coming!

  23. Dominic White says:

    I’m fairly sure Raiden stopped being universally hated in MGS4, when he came back as a grizzled veteran, and a full-body cyborg with a metal jaw and the ability to keep fighting after losing both his arms and most of his freaky white cyborg blood.

    Now that’s something I’d like to see become a play mechanic. You can keep on fighting so long as you’ve got at least one functioning limb and a little juice still in you.

  24. Salem5 says:

    I can tell you how the storywriting for MG goes since it started on the NES:
    First, lay an empty sheet on your desk. Then put a finger in your throat. Keep pushing that finger in until you release your ‘stream’ of output. Watch that every cm^2 is covered on that sheet, then send it to Konami in a waterproof envelope.
    I’ve given up on the Story from MGS to MGS2.

  25. Dan says:

    Raiden from Mortal Kombat is in Metal Gear Solid? Waaaa?

  26. subedii says:

    i didn’t mind Raiden. He was the wet behind the ears rookie, but that’s what he was supposed to be.

    What was annoying was Rose and her constant whiny relationship meanderings whilst Raiden’s trying to get on with the mission. It was pretty weird.

  27. Smurfy says:

    At the end there’s only one person clapping.

  28. R. says:

    Tmp has it right – the whole thing is a brilliant bit of trolling by Kojima, finally giving the 360 crowd a Metal Gear game only for it to star arguably the most unpopular character in the series, especially with said 360 crowd (though to be fair, he was a truckload more awesome in MGS4, possibly even more so than poor old Snake).

    All that said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turned out to be a brand new Raiden and not Jack from the previous games. The evidence is purely speculative and not so much thin but anorexic but even by Raiden standards, that render is absurdly feminine and whoever it is has brown eyes. Even in MGS4 in full on cyborg ninja form, Jack-Raiden kept his baby blue eyes.

    Too long, didn’t read – there’s a chance this game could actually be about cute little moppet Sunny from MGS4, all grown up and imitating her hero Raiden. Which would somewhat fucked up but that’s Kojima for you, the mad little bastard.

  29. apnea says:

    Japanese game is japanese.

    Less generalizingly, the big game franchises from Japan seem to have great difficulty not jumping the shark into bonker and gratuitous fan-service territory recently. Such games can sometimes be fairly decent on a gameplay level, but I can’t shake the impression that, thematically, I’m playing something aimed at a very narrow segment of people of which I am definitely not a part. The MGS series is paradigmatic in this sense. I’ll pass.

  30. Ergates says:

    @Bhazor “But he’s seriously trying to make Raiden into a character that isn’t hateful.
    Heres a suggestion then. Get someone else to write the plot. And all the dialogue.

    MGS3 is clearly the best of the series. But largely because you can kill and eat pretty much everything you encounter. Then have conversations about what it tastes like.

    Someone really should explain to Kojima the difference between “complex” and “incoherent”.

  31. Wisq says:

    To everyone pointing out there’s only one person clapping (I count three)… I strongly suspect that was just the presenter guy clapping at a guest appearance, like they tend to do.

    The bigger question is, why isn’t the audience clapping at all? (Assuming they weren’t under instructions not to.) Shock?

    Frankly, I thought MGS2 was decent, MGS3 was quite good, and I probably won’t ever play MGS4 unless it comes to PC or Wii. The PS2 was great, but I just don’t have any interest in today’s consoles.

  32. Wooly says:

    “The bigger question is, why isn’t the audience clapping at all? (Assuming they weren’t under instructions not to.) Shock?”

    I believe that would be horror.

  33. Psychopomp says:

    “I’m tired of having to adjust the shape of my mind to fully appreciate the Japanese way of thinking, when if they’re selling products over here it should be them adjusting to ours.”

    Don’t even get me started how much it doesn’t work that way. If you don’t like the japanese way of thinking *don’t but their games.*

    Your path is a dangerous path, where Russian art is de-bleaked for the west, Britcoms are changed for an american audience, ect. ect.
    The japanese have a culture different from your own, how you feel about that is *your* problem, not theirs.

  34. Dominic White says:

    Yeah, to anyone complaining about Japanese games being too Japanese, I’d just like to remind you of this:

    link to

    That is what happens when you try to ‘reimagine’ something for a new audience. And let’s not even get into Japanese horror movies which Hollywood thought would be improved through the addition of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    It’s one thing to say that you don’t enjoy stuff, but another to demand that they recreate it to fit your personal preferences.

    Maybe to reach out to a more Global (see ‘American’) audience, RPS should be less British?

  35. Bret says:

    No, it should be more stereotypically British. Monocles, top hats, stiff upper lip, etc.

    And cross cultural adaptations have worked fine. American Office: perfectly decent show. Stanford and Son: Also fine.

    And if you hate Elite Beat Agents, well, you can just go into a hole and die.

  36. Funky Badger says:

    MGS3 was great – any game where you can win a boss fight by waiting for your enemy to die of old age gets a double thumbs up from me.

  37. Psychopomp says:


    Thing is, no one is going to mistake Elite Bear Agents for american.

  38. Andre says:

    They should port over the best one: MGS3.

  39. Abs says:

    The 60s cold war setting for a Metal Gear game was perfect.
    Although MGS4 is pretty epic, MGS3 remains my fav.
    A PC port would be smashing (although very late). With the MP as well please!

  40. Arash says:

    Personally, I’ve never understood the level of hate directed at Raiden. Then again, I’ve probably seen more than my share of anime and I loathed Epic’s Beefy Dude Stereotypes ™.
    I’d have happily paid for more MGS4 – playable levels or even more of the good old fashioned VR challenges; it was a lovely game with sadly not enough… ahem… game in there.

  41. Darren says:

    this is not made by kojima, it will be made by americans, which will mean that it will suck. this isnt MGS5. and MGS5 is yet to come but i’m sure it will be PS3 exclusive and Snake will eventually be recloned again

  42. Ruffian says:

    I honestly couldn’t be happier with this news. I thought I was gonna have to dust off my crapbox to slice some mothers up as ole Jacky boy. I looooooove katana action games (ninja gaiden is the only recent one that comes to mind), and I can’t help but think/hope Kojima will do it right. Now all they need to do is bring Ninja Gaiden 3 to pc and I’ll be a very happy little gamer. There’s something really satisfying to me about flying towards my enemies dodging their bullets left and right, and then slicing them to ribbons in the most efficient way possible.

    And yes the studio that made Bayonetta is developing it, but Kojima definitely still has a hand in it. Also I never played MGS4, seeing as it was a PS3 exclusive, was it really that bad?