Imp-ortant News: Overlord II Demoified

I downloaded the demo of this cruelty ’em up sequel yesterday, and was intending on posting about it only once I’d played it. Sadly, it sternly refuses to install on my system (I’m running Windows 7, so have no-one to blame except myself. And the hair thieves who come in the night and steal my eyebrows, obviously), so instead all I can say is this: there is a demo, which is just under a gig in size. And you should play it, because this game of imp-herding and people-murdering looks very promising. Right, I’m going to go see if I’ve still got a hard drive with poxy Vista installed somewhere…

Edit – turns out my download was borked. A new’un has installed fine – whee!


  1. Chris Evans says:

    Odd that you couldn’t get it to install, it was very smooth on my Windows 7 machine. Only problem I had was that it didn’t work with the Steam overlay..

  2. Linfosoma says:

    That means I won’t be able to try it either I guess =(
    First game I’ve seen doesn’t works in the glorious win 7.

  3. Dominic White says:

    It took a few years, but it seems that the Pikmin clone is on the rise – Overlord 2 and Little Kings Story out around now, and both taking a Miyamoto formula and putting a spin on it.

    Good to see, really.

  4. Flappybat says:

    Feels a lot like the original just with the graphics improved a bit, unfortunately that means a totally linear game with lukewarm evil and a feeling that it should be better.

  5. Heliocentric says:

    The previous game was like 10% of the massive world changing epic it wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong that 10% was fun, but the game either had great ideas and didn’t work them through of stupid ideas and overused them. The mouse control was needlessly gimped, if was play the original or likely the new demo the 360 pad is likely the way to go. Why can’t we get an open world game with minions? Gothics summons seem a good candidate but i’m not far in that.

  6. Chris Evans says:

    First play of the demo I used keyboard and mouse, it didn’t work that well at all. However as soon as I started to use my 360 pad it all became better :D

    I share the same feelings as Flappybat, from the demo it felt just like the original, just with better graphics (I said as much in my little hands on on The Reticule). However the demo is too short to get any real understanding of what the full game will be like.

    Redownloading the original on Steam to try that out again, evilness will prevail!

  7. MrBejeebus says:

    downloading now, when i played through the 1st 1 i was feeling the whole time “this could be better”..

  8. Paul Moloney says:

    I’m getting 20Kbps from GamersHell – the site is well-named.


  9. MonkeyMonster says:

    Loved the first, though never managed final baddie – or rather could ever be arsed. Its looking plush and I find k + m fine. Nice to see the same vein of silly evil – afaik though you can be far more evil than before.

  10. Hoernchen says:

    First the demo, then the full game – finally a dev gets it right.

  11. Bob says:

    @Paul Moloney: I’m getting 1.6 MB/s. :p

  12. Punjab says:

    Steal you hair they do, sell it into slavery.

  13. Dan says:

    I enjoyed the first game, up to the point I stopped playing without completing it (some late-game boss fight).

    This demo seems a step backwards… I never had any particular issue with the controls or camera on the PC for #1, but I had multiple cases of the camera flipping out, and the controls felt terrible.

  14. ids says:

    I have so much fun with the demo and is wrong to be clubbing baby seals. Also the graphics are vary nice

  15. Serondal says:

    I think the best open world minions game out there is Mount and Blade. There is nothing really like it.

  16. Dominic White says:

    The original Overlord was one of the most chronically misunderstood games I’ve seen. Almost everyone expected it to be like Dungeon Keeper, or maybe Fable, or something like that, despite every preview I’d read in the year+ leading up to release saying that it’s a Pikmin clone.

    Yes, Pikmin. That cute little Gamecube game where you lead around four kinds of colour-coded minions to fight and die for you, and also do all your heavy lifting.

    Overlord 2 is going to be even more Pikmin, and people will still expect something else from it. These people are unreasonable, but it won’t stop them from being dissapointed because they’ve come up with an imaginary non-game in their heads that they’re comparing to something real.

  17. Kast says:

    Terrible demo, but so was the original game’s. It didn’t feature any of the corruptive/destructive choices, no puzzles or battles of any real skill and the most we saw of the tower (or stalegtite, I guess) was the menu screen.

    Yes I still believe I will greatly enjoy this game. Do not judge the game on this experience (I know, it goes against instinct) – you’ve been handed nothing more than the tutorial.

  18. Hoernchen says:

    Unfortunately it looks like they did not fix the occasional control issue, i.e. where you can’t get out of the lmb-rmb-button-pressed-mode…

  19. Ginger Yellow says:

    What Dominic said. Overlord is Pikmin, folks. A very shiny, slightly evil, over the shoulder Pikmin. And that’s a good thing.

    I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the main thing that lifts this above the original – the minimap. That alone makes it an instant purchase for me.

    Apparently minions don’t properly die in this one either – they can be resurrected, armour and all.

  20. JKjoker says:

    i hope they made the blues actually useful and the reds get to actually do “some” damage, there was very little incentive to use them over browns or greens in the first one

  21. grimskin says:

    the appearance of the minimap it great !
    but minions seems broken :( after killing a fluffy or breaking a chest they didn’t loot treasures/weapons/lifeforce, they simply come back to you :( hope they fix this issue.

  22. Chris Evans says:

    Yea the minimap is really good, a big improvement over the first game.

    I also had those issues with minions grimskin, seems a bit odd..

  23. Olix says:


    I think you are doing something wrong if you had no use for blues. They bring your guys back to life! This is really handy.

  24. Pidesco says:

    The problem with the original game was that being evil was made lame. Killing hobbits lost the whole fun when they weren’t all rosy and perfect going around pressing wild flowers.

  25. Wacky says:

    Why do people complain of Overlord 1/2’s Mouse and Keyboard controls?If you’ve been using them for a while these games should be a breeze.I’ve finished the first just fine with them.

    The demo is pretty short and underwhelming,but then again so was the demo for the first game.I am really glad they finally added a minimap though.

  26. Heliocentric says:

    The mouse and keyboard controls get complaints because they were less dynamic than the pad controls. For no good reason you couldn’t fight freely and guide minions as you could with a pad.

  27. Raisinhat says:

    Feels just like overlord 1, only shinier and with more interesting things to do.

    Which is a very good thing – I loved the first one despite its flaws because it was charming and well written and if this can do the same then I’ll definately be purchasing.

  28. Howard says:

    While Overlord nicked a few basic concepts from Pikmin. saying it is a Pikmin clone is unwarranted. Pikmin is a damned fine game while Codies cheap imitation lacked anything to make it endearing.
    Poor controls, awful boss fights and the most constrictive, linear path I’ve ever seen in a game made it a very poor package all round.

    Can’t see this new one being any different either, particularly as Codies have continued to get worse and worse in recent years.

  29. JKjoker says:

    @Olix : they would if the AI worked right, if you leave them in “follow” mode most of the time they wont resurrect allies (i would say *never* but i’ve seen them do it once or twice), for them to actively do their job you need to set them into an area and that’s really annoying micro with the crappy controls, they are also so weak that they keep getting killed all the freaking time (the reds at least try to stay alive), so you are forced to leave them behind (more annoying micro), you will lose less guys if you have more fighters than if you waste part of your army slots on blues, if they didn’t have the two puzzle based traits “walk on water + only ones able to harm magic enemies” i wouldn’t even use them

  30. grimskin says:

    2JKjoker – you can also send them to the corpses to do their job, without setting them a marker. no micro needed this way :)

  31. DSX says:

    a demo! For MEEEEE!

  32. JKjoker says:

    @grimskin: you mean selecting only blues and send 1 “homing” in the direction of the body ?, never tried it, well it sounds better than the area thing but it only works if they are dying 1 at a time and you risk having the blue engage the enemy with their puny melee attack and their minuscule hit points

  33. Henrik J says:

    Anyone know of a way to change the controls? I hate WSAD

  34. Jonathan says:

    I just picked up the original for cheap, and am enjoying it with a Logitech gamepad. It’s very funny, and really not quite as evil as it pretends to be (so far I’m doing the same fetch and kill quests that I would do as a hero in a normal action game). It’s very restrictive, and the art style is also is like Fable. I can see myself getting tired of it if it doesn’t pick up steam soon, but I love these little minions.

  35. Ben says:

    Is the assertion failure part of the messed up download?

    I get that error every time I try to run the game.

  36. Clubbin wit seals says:


    i have the same problem, no clue why. hoping i can find out soon. btw i downloaded the demo via Steam

  37. Mikel says:

    How do I change my controls after I saved them? :S