The RPS Bargain Bucket: Robots, Sleep, Swords

Apologies we’re a little late with this weekend’s round-up of agreeably-priced electric videogames: the Hivemind was busy fighting squirrels in the park when bargainmeister LewieP‘s article arrived in our inbox. Damned squirrels ruin everything. But there is yet time to indulge in one of these splendid bargains…

Cryostasis – Sleep of Reason – £7.95/€11.99/$11.99
Billed as a proper mash up of survival horror and first person shooting, with ice, Jim’s Eurogamer review makes me think this is certainly the right price for it:

“Cryostasis is a brave, fascinating, often very beautiful game, but I find it impossible to recommend it – and not least because it runs like an exploded dog on most PCs. It’s not quite creative enough – its environments fall into a monotony of samey rooms and bulkheads – and its combat is too clunky to be delicious. I’m certain that this is a game that some gamers will tuck into heartily, and happily. The ugly truth of the meal, however, is that’s it’s still frozen in the middle.”

RPS Coverage here, and demo here.

NecroVision – £4.99/€7.49/$7.49
This is an FPS set during WWI, except it has Vampires, Demons and Zombies. I feel I should turn your attention towards this screenshot. That is some kind of big walking robot, and a biplane in the background. In 1916. Fictitious robotics aside, could be fun. Demo here.

Positech games: Half price
RPS comment-regular Cliffski’s games are all 50% cheaper on Impulse this weekend:
Democracy 2 – £6.98/€8.20/$11.49
Kudos – £3.01/€3.53/$4.95
Kudos 2 – £6.05/€7.11/$9.95
Kudos: Rock Legend – £3.01/€3.53/$4.95
All Positech games are DRM free, and these should all play great on older systems too. RPS Coverage here, and demos of all the games here.

I’ve never actually played a MMORPG (although I have reviewed one), but Steam have a bunch of them on offer right now. In case any of you are thinking of getting Age of Conan, I just noticed it requires 36GB free hard drive space, so you might have to delete a few Peggles’ worth of stuff to clear space for it.

Deal of the week
Sword of the Stars
Ok, this one is a little complicated, and uses 3 different vendors. Sword of the stars is a Space 4X game, and it recently got a “Ultimate Collection” rerelease, which includes the two expansion packs. It seems to be on offer at 3 of the big digital distribution places:
GamersGate have the Ultimate Edition for a currency proof £7.99/€7.99/$7.99
Impulse have the Ultimate Edition for £6.49/€7.63/$10.68
Direct2Drive have the Ultimate Edition + a preorder for the soon to be released third expansion “Argos Naval Yard” for £10.95/$16.95

So, decide what country you are in, what currency you want to pay in, and whether you want the third expansion pack (at an effective cost of £4.46/$8.96), and pick the best deal for you. RPS Coverage here, and demo here.

Also of note:
1C Company sale at GamersGate
20% off Strategy Games at GOG

If that lot’s not enough for you, do check out for constantly-updated bargains across all formats.


  1. bansama says:

    Any one thinking of picking up Men of War in the current 1C sale, be aware that they have run out of CD keys — meaning that while Gamersgate will sell you the game, you won’t be able to play it until they can get you a key.

    And as always, a more complete list of what’s on sale is here (at it’s new domain).

  2. hart says:

    I am officially peeved because sometime after the write up of Sword and the Stars, I decided to purchase said title for the full price. Curse my luck.

  3. Lukasz says:

    meh. nothing interesting this week.

  4. RPS says:

    Bansama – while you’re doing fine work with your own site, please do resist the urge to pimp it in this thread every single week.

  5. Gurrah says:

    Sweet, just bought sword of the stars on Impulse. Thanks for the heads up RPS!

  6. Joris says:

    FYI, the link for Democracy 2 points to Kudos

  7. LewieP says:

    Whoops, cheers Joris.

  8. popabawa says:

    Democracy 2 looks interesting, might just give it a punt at that price.

  9. James G says:

    Hehe, am I the only person sniggering at the title “Argos Naval Yard.” I can just picture a hige catalogue of ships, and approaching a naval officer with a little slip of paper with the product code of a destroyer written on it, only to be informed that it is out of stock.

  10. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    I still can’t figure out which Shotgunner introduces Lewie’s bargain lists, or even if it’s the same Shotgunner each week. I know it’s not supposed to matter but still.

    (As an aside, I’m willing to bet the opening paragraph was written by Alkierjimohn Walkossigilleer.)

  11. LewieP says:

    @Dorian Cornelius Jasper
    They take turns, doing every fourth word each.

  12. ArtyArt says:

    Bought Sword of the Stars a couple of weeks ago, so I am a little annoyed that they reduced the price again. Whatever, it is well worth its money, so there’s a hearty recommendation from me. Go buy!

  13. LewieP says:

    Also worth pointing out.

    Remember the Speedball 2 Steam giveaway? Well, someone appears to have saved up a bunch of serials, and has just posted them this morning in the comments for the SavyGamer post about it.

    Scroll to the bottom here, and you might be able to get a serial for Speedball 2 for free.

  14. Chis says:

    Necrovision allows you to bap zombies across the bonce with a trowel, give them a black eye, and a severe kicking, all at the same time.

    Therefore, at that price, it’s worth buying for this reason alone.

    The hilarious acting, and solid gunplay seem secondary to the fact that this is an FPS that makes button-mashing tremendous fun. But be warned, the game loses momentum later on: the plot implodes, many weapons become pointless, and the difficulty level is poorly balanced. But it IS worth a fiver. Just for the comboing.

  15. Howard says:

    A warning: Avoid Necrovision like the plague! While it sounds fun and looks interesting it is one of the worst FPSs I have ever played, so filled with bad design that I will not even begin to list the problems here

  16. Chis says:

    Nonsense, it has its issues but it IS fun. I maintain that at that price, it’s worth a punt. But it does become dreadfully repetitive and a tad unbalanced towards the end.

  17. Ashurbanipal says:

    I tried the demo of Necrovision and gave up in frustration at the difficulty. I think there were never-ending nazi respawns, but I can’t be sure about that. All I know is that I kept dying after killing stupid amounts of them and had to give up and use god move.

    LewieP, regarding the Speedball 2 serials: “Nie mamy numerów seryjnych do Speedball_2

    Which I assume is Polish for “We ain’t got anymore”.

  18. LewieP says:

    I know they aren’t giving any away anymore, but there are 6 serials in the SavyGamer comments which should be working.

  19. bansama says:

    @RPS I would say that giving people another source of deals which may be missed by savygamer is no more “pimping” than tacking this on “If that lot’s not enough for you, do check out for constantly-updated bargains across all formats.” every week.

    However, if you only want people to be informed of deals based off of the bias of what LewieP likes and not on what is actually being offered at the time, then so be it. Feel free to delete all my comments if that’s what you judge to be in the best interest of your readers.

  20. Lambchops says:

    “Hehe, am I the only person sniggering at the title “Argos Naval Yard.”

    Nope, I too found myself with a desire to order myself a ship from the laminated book of dreams.

  21. Carra says:

    Red Orchestra is up on steam for cheap. Looks like an interesting game.

  22. James Hsieh says:

    I’m a cheapskate. I tried all six of the serial numbers posted at and none of them work. Yeah. It’s my day of sharing.

  23. LewieP says:

    Must have already been used then, never mind, it’s not all that good anyway.

  24. vrikis says:

    you guys should note that Peggle for iPhone is just £0.59 or $0.99. I know it’s iPhone not PC, but it’s a killer price! It won’t stay like that forever!

  25. RPS says:

    The link to Lewie’s site is our thanks for his writing the post for us, Bansama. Do point out specific/important deals you think he’s missed, but please don’t use the thread simply as free advertising every week. Our threads are for discussion, not promotion. By all means start up a forum thread about it, however.

    At the moment, cherry-picking fits what we want to this short’n’sharp post be be: recommendations rather than a catalogue. Eventually the Bucket might evolve into something more completist, however.

  26. waste_manager says:

    apparently UT3 is £5 at Toys r us at the minute – a friend of mine just rang and asked if I wanted one.

  27. Stu says:

    I agree with vrikis; considering the love that both Peggle and the iPhone get from the RPS boys, I’m surprised there’s been no mention of the 59p iPeggle offer. I believe it expires today so you need to get your skates on if you want to take advantage of it — and you should, you really should.

  28. Sam says:

    I’ll be another person throwing my hat in the ring for NecroVision. Everything Chris says above is true. I also found it hard going early on until I realized that, once a rifle was dropped into my hands, I shouldn’t waste time will all that accuracy and iron sights nonsense and should just sprint towards entrenched positions battering enemies about the head and neck with the stock. It’s perfectly absurd and I don’t regret picking it up at full price.

  29. Professor says:

    Sword of the stars is a terrible game, a vastly inferior version to Sins of a Solar Empire.
    I wouldn’t pay a dollar for that piece of garbage.

  30. Professor says:

    Also, an important note, you should buy Red Orchestra, it’s for only 5$ till tomorrow on steam. It’s well worth this cheap price tag!

  31. ArtyArt says:

    Well, no. Sword of the Stars used to be a terrible mess when it was first released. Not anymore. Lots of bugs are gone, a vast amount of new gameplay elements has been added. I wish every company had such great support from its developers.

    Besides, comparing SoaSE and SotS is a little like comparing Red Orchestra and Day of Defeat. Well sure, both games are WW2 multiplayer shooter thingies. However, they focus on two completely different things. Same thing with SotS – the amount of planetary micromanagement that we know from the likes of GalCiv is completely gone, while designing your ships for combat and combat tactics are far more important. If you play SotS like a (let’s call it) “traditional” 4X game… well, there’s not too much fun to be had there, it’s true. (Plus, the learning curve is enormous, thanks to the poor video tutorials.)

  32. RogB says:

    Bansama: a suggestion : put the price in pounds+euros too.

    is the red orchestra community still pretty good? while i find it wierd paying for whats essentially a mod (even if its the price of a pint), if the community is still strong i’m quite intrigued. However, just looked at the videos and it looks pretty damn hard.. especially unforgiving for newbies… anyone recently given it a go for the first time?

  33. radomaj says:

    I find bansama’s site great and if you won’t let him pimp it, then you should pimp it yourselves.

  34. bigredrock says:

    I agree – bansama’s site is just as useful as LewieP’s. Can’t we pimp them both?

  35. Sargasso says:

    Another in agreement about the usefulness of bansama’s site.

  36. abhishek says:

    I also grabbed a few extra keys for Speedball 2 for my friends when they were giving them out. Somehow i mistakenly associated the game to be like Spectraball (which is actually fun). This game, not so much, but free is free… if anyone wants, they can use these keys –


  37. Carra says:

    I think we all agree that bansama’s site is good to find bargains. However, the question is if this is the place to promote it and not if it’s a good site.

    In any case, keep up the good work, I love these bargains :)

  38. Bob says:

    @ abhishek: Thank you very much!

    First key used.

  39. RogB says:

    @ abhishek: nice one, cheers!!
    -pinched the last one

  40. Marty Dodge says:

    Dem. 2 is bloody awful…not even worth that much.

  41. malkav11 says:

    I highly recommend picking up Cryostasis for the above price. It’s better with the original Russian voice acting (and subtitles) but what I’ve heard of the US version seemed reasonably quality and it’s an amazing game.

  42. Vinraith says:

    Democracy 2 has a very intriguing demo, but I think for an indie game of this nature (with no DRM) I’d prefer it to be client-free. Sales price or no, I’m more inclined to just buy it directly from Positech so as not to have to deal with a third party piece of software for no good reason.

    As to the earlier poster that said Sword of the Stars was an inferior version of Sins of a Solar Empire, I’m not sure what he’s smoking but I’d like to get my hands on some. Not only are the two markedly different games (in different strategy subgenres) but I find Sword to be by far the more interesting of the two. Sins is very pretty, but ultimately repetitive and shallow to a fault. Sword has some genuine variety, and a fair bit of effort has gone into ensuring the races don’t all play identically.

    Of course, I’d argue both are inferior to Gal Civ 2, but that’s another thread. :)

  43. Katsumoto says:

    Bansama’s site would be far more useful if it wasn’t just in dollars, as stated above.

    As ever, some top bargains here! I love bargains. Except I don’t, because this thread keeps pointing them out so often I end up spending more money than I would do normally anyway!

  44. Dead Fish says:

    I just bought the Cryostasis/Necrovision/Other Game combo from Gamersgate. Thanks for the tip! :)

  45. PC Monster says:

    I was just about to lay down some moolah for the SotS set, when a nagging half-memory stopped me; I tried the demo a few months back but couldn’t properly remember if I liked it…which probably meant I didn’t. It sounds like the kind of game I’d happily lose myself in for weeks at a time – my beloved GalCiv 2 has remained installed on my PC since it was released (practically unheard of) – but perhaps I’ll wait until there’s a Supreme Ultra Ultimate Edition in a few months…reduced to a fiver on Steam. ;)

    I bought The Tomorrow War from the 1C sale instead. Time to see if this is any good.

  46. abhishek says:

    I picked up Eve Online from Steam. I figure that combined with the 21 day free trial, I can get 7 weeks of playtime, which seemed worth it for 7.5$. I am aware of the ridiculously hard learning curve but I’m hoping that I’ll have enough time to overcome it.

  47. Blather Blob says:

    Sword of The Stars looks interesting… Anyone know how good the demo is? I understand that it’s changed somewhat with the release of patches and expansion packs, and the demo’s pretty old. Has the interface gotten any less clunky in the latest, ultimate version?

    And a quick price note: Sword of The Stars is actually $7.99 from Impulse. The Argos Naval Yard expansion can also be preordered from Impulse for $8.99, meaning the two combined are pretty much the same as at Direct2Drive, $16.98.

  48. Scott R says:

    SOTS is a great buy, and I echo the sentiment that comparisons to Sins of a Solar Empire are invalid. SOTS is like the Total War series in terms of gameplay, with the most configurable and option-full ship editor in any space game, and races that are Starcraft-level different.

    Loads of fun. Heartily recommended.

  49. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Which is the best amongst gamersgate, impluse, and D2D? Those are pretty good prices and I still need to get the last expansion (the murder of crows one) and the naval yard one looks good too.

  50. Vinraith says:

    @Mad Doc

    Personally I’d say Gamersgate > Impulse > D2D, but here’s something to help you decide for yourself:

    link to

    Scroll down the left hand column and look under Digital Downloads & In Game Ads Explained for a summary of how each service works.