Streetfighter IV: Demo Of A Demo

So I had planned to have a Wot I Think on Prototype up this evening, but my efforts have been stymied by The Worst Boss Fight Of All Time (TM) leaving me too tired and annoyed to celebrate the good stuff about the game. Tomorrow morning, when I am fresh and cheerful again… Until then, I shall type quickly but stoutly upon smaller subjects. First up, the demo/benchmark tool for the much-delayed Streetfighter IV PC. These curious 400Mb contain no playable code, but instead a technical demonstration of how the man-slapping opus looks and runs, complete with framerates should you care about such a thing. It’s surprisingly pretty, I found – colourful yet detailed, and with a real physicality despite being a 2D wolf in 3D sheep’s clothing. Seems to run very smoothly on my machine too, but then I do currently have a PC that could eat God. /Me flexes. Anyway, it’s all yours from here. Oh – turn off Vsync, or you’ll max out at 60fps.


  1. Amqz says:

    love this game.

  2. Nighthood says:

    I agree, fuck the Prototype boss fights. Best tip: Get your devastators charged up, use them, then run the fuck away. Another useful thing to use is any nearby vehicles, as they are quite powerful and useful.

  3. Bhazor says:

    @ Meer

    My computer could so deck your computer

  4. born2expire says:

    Can’t wait for SF4 on PC, my Finkle Stick should be here any day.

  5. Joe says:

    my computers ‘arder than your computer

  6. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Frankly, I’d always felt 2D fighters had a bit more visceral “oomph” than 3D fighters, which always look just a bit floaty in comparison. This probably has to do with 2D fighters using little presentation tricks to really sell the impact of hits. Like split-second “stalling” when hits connect to really let the hit sink in.

    Something SF4 happens to do, too.

  7. Lambo says:

    More games should have small(ish) benchmark tools for free. For example I want to know just how badly Arma 2 thrashes my not so spectacular at all pc. I honestly wouldn’t mind a benchmark and no demo at all for system heavy games like that. Just so I know for sure that the game is unplayable before I give in to the “But what if it DOES work now” voice in my head. I already have gta 4 and the new Riddick game sitten sullenly on my shelf as my machine can only manage to stutter along at the most ungodly low settings.

    Its actually really really disappointing knowing that theres no point playing any graphics heavy game that comes out between here and Christmas (most games I can handle brilliantly, just not the likes of the afore mentioned ones.) I’ll hopefully have a new PC by then.

    Hmmm this has turned from a quick comment on the above article into a fully fledged sulk hasn’t it? Ah well.


  8. Y3k-Bug says:

    The saddest thing about Meer’s comment on Prototype is that I have played through the entire game, and there are so many bad boss fights, I don’t know which one he’s referring to.

    I don’t know which one is worse, the absolute SLOG of the 20+ boss fight in Time Square, or the final battle on the carrier. The fight on the carrier is made horrid by the inclusion of the time limit, but by gosh that Times Square battle is damn near a parody of some goofy on shitty game design.

    The game is otherwise excellent though. That bit where you have to chase down the beast running off with your sister while the military is chasing it, as well as you, is one of the most thrilling moments I’ve ever experienced in gaming.

  9. Y3k-Bug says:

    Odd that comment editing keeps disabling randomly for me.

    The line in the second paragraph should read:

    “I don’t know which one is worse, the absolute SLOG of the 20+ minute boss fight…”

  10. shinygerbil says:

    Despite already owning the 360 version and playing it to death, I cannot wait for it to come out on PC. I wonder what they’ll do about the DLC. I hope we won’t have to fight our way through the wonderful Games For Windows Live….

  11. DeliriumWartner says:

    If you wanna talk about terrible bosses, you’ve linked to the right game. SF4’s final boss is the very definition of the word “cheap”.

  12. Cedge says:

    “the much-delayed Streetfighter IV PC”?

    As far as I’m aware, it has never been delayed. The PC version was always meant to launch later, and if I’m not mistaken, they’ve only set a release date for it once.

  13. Pidesco says:

    Just like DMC4, this runs brilliantly on my PC.

  14. Howard says:

    I hear your pain. Prototypes boss fights are a total fucking pain…

  15. Dominic White says:

    On the subject of Prototypes bosses, there’s been a pretty huge difference in opinions between the people I’ve talked to about them. I personally thought they were pretty good, although not great. Then again, I also didn’t die against any of them, and definitely didn’t take 20+ minutes.

    Other people are not so lucky, and seem hugely frustrated by them.

  16. Andy says:

    indeed on prototype boss fights. i just ragequit after about a million goes on one.

    but yeah I enjoyed this sf4 benchmark. its a great idea, but surprising for this game, its not particularly heavy on the requirements. I found my average spec system got 60fps with everything as high as it goes… very pretty anyway :)

  17. Howard says:

    Thing is with Prototype, its a mentality issue. The game is geared for players who just go fucking mental and tear-ass at the boss and have a go. You have to learn to use ALL of the avatars powers and use hit-n-run tactics you just get pwned.

    Hard thing to do for some PC players, me included.

  18. Howard says:

    “or you just get pwned” fricking edit….

  19. JKjoker says:

    There are ways to cheat with some bosses in Prototype, you can bail and find yourself a chopper or a tank, otherwise, throwing things with the muscle power is probably the best attack, the air kick also works well for some of them but always with hit-and-run tactics

    boss fights weren’t that fun for me so far, but that might be because the game tends to slow down to a crawl in my puny little box making targeting really really annoying

  20. The Fool says:

    the boss fight I think you’re referring to (green orbs?) is a fight that I actually liked. I’ve long had what I like to call the Food of Worms problem with boss fights (named after the King of Worms from Oblivion, most powerful necromancer in the land who can be killed in two hits by a level one alchemist), which makes supposedly near-godlike bosses into chumps that can be defeated quickly and easily after a long buildup about how amazingly powerful and terrifying they are. Prototype, for all its faults, at least stands by its hype and makes their bosses ridiculously tough.

    While the green orbs were too much, nearly everything else struck me as something that would make sense for a near-godlike mutated being able to twist itself into amazingly tough and powerful forms limited seemingly only by developer imagination (the other exception being the lack of explanation for why she didn’t just rip herself out of the ground entirely). Besides, it wasn’t so hard to survive if you ducked down the side streets and consumed humans on the go.

  21. subedii says:

    I… uh… which game are we talking about again?

    Anyway, tried the demo, runs fine. Like the posterisation shader, it’ basically a more cell shaded look.

    Oh, and whilst turning off V-sync gets you higher framerates, it also speeds up the demo, so everything’s running in fast forward. Might just be the demo (or just me, unless someone else confirms this). Realistically nobody needs above 60 FPS to begin with, even the “pro’s” make do with consoles displaying at a fixed 60. That’s just the framerate the game’s designed around.

    Unless you’re at a really high level, less than 60 FPS probably wouldn’t mean much to you to begin with (assuming it’s not dipping below 30 / 40 FPS ), and anything higher is going beyond what the gameplay was balance towards originally anyway.

  22. El_MUERkO says:

    max everything, 1920*1200, fps stuck at 59.79 average :)

  23. Y3k-Bug says:

    Has anyone gotten it to successfully work with Windows7? It keeps minimizing/crashing when I tell it to start the benchmark, its having serious issues with the nvidia display driver on my box.

  24. sbs says:

    how do i make it NOT install on C: drive?

  25. Dave says:

    At 1680×1050, averaged around 65fps with everything cranked up all the way. And this is the slowest Core 2 Duo they’ve ever made, 4 gigs of RAM and a relatively modest GeForce 9600GT.

    I don’t get people who go to extreme measures to boost PC performance.

  26. Anonymous says:

    1280×720 got me around 45fps. Turning off shadows and other stuff got me up to 60, but it wasn’t pretty.

  27. Zyrusticae says:

    Performance on this thing is silky-smooth.

    On a GTX 260 with a Core 2 Duo E6550 @ 3GHz, I’d get an average of about 80 FPS at 1680×1050 with everything maxed – including 16xQ AA and 16x AF. Beautiful.

  28. cqdemal says:

    @ Dave

    Not every game hits the vsync limit all the time at 1920×1080 16xAF 8xAA.

  29. Novotny says:

    1680*1050, 8400@3.6, 8800GT, 4GB, Win7 64bit, 79.89 fps.

    No issues with drivers here, Y3k-Bug – using the 181.72 drivers, have had problems with later ones.

  30. pilouuuu says:

    I love how this game looks!

    It’s funny that I remember a demo of SF II for my Amiga 500 which showed Ken and Ryu fighting and it wasn’t playable either.

  31. qrter says:

    I’d much rather like to see a What I Think on Blueberry Garden, seeing as it’s more in line with RPS’ general thinking and every other gaming site on the planet is already covering Prototype in detail..

  32. catska says:

    I wonder if the PC purists will actually buy this one or use the fact that it isn’t ‘optimized for keyboard and mouse’ as an excuse for pirating it.

  33. Wooly says:

    Lovely, it produced bizarre visual crashes the first 3 times I tried it. The 4th time it crashed my computer. =__=

  34. pilouuuu says:

    No problem so far with it. I can even run it on my old AMD 64 and Geforce 6600 GT!

  35. Hyetal says:


    Works perfectly fine for me. I’m on build 7127, which appears to be a lot more compatible with games. Old and new.

  36. EyeMessiah says:

    60fps?? Sold. I don’t even care which game this is.

  37. MD says:

    Prototype, I think.

  38. Firebrand says:

    Running in windowed mode the game is silky smooth at my desktop resolution’s 100Hz vsync rate. Crashes the graphics driver repeatedly in fullscreen mode though. (Vista x86 / GTX260). Pretty game.

  39. Cedge says:

    Got an “A” ranking, with settings pretty much maxed.

    Also, to those who mentioned the “fast forward” behavior:
    I’d figured it’s doing that on purpose, to see exactly how high a framerate it can run at, with the settings chosen.

    Remember, that SF4 is the sort of game where every single frame of animation counts. Unlike most games that are designed to run at variable framerates, every animation in SF4 is specifically tied to an exact number of frames (perhaps this is only known among fighter enthusiasts, but there are literally people out there who count the number of frames, when playing fighting games, to time moves), so, that might be why the demo runs in “fast forward” mode.

    I figure that it’s locking the animations to their original frame counts, regardless of frame rate. If it’s rendering at 120 FPS, then the motion speed would be doubled. Make sense?

    Now, of course, I’m sure this is a behavior meant specifically for the benchmark. No doubt, the actual game will be locked to 60FPS, as intended.

  40. Ian says:

    The worst boss fight ever? That’s a bold, bold statement, Meer.

  41. Dominic White says:

    I did a bit of an ask-round of the people I know with Prototype, and it seems opinions on the bosses are almost 50/50 split between ‘Decent’ and ‘The worst thing ever and they made me throw my PC out the window’.

    It really seems to be down to playstyle. You either approach them the right way, or you die horribly. But worst? They’re maybe a little longer than average, but otherwise fine.

  42. phil says:

    Takeshi Kitano’s smiling face at the conclusion of Takeshi no Chōsenjō, when you press A 20,000 time, AND NOTHING ELSE, is the worst boss of all time. Everything eles is just Bowsers.

  43. AbyssUK says:

    I so hope I can get this running on my arcade machine.. it only has an ati 4300 but I only need to run in 640×480 (am betting it doesn’t even give the option)

  44. Rinox says:

    Aren’t ridiculous final bosses a stock prerequisite for every game with a console life of some sorts? Just like savepoint systems and clunky game mechanics.

    I just breezed through the PC version of Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions which I picked up for many cheaps, and regardless of how ok/fun the game was in general the console design flaws almost made me quit. Like how you have to press a button to pick up every freaking piece of ammo you encounter for a weapon you’re carrying. Like you would ever not want to pick up additional ammo when you’re a man alone fighting hordes of space aliens and evil corporate stooges. Argh.

    /rant off. SFIV is a masterpiece in its genre. The music, the atmosphere, the moves…it’s like a throwback to SFII on millenium steroids.

  45. Black Mamba says:

    Really the Japanese devs at Capcom do not get enough credit both SF4 and DMC4 ran brilliant on PC’s and are far more optimized than the half-assed efforts of most western developers with roots in PC gaming.

  46. subedii says:

    @ Cedge: You’re probably right about it being deliberately fixed at that framecount. I understand that it’s all down to that 60 FPS, which is why it gets locked to it. I was wondering about it though because DMC4 allowed you to go above that and simply increased the framerate. Of course, in a fighting game, frame counting’s a lot more important.

    Well, for other people maybe. I can’t say it’s something that I’ve ever been able to do.

    @ Black Mamba: It’s sad in a way. Capcom have been pretty much a console exclusive company for all these years, and yet their new PC releases blow every other console – PC port out of the water.

    If I pick this up though, I’m going to need something better than the 360 D-pad. IIRC Capcom said they’re releasing a special version with fighting stick, so that might be the one to go for.

  47. SwiftRanger says:

    “I wonder if the PC purists will actually buy this one or use the fact that it isn’t ‘optimized for keyboard and mouse’ as an excuse for pirating it.”

    I wonder when people will stop assuming that every PC purist is a pirate making silly excuses or that every PC purist should have a game pad ready. Why shouldn’t we expect proper support for keyboard and mouse? Console gamers expect the same for their standard controller when a PC RTS gets ported.

    It’s nice to see SFIV coming to PC but it’s still a fighting game, this version isn’t going to break the bank for Capcom, especially not with a stalled release like this.

  48. alseT says:

    Man we were doing so well ignoring the troll and then you went on and ruined it.
    On the subject of SF4 It looks great and can’t wait to get that classic fighting game feeling.

  49. Gabanski83 says:

    Lambo: The closest I suppose you could find to a benchmarking tool might be the System Requirements Lab site:

    link to

    It has Arma 1 on, so I’d expect Arma 2 to pop up on there at some point. Not ideal, but it’ll give you a rough indication of whether a certain game will run fine on your machine or not.

  50. subedii says:

    SwiftRanger said what I really, really wanted to say, alse T said why I didn’t.

    Well at least I know I’m in good company here. :)