Desktop Tower Defence: Rejiggered

If your desk looks like this, you should clean it. WITH FIRE.

Peeyow-peeyow-peeyow! The cutest ickle tower defence game, and the start of a PC-consuming trend, is back – this time with a ‘Pro’ suffix and a ton of new content. It’s still as lo as fi gets, so don’t go expecting DTD HD, but content-wise it’s fatted with healthy new children. For instance, there’s a new series of scenarios, and a sandbox mode in which you can toggle settings to your obsessive heart’s content. Again, no vast, sweeping changes, but what Pro does do is evolve a desktop toy into a big ol’ game in its own right. Still browser-based, still free, still as a charming as a kitten in an Easter egg. Peeyow!


  1. Major Disaster says:

    Whats an Easer egg and can I have one?

  2. Ian says:

    I’m still ploughing my way through Gemcraft Chapter 0 so this shall have to wait for a while if I’m to give it a bash.

  3. Xercies says:

    Played this for quite a bit. The tutorial levels of the campagn are alright but after the tutorial level the difficulty goes up a vertical cliff in one level.

  4. Tei says:

    Textures!!.. who can pay a computer that support a flash that support textures!?. .This is a DTD for the filthy rich!. and it shows… loveable textures, shadows, nice style and well crafted design and interface. Pah!!… I want more my old, crusty and cheap classic DTD. :-)

  5. Tom says:



    (clicks link)

  6. jon_hill987 says:

    I never got on with this one, strange as I bought “Defence Grid: The Awakening” on Steam when it was £3.50 and have hardly stopped playing since.

  7. Jason says:


    Not strange. I like a lot of TD games, but I don’t like DTD at all.

    I also bought DG and love it.

  8. Waste_Manager says:

    It doesn’t look hand drawn any more which is a shame.

  9. Mal says:

    The hand drawn towers are still an option (on the Options menu, funnily enough)

  10. Captain Bland says:

    I’ve been playing a lot of this. The new creeps are diabolical- especially the ‘Hopper’ Creeps, which can exploit any single tile gap in your obsessively constructed maze.

    The best thing about the update is that if you play like I do, by endlessly refining a particular strategy/maze the new scenarios will force you out of your rut with their specific challenges and limitations. It’s teaching you how to have fun really.

  11. Carra says:


  12. Gnarl says:

    Here in the UK it is 4:14 am, and I have yet to go to bed. In case you were wondering whose fault this might be, I’ll tell you. It’s all Mr. Meer’s fault, that’s who.

  13. Mechazawa says:

    I don’t know, i enjoyed the first one but there’s been too many great additions over the years to the formula.

    It doesn’t help that Gemcraft 0 was released a few weeks ago.

  14. Chis says:

    CC’s page for it is here:
    link to