Stompy: Operation Flashpoint 40k Mod

While we’re all getting busy with Arma II, some exciting stuff is still happening with the original Operation Flashpoint, including the latest release of this remarkable-looking Warhammer 40k mod. The images certainly look impressive, and the modelling is high quality. Digging around in my game collection I’ve discovered that I no longer have a copy of the game, so I can’t drop into this to try it out. Any other OpFlash owners fancy trying it and reporting back in the comments? Let me know what it’s like. Direct download link, 458mb.


  1. psyk says:

    Oh yes, will see if I can get ofp working not tried it on vista 64 yet.

  2. arqueturus says:

    Jim, you’re such a sucker for big stompy robots :)

  3. Primar says:

    You mean there are people out there who aren’t suckers for big stompy robots?

  4. Choca says:

    Holy crap

  5. Gap Gen says:

    That does look impressive. Although surely a chainsaw is slightly less effective when you can headshot someone from 2km away?

  6. Lack_26 says:

    Ah, I remember wanting this many years back, back when this mod was very young (as was I).

  7. Inanimotion says:

    Wow that is impressive looking.
    Unfortunately I’m not able to play it…

  8. NikRichards says:

    I think the modeling might be high quality because they’ve liberated the assests from DOW1


    link to


    link to


  9. JohnArr says:

    Not if they say thank you in the credits. This is a mod after all, if they’d got bogged down in creating brand new assets for everything it would probably; 1) Look rubbish 2) Not be out for another ten years.

  10. Howard says:

    OFP in hand – will download this now and check it out…

  11. Wilson says:

    Yeah, I downloaded and tried this a while ago. It’s got a LOT of content, the island replacements are very good (with new structures and areas etc that fit the 40K setting), and most of the stuff is pretty good quality. It seems to work in multiplayer (LAN at least) and overall seems good.

    It has several campaigns with it, but I didn’t get very far through them, due to slight bugs/not very exciting missions.

  12. Babs says:

    JohnArr: Not if they say thank you in the credits. This is a mod after all, if they’d got bogged down in creating brand new assets for everything it would probably; 1) Look rubbish 2) Not be out for another ten years.

    What? Even if it’s for non-commercial projects you can’t just go around nicking content from other games without consent. Bollocks.

  13. Babs says:

    Not that I’m saying they did nick the content though. Just that if they did then they are bad, bad boys and should be spanked. And not by someone sexy. By Ann Whitecombe.

  14. NikRichards says:

    Ah found a thank you in the credits to the DOW1 team, so yea they’ve liberated those models but thanked the team. Still a little naughty.

    More importantly, is it any good?

  15. diebroken says:

    Looks good fun, but is this legal – didn’t Games Workshop ask the creator(s?) of that Space Hulk remake to C&D ?

  16. Heliocentricity says:

    They gonna get shut down then? Op flash is on gog for $10, i’d love it if it actually fits in with the brutallity of 40k lore, things like light arms not even scratching marine armour. Indeed its an odd puzzle to balance, weak points? Percentage chance of penetration? Armour ablation?

    Ork vs imp would be much more of a natural divergence, orks are inaccurate but tough, imps are weak but more accurate. But, at flashpoint ranges orks would get chewed up without fast transport, remember the red ones go faster.

  17. psyk says:

    fourm goes back to 2008 so I think they would of got a C&D already if they had one coming there way.

  18. Howard says:

    Okay, would LOVE to install the mod but the jack-asses who wrote it saw fit to give bugger all instructions as to how one would actually do this… (sigh)

  19. Urre says:

    Games Workshop are mostly a nice bunch of people, they’re mostly ok with fan-stuff like mods and the like. There do exist other mods of the WH40K universe, which have survived just fine. The reason I figure the Space Hulk one got a C&D is because it was too close to their original game, which could be a potential threat on sales.

    But yes, I’ll also have to give a slight thumbs down for the stealing of assets, even though they seem to have put them to good use.

  20. Alex says:

    they’re mostly ok with fan-stuff like mods and the like

    *cough* as witnessed with the nuch acclaimed fan project <a Damnatus

  21. Alex says:

    I´d like to correct the link, but RPS wont let me…

  22. Alex says:

    *me crawles back into hole*

    at last… ;)

  23. Ozymandias says:

    I remember, vaguely, the warhammer 40k mod from long ago, I thought it had died out.

    With a little bit of work this could probably be ported to Arma2 =)

    Well… not a little work… a lot… but still not as much as, say, half-life to half-life 2 =)

  24. Alex says:

    How well does the OPF engine scale? I recently re-installed Messiah, and my Radeon 3870 couldn’t handle the ‘high’ settings at my desktop resolution. When you consider that the game allowed you to choose between Direct3D and Glide rendering paths, that’s pretty depressing.

    The one impressive thing was the resolution bit- it knew how to handle my 16:10 monitor and included a bunch of resolutions in the options menu with the right aspect ratio.

  25. psyk says:

    Howard put the folder into the main folder of your ofp install then do what they say to do to the shourtcut.

  26. psyk says:

    nrly forgot also check the folder names and one will say to move some files.

  27. diebroken says:

    All this mecha makes me wish for a new MechWarrior game to appear, or a mod even: link to :)

  28. BigJonno says:

    @Alex. I’d never heard of Damnatus before, but it looks pretty cool and incredibly impressive considering the budget.

    The BBC article that the site links to is an interesting read. It seems to boil down to German copyright law not allowing the creators of the film to hand the rights to GW, but if GW allow the film to be released, they would lose the rights to the 40k IP.

    It’s all a bit screwed up, really.

  29. Howard says:

    Cheers; will do.

    Try “not at all” for the answer to you question of scaling. Turning everything up to its highest settings (excluding view distance as that is just a joke) will give you the worlds most ugly slide-show. While I loved the hell out of OFP the engine is a total pig

  30. Gandeh says:

    Firstly, that looks amazing!

    Secondly, Regarding the copyright issue, im not convinced there is a problem with it… I remember with Counterstike for a long time they used real gun names for there weapons, untill they went retail and started charging at which point they needed to rename the weapons.

    Although the “its not charged for” defence isnt the end all, its a major part, the other part would be if its harming any of there products with this one, as they dont have a FPS type game, I cant see that being the case.

    2 cents out.

  31. MD says:

    Let’s just hope they get away with it. Given that they didn’t try to pass the models off as their own work, profit from them, or undercut the original creators, I don’t think they’ve done anything morally wrong. If they get shut down they get shut down, but I don’t think there’s any need to pre-emptively judge them on it.

  32. NikRichards says:

    Copyright issues are never a problem untill the copyright holder puts on thier shouting pants, which I think is unlikely,

    However if those pants were to come out, these modders could in theory be in serious trouble for distrubuting art assets owned by relic.

    (I only thought the whole issue was worth a mention because the hivemind thought the team had created thier own assets)

  33. MD says:

    When you say ‘serious trouble’, do you mean something beyond being forced to shut down their mod? (Genuinely curious, not trying to make some sort of smart-arsed point — I always find it hard to convey tone of voice when asking questions in text!)

  34. oceanclub says:


  35. Supraliminal says:

    Nice. One good reason to reinstall my OpF.

  36. Gap Gen says:

    Someone needs to mod this to add a Benjamin Briggs model.

  37. NikRichards says:

    MD – Most mods get shutdown for use of trademarks or for infringing on someones intellectual property.

    In this particular case they’re also distrubuting copyrighted material belonging to relic, which I beleive they could get taken to court over. Entirely unlikely, but possible.

  38. Captain Haplo says:

    Games Workshop is well known for having a unique and distinctive intellectual property in regards to its creations. When imitators of their products crop up, GW has a fairly watertight case against them because of GW’s recognisable brand. I’d want to defend that sort of IP to the death. The line between ‘fanwork’ and ‘IP infringement’ is fraught with all sorts of things like this.

  39. MD says:

    Ah thanks, that makes sense.

  40. MD says:

    (Last comment was @NikRichards, sorry for the double post but I can’t edit)

  41. psyk says:

    Its not a new mod though so wouldn’t it of already happened? or have the borrowed assets been added recently?

  42. Captain Haplo says:

    I doubt it they were added recently. DoW1 is a fairly old series by now, so chances are they were utilised early on.

    I agree, though. I get the feeling GW would’ve shut them down by now if they felt like it.

  43. rivalin says:

    Yeah, Damnatus literally had to be shut down or GW would have acquired some fairly hefty legal problems, and how many companies apologize for protecting their IP rights? So to be honest GW is pretty reasonable about derivative works, I mean look at Warcraft and Starcraft (bud-a-boom-cha!).

  44. Dodomaster says:

    Tjeez, only 1 person actually tried it(wilson)? And only he only played an previous version.

    I hope someone on rps can properly review it.

  45. Howard says:

    Just gave this mod a good hour in court…sheesh, it was hard work, though mostly due to having to suffer OFPs eye-wateringly bad graphics.
    A lot of what they have done seems good at first until , as discussed above, they nicked all the damned models and when you realise that there are only 2 missions I have to wonder what this team were doing for 18 months?
    While it is fun to see that assets running about in a FPS game there is nothing really good of which to speak. The design decisions go against the 40K cannon and being made to feel staggeringly underpowered and vulnerable when playing a Space Marine is just daft.

    Nice idea but a) it should have been done by people who understand the 40K universe better and b) it should have been done in pretty much ANY engine bar OFP.

  46. RogB says:

    i dont think it’ll be GW that chase these lot down, but Relic. Stealing models from another game is NOT a good call, regardless of whether its free or not.
    Unless of course by some chance they’ve already asked and been approved.

    Regarding GW and fan stuff, they do seem to be quite nice about it. It depends on the license I think. Space Hulk is a particularly tricky one as I think EA still own the rights to this (even though they sit on it and do nothing with it)

    Im currently planning my own space hulk/Laser squad homebrew game and i’ll be avoiding using the 40k universe completely!

  47. Songbearer says:

    Limbo of the Lost 40K: The Mod

  48. kafka7 says:

    Sometimes I think I’m the only person in the world who’s not interested in robots.

  49. Tei says:


    Distributing stuff from company A in game of company B is much like a big NO NO in modding. So the risk of getting C&D is high.

  50. Tei says:

    @kafka7: I don’t like robots either. Slow and a easy prey, a big target for missiles, or even dumb bombs. I think a hovertank is much more usefull. I doubt a robot can walk over anything, much like a tank can drive trougth stuff (like a house wall, or a bus). A hovertank (as in sci-fi) can ‘fly’ over anything.
    Also, a hovertank can strafe, that is not much, compared to the speed a proyectile. But on urban warzones can mark the difference. IMHO.