One Life Left: Goodbye Gordon

Walker like Ste. Kieron likes Ste. Jim likes Ste. Is that the time?

One Life Left is back! Well, it was back last week, but we didn’t mention it, because we like to provoke a kind of brooding loathing between us and them, think of us the Sharks and Jets of videogame discourse. Is tragedy going to arise when Anne Scantlebury falls for Walker? Oh, it surely will. Anyway – we decide to mention it this week, because there’s a PC-related song 44 minutes into it, from the oft-amusing Doyouinverts?. It’s about Gordon Freeman of Half-life fame and you can listen to it here. If you skip forward 44 minutes, anyway. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, here’s the mail Ste sent us…

Hey RPS chaps,

Have you been listening to the ALL NEW series of Europe’s favourite gaming radio show, One Life Left? You totally should. Although it lacks new contributions from any one of you (we would love more contributions from any one of you) it is still full of RPS-like game-related nonsense, including (but not limited to) malevolent gaming poetry, game reviews by a seven-year-old girl, poorly-thought-through listener interaction and the best game music too.

The reason I’m writing, though, is to direct you towards something I thought your readers would be particularly interested in. “Goodbye Gordon” is a new song by One Life Left’s beloved house band, The DoYouInverts and concerns PC gaming’s favourite hero. It’s been described as a “Still Alive” for the crowbar generation. By me. Just then.

Obviously the chance to hear it live has come and gone, but thankfully it’s also on the podcast which your listeners can find on iTunes (please subscribe) by searching for ‘One Life Left’, or clicking here or download directly on the website at It’s about 44 minutes in so you can skip all our nonsense, though if you do you’ll miss out on some more brilliant stuff, including a brutal poem about Guitar Hero and an exclusive preview of the new, as-yet-unannounced Lego game.

I hope you’re keeping well. I played Plants vs Zombies the other day! And enjoyed it! Before you know it I’ll be on the grain management flight sim historical shooters 24/7 like you lot.

Your friend,


He is never our friend.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    Sorry, i just want to correct an inaccuracy in my last post which may of upset some people.
    The french puppy cannons were mainly 18th century, but the one owned by my g-pappy was a ceremonial cannon built in the early 19th century.

    Many 19th century french weapons had moved on from puppy power to firing white flags, this was often mistaken as surrender but was in fact a move of extreme confidence by the french millitary to provide the enemy with white flags incase they had forgotten their own.

    The french are remembered as puppy murdering cowards, this is unfair, the puppies myrted themselves willingly. Indeed, even today some breeds of french dog will leap into cannons when they perceive injustice.

  2. Serondal says:

    May I also add to Heliocentric’s historical lesson.

    The French launched their white flags at their enemies to make it easier for them to way a white flag this is true. But also they blasted their flags so that they themselves could not surrender even if they wanted to. Brave of them indeed. By World war II of course these cannons were replaced by the maginot line which fired real cannon rounds but left the commanders with their white flags and puppies which they used both in times of dire stress and need.

  3. D says:

    That was quite a good song :) AndrewC :/

  4. Martin K says:

    I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness…RIP Heliocentric and Serondal, minds flayed in the process of deploying their own improvised and highly postmodern one-act neo-absurdist interwebbian stage show.

  5. Nick says:

    Crank phonecalls have only been funny when Charlie Brooker did them.

  6. Mike says:

    Loved the doctor bit at the end, really injected some intelligent wit that’s been missing since Dave McCarthy stopped doing submissions.

    @kobzon: Couldn’t agree more. They let that terrible singer do not one, but two songs for this episode. I cringed the entire time. Regardless of whether they take him out or not, there should be no clapping. The show used to just flow along.

  7. Marasmusine says:

    I like it when the people say things and there are sounds.