Lasers For Eyes: Champions Evil Lair Trailer

I do love me an evil lair, and the latest trailer for Champions Online shows off some of the evil lairs that we’ll inevitably be cruising into with the RPS Superchums spandex-lovers guild when the game comes out later this year. Plenty of game footage, lots of ludicrous creations, and splendid enemies: giant robots with laser eyes, the “ultimate psychic super-soldier”, dudes with silly overwrought mucus-gargling evil voices. Yeah, I’m probably going to be playing that one.


  1. Alchemda says:

    Looks neat

  2. Tei says:

    I don’t totally buy into the way cellshading is done here. But he!.. I am a guy that disable gloom on all games, I really like pixel perfection and stuff.

    The character’s also look somewhat “over the point”. This is a videogame about a comic about superheros, Is somewhat at how actors fake actors on the screen,… somewhat overdoing it, overacting. I think the heros and villains on the video are somewhat overacting. But.. He!.. I am more a “Watchmen” / “V for Vendetta” / “The Authority” comic reader. I *hate* classic superheroe comics. So.. humm… maybe I have a different taste, or something.

    What I don’t see from the video is the gameplay. It could be fun?, I don’t know. At lease is not 10 minutes of a guy trowing cars (like other superheroe MMO’s) so thats a good thing. And seems the flyiing heros can fire from fliing state.. or maybe is not flyiing but hovering? “flyiing combat” is a hot topic, I suppose.

    I love the font :-), ..comic fonts are soo cute :-)

  3. Here Goes! says:

    Giant sagging breasts, or energy ball?

  4. Serondal says:

    I love how there is a black skull floating over his head just so you know for certain he’s the bad guy. That’s classy

  5. Shoe says:

    The animations look crappy in this trailer, but overall I’m impressed.

    And seems the flyiing heros can fire from fliing state.. or maybe is not flyiing but hovering? “flyiing combat” is a hot topic, I suppose.

    In City of Heroes, you got a penalty for flying but you could switch to a Hover mode which offered minor bonuses. It worked pretty well, I wouldn’t be surprised if they copied it.

  6. Deadend says:

    From what I read, Champions doesn’t have the flying/hover mode, it’s just you accelerate while flying and start off fairly slow. So it probably works out to be similar I would assume.

    I remember taking hovering and acrobatics on one character in City of Heroes, as those buffs stacked.

  7. Fetthesten says:

    Giant sagging breasts, or energy ball?

    What he said.

  8. DK says:

    Thanks, but no thanks – I already have one City of Heroes. I don’t need another one, for full price, led by the incredibly incompetent Bill Roper, with less content.

  9. The Pink Ninja says:

    Huh, you can make pretty frigging big characters in this

  10. malkav11 says:

    Try the beta, if you get a chance. You might be surprised.

  11. DeliriumWartner says:

    So yeah, instances then?

    And if you call it Monster Island you’re just asking for trouble.

  12. Matzerath says:

    Giant sagging energy ball. Better have that checked.

  13. Captain Haplo says:

    Evil lairs…

    Evil lairs were one of the biggest draws for me to Evil Genius. I am a particular fan of the very idea of them, and their inclusion draws my attention like delicious honey-flavoured sexy people.

  14. unclelou says:

    Giant sagging breasts, or energy ball?

    I was watching the trailer and all to find an answer to that pressing question. Oh the disappointment!

  15. Jambe says:

    Giant sagging breasts, or energy ball?

    lol, I hadn’t even noticed that until I saw your comment. I looked back up there. If they are giant sagging breasts… cripes! Down past her navel! That’d put that gal from Damnation to shame.

  16. Jambe says:

    Sorry, double post… but I just watched that trailer and couldn’t believe nobody commented as to how terrible the voice acting is. Calling it voice acting is probably too generous, actually…

  17. Rei Onryou says:

    And if you call it Monster Island you’re just asking for trouble.

    Tell me about it, it’s actually a plateau.

    I’ve been waiting for beta access for ages. Really want to try this. I hope that it does turn out good.

  18. roBurky says:

    I found the beta of Champions very, very disappointing. I wrote up my impressions here: link to

  19. Bobsy says:

    Saw this trailer a while back. It’s distinctly unimpressive. Cryptic seem to have missed what made CoH so great – you were effectively building your own microuniverse around your character and those of your supergroup. It weakened every time you went up against the EXACT SAME VILLAINS everyone else was fighting.

    The potentially greatest feature in Champions is the Nemesis system where you create your opposite number in the supervillain world, but we’ve seen so little of this I can’t see it being particularly central to gameplay. None of the villains Cryptic can create (and I know, I know, they’re working from the established tabletop Champions IP) will be any fun to fight against, since they’re Just Some Guys as far as your hero is concerned.