Magic Tricks: Trine Demo

Crikey, as if you didn’t have enough to play this weekend already! Frozenbyte have released the first part of their forthcoming physics platform puzzler as a demo. It’s 460mb, and you can get it here. The full game is apparently out on July 3rd, and you can, should you be so inclined, compare your impressions of the demo with my own thoughts on the full game, which are here. Please do play this one, I thought it was splendid, and Frozenbyte are definitely a developer you should pay attention to.


  1. Kadayi says:

    Damn you’re fast Jim. Was was just emailing Kieron about this…

  2. dartt says:

    Oh man, just the stuff to take my mind off Glastonbury. Ta, Jim :)

  3. Stoff says:

    Bleh keeps crashing for me

  4. abhishek says:

    Oh man, after waiting for months to play this game, the demo has to come the week my computer got fried and i’m waiting for delivery of a new one. In any case, most impressions of the review are generally very positive. I’ve also heard that it can be a little heavy on the performance side.

  5. Poltergeist says:

    Sadly it crashes at the loading screen for me.

  6. Super Bladesman says:

    Dear god, I only got Anno 1404 yesterday I’m not ready for more games yet :(

  7. nill says:

    This one’s absolutely adorable. Can’t wait for the full thing!

  8. c-Row says:

    Is this one of these games which make you feel horribly stupid?

  9. Markoff Chaney says:

    Fantastic! I heard yesterday this was coming out early July. Demos are always appreciated, even for something I’ll most likely get to fill my puzzle urges. Coming down the tubes now.

  10. makr says:

    I’m confused as to when this is actually coming out. The official forums say July 10th with “a very small change of having it earlier” but here it is the 3rd? It’s supposed to be released on Steam as well but Trine isn’t mentioned in their coming soon section.. :/

  11. The Hammer says:

    Oh man. This or Battlefield. This or Battlefield. This or Battlefield.


  12. Caveat says:

    Have to say, for some reason this game has me very excited.

  13. nikos says:

    Any word on pricing?

  14. Koopa says:

    Will definitely get it when it comes out, Frozenbyte is good developer and besides, you gotta support your fellow countrymen.

  15. Salt says:

    What a lovely game! A very pleasant change to have my hardware cranking out beautiful imaginative words rather than exploding brains.

    @c-Row: Judging from the demo at least, no not a game to make one feel stupid. Proceeding along seems to focus on flowing along using your various abilities as you go, rather than being faced with some vast puzzle to work out. Usually there’s many ways you could get past each obstacle, which keeps the movement flowing. Hidden to the sides are often extra areas with collectable green vials, which may need some more thinking to get to. The first areas available in the demo might not be representative of the rest of the game of course.

  16. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    link to
    3.7.2009 for 24 quids (so it might be like 50 euros at STEAM :/)…

  17. Dominic White says:

    I just found out that Metaboli (who I have a subscription too – they’re the new owners of, and european equivalent to Gametap) have signed Trine, and it’s on their ‘coming soon’ list, so that saves me buying a copy of it. Nifty.

  18. Brulleks says:

    I was enjoying it at first, then the whole ‘up is jump’ issue became too much for me as it progressed.

    There’s already a jump key, why does up have to be jump as well? It just keeps leading to death-by-spiky-pit when you’re flinging yourself round with the grappling hook.

    If they sorted that out then it would be a real gem, but as it is I don’t have the patience for it.

  19. Dominic White says:

    @Frankie – Bloody hell, that price is more than I was expecting. I think the PSN version (arguably the better one too, as it’ll help people get together for local co-op) is going to be around the $10-15 mark!

  20. Crane says:

    Ahhh, I’ll be gettin’ this for my PS3, I think.
    It’s a charming little gem, I must say, but I’ll probably get a smoother experience out of it on a console.

    That said, I do wonder how well it’ll work with analogue sticks.

  21. Lobotomist says:

    I absolutely love it.

    Go go indy studios!!!!

  22. The Hammer says:

    So, I gave it a whirl.

    And I suggest everyone else does, too!

    It’s a very generous demo, with about 20 minutes of gameplay. I have to say that the game introduces itself very well, with a well-voiced and written storyboard which reminded me quite a bit of Fable (which, in my mind, is no bad thing!). It’s very cosy fantasy, I think. The narrator doesn’t seem too concerned about this undead infestation, as if he’s telling an enrapturing myth.

    Inside the game, and it is very fluid, and very pretty. The animations particularly are something to behold – how the thief’s cloak moves behind her, or the way objects are pushed along by the wizard’s kinetic powers.

    On the subject of the wizard, it was a bit of a shame to me that he could only make boxes. It’s nice to see they can be of varying sizes, and I know this sounds as if I’m complaining that it isn’t Crayon Physics Deluxe, but man, when you first hear you can make boxes, you’re thinking “Oh great! What else can I make?!” Just boxes. Because of this, I found myself playing the wizard the least, which surprised me quite a bit, because I like wizards! I hope that further into the game, he actually begins to wield fireballs.

    Speaking of character progression, I can’t help wondering why they added the XP orbs in, if the demo doesn’t explain that they’re used for. When the demo ended, it just cut back to the main menu, with no option to play around with the character abilities, even if just to show you what kind of things they could be used on.

    Asides from that, I absolutely loved my experience. It’s a very feel-good game. The characters are basic, and the story is pleasantly placed, but obviously not at the forefront. There seemed to be multiple ways of getting past the puzzles (of which they were some corkers), and I found myself messily getting through them, as I always do. The combat in the game is nice and simple, and the skeletons are fun foes to fight. I DID play on Easy, but I liked their role of harassers rather than the obstacles themselves. Sometimes I’d have to stop what I was doing to fend them off.

    It works very well, too. There seems to be only a couple of surfaces that the thief’s grappling hook doesn’t work upon, and even fewer objects of which the wizard’s telekinesis is ineffective. It lets you experiment quite a bit, which for a side-scroller, is kinda crucial.

    I hope more of the game is set in the outside world, because the backgrounds there, and the overall mood was very, very nice. It’s dreamlike, and the only darkness comes from the night-time. The citizens of the kingdom weren’t slaughtered by the undead, they merely abandoned their homes and fled. The knight isn’t a scarred warrior come to seek vengeance on a necromancer – no, instead he’s a bumbling wannabe hero who has sworn an oath to himself to protect the kingdom. It’s cheery, and that’s one of the main things which appeals to me about it. The wizard’s voice COULD be better, but I can;t say it hindered my experience much. His robes will flow very nicely even without a voiceover to match the sublime animations.

    Oh, and the game uses its first level as a tutorial – a very intuitive tutorial. You’re having fun from the off, which is always nice to see. You don’t have to devote yourself to this game, though when I get round to buying it (which I will!) I think I’ll be spending quite some time with it. Love it.

  23. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    2Dominic White:
    I was pretty surprised as well..

  24. pkt-zer0 says:

    It was a proper pain in the arse to set up the gamepad for the game (it kept quitting the settings menu as soon as I pressed the button assigned to “back” command by default), but otherwise it’s pretty fun.

    Seems like it’ll have a level editor as well? That could be interesting.

  25. Paradukes says:

    It crashes after the loading screen for me as well…

    I don’t suppose anyone knows a fix…?

  26. Paradukes says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I checked the FrozenByte forums. For anyone who keeps having the game crash, try updating your PhysX drivers.

    link to

  27. Professor says:

    Very beautiful game with fun gameplay. I’m definitely buying it if the price is reasonable.

  28. Erwie says:

    If the game crashes at the loading screen, you should update your video drivers. I did, and it didn’t crash anymore. Also be sure to have the latest Direct X installed.

    I was kinda suprised by the high price point of 40 euros… was expecting this to cost like 20. Then it would be a no-brainer. I’m curious what the XBLA version will cost and if they go the DLC-way to increase the price.

  29. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Lovely little game, if the demo’s representative of the game.

  30. Lewis says:

    Oh, Trine is just lovely. Major plea for everyone to rush out and buy this next week or whenever it’s out. It’s an absolutely delightful game.

  31. Richard Clayton says:

    This was a true delight. I particularly enjoyed block-inspired physics mayhem: dropping boxes on skeletons never gets old! I also enjoyed the way the story overlayed the action. Not much of a Mario style arcade player myself but I’m a sucker for a bit of a story driving you along.

    Really enjoyed it but maybe not £25s worth. I’d be interested to see how the reviews pan out.

    A bit confused as the trailer shows you heping out other characters. Is this co-op. If so that could sell it to me earlier. My kids love the lego series co-op play.

  32. The Innocent says:

    Yeah, downloaded this last night right before sleepytime and accidentally made the decision to just load it up. Now I’m very tired.

  33. Poltergeist says:

    “Sorry for the double post, but I checked the FrozenByte forums. For anyone who keeps having the game crash, try updating your PhysX drivers.

    link to

    Didn’t do it for me. Hmpf, I want to play this!

  34. The Hammer says:

    Oh yeah, like Richard said I loved the narration whilst the action was happening. That made me grin. Very nice, storybook-like touch.

  35. matte_k says:

    Fantastic stuff. I like the way that the Wizard is mentioned as being a bit of a ladies man, and can’t be bothered to learn proper fireballs to impress them, so he makes a knock off potion instead. Not your typical Wizard, which is fun.

    Also, only crash problem/bug I had playing the demo was a lock up on exiting the game, but the second time round it didn’t happen. Odd, but not a game killer.

    Very much looking forward to the full thing!

  36. Tenorek says:

    @The Hammer
    If you do get enough of the XP orbs, the game does send you to an inventory screen where you can add points to abilities. The only ones there in the demo were for the abilities you already have, which you can enhance, but there are also several places for more abilities that I must assume were not shown because it is a demo. Truly a fun game, and I intend to get it at some point in the near future, if not at release. The way it was narrated while you were actually playing made it feel like a storybook tale, which made me smile. Good fun.

  37. Arnulf says:

    Charming that the knight is pot-bellied. Probably will get this.

  38. elmuerte says:

    Oh… this is not a “small” downloadable game with a $20-max price tag :/

  39. Pemptus says:

    Lovely, charming game. Slightly reminds me of The Lost Vikings, so bonus nostalgia points!

  40. Thecolours says:

    As much as I love this game, seems a little steep for $39.99. I will wait for a sale on Steam before purchasing.

  41. clint lolzwood says:

    Can’t even install this. Downloaded it from both Gamer’s Hell and Filefront, but get weird error messages during installation :/

  42. Stuk says:

    Lovely game, absolutely fantastic in the graphics, game play and sound (and narration!) departments.

    But £25 is a bit steep, I’d definitely grab it for £15. Like others have said, hopefully Steam will have a nice sale on it.

  43. Sérgio says:

    Too expensive! I had high expectations for the game and, as soon as I heard that a demo was on-line, I downloaded and tried it. After playing it, I would say that I lost a little bit the will to buy the game. I would never pay 40 euros for it. 30 euros, max, is the right price for a game like this. I will save my dear money to Machinarium, but no more than 30 euros, also.

  44. Sérgio says:

    Ah, saw it now, 29 euros at Steam. Nice price, indeed. I saw earlier a website giving a price near the 40 euros. Maybe I’ll buy it.

  45. Wedge says:

    Wow, nice lengthy demo and Frozenbyte sure does know how to make 3d look gorgeous in the 2D setup. $40 though? Well I’m sure it’ll see some sales soon enough at least.

  46. TariqOne says:

    Damn shame about the lack of online co-op. Could have been a classic.

  47. Ace Crikey says:

    It’s billed as being £19.99 on Steam, which isn’t too bad. Plus Shadowgrounds free if you pre-order.

  48. Rookje says:

    This game has the potential to be a hit. It’s a mix of LittleBigPlanet and Diablo. You can tell a bunch of polish and love went into it, I hope the demo is incomplete because it didn’t have the cinematic art after you complete a level (just the map). I liked the “Trying to learn his Fireball spell”, haha. It’s $29.99 on Steam atm, kinda pricey but I’m still gonna get it.

  49. Aphotique says:

    Absolutely loved the demo. Gorgeous. Would be an instant buy for me at its $40 price point if it had online co-op, but without it I’ll just have to wait.

    @The Hammer
    As Tenorek said, if you get enough green vials (50 basically) each of your identities gets a skill-point to spend. You can use them to upgrade abilities (the demo only lets you upgrade the one you already have, so 1 box to 2 boxes for wizard, 1 arrow to 2 arrows for thief, and % chance to crit for the knight). Some cost less than others, the wizard and knight’s first skill costing 1 point, the archers arrows costing 2. I imagine the additional 3 or 4 slots below those abilities that are empty leave room for additional abilities in the full game. Also important to note, you can find items in chests with varying bonuses on them to move between each of your identities inventories.