Blue Sky Thinking: Aerosoft Dare To Dream

Mathijs Kok has balls the size of Catalina blisters. The head of internal development at Aerosoft is talking about taking-on undoubtedly simulation’s scariest task: building from scratch a Microsoft Flight Simulator successor. If you’ve got a feature suggestion that doesn’t involve blue ice, ornithopters, or lawn chairs and helium balloons (already included in my petition) Aerosoft want to hear about it.


  1. subedii says:

    I don’t understand MS’s thinking recently with those closures. Last I heard the Flight Sim franchise was making them money just fine. And then there was Ensemble.

    Still, glad to see someone’s picking up the slack.

  2. D says:

    My primary wish for a commercial flight sim would be.. being able to depressurize the cabin and hear the screams of hundreds of passengers coming from behind.

    Yeah, if it doesn’t have explosions = not interested.

  3. Magnus says:

    I was disappointed to see that for the Ornithopter link you didn’t put up the intro for Dune II – Battle for Arrakis.

    link to (ornithopters @ 1min 55s)

  4. pepper says:

    Yeah this has been buzzing in the FS community for months, even since MS closed Aces.

    I really hope they can pull this off and make it very userfriendly for developers. Although i fear they may not keep it as open as most people would want. Since they are a 3rd pary developer for FS anyway.

  5. Lady Bobz says:

    Permadeath and explicit sexual content. And integrated ATC and business sims, all online, in a P2P style cloud that means you can be contracted to fly certain routes, and get to see/hear other real pilots and controllers while you’re doing it without there needing to be a central server and crappy payments like with an MMO.

  6. Alex says:

    I want a peroxide-powered helicopter.

  7. Pianosaurus says:

    I’d like to point out FlightGear to all enthusiasts. Check out the gallery page. It’s an open source flight-sim. The user interface does have that half-finished feel that many open source games suffer from, and it is a bit of a hassle to set up, but the flying is good. You can download fairly highly detailed scenery separately that covers most of the world.

  8. Guhndahb says:

    I wish them well. I am still bewildered and depressed about the loss of Aces, even though I don’t fly civilian flight sims that much any more. But the fact that there have been alternatives for years, and that those alternatives never have, to me, approached the quality of MSFS, tells me to be more more than cautiously optimistic about this. I additionally hope they don’t try some kind of addon model where they require royalties from third-party developers. With the huge money in MSFS third-party development, I’m sure something like that would be tempting, but it would kill any such project for me.

    Perhaps they can pull it off though, and that would be great. I’d be, however, more excited in a project built by Aces alumni.

  9. Marcin says:

    That would be nice. It seems that currently X-Plane is the only way to go if you want any support whatsoever. Fortunately, what’s there isn’t bad at all, but *any* competition would be good.

    I would like other air traffic in the air. That’s apparently something X-Plane has a real hard time with. It could have a greatly simplified flight model to avoid that whole CPU load issue, but something would be better than nothing.

  10. pepper says:

    Remember that FSX still has quite a few years to go before its capabilities can actually be used to the fullest extent on most computers. So i doubt MS is worried. And there used to dump whole dev teams anyway for FS when they started a new version. Only difference now is that the studio that made FSX has been sacked.

    Also, they havent sold the FS franchise, which could indicate that they still have plans with it in the future.

  11. Scandalon says:

    Very interesting timing, as just yesterday I got to go up in a taildragger for the first time (An Arancha (sp?) Chief), and was looking around at flight sim stuff. X-plane does seem to be the best (only?) bet at the moment…

  12. Junior says:

    So is this to imply we’ll get anything we ask for?

    I’m not going to bother asking for any WWII planes, but my conscience begs me to ask for the Aircobra.

    Do you expect to get much in the way of control from Blue Ice, or are you just hoping for a flight sim that reaches the edge of space?

  13. Fenchurch says:

    Anything with a primitive thermojet or jet engine… Or rocket engine, would be fabulous. :-3

  14. Stromko says:

    A special game mode where you can be a flock of birds that flies into engines, then you get to watch the plane break up and crash to the ground :)

    Sadly, I don’t have the patience for a flight sim that doesn’t include violence. I’m certainly not the market they’re going for here.

  15. Kommissar Nicko says:

    In the same vein as Arrakis, when I saw “blue ice” I thought immediately of ICE, according to William Gibson.

  16. dsmart says:

    Why? Would be my question. There’s Flightgear and X-Plane that fit the bill just fine.

  17. Paul Moloney says:

    Is playing flight sims something gentlemen do once they reach a certain age, like shopping for clothes in Marks & Spencers? I had a joystick lying around doing nothing for 9 years but recently loaded up IL2 – bought cheap on Steam – and started to get into it, despite its inpenetrabilty and terrible uninteractive tutorials.


  18. Snuffy (the Evil) says:

    Destruction. When you’ve lost an hour long battle with the weather, there’s no worse way to make the whole experience utterly forgettable than to punctuate the end with an anticlimactic “oomph”.

    I want drama in my flightsims, goddammit.

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