Global Agenda Gets Trailer Happy


It’s a Global Agenda visual festival! Five new videos have appeared, showing off various aspects of the online shooter-cum-MMO. Having had a play of it recently, it’s a game I’m really looking forward to playing more of, finding out how it transitions between the initial co-op shooty quests and the latter PvP game. Well, follow that link for all the details. Meanwhile, the many videos appear below.

The last two videos show the core of the action, so don’t get too worried by the sedentary nature of the first three.

First up is a glimpse of the character creator, and then the opening moments of the game:

Here’s a lot more of the character creator, with the armour designing, and more importantly, showing bits of the weapon and skill selection:

This is a quieter moment, showing the shared areas of the game, where you can meet other players, buy new equipment, and so on.

Then there’s some team play, fighting off some robots. This was the first mission of the game, if memory serves, so the straight corridor is more tutorial than dull design.

Following that is some footage of team deathmatch, the game revealing its Unreal 3 engine roots. I played this level too, and it was properly good.


  1. RiptoR says:

    This game is on the top of my wishlist for this year. I’ve been waiting for a good MMOFPS for ages :)

  2. jagermo says:

    same here. Looking forward to it. I can’t stand all this Fantasy-Crap anymore.

  3. Kirrus says:

    Is it just me, or do the maps and graphics remind anyone else of Tribes2?

  4. Wikiwaba says:


    So has the entire world!

  5. negativedge says:

    I guess I just don’t get the point of this game. It doesn’t really seem to take advantage of either the FPS or MMO aspects of it’s design. Seems like it wants to sell on the gimmick. It’s like they took WoW and got rid of everything but Orgrimmar and the battlegrounds.

  6. Noc says:

    Good lord those guns sound obnoxious.

    Less BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM and more ZACKZACKZACKZACKAZACK and PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW. Not that I’ve anything against a good old “pew pew,” but this is pew’ing a bit more aggressively than I’d like.

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s astonishing how few games get weapon audio right. Done correctly it can sell the entire experience.

  8. Kronyx says:

    Holy crap, I wish they would accept me into beta. This looks incredible.

  9. MrBejeebus says:

    This may be the 1st MMO I ever get…

  10. the affront says:

    Oh, Quake 2 railgun, how I adore thee.
    That was the one absolutely perfect (sound, animation/kickback) weapon in game history!

    Otherwise I don’t really know what to make of this yet, seems too small scale for my (completely PlanetSide-influenced, admittedly) tastes. But I’d probably give it a chance anyway, since I’m so starved for MMOFPS.

  11. Dominic White says:

    John Walker will not be happy with this game – that co-op video has a very obvious boss fight there. It looks pretty neat, too, as missile-spam makes everything cooler.

    The general co-op gameplay looks a lot like the co-op from Resistance 2 on the PS3, but on a smaller scale. This is a pity, as R2’s co-op was spectacular, pitting up to 8 players (with persistently levelling classes) against ARMIES of enemies. Serious Sam-esque numbers, but tactical combat requiring teamwork.

  12. Rei Onryou says:

    I can’t tell if this is fully MMO. Can huge numbers turn up for a battle, or are they basically instanced team deathmatch affairs?

    Also, is it FPS or TPS? I think it’s both, but the FPS appears to not have the weapon visible (hopefully because its still beta).

    Can someone please put my suspicions to rest and tell me it’ll be awesome!

  13. John Walker says:

    Dominic – that damn big robot killed me when I had it one plip from death, the bastard.

    Rei – read the article about the game I linked to at the top!

  14. Rei Onryou says:

    @John: Shamefully, I did read the article when it was written, but my memory doesn’t stretch far beyond 2 minutes ago. Re-read and my suspicions are now laid to rest. Thanks to the wondrous entity that is TEAM WALKER. =D

  15. sigma83 says:

    “It’s astonishingly how few games get weapon audio right. Done correctly it can sell the entire experience.”

    YES. Yes yes yes yes yes! ‘Feel’ is very important to me when using shooter weaponry. Feel is a tactile combination of many things, from handling to visuals to effectiveness to audio. A weapon that looks and sounds like a powerhouse but is actually a peashooter in game makes me feel cheated. Similarly a gun that looks and sounds like a paperclip twanging but blows up the screen is incongruous.

    The weapon can be great but is horrendously difficult to use. This is usually a control thing, but since weapons tend to be a huge part of games, control issues become weapon issues by extension.

    The weapon can be easy to use, looks right, feels good, but is horrendously ineffective. For a great example of this, see pretty much every gun in Counter Strike.

    I think the problem also lies with people not correctly giving audio the credit it deserves and underdeveloping. New graphics cards come out every month but how many people know how to measure sound fidelity?

  16. duel says:

    mmmm.. sci-fi

    i always get scared with these things though. because its always about wepon layouts and abilities rather than shooting stuff…

  17. Tei says:

    I think this one will be fun for all the Unreal and Quake players out here. Maybe even somewhat fun for the TeamFortress 2 players, and fun for the BF2 players that like “Infantry only” maps *shakes fist*.

  18. Thingus says:

    After looking at these trailers, something reminds me really heavily of Guild Wars. I really can’t quite put my finger on what it is, though.
    It could be fun, I guess. If they pull it off right. But it doesn’t feel like a successor to Planetside yet; it’s missing that ‘epic warfare’ feel, that feeling that brought on Planetside Veteran’s syndrome. Probably due to the lack of tanks.
    Still, jetpacks.

    (As for gun sounds, I totally agree. I really couldn’t stand Halo’s SMG rattle.)

  19. Dominic White says:

    Looking at it again, one thing that I really like the look of in that co-op video is that they have a very classic retro/doomish mix of enemy types. Swarming fodder that die en-masse to a single grenade, slower shooty types, evasive flying ones, and stompy ‘sluggers’ that players really have to trade shots with.

    As nice as realism is, I’d been getting a bit sick of ‘humanoid with gun that dies after one shot to the head’ as an enemy type.

    And that boss actually looks kinda fun to fight. It telegraphs all its attacks appropriately (so you’re never caught out), the arena has enough cover, and it moves with a sense of deadly purpose.

    I hope here’s a good variety of boss-class enemies. Resistance 2 got that right in particular.

  20. Saul says:

    I agree about the gun noise– how annoying! Looks like a bit of fun, otherwise.

  21. ascagnel says:

    @Jim Rossignol: Its the only reason I own any of the “Conflict” games. :\

  22. LionsPhil says:

    I love their larger robots. Robots! And they’ve got a futuristic graphical style which is neither grit-and-grime, nor made entirely out of grey and neon pixel shaders. Plus five-million points in that category.

    Also, decent facial hair selection in the character creator! Shame it then gets immediately covered up with a helmet. :/

    It looks good, sound gripes notwithstanding. If only it were a single-player FPSRPG, and not a World of Grindcraft rental. We shall yet see if it wishes to be a leech on the bank balance which none of my friends show any interest in.

  23. Supraliminal says:

    Do all future people run like that in the first clip, looks daft.

    That character creation looks a bit clumsy in comparison to APB’s system.

    Uh horrible gun sound.
    Just negative remarks, there has to be something good about this game ……What! JETPACKS, jum.

    But still it can’t change the fact that this appears to be like any other general MMO, just with jetpacks.. Oh that does sound good

  24. Alchemda says:

    For those wondering, they have something like alliance battles, which are sort of like instanced battles in a Risk territory control fashion. Say you get a group of 16 in one area, they take control of a turret control station, then the turrets in the other 16 person area the turrets go down. So there are Large scale battles.. sort of, but more small versions that matter in each of the other ones. If that makes sense.

  25. Limboing_leper says:

    So no full battles over bases and towers as in Planetside? That’s a shame but will keep an eye on it anyway as it looks interesting apart from that.

  26. DSX says:

    looks sort of like tabula rasa and tribes had a bastard child with horrible gun sounds :(

  27. Arca says:

    The closed beta is set to begin soon, by the way. At least, it is according to an email I recieved on the 30th.

  28. Tei says:

    This is my mantra:

    I want to be invited to the beta and roll a Constructor. I will be the constructor on your team that never built turrets, and rush to control points, and spam remotes. You will hate me, but we will win the set, and farm our XP to level and unlock better stuff. The enemy will fear my shotgun-ske weapon, and hordes of recons will die tryiing to melee me, while I activate the blocking mode.
    In idle hours, waiting for the queues to fill, I will hang with the other dudes in the arena. Just chatting, or trying tecniques and ideas.
    Playing with good players, I will become a good player myself.

    And with courage, my faction shall prevail!

  29. Timofee says:

    I was really looking forward to this game, but these video’s have me somewhat worried, the god awful sound for that..scout is it? gun in the 4th video is one. As has been mentioned by others this is so important for them to get right, particularly in a class based FPS where you’re going to be using varients on the same style of gun all the time so you’d better like or at least not hate the sound your gun makes. The BFG in Q3 was fantastic I remember being horrified when they changed it to a radid fire affair but boy was it satisfying and so lethal, which brings me a another worry: this looks like everything will take far too much killing, particularly the melee combat – they would do well to learn from valve and TF2 where when you’re up close and personal it should be quick and brutal otherwise it ruins the illusion.

    I’m also struggling to see how it will all fit together into a coherent world, this seems like a stranging fudging of single player/co-op to ‘level up’ and then straight team deathmatch on a par with Q3 or TF2, which doesnt really sound like an MMO to me?

    Are the above developer sanctioned videos? Because I really have to question what made them think video #3 was in any way interesting to their target audience – which I’m taking to be FPS players who want a bit more persistence and reward for their efforts. I couldn’t give a toss about what fucking dance emotes they’ve decided to include in their game

  30. Marcin says:

    It seems very run-around-like-a-headless-chicken-spamming-the-fire-button sort of thing. With Planetside you got the varied infantry tactics with heavies, support and stealth, then you got the MAXes into the mix and of course all-out armor support as well.

    So … this is like the final bit of that, the spammy scrummy base capture with none of the grandeur of rolling into a base with 50 other guys, and knowing 50 opponents could come over the horizon any second. :/

    But I guess if there’s room in the market for Unreal Lite With Customisation, maybe it’ll open the way for things that are a bit more meaty.

  31. Lafinass says:

    Thank god.

    No elves.

  32. Mike says:

    Wait, that’s not an FPS.

  33. Primar says:

    Christ, the gun noise in the 4th video is mental irritating. Sounds more like a stapler than some future-tech pain-shooter. Hope they change that.

  34. Mark says:

    Not really much of an MMO at all, now I think of it.

  35. Nox says:

    @ Lafinass

    That ‘No Elves’ video (not linked in this article) was brilliant. I was nearly sold on its quality and sentiment alone; I’d practically committed to buying the game without knowing anything more than what that obviously tongue-in-cheek video conveyed. That’s some pretty impressive advertising.

    Now that I’ve seen it in action, I can honestly say that it looks 1) chaotic, 2) different and 3) [i]possibly fun[/i]. Along with many others here, though, I will confess that I found most of the sounds effects underwhelming.

    I’ll definitely keep this on my radar, though, despite needing another MMO like a [i]seventh[/i] hole in my head.

  36. Nox says:

    (What, no edit button? I basically used that as a preview feature.)


    Oh, dear.

    Someone’s swapped my keyboard layout. Again.

  37. MD says:

    Tei says:

    “I think this one will be fun for all the Unreal and Quake players out here.”

    I don’t think so, from what I saw in those videos. It looks a bit slow and spammy for my tastes, more like a less-rubbish version of Battlefield Heroes than anything in the spirit of Quake. It also look suspiciosly like a third-person shooter, but maybe that part is optional? For some reason I had been expecting an FPS, but maybe I’m getting it mixed up with some of the other PWNSes that have been announced.

  38. MD says:

    MD also look suspiciosly like an illiterate chump, but there you go. *Shakes fist at the disappearing edit function*

  39. MD says:

    And yes, sorry for the triple-post but having followed one of Walker’s links, it is indeed third-person only.