Poster-‘pocalyptic: Fallen Earth Test, Trailer

The posh new Fallen Earth website has announced that you can get into the “stress test” of the game via Fileplanet, which is great, because we all love using Fileplanet to get hold of these things… Anyway, the noises coming out of the Fallen Earth beta haven’t so far been too promising, but we’re yet to play it for ourselves, so we’re going to reserve nuke-from-orbit judgment until we do. The trailer has a modicum of snazziness to it, at least, and the lack of activity around the game – which has reportedly been content complete since last October – finally seems to be spooling up to release.


  1. Nny says:

    Cool trailer :).

  2. Tei says:

    Oblivium… with guns.

  3. Klaus says:

    Reminds me of Fallout 3, like an action packed Fallout 3.

  4. Butler` says:

    I think making sweeping crticisms about the MMO genre should be restricted to those marketing trailers for, you know, good games.

  5. Alex McLarty says:

    I’m not a fan of trailers, they never show the real thing, but this nearly had me convinced!

    They just need a deep voiced man to say: “QUIT PLAYING WITH YOUR WAND” and it’d be complete.

  6. Kelron says:

    I spent a couple of hours with the beta, before uninstalling it. I only really played the intro sequence, which was pretty much you in god mode getting to grips with the controls, but it all felt so amateur. It played like a mediocre action game crossed with a mediocre MMO. Clunky controls, bad animation, the action was real time at least, but it wasn’t fun. Having to unload an assault rifle into someone for 20 seconds while their MMO health bar ticked down didn’t help.

  7. Dave says:

    As a matter fact, I’m not tired of ogres, elves and pixies.

    I know I’ve been on a single-player Hellgate kick lately, but really… this doesn’t look better than that. It looks like there’s less imagination involved.

  8. MrBejeebus says:

    It seems to look like a mediocre mmo trying to look cool by having sweeping videos and heavy rock music…

  9. The Innocent says:

    The other day I perused the website for this game and it left me just unimpressed. I had gone in thinking it might be cool, but then some videos, faction details, and combat systems specs later and I just couldn’t see myself even trying it out. Which is a shame, because the original concept did sound kind of cool. I’d be hard-pressed to say what exactly turned me off the most, so I suppose it’s one of those total-package deals in which everything together just rubbed me the wrong way.

  10. Sonic Goo says:

    Funny how the first thing they show after the ‘sick of ogres, elves and pixies’ line is a murloc…

  11. geldonyetich says:

    I can’t say much about this game, but I will go so far as to say that this is one of the most interesting MMORPGs I’ve played in decades. By this, I think what I’m trying to say it is makes better use of the MMORPG platform than most.

    So I’m not sure where these “noises coming out of Fallen Earth beta” are coming from, but I’m glad to hear you guys are reserving judgment. I suspect a lot of those dissenting opinions were from those who dropped into the game expecting a first person shooter priority.

  12. Danarchist says:

    I have been playing it for awhile, it is one of those games that someday is going to be a blast. It has all the crafty, shooty, bloody stuff i like, but its delivered allot like….well….ya know it feels like star wars galaxies, pre new whatever thingie and minus the singing and dancing crap. There are no classes so there is allot more option for customization, but the eventual surfacing of “templates” is sure to happen. There will be a wiki with 5 or 6 builds you have to have to do certain things optimally.
    The crafting alone is better than most games I have tried, but it takes a long time to finish even the most baseline things (I think one stack of ammo was 8 minutes or something). If crafting alone could float a game wed all be playing horizons.

  13. haircute says:

    I was pretty excited about this too but it dropped of my radar a while ago. After having just looked through the site I can’t say my interest has been revived at all. Also, from Danarchist:

    There will be a wiki with 5 or 6 builds you have to have to do certain things optimally.

    Autistic gamers ruin every thing ;_;

  14. Trite says:

    I tried Fallen Earth in the beta. I had problems installing it and a few game breaking bugs which made me to replay the whole introduction two times before getting into the “real world” (my character had jammed into nothingness). It felt so dull and buggy I ended up uninstalling it after a few hours like Kelron. I just didn’t like the game and gameplay at all. I’m a fantasy type of a guy, but don’t take this post as anti-scifi – bad mechanics are still bad mechanics whether fantasy or scifi.

  15. Mike says:

    Been playing the beta for awhile and I think it’s really fun, I agree with the above person who said it’s one of the most interesting MMO’s in years. It’s beta so of course there’s still a lot of things to polish up and fix but I can definitely see myself playing retail.

  16. invisiblejesus says:

    I’ve only tooled around with it a little bit after the intro tutorial, but I think it has a lot of potential. I enjoyed the ranged combat, and melee combat and driving would be fun with a bit more polished and optimized engine. It feels like the framerate is always just a little too low to be as responsive as I’d like.

  17. Tei says:

    At one time, my character ( roburky …(no, no the roBurky you know and love, other one)) got “glitched”. It was invisible to mobs, insible to other playes, invisible to GM’s. I was able to kill monster, because these monsters never hit back. I killed a raid monster (level 25) with my char level 8. I have visited a giganteous area of the game ( about 2/4 of it ).I reported it, and got fixed, It seems was a rare bug.

    I have never played a MMORPG in god-mode before :-)

  18. Moot says:

    I downloaded the beta the other day.

    Played for about 20 minutes – enough to reach a glitched door in the tutorial which I couldn’t open.

    My connection then dropped and I have felt no compulsion to log in and try again yet, which seems a little churlish given that I have been jonesing for a decent, gritty, non-fantasy based MMORPG for some time now.

    The controls were all ooky.

  19. Really says:

    I have played the beta for a few days, and while I can concur with others in this thread that it is buggy (it’s a stress test beta, wtf do you expect?). If you dont like crafting, crafting on a large and in depth, fairly time consuming manner, stay the hell away. If a system of crafting like the above where 95% of items in the game are able to be player made (and really, why wouldnt you? It’s probably 2x cheaper than buying anything at a vendor) appeals to you, then have a ball. The fps-esque combat elements are refreshing, and least it isn’t a bunch of elves and orcs running around with a tired old turn based system.

    To address one thing: “which has reportedly been content complete since last October”. I can’t personally believe that statement from what I have seen in the game. Why, you ask? Here’s why: there are whole bases and points of interest off of the beaten path, which I discovered only having gotten to level 4 at this point, which have no mob spawns whatsoever. I found a really sweet looking base that I expected to be populated with mobs, possibly of special significance, but there wasn’t anything there but one resource node. There are 3 giant cell towers that can be seen for miles in the distance (at one or two starting towns, there are around 8 starting towns depending on your focus: crafting, combat, and something else), naturally I was attracted to them, went out to investigate, found it like the cool base, totally devoid of npcs aside from wandering snakes and such.

    If the bugs are cleared up by launch, the aforementioned unpopulated areas made populous, and a major tightening of the combat system, I think it could be seen as one of the better quality niche mmos on the market. Let me make this clear, this is definately a niche mmo, there is no way you are going to gain mass appeal by making your game require thought, time, and general hand-eye coordination (not to mention the total lack of fantasy crap.).

    In response to the major bug with the tutorial-thing that people have mentioned: so far I’ve gathered from the veteran testers that it didnt have many problems until the FP stress test happened, among many other bugs, which is a good thing really. None the less, it is still a huge bug.

    I’m still waiting for a Mad Max/Road Warrior IP MMO to be developed, please, someone make it.

    PS- I don’t hate fantasy themed MMOs on principle, I played many of them, including WoW, for many years. I am quite simply tired of them, their generic-ness and combat systems, among other things, but that’s a long and different story.

  20. Stromko says:

    There’s still an NDA, so those in the beta (who want to remain in the beta because they enjoy it) probably aren’t saying much.

    It’s really rather late to have an NDA, since the fileplanet stress test means all sorts of people can try it out and lots of them are finding it’s not the game for them — thus the majority of those who feel free to give their opinion didn’t like it, while those who love it to death and don’t want the slightest chance of being kicked out of the beta are mostly staying mum.

    Probably. Theoretically. Covering-my-assedly.

  21. CMaster says:

    NDA has lifted now, so those who ARE liking the game are free to talk about it.

    My experiences were mixed. It’s ok, but has a lot of issues and looks vulnerable to exploits and hacks. It has it’s strengths too though.

  22. Larry says:

    I FINALLY got it downloaded and then when I tried to install it it refused claiming that it couldnt find the file and ALSO claiming that it COULD find it within the same damn window. Still trying to find a solution to this so I can give a fair opinion to the game :/ Any help?

  23. Larry says:

    aalright, Im not a PC person by far. Im very ignorant to computer programs… and spellin . ANYWAY, I got it to work. If anyones curious as how I did it…
    I highlighted the filed from the location I downloaded them to, then drag/dropped them onto my Desktop… easy peasy japanesey. Hope I helped another lost soul

  24. Larry says:

    I played for 10 minutes. I HATE this game. HATE it. HORRIBLE. First the very second you get of gameplay “the tutorial” was SOOOO laggy I was getting 2 FPS, and I was the only one there. The entire time, every 2 seconds the computer in this room keps saying “Hurry up come over here. Dont them them see you. Get over here” constantly. Once I managed to get through the tutorial with 2 FPS, the graphics go tbetter slightly.
    The options for the graphics and creation engine are so weak. Its worse than a create-a-wrestler on an old 64 WCW game. I could turn down the distance I viewed everything at but couldnt turn off key contributors to lag like the grass. So it made me seem like a plant god who magically made grass grow around me in a 20 foot circle and vanish as I left.

    Couldnt find any weapons, found a lvl 3 coyote on the highway. Me being a level 2 I decided to fist fight the coyote and was suprised to find out you cant injure somethign 1 level higher than you with fists. Which tell sme the diff. of power from one level to the next is WAY too high. Speaking fo which, I would sugest GETTING high to even try this filthy beta because you’re gonna need to be somewhat numbed to anger for it.

    The chat window was insane. Instead of placing the name and then text like
    Larry: “Hey everybody, I hate you all”
    it comes out like
    NEW PLAYER: lvl 2 larry – Hey everybody I hate you all

    I didnt find a single thing about this game I liked OTHER than the cinematic “which i slike ages long” after the tutorial had some funny dialouge. Again, spelling is horrible.

    All in all I would be angry at anyone who bought this game. 0 out of 10