A Fool In Morrowind, Day 7 – Powerhat

Let me tell you about my hat.

  • It is the first thing in I’ve paid for in this land, bar some skill training and a few lockpicks.
  • It cost me 1500 gold pieces, which is more than most shopkeepers even carry. Easily obtained and replaced by a man of my stealthy means, frankly.
  • It’s around a foot and a half tall, made of what appears to be brass, and masks my features entirely with a cold, machine-like visage. Yes, it does appear as though I’m wearing a giant, metal vegetable on my face, but I like the look.
  • It’s of Dwemer (that’s Tamriel’s mysteriously-vanished race of dwarves) origin, which is why it so closely resembles the faces of the Dwemer Centurions, the clockwork guards I encountered yesterday.
  • That it fits me, a lanky Dunmer, so very snugly suggests the widely-held belief that the Dwemer were short of stature is perhaps a myth. Dwarves = tall. Goddit?
  • A purple haze of otherworldly magicks crackles across its surface. In other words, I shimmer, daaaaahling.
  • I can wear my Dark Brotherhood mouth-mask on top of it. This looks agreeably ridiculous, like an grumpy robot doctor.

  • Whilst wearing my hat, I can breathe underwater indefinitely. It doesn’t appear to rust, either.
  • Whilst wearing it, I am completely invisible. Upon performing any action, I turn visible again – but unless it involved attacking someone, no-one will have caught me performing said action.
  • If I remove the hat then put it back on again, my invisibility will immediately be restored.
  • This means I can instantly escape from any fight that’s not going my way.
  • This also means I can steal anything, entirely undetected. I can even lockpick in plain sight whilst wearing it.
  • This hat has changed my life.
  • This hat has made me into a complete and utter bastard.

I give you… Powerhat! Powerhat’s power does, unfortunately come at a price.

First up, for every second I wear it, my reserves of magicka drip away. If I leave it on for a couple of minutes, I’ll be all out of the blue stuff, and unable to cast any spells until I go for a kip and quaff a tonic or two. I can’t say I care. While I respect what magic can achieve, it’s not really my style. I’m good with a shortsword, and I’ve amassed a large collection of trinkets with handy mystical tricks for all occasions. I’m also carrying something in the region of 60 potions on me. Magic? I don’t need no stinkin’ magic.

More annoyingly, it reduces my agility by around 15%. This means I need to remember to take it off whenever I wind up fighting someone, or I’m significantly more likely to ineptly swipe at thin air rather than stick my sword into their ear. It’s scarely a deal-breaker, but having to change hats in the middle of a sword fight doesn’t make me feel like the epic hero I’m surely destined to be. I want the minstrels to sing tales of the Master Thief, the expert swordsman – not “that guy with all the hats.”

It has been a revelation, however. I’ve used it to rob smugglers’ caves bare under their very noses, to miraculously escape from a Daedra Lord I ran into whilst exploring a sinister ruin, and to pick off a pack of corrupt imperial guards who were otherwise dramatically stronger than me, one-by-one.

Most of all, I used it to break into a heavily-guarded vault in the water-bound capital city of Vivec. It contained, along with generous piles of cash, a repository of supremely powerful items accrued by one of the six great houses, of vast value and vast ability. There was more than I could carry, and certainly more than I could use, but I grabbed as much as I could and ran out laughing.

I sold what I didn’t need, and spent the proceeds on training up every skill I could. I also bought a ridiculous number of spells I’ll never use (largely because Powerhat means I’ve got no magicka). Finally, I splashed out almost 10000g on enchanting the best shortsword in my haul with a horrifyingly damage fire attack. I named it Optimus Slice, and it makes me nigh-on unstoppable.

Or so I suspect. I’m just off to test out this theory…

PS – I met a unicorn!

PPS – No, of course I didn’t kill it. What do you think I am? I did have a chat with it, though.


  1. CakeAddict says:

    That helm can be bought at the pawnbroker in Balmora I think for around 1500g.
    You’ll need to have the mod Abot Water Life v1.13 for it to be there though since it’s suppose to be used for diving in that mod.

  2. Klaus says:

    Is that a Wolf Head Sword? I want one. :/

    I joined the Imperial Legion for the first time. They’re nice fellows.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    Magic actually makes the combat in morrowind good. You hit them with a fire ball they take fire damage, you can even do area damage(be careful your friends don’t get hurt or they not friends any more). Add to that the pimped out trinkets and spells you can make. What about a ring which very slowly removes all attribute damage? Sorted, or steadily heals you? What about a magic wand which grants you total immunity to fire before launching a fire explosion from your position? Or even just a set of clothes you put on for trading which gets you bargins? Best of all are the items with wierd complications which come with the game.

  4. qrter says:


  5. Howard says:


  6. Elrando says:

    Oh wow, people actually think there are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to play Morrowind?
    Missing the point.

  7. Richard Beer says:

    Been many, many years since I played Morrowind, and I enjoyed every second of it, until I figured out that if I wore something like 5 items with 20% deflection on each of them I was immune to all combat damage except magic, which seemed a little unfair.

    It was something like that anyway, my memory blurs the details!

  8. Phlebas says:

    Losing magic would have missed one of my funniest bits of Morrowind – creating a short-term water walking spell that worked at a distance. Approach enemy from water, shoot enemy with spell, watch enemy come charging towards you across the water, watch enemy drown when the spell wears off. Repeat until it stops being funny or you run out of enemies who are close enough to the sea.

  9. ilves says:

    eeh… that hat is a little ridiculous. in vanilla, i don’t believe there is a constant enchantment for invisibility, might be though, it gets a little OP’ed.

    Just wondering what your level is that you broke into the vaults so early. Usually they need like 75-100 security to pick the locks.

  10. Guernican says:

    Disappointing how easy invisibility makes things, isn’t it?

    Personally, I’d have killed the unicorn. Eaten its flesh. Drank its blood. And… oops. Wrong Elder Scroll.

  11. Serondal says:

    I’m pretty sure you can get into the vaults with keys you can pick pocket or get from murdered guards ect :P Not sure It has been so long since I robbed them. THere is nothing like that in Oblivion sadly :( Not even a bank to rob. In Oblivion it is all about stealing a large volume of crappy stuff. I never found anything worth any money.

  12. Heliocentric says:

    Chameleon enchantments stacked up to 100%

    No-one ever see’s you, you can punch people in the face and while they know they were hit and would attack you if you uncloaked, if you murder them you can get away with it.

  13. Serondal says:

    I often find getting chamelon all the way up to 100% isn’t even needed. I just had chameleon around 40 or 50% combined with sneaking I never got caught. Left me a lot more room for other stuff like flying enchantments ( which you needed in this game unlike Oblivion which obviously dosen’t allow you to fly) and other things. I was like you had a whole suit of enchanted stuff :P

    In oblivion I used the Frostcrag spire DLC and Azuras star to make a suit of elven armor that increased my magicka to extreme levels allowing me to cast giant death spells which I otherwise would never have had the magic for. also had mods that changed it a bit so that it had a dragon landing pad (For my dragon mount mod) and fantastic herb garden.

  14. Evernight says:

    I got the Chysmere (sp.?) once – the Claymore at the end of the Army quests. That weapon was the tits.

    What you SHOULD do is get your house started. After my house was completed I brought in over 100 light sources (candles, lamps, etc) and made my house a very happening place.

  15. abot says:

    LOL! When I added it to ease water life peaceful diving trips, I would never have imagined a soo creative use of the the dwemer helm ;-)
    .. keep it coming!

  16. abot says:

    LOL! When I added it to ease water life peaceful diving trips, I would never have imagined such a creative use of the dwemer helm :-)
    .. keep it coming!