Section 8: Jumping Dudes Fight Trailer

Robots, jetpacks, tanks booted out the back of dropships, lots of firepower and some extreme mechanised jumping: Section 8‘s most recent trailer has all the elements that makes an wizened PC gamer sit back in his chair, run a hand across his beard and say: “hmm, I remember Tribes.” Anyway, for those of us who haven’t been able to get on the beta, the trailer, courtesy of Destructoid, is below.


  1. Mwalk10 says:

    Looks good, though i fear it will play too much like halo, where enemies take whole clips of assault rifle ammo to take down.

  2. Sartoris says:

    I just love the idea of killing robots….WITH KNIVES.

  3. Jazmeister says:

    /me is now permanently erect.

  4. Ninja says:

    I signed up just a few seconds ago and got my beta key instantly.

  5. Paxeh says:

    Somehow the shoulder pad emblem makes me think of Space Marines.

  6. clive dunn says:

    Hmm, from the name i was expecting a brutal simulation of British mental health services.
    Section 42 “The return to the asylum”

  7. toni says:

    tribes, dystopia, team fortress…..they sure know where to steal. Maybe they can create a thing of their own or it’s just another lazy clone….we’ll see

  8. Greg Wild says:

    Hmmm, I remember Tribes being sort of like this.

  9. Aldo says:

    Hmm, from the name i was expecting a brutal simulation of British mental health services.
    Section 42 “The return to the asylum”

    Well, it’d be less controversial than the Section 28 game.

  10. cullnean says:

    tribes is teh ski-king!
    seriously buy the rights to power armorer off of GW make it 40kish and ill be happy, its seems the only people who can be arsed to buy the rights to 40k for shooters dont know how to make em.

    slight derailing

  11. Muzman says:

    tangential pointlessness (or is that pointless tangentiality?)
    “an wizened”
    I wonder if that’s a typo or part of the increasingly popular “It’s too hard, let’s just make it all ‘an’ from now on” trend.
    (Personally, I am old school. The apparently widely accepted “an historic” drives me up the wall. It’s the thin edge of the wedge in all this. I don’t care which part of French South London you are from, ‘H’ is a f@#$%ing consonant, OK?! NNGNGNNNGG.
    Ahhh. I’ll be alright for about a week now.)

  12. Inanimotion says:

    “Looks good, though i fear it will play too much like halo, where enemies take whole clips of assault rifle ammo to take down.”

    Either you’ve played this game, or that trailer explain aspects of gameplay in great detail to you :P

    Try several clips of assault rifle ammo. Unless they’re standing still of course.

    I still enjoy it though.

  13. Tellurian says:

    I’ve seen too much Ghost in the Shell. I’m constantly waiting for Section 9 members to show up there.
    Or Tachikomas.

  14. Metal_Circus says:

    You can JUMP in this game? Woah, GOTY.

  15. PHoNSC says:

    Aw, it’s just going to be Tribes with guns.

  16. Tonic says:

    The ‘invert mouse’ and ‘mouse sensitivity options didn’t work a couple of days ago so the game was basically unplayable.

  17. Benny says:

    Mmmmm Jetpacks….

  18. tapanister says:

    So, this is Spacemarine: Assault Marine Squad? But seriously, it does look interesting.

  19. Owen says:


  20. Ken McKenzie says:

    It says it’s called ‘Section 8’, and yet it doesn’t appear to feature Dogwelder at all.

    Incredibly disappointing.

  21. cullnean says:

    hmmm a game of french movie district 13 would be nice

  22. Tei says:

    The Tachikomas are the awesome. I remenber the episode where are send to be destroyed.. *Sight*.

    This thing looks cool. But I have see a XBox 360 logo…

  23. Indifference Engine says:

    They made one, it was call Mirrors Edge.
    I kid, I kid.

  24. Mr. Brand says:

    You had me at “robots”!

  25. Bhazor says:

    It looks like yet another fun death match game. I just wish they’d bring more of this power and jumpy freedom to single player campaign games. Prototype shows how fun it is to made to feel like an invincible unstoppable atomic git and it would be great to see a shooter do the same.

    Proposition 8 would have made a fun game too.
    It’s already an hilarious trailer. link to

    Oh no! Its the big gay storm! Those gays think children should be told that homosexuals won’t go to hell!

  26. Duckmeister says:

    Hey guys! How do you like Tribes 5?

  27. Serenegoose says:

    Took me a second to remember the guys from ghost in the shell were ‘section 9’. I was wondering where the hell Batou was. Problematically, the first few seconds of the movie make me think ‘gods, how awesome would it be if this was a suitably epic singleplayer game!’ But that’s just because the prospect of seeing vasty capital ship scale and infantryman scale gets me all hot under the collar, and well… multiplayer games tend to only go as far as infantry, armour, and aircraft. not 3 mile long DEATHSHIPS. A pity.

  28. OutOfExile says:

    I got into the Beta but I can’t log in no matter what I try. Anyone else having this problem?

  29. Jordan says:

    OutOfExile – You need to use your Gamespy login/password.

    A little birdie (*cough*) tells me that this game is pretty awesome. I was a pretty big fan of Quake Wars, but there was a lot lacking from its personality and variety.

    The dynamic objectives thrown into the mix in Section 8 are a lot of fun, and I see a lot of promise in this game!

    Also – the dropship mechanic owns my soul.

  30. OutOfExile says:

    I’ve tried my nickname and my login but it still doesn’t work.

  31. mandrill says:

    The drop sequence looks like something from I imagined from reading Starship Troopers (which beared no resemblance to the film btw) This endeared the game to me immediately.

    OT: ‘an historic’ and ‘an hotel’ are as old school as it gets afaik as the h in both words is meant to be silent.

  32. Erlam says:

    I apparently ‘Do not meet the criteria’ for this game’s beta.

  33. suibhne says:

    Which is odd, because I got a beta key immediately without being asked for credentials of any criteria whatsoever. I’m pretty sure all FP knows of me is name and email address.

  34. NovaPolice says:

    Same here, free FP account and I got in. I think that might be them releasing keys in groups.

    This looks average in some places, but the re-entry in first person and the air control mechanics make it look worth at least a download. I loved dropping down from a transport without a parachute in Planetside, and this kinda reminds me of that.

  35. Z says:

    I, too, am deeply disappointed by the lack of dogwelding and defenestration. Section 8 this is not.

  36. Psychopomp says:

    Still can’t play the beta, due to not being able to connect to servers; although, the devs have said they’ve got a patch on the way.

  37. Derek K. says:

    See, to me, that’s Planetside, updated to modern graphics, and made co-op rather than mmofps.

    I mean, that drop ship is all but a Galaxy, and I’m certainly used to doing airdrops from a Galaxy….

    Honestly, watching that made me want to play Planetside, since Section 8 doesn’t think I’m cool enough to play.

  38. Antsy says:

    Hmmm, I remember Tribes coming on 2 discs. One of which was a quite enjoyable Mech type game.

    Derek K, I’m with you. Piling out of a Galaxy over a base for the first time is one of my all time favourite gaming moments.

    Planetside, or that style of game, is more and more conspicuous in its absence from the modern gaming scene.

  39. ReturnToNull says:

    Yeah. People wanting Planetside out of this are going to be sorely disappointed.

  40. Lafinass says:

    Does anyone else find comedy in “CLOSED BETA – Now open to all users!” and “You do not meet the screening criteria for participating in the Closed Beta.” being on the same page?

  41. Some Guy says:

    looks a lot like the Mobile Infantery in starship trooper so far as shot from ships in space and mech suits.

  42. Cunzy1 1 says:

    I like the way they’ve deliberately put every single FPS future wary cliche into that trailer.