Choose Your War: Op Flash 2 & ArmA II Trailers

Which one am I again?

In the great Operation Flashpoint 2 Vs. ArmA II debate, I’ll tell you which side I come down on. I’m on [the opposite side to you]. I can’t believe you think the other game is the better one! What about all the inevitable problems with AI?! It’s so unrealistic in your game that you can run so far/reload so quickly, and it’s just ludicrous that you [something about damage]. What ARE you thinking? In case there’s anyone who’s yet to pick a side (because it is AGAINST THE LAW to want to enjoy both), there’s a new trailer showing off OpFlash 2’s spooky night time paranoia, and a military tactics montage from ArmA II. The latter is of course already released, and you can read Jim’s review here. OpFlash 2 is due in September-ish.

Here’s the new dark footage of Operation Flashpoint 2:

And here’s a montage of various bits and bobs you can do in ArmA II (although it fails to come close to the full awesomeness of this):


  1. The Sombrero Kid says:

    given arma 2 absolutely sucked i’m firmly in the OpFlash2 camp, why can’t the original devs repeat the success of the the original game?

  2. linfosoma says:

    It seems that OF2 is going to be a more accessible version of ArmA, which is exactly what Im looking for.

  3. jameb says:

    its weird- i was resistant to arm2 (having played ofp and arm1) and it has the same flaws but it has totally sucked me in…love it…hope it does really well… that other devs jump in this space—imagine arm2 with a rock solid engine – ofp2rd— we shall see not many journos seem to be hyping its corner…

  4. JonFitt says:

    Ooh nice. Two excellent looking games which are in a genre I enjoy both out in 2009.

  5. Dave says:

    Having played the ArmA II demo and been horribly disappointed (no, not with the bugs, i mean with the complete lack of polish), i’m looking forward to OpFlash2. It may be like comparing chalk with cheese, but I’d prefer a slightly different game which plays nicely, than a better game which plays worse.

  6. pirate0r says:


    I played the xbox version of OFP after having played the PC version of OFP. The xbox version was far easier to control, the graphics were more detailed and the missions less buggy (some of the missions were shortened a little though).

    In general though I believe the biggest difference that we’ll see between ArmA II and OPF 2 is the polish OFP 2 will get.

    ArmA II is very intense and with a metric tonne of vehicles, weapons etc… but the vehicles handle like crap, the sound is generic at best, and the physics engine feels at least 5-6 years old. BF2 has ragdolls, why not ArmA II? In my opinion BIS should have concentrated on multiplayer and stopped the single player game after the tutorials. Co-op and multiplayer is where the entire series has shined so why not concentrate there?

    As for OFP2, I’ll reserve judgment until the game is actually released because for all we know it could turn out to be absolute crap. But if Codies can strike up a combination of Project Reality and the ArmA/OFP series, then transform it into OFP2 we might get a truly decent war simulator.

  7. Cedge says:

    People in the armed forces are not simply your workmates and classmates taken from their daily civilian life, and suddenly dropped into the middle of combat zones. It’s called “training.”

    As an American, your post made me facepalm.

  8. Wisq says:

    Sync issues with the video here, too. I assumed it was the crappy Linux Flash player.

  9. bookwormat says:

    Where do all these details about Operation Flashpoint 2 come from? I mean “less realistic than [other game]”, “more accessible”, “more polished”, “better/worst than [other game]” etc).

  10. Dominic White says:

    OFP2 has a larger PR and marketing operation behind it. They’ve got a big publisher, a big budget, and a big development team (3-4x what Bohemia Interactive employ, I recall). Funny how willing people are willing to rally under the title rather everything else, though.

    I can’t really pass judgement on anything about OFP2, except for what we’ve seen in videos, and what I have seen is almost zero body awareness, and a huge rifle locked to filling almost a quarter of the screen, pointing straight forward and fireable accurately when running backwards.

    It kinda reminds me of Battlefield: Bad Company, or maybe the Delta Force games.

  11. Cedge says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. It’s odd that there are people that are throwing themselves into it’s camp so heavily, without having played it, and without the development team behind it having any apparent experience (and thus, no prior credibility to bank on) with this specific subgenre.

  12. Isocheim says:

    I was certain I’d be backing ArmA II simply on the basis of how much I hate everything made by Codemasters, but the demo was quite the turn-off, from the bugs and lack of optimization to the needlessly complex controls and “Terrance and Phillip”-esque lip syncing.

  13. Erlam says:

    “The only thing stopping people from porting more PC hits to consoles is the utterly wrongheaded belief that consoles can’t handle the games.”

    In-order processing, look it up. I’ve worked on every console from the PS2 til now, and I can tell you – consoles can’t handle what PC’s can. This isn’t a pissing contest, this is just something I know to be true because, at this very moment, I am running two PS3 devkits off my computer. A co-worker of mine is currently running seven.

    Graphically, consoles are close. When it comes to AI, though, consoles simply don’t have the processing power.

  14. Howard says:

    Really? Even the PS3 and its Cell CPU? Thought that was the bizz for AI?

    Well that has totally ruined it for me now. I already had the Benny Hill theme on loop in my head whenever the AI gets in a tiz and does a 3000 point turn to avoid a tree. Now I’ll be hearing Terrance and bloody Philip when they talk! ><


  15. jalf says:

    @Howard: The Cell is extremely powerful in certain specialized cases. But for a lot of general-purpose processing, even an elderly Athlon 64 could run circles around it.

    And the thing about games AI is that it is typically very much general-purpose processing. Lots of branches, and very little actual computation. Which means it is pretty much the one thing PC CPU’s do best, and which the Cell is least suited for.

    Like he said, in-order processing is a huge performance hit. The lack of branch prediction doesn’t help matters either.

  16. KP says:

    Gametrailers is a good source of videos, but MAN the stuff they create personaly is mediocre.

  17. PendragonUK says:

    Well maybe I’m sort of looking forward to OF:2 coming out. Then maybe the dicks that come on our server and bugger about will be pissing off people on OF:2 servers instead. Leaving the ArmA:2 players alone to get on with their gaming.

    “Serous” is never a word that should be used when talking about gaming. Thing is some of these dicks just spawn and blow everything up, spawn killing their own team m8. The rest of us are trying to complete the mission.

    The kids and the TK’ers can go off and play OF:2 the rest of us can play ArmA:2

    OF:2 will die off quickly enough, because the kids will get bored and want to play the next shinny new game. The people that like it will become pissed off with the limited game play, the very thing that made the game easier to play in the first place, will result in it’s decline and death.

    ArmA will continue, it has the continuity of the community from the original OF. I don’t think that the map makers, moders and the community as a whole will take OF:2 on board. Most see it as the upstart pretender it is.

  18. JuJuCam says:

    @PendragonUK I was considering having a go at ArmA2 having had absolutely no experience with the series but being a person who generally appreciates and enjoys depth in gaming while knowing he can’t necessarily handle said depth without help. Now I’m not so sure. You seem to have described a closed community vaguely hostile towards newcomers and more casual gamers that would eat a player like me alive.

  19. El_MUERkO says:

    ArmA2 all the way!

    OFP2 has to prove itself to me and it has yet to do that, no doubt the team are being interfered with constantly by management saying “it’s not enough like CoD4!!”

  20. Paul Moloney says:

    “You seem to have described a closed community vaguely hostile towards newcomers ”

    Um, to be fair, he was describing people who were being blatantly malicious rather than simply inexperienced.

    I finished mission 1 – on Recruit level – last night. Great fun but I think I’ll get some more medals under my belt before I try multiplayer.


  21. Nick says:

    John: Q3 is clearly better.

  22. blarghhh says:

    The chief (?) designer of OF2, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, has some interesting credentials. He’s done some innovative and really excellent board wargame designs, among other things. I’d love to see an RPS interview with him. I think his views on the much-vaunted concept of “realism” would be especially interesting here. Make it so, team!

  23. Walter says:

    Op. Flashpoint 2 reminds me of GRAW2, atleast from that trailer.