The Witcher: The Patcher

Polish role-playing epic The Witcher: Enhanced Edition has a muscular new patch. It flexes its 369mb torso to remove DRM, the CD check, to fix a couple of tech issues and to add in five of the best community-made scenarios into the game, for more fantastical adventures. You can download it here, but I can’t find any confirmation of whether it updates automagically on Steam, but I have to assume it will. Maybe. I’m waiting for an answer from CD Projekt, but does anyone know?

Still no word on The Witcher 2, and we can only hope it’ll raise its wolfish head soon.


  1. Vinraith says:

    DRM removal? Disc check removal? They’re making it rather hard NOT to buy this thing…

  2. Pavel says:

    Eax and blurry graphics has been fixed by official hotfix for a long time, and my retail version is already DRM-free.So basically this patch = 5 adventures.

  3. subedii says:

    OK yeah, more companies really want to take something from these guys. The amount of post release support has been absolutely phenomenal. Probably the only game I’ve bought twice simply because of all the extra awesome stuff that came with the new edition, and the thing is, I didn’t even need to do that because digital copies of it all were made freely available anyway.

    Now they’re not only adding in more stuff, but removing the DRM now that the game’s largely sold its course? Seriously brilliant. Whatever their next title is is likely to be a must purchase purely out of principle.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    Never played past the demo content, but i do own the game. Another shame pile title for me.

  5. UK_John says:

    The West, in the next 2-3 years, will drop PC gaming and just develop for console, hand-held and iphone gaming. Hopefully the East will pick up the baton, like they have with STALKER and this game, along with future games like Precursors, White Gold and other games including flight sims and business sims, genres dropped by the West many years ago, along with other genres like adventures, puzzle and educational games. If the East doesn’t do it PC gaming willbe dead in the water.

  6. SmallGods says:

    Hmmmm, I tried this a while back, but alas my PC wasn’t up to much grunt back then. Now however…..

    Anyone happen to know where I can get it reasonably cheap these days? I’ve seen £19.73 on, any better offers than that that people know of?

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    The West, in the next 2-3 years, will drop PC gaming and just develop for console

    Yeah, I dunno why EA and Blizzard are continuing to bother to make The Sims or World Of Warcraft, it’s not like anyone plays them. They’re bound to be dead by Christmas.

  8. Vinraith says:


    Since the “enhanced edition” is really just the original with a (massive) free patch installed (as I understand it) one trick to getting it cheaper is to look for the original game and not the Enhanced box. Here in the US, and similar sites have the original for $20 or less.

  9. phil says:

    Strangely, and incredibly annoyingly, didn’t the developers just drop the console version of this very game?

  10. Cooper says:

    I thought CD check and DRM had already gone. At least, after adding that VAST AMOUNT OF SUPER FREE ADDITIONS AND CHANGE they released before, I no longer need the DVD in the drive.

    In any case, I concur with the sentiment that CD Projekt are owed oodles of love and hugs for their post-release support for this title. That alone, though lets not forget GoG and the DRM lackingness of that (and the joy of being able to access those old gems)…

  11. Clovus says:

    I hoped the fixed tech issues involve whatever it was that caused frequent crashing when I tried to play like 6 months ago. I’ll gladly finish the game and play the new stuff if it is stable. That is, as soon as I’ve finished Fallout 3 and Empire: Total War. Hmmm… at just an hour or so a day I think that will be awhile.

  12. Nafe says:

    So not only are responsible for releasing patches for products that have nothing to do, but the western PC gaming industry will be dead in 2-3 years eh UK_John?

    You live in a fascinating little world of your own.

  13. dragon says:

    Installing the EE was the most gruelling experience I’ve had getting a game to work, and I never made it either. I swore I’d never bother with that shit again, but now I’m sorely tempted.

  14. hallmeister says:

    Play currently have the non-EE version for a tenner if you don’t mind downloading the big 1.4 patch.

  15. UK_John says:

    Jim, your sarcasm, of course, goes right over my head, but in any event, everybody thinking one MMO and one original game makes the PC games industry. No doubt the Beatles and Michael Jackson are no different than anyone else making music, or the original Star Wars and Colour Purple are just regular movies. The Sims and Wow are phenomenons, and have as much to do with PC gaming as my cowboy boots. And for anyone that uses these two way out examples just tells me they have no argument.

  16. Serondal says:

    You know I used the term automagically online like 10 years ago and some jack-hole had the gaul to correct my spelling O.o Like I actually thought it was spelled that way normally.

  17. Wirbelwind says:

    This game is fantastic and if you haven’t played it yet I definitely recommend that you do.

    Great support from CD Projekt RED as well.

  18. Nafe says:

    What would satisfy you UK_John? I just played “Ben There Dan That” a completely free and absolutely fantastic adventure game made by a few Londoners. I also bought the sequel (for £3) which is even better.

    I could search for more western made great games but I’m not sure what would convince you that what you’re saying is rubbish.

  19. Serondal says:

    UK_John _ Uh, WoW still sells copies and have sold new boxed released that are in the top 10 of PC game sells. The rest for the most part are Sims games and expanisons of which a NEW Sims 3 just came out. Michael Jackson and Beatles are literally dead, you can not compare them to a living breathing pair of companies that are still releasing new games constantly (Diablo 3 is coming out and I’m sure more Sims 3 expansions will be soon and new Spore expansion just came out for exampe) On top of that there are TONS of Indie devs releasing games now a day and they are all awesome in their own way, which is like heaven for me. I have the most fun with Indie games for the most part.

    To me it is like those movies that come out all year long that are really good but don’t get a lot of press then every now and again some huge block buster comes out, same with gaming. (AS it should be, PC games are actaully coming into their own mature market now with a bunch of diffrent types of games being released every year. Big block busters like Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 and the Indie games like All Aspect Warfare and Braid and then a lot of games in between those two extremes to fill in the rest of the market) anyone who thinks PC gaming is dieing just isn’t looking at all

  20. Smurfy says:

    I popped a boner.

  21. Serondal says:

    I popped several playing The Witcher , my favorite being the woman you meet in the old haunted mill. Thought that was really funny that they assumed it was haunted ;)

  22. Vinraith says:

    Are we really going to have the “PC gaming is dying” argument? I mean, in 2009? The last few years had me a little worried for the state of the platform, as it seemed the flow of interesting (to me) new releases had slowed to a trickle, but this year so far has been a veritable renaissance of PC gaming for me. I’ve got more purchased but untouched games on the (largely virtual) pile right now than I can reasonably expect to get through for the rest of the year.

    So I suppose what I’m saying is that, based on personal experience, I find it hard to do anything but laugh derisively at those trying to claim that PC gaming is going anywhere for a good long while.

  23. Eamo says:

    If only they would make this game available in Europe on Steam I would have bought it months ago. Seems kind of daft that they put so much effort into post release support and neglect a small effort that could bring them plenty of sales.

  24. Alec Meer says:

    Yes, let’s not have that silly argument again. Best to ignore the strange man who’s come to a PC gaming blog to slate PC gaming, really.

  25. gavigan says:

    Good that this patch is dRM free, but I see it requires the 1.4 patch to be installed which definitely has dRM on it. I know because I can’t install 1.4 as to have a registered copy of Witcher you need the licence code on the manual, which could be anywhere in my house. Might actually buy the game again on Steam this time, but that sucks.

  26. Xercies says:

    Does this patch able me to do a god mode cheat since thats the only way I’m going to get past the bandit with his hundreds of Guards. I was loving the game as well until i hit that bit and now i can’t get past it.

  27. SmallGods says:

    I reckon my usage limits can take that hit yeah. ^_^

    Cheers for the heads up peoples, cheap gaming ahoy!

  28. UK_John says:

    Well, I am sure one MMO and one family PC game and one free indie game is a PC gaming industry, and as to Nafe, they are a sub division of CD Projekt and are based in Eastern Europe. And I am sure that any industry that is selling more retro games than modern games is a strong industry that will go on for ever!

    Someone out there still collects stamps, so that’s a thriving stamp industry right? So it is with PC gaming, as an industry the West will disappear. There’ll still be the little guys and the retro scene, but that is not an industry.It will not be enough to support PC gaming websites or PC games magazines. Retail won’t be interested (they already aren’t), and of course with only only half the number of PC games reviewed at Gamespot, for example, than 3 years ago, you can see that the East is already picking up more of the strain.

  29. no says:

    Steam has had some major problems with this game (starting with censoring it, among other things). I have no faith in them properly updating this.

  30. Heliocentric says:

    Every sims player is actually mostly ready to play adventure games and rts due to the skills the game develops. People say the wii is good for the games industry because its bringing new people in, if its even slightly true with the wii it certainly is true for the sims. Most people i know with wii’s haven’t touched them for months, yet the sims players have all been dedicated non stop. Also, rubbish troll is rubbish.

  31. Wolfox says:

    Great news.

    On a (not so) related note, I’ve been having trouble accessing today. For some reason, it doesn’t connect to port 80, though SSL (port 443) seems to work well. Maybe it’s something on their load balancers, or some crazy router along the way… aaaah, I can’t live without my GOG fix!!!

  32. Clovus says:

    @Heliocentric: Haha, offtopic, but when I got my Wii and played Zak and Wiki I thought, “Wow, all these casual gamers have access to the perfect console for Adventure Games. Plus, AGs should be the natural gateway drug to ‘non-causal’ games”. It also really does seem like Sims players should like AGs too. We should be having an AG renaissance, but that totally has not happened. There are some ok AGs (Telltale) and then a bunch of Nancy Drew/Agatha Christie games. bleh.

  33. skizelo says:

    It seems that CD Projekt will not make The Witcher 2 until they’ve made The Witcher perfect. I can’t think of a developer more committed to post-release improvements, especially for a single-player game.

  34. ZIGS says:

    This is all fine and dandy but if they don’t announce The Witcher 2 soon I’ll go on a rampage. Or that “They” game Metropolis was working on. Some news on that would be nice too

  35. Serondal says:

    I ended up quitting durning the swamp area (with the golem) Not because it was hard or any thing I just lost interest at this point. Nothing wrong with the game, more wrong with me. I thought the game was fantastic, I just don’t have enough time to pour into it with two kids and a demanding wife.

  36. Clovus says:

    A demanding wife that doesn’t read RPS, I guess??

    I have the same problem, but no kids. I just got finished with the golem area when I moved onto other games.

  37. Vanguard says:



  38. Clockwork Harlequin says:

    UK_John is right, you know. We must all sell our Blizzard stock! Fast, fast!

  39. Serondal says:

    No she doesn’t read RPS muwahahaha and she knows I think she is demanding any how , I don’t mind it. I’d rather have a demanding wife than a wife who doesn’t care what I do. Apathy generally leads to bad things ;P

  40. Bhazor says:

    But does the patch bring more titted up sex cards. Obviously thats the only reason to play the game according to Media.
    I don’t see why companies should follow this system though. Just because the customer likes

    Damn it’s hard to resist trolls sometimes.
    I have no will power so will say that as far as I know the East/West divide in gaming is
    Asia= East
    Europe + America= West

    So yeah those Russian games are west. Otherwise you’re getting bogged down in semantics, I mean Germany is to the east of us so is Crytek part of our glorious eastern saviours? What about France? They straddle us like a big brassy stripper so whose side are they on.

  41. Nafe says:

    OK UK_John – lets meet at an RPS thread in three years and see how things are going, as quite frankly that’s the only way this discussion would be resolved. You can carry on being worried about the state of the industry, I’m just going to carry on buying loads of new PC games. In fact I can’t ever remember a time when I bought as many new pc games per month as I am now.

  42. Pavel says:

    Hehe, in the last 7 months I bought over 200 PC games : ).

    PC gaming dying my ass……

    link to

  43. Azhrarn says:

    The DRM was indeed already gone from the Enhanced version, however the disc-check wasn’t so I’m grateful for that. And the extra adventures don’t hurt either. =)

  44. Clovus says:

    Ya, this is the first time in my PC gaming life that I have a backlog of games. I’ve barely touched a couple of titles, and I have 2 or even 3 that I haven’t touched at all.

  45. Tenorek says:

    I will actually play this game much more now. I will decide not to play a game because it would mean removing one disc and putting another in. It annoys me. When I want to play a game, I want to play it right now. I can finally do that with this game.

  46. UK_John says:

    Pavel, if you bought 200 games in the past 7 months then most were secondhand or in bargain bins, plenty of people are buying pc games in clearout sales all over the world. Trust me, buying a game from ebay or secondhand generally, or a budget title or a clearout item is not putting much of anything in the PC gamings coffers. So really, all you are doing is taking advantage of a sinking ship. In WWII you would have been the guy selling nylons that had ‘fallen of a truck’. I don’t have to do that, I have a PC game collection that’s over 300 titles. There is not a single GOG title that I want that I haven’t already got for example. I have been a PC gamer for 20 years and never owned a console in my life. If I cannot have my opinion on PC gaming, I don’t know who can – however much people don’t want to hear it.

  47. Nafe says:

    No one is denying your right to hold an opinion – it’s just that your opinion is wrong. However it’s a completely pointless argument. You think the industry is dying while others disagree, there’s not really any more to be said. I’ve been buying new (not bargain basement) games quite frequently and I’m not even remotely concerned about the industry, it’s fine.

    If, however, you want people to take you seriously, why not pull out some evidence that there are less titles available now than there used to be, that sales are down, anything. There are so many new indie titles coming out so frequently that it strikes me as absurd to think the industry is going anywhere. Perhaps you want to rule out indie titles though as they don’t fit your criteria of “PC game”.

  48. Psychopomp says:

    “I popped several playing The Witcher , my favorite being the woman you meet in the old haunted mill. Thought that was really funny that they assumed it was haunted”

    That is easily one of my favorite jokes in gaming.

  49. phat_chopps says:

    UK_John – Good Lord! Your argument is ludicrous beyond comprehension. That is all.

    The Witcher then. I happened to agree with most of Alec’s infamous PCG review – even after the Enhanced Edition patch – and I found it badly broken (people facing away from me in cut scenes was the most immersion breaking bug – I would shout at the screen begging them to face me, but to no avail). Should I go back and try again, ladies and gentlemen? Do you think the characters will look at me now? After all, I do so love a good RPG.

  50. Serondal says:

    You can have your opinion, but a wrong opinion is still a wrong opinion even though you have it. This isn’t an argument like “Is there a God” or “Why does it stop itching when I scratch?” There is hard evidence, money cold hard cash that is changing hands daily and making PC gaming companies money. If it weren’t we wouldn’t be getting so many new games plain and simple. I literally have had so many new games (New, brand new 2009 games) that I can’t play them all I just have to give up on some of them because I want to play this other new one over there that just came out. Not to mention support for PC games is better than it has ever been with people like Dereck Smart (like him or not) coming into comment threads and forums and making changes to the games in days. People like the Witcher Devs and Dawn of War 2 devs constantly releasing new patches to improve and enchance their game.