The Witcher: The Patcher

Polish role-playing epic The Witcher: Enhanced Edition has a muscular new patch. It flexes its 369mb torso to remove DRM, the CD check, to fix a couple of tech issues and to add in five of the best community-made scenarios into the game, for more fantastical adventures. You can download it here, but I can’t find any confirmation of whether it updates automagically on Steam, but I have to assume it will. Maybe. I’m waiting for an answer from CD Projekt, but does anyone know?

Still no word on The Witcher 2, and we can only hope it’ll raise its wolfish head soon.


  1. Nafe says:

    Really though I think it may well end up being completely pointless trying to discuss anything with UK_John assuming he’s the same one that’s responsible for this thread:

    link to

    A short look shows that he’s completely incapable of rational thought and discussion so I’ll leave it there and suggest others do too.

    So is The Witcher a meganerdy RPG or something more accessible like KoTOR?

  2. Leeks! says:

    I can’t be totally sure why, but for whatever reason that headline was just the perfect combination of stupid and clever that it put me in stitches.

    Oh, and @Nafe: It’s really, really meganerdy.

  3. Serondal says:

    The worst bug I ever faced in Witcher (aside from a few crashs which could have just been my old pc) Is when I got out of the sewer in the city proper. I went to talk to a hooker (And why wouldn’t I) and at the same time a mini-cut scene triggered. So I was stuck with the camera looking at the hooker as if I was going to speak to her but there was no speaking or options. My character was running around in the back ground (on my controls no less) and if I clicked on stuff he’d still do things, the camera was just stuck. There hadn’t been an auto save since the witch in the cave so I had to beat that FING hell hound again! On an up note I got to see the disgusting witches tats again (I used hacks to switch out the American cards with naughty ones from over seas, a yup I’m a bad boy :( )

  4. Clockwork Harlequin says:

    Nafe, Leeks. Didn’t find the Witcher particularly inaccessible. Everything seemed pretty understandable; there are lots of choices (both in skills and story) but they’re never obscure or confusing. Become fighty or magical. Help the rebels or the Empire. Etc. . .

  5. Serondal says:

    Nafe that thread made my mind implode, awesome! Now I’m not going to get any work done.

  6. Ulotrich says:

    Pavel, I am sorry, but your chart tells us very little about actuall state of the PC gaming industry. Total sales are not the only relevant part of the equation. You need to compare those to the overall audiance and to other platforms as well.

    Should we see a chart that would compare the one you posted to the overall number of PCs sold, thet would have had some informative value (as we would see whether the portion of people that acutally game on their PCs is rising or falling). Comparison to total numbers of console games sales would show us how PCs stand in comparison to their direct competition etc.

    And I have not scratched the rising costs of development debate (for a good reason – those are allways flawed by flawed arguments on both sides)

    Just to make things clear. I do not believe that PC gaming is going to die or that it is in bad shape. I just want to point out that you can not build a sound oppinion on the state of PC gaming based solely on (unsourced – :D) sales charts.

  7. UK_John says:

    Fine…. Seems if your negative about the future, you have to produce loads of evidence, and yet if you are positive about it, all you have to say is ‘I bought a load of games’ and everyone goes ‘see!’.

    And the go away over at GOG because I dared to say that I thought something was going on between Arkane Studio’s and, because GOG is selling ARx Fatalis with the ‘official 1.19 patch included’ when the 1.19 patch has not been made available to the public! I believe money changed hands and that’s why GOG could call it 1.19 and ‘official’ when you cannot get it if you already own the game, like I do. Is it any wonder we get PC games publishers acting like they do with buggy releases and DRM everywhere, etc, when we have a PC gaming community that goes after a gamer complaining that he has to buy a product he already owns to get the latest patched version because the latest patch has not been made available to the public? I got the same response when I pointed on on PC Zone’s site that while that mag was giving away the Total War Era’s compilation as part of the subscription, they were not giving any coverage to the fact that Shogun TW and Medieval TW did not work with the 8000 series nvidia cards, the most popular series of cards in gaming PC’s. So many times now I have seen how gamers get complained at by other gamers for bringing any negative out whatsoever, and publishers/developers read these threads and say ‘why worry’ So when all PC gaming is download only, and you re-install a game that’s a year old and the game tells you the DRM is out of date and you need a new license and the publisher just says you’ll have to buy the DRM free version for another $10 hopefully you’ll remember what I have said here and elsewhere and maybe think ‘maybe gamers should have supported each other better and then we wouldn’t be in this worse mess’!

    So fine, everything is wonderful, Gamespot reviewing 52 PC games last year with an average review score of 68%, compared with 98 reviews the previous year with a 75% average is just an aberration. The fact that retailers around the world are clearing out their PC stock is just a short term decline, and the fact that we have much more interest in gaming past at the same time as we have less in modern PC gaming is not a sign of declining interst in modern gaming but just a hiccup while PC gaming gets it’s house in order. You may think that. But I don’t, and I have had 20 years inside and outside PC game industry to see the changes. You may treat me like an 8 year old kid, but I still think the King has no clothes on, however elaborate you think they are on him.

  8. Nafe says:

    The reason I expect you to provide the evidence is because you’re the one making the outlandish claim. If I said “did you know, bunnies can’t see orange” it’d be up to me to prove it, not you to disprove it.

    I’ll not get in to the GOG/Arx thing here, every single possible response has been made to you and you point blank refuse to see sense.

    The fact that gamespot are reviewing less games and average reviews are lower means nothing other than gamespot are reviewing less games and the games they reviewed received a lower score. It’s absolutely not evidence that there *are* less games and that those games are worse.

    Your point about the decline in retail sales also means nothing – yes retail seems to be dying, but that doesn’t mean that gaming is, I think it’s far more likely that people are simply shifting their purchases to digital distribution.

    It strikes me that gaming is changing, not dying by any stretch of the imagination. I find that more and more the PC platform is becoming the indie platform, and I couldn’t be happier with that. There are so many fantastic and imaginative games out there and quite frankly it seems absurd to suggest that at some point people will simply stop making them.

    Imagine if that happened – so many households have PC’s and yet no one makes games for them? That’d seem like a wide open market to me. Gaming is going no where, it may change but that’s no bad thing.

  9. Alec Meer says:

    If you want to continue your argument, UK_John (and, indeed, those people encouraging him to continue it here), do so in the forum. This thread is about The Witcher, m’kay?

  10. Nafe says:

    Sorry, I’ve got some sort of condition – I think it’s called Argumentativefuckwititus. It’s very serious :\.

  11. Vinraith says:

    Thanks Alec.

    On topic, does anyone know if the Witcher Enhanced edition in the US is uncensored or not? I know the original release was…

  12. invisiblejesus says:

    Just booted up the US Steam version of the game to confirm, and all censorship appears to have been removed. This new patch hasn’t been applied, but honestly I found the Steam version to be pretty well supported so I expect it’ll show up before too long. Though the Steam version also never had any other DRM, so really all this patch amounts to for me is the new adventures.

  13. Vinraith says:

    Thanks invisiblejesus, I appreciate you checking. :)

  14. invisiblejesus says:

    No prob. Man, this makes me want to dig into this game again, and right when I’m putting time into actually playing Mass Effect… not enough hours in the day. :(

  15. ComVlad says:

    I live in Canada and the Enhanced Edition available here is in fact censored, however there is a website that made the uncensored material availabe as a mod.
    link to

  16. MrBejeebus says:

    I still need to get my US friend to gift this to me..

    I did borrow a friends copy for a while and loved it, I want my own though.

    And it seems to me that publishers such as CD Projekt, GSC and Egosoft prefer to keep their solid fanbase and make them happy, rather than try to please everyone and lose contact with players.

    Also, UK_John, if you want another reason why PC Gaming isn’t dieing look at Steam :)

  17. Count Zero says:

    Always impressive to see a company support their game as much as these guys have. As others said above, this is worth getting as a matter of general principle. I was initially going to wait for the xbox version (gasp!), but PC it is then.

  18. Owen says:

    Apologies, I realise this is lazy but does anyone have any idea if this would run on a laptop with the following spec?
    Processor: Intel T7300 Core 2 Duo (2.0GHz, 800MHz FSB, 4MB Cache)
    Graphics: Intel GMA X3100
    Obviously the key here is the GPU…

  19. AnticipationOfANewLoversArrival says:

    @Owen, you should be able to play it with that GPU (with detail perhaps set to the lower region). The newer Intel GPU’s aren’t absolutely crap, albeit close to it still. I can vouch for the CPU side of it, as I had no problems on my laptop with a T7xxx CPU / 2gb ram.

    I got stuck on the battle with the bandits/guards during the rebellion as well. I just conked out on the masses of enemies to be honest. Loved the rest of the game, and played it several times up to that point…

  20. AnticipationOfANewLoversArrival says:

    I meant to inquire as to the point at which these new adventures come into play (sans spoilers etc). Is it at an early stage, or later on, e.g. after the stage I mentioned above?

  21. Thermal Ions says:

    The Witcher on Steam – was I asleep at the keyboard?

    Apparently not, seems we Aussie’s still have no CD Projekt love :(

  22. Tworak says:

    Still unable to buy this online.

  23. techpops says:

    I remember playing this at a friends for a while and while I didn’t have any technical issues, it just didn’t grab me or feel like a really hardcore game as some have suggested. Maybe I just didn’t see enough.

    I’m kinda tempted to dip my toe into getting my own copy now but so many great games to play right now and so little free time to enjoy them. Still, nice to know its been further improved for the day I finally do grab it.

  24. Vinraith says:


    It’s hard to say, but the best way to check is to grab the demo from fileshack or gamershell and see how it runs. That’s how I ruled out buying it on my old PC (where it chugged mercilessly). Since demos are usually less optimized than final code (especially code as well supported as this) the performance you get will represent a reliable worst case scenario, and you can decide from there.

  25. UK_John says:

    Thank God for Eastern Europe. To me The Witcher and STALKER are the only proper PC games we have seen in the last couple years. All the others have come to PC from console, with that ‘simpler, shallower, more straight forward’ coding go into it. When you consider the linear third person action of Mass Effect and the deep story and stats and alchemy, etc of The Witcher it is a crime to call both RPG’s. For they can’t both be RPG’s given how deep one is and how shallow the other. I, for one, has always gone by the quote in an editorial in a 1999 Computer Gaming World: “…. We always know we’ve played an RPG, because everybody has different stories to tell. I can see how that would happen with the Witcher quests, but not the Mass Effect quests.

  26. SwiftRanger says:

    Yeah, Valve, Crytek, Massive, Paradox, The Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive, Relic, Gas Powered Games, Stardock, Related Designs, Blizzard, etcetera are all developers from Eastern Europe. In fact, I think PC gaming originates from that region. One Pavel-Casimir Gamingsky must have started it all.

    Seriously now, The Witcher is good, probably sold more than a million copies and was profitable, just like it was the case with many other good PC games in the last few years. We’re really fine, thank you. Especially now the E3 craze is over and companies are announcing exciting new PC (exclusive) titles again.

    Dunno about The Witcher 2, they’re probably working on it but rumour has it CD Projekt is doing the next Baldur’s Gate as well…

  27. UK_John says:

    SwiftRanger – don’t confuse where the publishers are located with where the developers are located, and of course many of the companies you mentioned are based in the U.S as part of their business, but not necessarily their games. Rome and Empire Total War was developed in Australia, for example.

  28. Nafe says:

    To me The Witcher and STALKER are the only proper PC games we have seen in the last couple years.


    Didn’t realise there was a Witcher demo, I’ll have to give it a go.

  29. SwiftRanger says:

    Right, forgot the bait thing again, I am off.

  30. Serondal says:

    Fallout 3 doesn’t exit ?! wtf did I play?

  31. Nalano says:


    With guns.

    (I had to!)

  32. Serondal says:

    Was trying to say Fallout 3 doesn’t exist? Sorry :P someone mentioned about that it wasn’t real and wasn’t released in the last couple of years. In fact every PC game I currently own don’t exist except The Witcher and Stalker, which I was certainly not aware of. I must say non-extant games run well on my computer considering.

  33. Nalano says:

    I know. I was joking. :P

  34. Serondal says:

    So was I :P I was just correcting my miss spelling of the word exist lol. I wasn’t commenting on your Oblivion statment at all infact I didn’t even see it when I wrote that last post.
    So aye indeed Oblivion with Guns, and also Nuclear Bombs

  35. Alex says:

    Any word on whether this patch breaks compatibility with saved games? I haven’t actually finished the game yet and I’m not sure if I’d want to start over from the
    (slow) beginning.

  36. Slim says:

    I patched it last night and my save games work fine.

  37. Owen says:

    Cheers Anticipationofanewloversarrival (breath) and Vinraith for the replies. I’m not sure why, but I never thought to check for a demo. Thanks.

  38. Fumarole says:

    Sins of a Solar Empire

  39. Andy says:

    Alex – my old save loaded up fine, but I ended up starting again anyway because I realised that it had been a while since I played and I know longer kn ew what was going on.