Command & Conquer Concludes

This is odd. The revelation that there is to be a Command & Conquer 4 is scarcely any surprise, as EA’s rejuvenated franchise seems to be on a bit of a roll these days (bar the cancellation of FPS Tiberium). That they’re saying it will finish the Tiberium saga is the shocker – surely its silly sci-fi storyline was designed to blather away forever? A red herring, I suspect – yeah, we might finally get answers as to what bechromedomed uber-bad Kane really wants, and what all those magic crystals will ultimately do to poor Earth, but that hardly closes the door on telling more tales in that future-war universe.

For those who don’t play real-time strategy for the lore, C&C4 also promises major shake-ups to the Dune 2-derived formula it’s been based around for the last 15 years…

Class-based play, persistent progression “across all modes” and an all-in-one mobile base, to be specific. At a guess, it’s going to apply something along the lines of Call of Duty 4 experience/ranks to real-time strategy, and build that into a base you trundle with you from to map, rather than simply abandon wholesale and build a new one come every level change.

Which could be super. Or could swamp casual RTSers with hardcore elements. It’s great to see this venerable series enjoy a significant shake-up, though – I’d certainly love to be surprised by Command & Conquer all over again.

It’s due out in 2010 (good lord, that’s such a futuristic-sounding date. Next year is going to be strange), and here’s the full official press release, with a few more detail-snippets:

Behold disciples of Nod, the end is soon upon us. Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) today announced that, after almost 15 years and 30 million games sold, EALA is bringing the award-winning Tiberium series to an epic conclusion with Command & Conquer™ 4. Shipping in 2010, Command & Conquer 4 will introduce a multitude of innovations to the to the classic fast and fluid Command & Conquer gameplay while retaining the core compulsions that fans have come to love over the series’ history. Introducing new class-based gameplay, mobile bases and persistent player progression throughout all game modes, Command & Conquer 4 offers players new, innovative and compelling strategic depth.

“Command & Conquer is a powerful franchise with an amazing 15-year legacy. We are thrilled to bring the dramatic Tiberium saga to a conclusion in Command & Conquer 4. This game is designed to give fans all the answers they’ve been looking for,” said Mike Glosecki, Lead Producer of Command & Conquer 4 at EA Los Angeles. “With its objective-based multiplayer mode, persistent player progression and all-in-one mobile base, players will experience Command & Conquer like never before.”

The story of Command & Conquer 4 takes place after the events of the critically acclaimed Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars™. The year is 2062 and humanity is at the brink of extinction. With only six years left until the mysterious crystalline structure Tiberium renders the earth entirely uninhabitable, the two opposing factions – Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod – inevitably find themselves in desperation for the same cause: to stop Tiberium from extinguishing mankind. The unthinkable becomes reality and Nod’s enigmatic leader Kane takes off for GDI headquarters. What is Kane planning in the heart of his enemies’ base? Command & Conquer 4 draws the epic conclusion to the beloved Tiberium universe, where fans will learn the fate of Earth, Nod, Tiberium, GDI and most importantly, Kane’s motivations behind his decade-long plan.

In addition to the two campaigns on the epic battles of GDI and Nod, which players will get to conquer alone or in a cooperative mode, Command & Conquer 4 will also feature a new 5v5 objective-based multiplayer mode, promoting teamwork and cooperation and delivering a social real-time-strategy experience never seen before in a Command & Conquer game.

Command & Conquer 4 is being developed at EA Los Angeles and will ship to retailers in 2010 for the PC. The game has not yet been rated by the ESRB or PEGI. For more information about the game, please visit or follow the community and development team on Twitter at The July 24th episode of BattleCast™ PrimeTime will give fans the latest news and exclusive information on Command & Conquer 4. Additionally, Gametrailers TV will exclusively reveal the first cinematic trailer for Command & Conquer 4 in its July 23rd episode on SPIKE TV.


  1. Aldaris says:

    *Ahem* W00t.

    Sounds nice, I just hope they’ll retcon kane’s wrath.

  2. Aldaris says:

    Also, is that a BF2142 titan ripof in that pic? If so, awesome.

  3. SwiftRanger says:

    PC exclusive and online only according to the GameSpot interview. Certainly doesn’t sound like C&C3/RA3 which is a good thing in my book.

  4. jsutcliffe says:

    I have yet to get round to C&C 3 (or the new Red Alert for that matter). What non-evil (by which I mean Direct2Drive, for no real reason) online sources can they be bought from? Are the single-player portions worth it?

  5. pkt-zer0 says:

    Well, this actually seems interesting. Wasn’t expecting that, to be honest.

  6. Serondal says:

    Online only ? It says in the release there is single player, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s about time C&C died.

  7. SwiftRanger says:

    @Serondal, from the interview:

    “As a nice side effect, since C&C4 requires players to be online all the time in order to prevent cheating, we’ll be shipping without any form of DRM.”

  8. ilves says:

    I missed C&C 3 as well, though I’ve played all the other C&Cs. And that does look like a BF2142 titan. If they’re wrapping this whole shebang up, might be interested in picking this one up.

  9. Duckmeister says:

    Personally, even though the Tiberium story was pretty good, I thought that the Red Alert story was the better (and more mind-numbingly convoluted) of the two.

    Although I would appreciate finding out why Kane can survive so many deaths. He clones? He holograms? Who knows? I mean, way to take the triumph out of killing Kane at the end of every C&C game, because you know he’ll just come back, and say something like “How do you like me now?”

  10. The Archetype says:

    Requiring you to be online at all times actually seems like one of the cruelest forms of DRM of all.

    Still, I’ll probably be buyin it through Steam, so it’s a bit of a moot point.

  11. Duckmeister says:

    Double toast, but I have something to add.

    I’d much rather see Command & Conquer Generals 2 than any other C&C RTS release.

  12. Serondal says:

    You have to be online all the time to play single player? they don’t see this as a form of DRM ? This is insane, what happened to the good ‘ol days if buying a freaking game and playing it without internet being involved? It’s expensive !

  13. TCM says:

    If internet is expensive…Well, you probably couldn’t run the game in the first place anyhow.

  14. h4plo says:

    Awesome – first blip of RTS-excitement since just before the Dawn of War II beta started. Looking forward to see what they do with the pacing, though – not sure that the hero model will work with the lightning-fast pace that C&C games seem to play at lately.

    As to the online-only thing: I’d rather have this than a game I can only install five times, ever. Always thought Steam-type solutions are the best way to deal with piracy/security that’s fair to the consumer. It’s a pretty safe bet that any PC that can run RA4 will be on a constantly-fed cable or fiber line.

    @Duckmeister: I couldn’t agree more. Tunneling into the main base of an enemy with a schoolbus filled with poison-rocket guys remains one of my favorite all-time strategies in an RTS.

  15. Don says:

    @Aldaris: “is that a BF2142 titan ripof in that pic?”

    Well, it’s not flashing in and out and I can’t see prone glitchers through the walls, so I’d say no.

  16. JKjoker says:

    nice, so the new trend is inserting constant online activation DRM in games without calling it drm but “cheating prevention” and completely eliminating the chance of someone playing a single game, you know, WITHOUT INTERNET ? i don’t know about you but i lose net connection a few times a week, sometimes for hours its not as fail-safe as the phone or electric lines, well be forced to get a cracked version just so we can play without being online, sigh…

  17. JKjoker says:

    and btw, if i want to CHEAT in MY single player session, its MY right, you know …

  18. Pavel says:

    Another 30fps capped game? I wish they would cap their awful SAGE engine (which is 8 years old).

  19. Heliocentric says:


    peace through power![/caps]

  20. JKjoker says:

    that the ending is going to be crap is a given, count how many games you played in the last decade with good endings, enough fingers in one hand ? probably with 5 extra ? right

  21. jsutcliffe says:

    @ Patrician person whose name I don’t quite recall

    Thanks, but I don’t like how g2play do business. I think I file them as “evil.”

  22. Noc says:

    JKjoker: Portal, HL2 (EP2), God Hand, Knytt Stories (The Machine) and Halo (1) are the first that come to mind, and that fills out a hand’s worth of fingers. I’m sure there are ones I’m forgetting.

    After a quick check to good old Wikipedia, Homeworld and Planescape: Torment both scrape in under the wire at ’99, too.

    So yeah. Good endings happen.

  23. Simon says:

    So did anyone else notice that they mentioned that it’s going to be the end of the TIBERIUM series?

    That means: Red Alert still lives on, as does Generals.

  24. MasterBoo says:

    This is nothing compared to StarCraft II.


  25. Heliocentric says:

    RA has boobies, tiberium has an angry bald man.

  26. crozon says:

    well the been online all the time is not a big thing. seriously how many people here don’t have broadband and isn’t it about time you get it.

  27. Jeremy says:

    I could never understand why people still treat the internet like it’s a flying car.

  28. Azhrarn says:

    @Heliocentric: an angry bald man that is a lot more interesting than the gratuitous boobies in RA3.

    I’m looking forward to how this is going to turn out. I doubt it’ll give the closure the story has been leading up to, since that would probably be to controversial. (with the religious angle and all) But colour me interested.

  29. Duckmeister says:

    I think Helio has nailed why the Tiberium story’s ending will suck. 8 years ago, EA was willing to make whatever controversial religious connection to Kane or Tiberium they wanted, but now, it’s such a so-called “touchy” subject that they don’t want to “risk it”.

    Frankly, I highly doubt that anyone who would be willing to buy C&C 4 today wouldn’t shy away from it just because they said Kane was a muslim or something stupid like that.

    (Yes, I know the obvious connection in the names, like “Kane and Cain”, but I was just saying that as a broad generalization)

  30. JKjoker says:

    @Noc: you call HL episode 2’s “end” an ending ? bleh, i havent played/finished the others, Halo’s ending quality is irrelevant it committed suicide with the constant copy-pasting of rooms and general unoriginality i couldn’t care less how it ends, i still have to finish portal, hmm

  31. Duckmeister says:

    Double toast again, but here’s my take:

    EA, make Skate 3 for PC, Command & Conquer Generals 2, and fix the pricing models and recent stupid gameplay changes in Battlefield Heroes before you make C&C 4, please.

  32. Carra says:

    Heh, the recommended old story is “Back Once Again For The Renegade Disaster”.

    Done with the sequels, bring on the prequels.

  33. JKjoker says:

    oh, yeah Torment had a great ending, but i think its just on the cut line, December 1999

  34. Tei says:

    I hate how poorly C&C has been managed. It started as a realisitic-futuristic RTS. Something more original than a “orcs & humans” game called Warcraft.

    What is a Intelectual Property building if all elements are stollen from other people, or from the trash pop culture?

    The only science fiction videogame ever mas is sid meier alfa centauri. Is really sad that videogames, with the potential to show incredible and original futures, has to vomit the same genericness as fantasy books.

  35. Serondal says:

    TCM – The internet is expensive, I have to bay more for my stupid cable internet then some people make in a year in some parts of the world. The point being I do have internet 100% of the time, when times get hard that is the first thing that goes as it isn’t something I need to survive. IT would be nice to actually be able to play the games I’ve already paid for on the computer I’ve already paid for. Right now I’ve got 6 games on Steam I can’t play because the stupid offline mode won’t work and I can’t fix it without being online , wtf is it even there for ? Lol.

    As far as the argument between RA and normal C&C I have to agree that RA iis a lot more fun most of the time. I still play RA 2 with Yuri’s expansion.

  36. Lorc says:

    “[NOD and GDI] inevitably find themselves in desperation for the same cause”

    I hope nobody was paid to write this.

  37. LQB says:

    The press release reminds me of how the Relic developers would describe Dawn of War 2.

  38. Serondal says:

    er pay, not bay ; P

  39. Jad says:

    As a nice side effect, since C&C4 requires players to be online all the time in order to prevent cheating, we’ll be shipping without any form of DRM.

    Grrrr. Why has DRM, which was once a broad and useful term (albeit somewhat nebulous), become narrowed down to a very specific definition (“SecurRom, but only version 7, when it has limited activations, less than 6”)? The company’s (Copy)Rights for a Digital product are being Managed by this scheme!

    For most of us, DRM is not necessarily a bad thing. If you’ve ever typed in a CD key, then you’ve accepted some form of DRM. However, there is certain forms of DRM that are evil.

    And this one is pure evil.

    To those of you saying “comon, who doesn’t have internet?” — SHUT UP and THINK.

    How many of you still own a copy of an old C&C (I still have my original, 1996 Red Alert)? Would you like to play the game again, in single player mode? Quick — whats your Red Alert 1 online profile name? Your password? Are Westwood’s Red Alert 1 profile servers still running?

    Oh wait, Red Alert 1 didn’t require servers to run a single-player game? It didn’t require an online profile to play a single-player game? Man those guys back in 1996 sure were dunces!

  40. Jad says:

    Damn, stupid italics. Only the first sentence is supposed to be italicized.

  41. Serondal says:

    It is pretty evil, but I must also say that it may be a bit to soon to jump at this one. They may have a single player offline mode you can play without being connected to the internet where you can’t xfer that character into online mode. I seriously doubt it though, as of late most EA games require you to be online to even install them so another EA game I’m not going to be buying. I have nothing against EA like most people seem to, I just simply can’t buy the game if I can’t activate it since I currently have no net at home.

  42. ad_hominem says:


    Time Gentlemen, Please! Has a brilliant ending, and that came out last month.

  43. JonFitt says:

    Wow, 15 years of C&C. That makes me feel old, since I remember when C&C was new-fangled.

    I didn’t play C&C3 since I don’t care for the hyperspeed click per minute style of RTS the C&C is/has become. But, I used to enjoy the cut scenes, is there a YouTube video of these so I can catch up?

  44. UK_John says:

    I was around at the start of PC gaming’s greatest hours when C&C came out. I was there at the height of PC gaming when Red Alert came out. By the time of the yucky C&C 3, PC gaming was getting yucky too, and now 2010 we see the last C&C, when PC gaming is on a downward spiral. Sort of like C&C has followed PC gaming and that both are now coming full circle…

  45. jalf says:

    ah yes, the joys of revising history to fit your conclusions.

    PC gaming has had plenty of greatest hours. When C&C came out was just one of them.

    We’re living in another one of them now. The indie scene is making sure of that.

  46. Serondal says:

    Oh my Lord UK_John is back.

  47. JKjoker says:

    @ad_hominem: its *so* new its not even on gamerankings or metacritic

  48. radomaj says:

    One feature that is absolutely necessary for a new RTS game? Bring me SupCom-style zooming! The minimap is dead, long live the minimap!

  49. JKjoker says:

    @randomaj: while i love NOT having any limits with my zoom (hated, HATED, warcraft 3’s limited zoom) you ended up playing SupCom with the zoom all the way out and watching the boring icons, you need to allow it but dont let the action become so messy you can only follow it with the zoom maxed out