Whirr-Stomp Resurrection: Mechwarrior

It’s back after a seven year hiatus. IGN has the full scoop, and they report that developers Piranha Games have some ambitious plans, including 4-player co-op. They’re also going to try and make the full range of mechs significant within the game via recon and intelligence missions: “it’s not just a race to the heaviest, most powerful mechs. The designers want to reward you for picking a mech and sticking with it — you will gain experience and become better at piloting your chosen mech, and that will translate into better accuracy and damage with weapon systems. This way, a player could specialize in a light mech throughout the entire game if they choose. It also means there are multiple playthroughs with different mechs.” No release date as yet.

Lengthy CG -but-clearly-target trailer below.


  1. Azhrarn says:

    *prays it won’t be simplified for console use, and it remains a PC exclusive*

    • The thing living in your eye. says:

      *prays Azhram won’t always be a miserable shit waste*

  2. Dominic White says:

    I’m fairly sure it’s confirmed as multiplatform already, but anyone who has played the Armored Core games, Chrome Hounds or Steel Battallion can tell you that console games can do mech sims as complex as (or much moreso in the case of CH or SB) anything on the PC.

    Judging console giant robot games on Mechassault alone is like judging all films on Meet The Spartans.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Bet he wishes he had a more modern steerable parachute now… and seriously, standing toe to toe just unloading on each other? Have tactics regressed to that?

    Having said that, big stompy robots! With guns! I suspect TrackIR or something similar that lets you intuitively look independently from your movement would be a blessing with games like these…

  4. subversus says:

    it’s multiplat – 360, PC

  5. Monchberter says:

    It’s not RPS without when a week goes by and the word ‘Stompy’ or its derivatives is not used.

    Mechwarrior is by definition the king of stompiness.

  6. pkt-zer0 says:

    MechWarrior 2 is responsible for my love of all huge metal things that go whirr-stomp, so this better be good.

  7. Stromko says:

    I wonder if ‘lengthy’ trailer was sarcasm or if they linked the wrong video. Nine seconds isn’t very long, despite my short attention sp

  8. Paxeh says:

    I never liked the Atlas. It should have blown up.

  9. Dominic White says:

    @Stromko – I think your interenets may be broken. It’s three minutes long.

  10. CMaster says:

    Ahh, I remember when “big stompy robots” was one of the PC’s major genres.

    As for consoles – I’d have thought the dual-control sticks makes for excellent seperate control between legs and torso.

  11. Dave says:

    I made a sex wee

  12. Heliocentric says:

    Wait, did they just say experience, as in xp, as in leveling up? They just cod4’d mechwarrior? I can’t wait to unlock erppc’s, suffering under their fire til i get them /sarcasm

  13. Cedge says:

    Basically, one of my dreams came true to night. Hallelujah.

    I was so glad to hear the news back when Smith & Tinker nabbed the MechWarrior game rights (what a comfort to have them back in the hands of the franchise’s creator), but the past 2 years or so of silence had me worried. Such very welcome news.

    And the teaser, scripted though it may be, kicked ass.

    One of the first thoughts that came to mind after watching the teaser, aside from sheer joy, was wondering if I’ll be able to configure the game to be controlled with one of these little numbers:
    link to img29.imageshack.us

    Ah…man. Wonderful, and very welcome news.

  14. phil says:

    I wouldn’t worry about console versions dumbing things down – Mechwarrior 2 on Playstation was actually quite respectable, you could still tune your Mec so that it fired everything a once, one shotting anything up to a Timber Wolf, before shutting down for fifteen seconds to cool. Made for an interesting play experience.

  15. sebmojo says:

    I thought that looked amazing. We finally have the Mechwarrior 2 opening cutscene to play in.

  16. Dominic White says:

    @Cedge – so long as the PC version has customizable controls, there are USB drivers for the Steel Battallion conroller.

  17. mpk says:

    Mechwarrior 3 was my first experience of team multiplayer and it’s a game that I still cherish. Mechwarrior 4 was a pile o’pish mind – it all came down to circlestrafing.

  18. Jerricho says:

    I was an Earthsiege fan before I got into Mechwarrior2: Mercenaries which was an absolute joy and wonder. Mechwarrior3 was disappointingly short but still fun. Heavy Gear 2 had stolen my heart. Mechwarrior4:Mercenaries made me very very sad. It was like MechCommander but scaled up (but without higher resolution textures.. and SPRITES for humans.. and monkeys, SPRITES for goodness sake!).

    I can but hope that this might restore my faith in the franchise. Big stompy robot trucks stomping on stompable things. GLEEEE

  19. Azhrarn says:

    I hope they do this right, I loved stalking and taking down mechs in a Shadowcat with a Gauss cannon, so a system that rewards you for sticking to a size-class would be quite welcome.

    Or taking out mechs easily twice your weight in a PPC loaded Puma. =) Good times.

  20. Tellurian says:

    Hm, if your Mech is your XP system, then it should be possible to “loose” XP if your ‘Mech is damaged.

    Unless that proves to be “realistic” but no fun at all that is…
    Still, that’d make playing it careful rather than just running around H-Lasers blazing a LOT more meaningful.

    Also good to see it being set during the / even a bit before the “golden age”, and including “unseens” (Battletech vets will know and agree).

  21. derFeef says:

    Folks, thats gameplay, like mentioned in the lenghty interview at IGN. And it stays to its roots, they promise.

  22. Rosti says:

    Linking all weapons possible into one shot = advanced technique.

    Also, aren’t big stompy robots the best? My first exposure to the thnigs was in Cybernator, which contained rifle wielding humans who cutely tried to hurt you. Ahh.

  23. Deadjim says:

    That looks pretty awesome…I want a Titan game tho, you know like the bigger ones that are in W40K reading Dan Abnetts Titanicus just makes me want someone to make a game out of that!

  24. DarthInsinuate says:

    Am I getting old or does giant stampy bot action not look particularly exciting?

    Giant stampy bot cover system though, woot.

  25. mrmud says:

    Take the simulation route, please!

  26. Stew says:

    So… in the future, colour doesn’t exist?

  27. theleif says:

    Yes! And it will take place during the succession wars, before the overpowered clan mechs! Can’t wait to get myself blown up in an UrbanMech or a Locust. And wage war in my Warhammer, twin ppc:s, medium lasers, LRM:s and machine guns.
    The Hunchbacks, the Wolverines, the Dervishes… the joy!
    I hope.

  28. Azhrarn says:

    “Stew says: So… in the future, colour doesn’t exist?”

    That’s a side-effect of the new-fangled engine.
    Defered lighting is extremely hard on GPUs, so they do as little of it as possible.
    To keep it graphically realistic they then need to desaturate the colour (to reduce reflection etc) resulting in the current wash of greyish/brown games. Once they either give up on defered lighting or find a way to do it efficiently you’ll see colour return in full force.

  29. Antsy says:

    Oh my good look everyone! Looooooook! Its a proper Mechwarrior game and not an Xbox abomination!

    /check date

    And its not April 1st. Wheeeee!

  30. theleif says:

    Sorry, just remembered there’s no LRM:s, on the Warhammer. It had a SRM 6. My bad.

  31. mrmud says:

    Problem with this is that IS mechs like like crap while Clan mechs look good.

  32. Jens says:

    So where is the love for the MechCommander series? I really really want to see that resurrected too … DOW II with added complexity and depth in the BattleTech universe? WHOA! :D

  33. ZephyrSB says:

    Oh how I’ve longed for another decent MW game since mercs, and always having a preference for lighter ‘mechs, the xp system gets my attention. I’ve never really found another giant-robot series that has the same feel of weight that BT games gave their ‘mechs…

    …except for Titans. Their mere metion here, leading to the notion of resurrecting Adeptus Titanicus as game, gives me tingles…

  34. HidesHisEyes says:

    New mechwarrior with dynamic building destruction and real cockpit views?

    This is the first game i’ve been excited about since OpFlash2.

  35. ErrantConstruct says:

    Its just me or did that trailer say “In game footage” in the bottom corner?

  36. Mr_Bacco says:

    Here’s praying for Track IR compatability à la Arma II.

    New Mechwarrior game! EEEEE!

  37. mandrill says:

    W00t! Yay! Awesome! and other exclamations of joy at the the return of this long missed franchise.

    Are you sure the trailer is CG? Looks like something a current gen engine would be well capable of.

  38. theleif says:

    They may not be as stylish as the clan mechs, but what they lack in style they make up for with a healthy dose of charm.

  39. mandrill says:

    @ErrantConstruct: Yeah, I see that too with much squinting and placing of nose on monitor. :D

  40. Dave says:

    link to frontiermux.com

    awesome mux and not to difficult

  41. Hypocee says:

    Well, I see what the problem is – he didn’t shoot at the legs! Silly man.

  42. obo says:

    Just keep Mitch Gitelman away from it, please, please, please.

  43. kevinn says:

    A Warhammer(?) made an ‘oh shit’ comment with a measly Jenner?

    I’m glad the Unseen are back. But please make this more sim-like than your average action Mech game.

  44. Sajmn says:

    Liked the eject part. Kind of reminded me of Battlezone (and it’s intro).

    It looked kinda clumsy though, just shooting each other and strafing.

  45. farmer says:

    If they’re going to self-censor their dialogue, they need new dialogue. That was just awful to listen to.

    But big stompy Mechwarrior with co-op play! I’m pumped.

  46. Andrew Dunn says:

    I want this. I want this a lot.

    I just hope they can make it good. They’re making all the right noises at any rate.

  47. SanguineLobster says:

    Who thinks that going toe-to-toe with an Atlas is a good idea? You gotta get the hell away from his close range weapons, avoid his LRM battery and then pick away at him from a distance!

    Anyhoo, if this is pre-clans, what do you think the odds are that they will include any aspect of the cool space-feudalism-esque setting of it?

  48. mrmud says:

    No Timberwolf makes makes the kittens cry.

  49. Dominic White says:

    @mandrill – I went back and watched it in high-res mode.. it does indeed say ‘in-game footage’ quite clearly.

    If that is true, then this looks fantastic. And if the RPS guys thought it was a target render, then… well, yeah.

  50. Dominic White says:

    Okay, again in the ‘If this is really in-game, that’s goddamn impressive’ corner – notice when the Jenner jumps onto the building.

    Its jets blast through the roof and out the windows, taking the glass with it.