Codemasters UK Fuel Launch Unique Art Compo

This one’s only available to residents of the United Kingdom, I’m afraid. To celebrate their new racing game, Fuel, Codemasters are providing a selection of prizes, including a unique art print and copies of the game, for you lot to win. Details below.

This here is the grand prize:

It’s a one off print, and consequently could end up being something of a collector’s item.

There are also copies of the game, and promotional drinks to be won:

These magical potions give you the temporary power of one heavily stimulated man, unless you are a girl, or a dog.

So, Britons, we want you to email us via this link saying where you’d go on a roadtrip, and what you’d drive. The best answer wins the special print, a copy of the game, and a bottle of terrifying energy juice. Five runners up will also get copies of the game and energy drinks.

Time honoured rules apply, and entries must (must!) come in to the address above, with the subject “Fuel Me Up” or they will definitely not get read. Include your postal address too, or you cannot be a winner.

Closing date: 12pm Tuesday 14th July 2009! And not a minute sooner.


  1. Eamo says:

    Hehe, Compo email address. If I fall down the RPS office stairs due to insufficient hand railings do I email the same address?

  2. Kakrafoon says:

    I just tried the FUEL Demo and I’m not impressed at all.. Awkward menus, awful driving model, and a big empty world. I think I’ll stick with Burnout Paradise to satisfy my thirst for automobile carnage.

  3. rocketman71 says:

    Not only bad, it has no LAN.

  4. Optimaximal says:

    Awkward menus, awful driving model, and a big empty world. I think I’ll stick with Burnout Paradise to satisfy my thirst for automobile carnage.

    Oh the irony…

  5. Nighthood says:

    Entered my enntry.

    /me crosses fingers.

  6. x25killa says:

    Lemme guess, I cannot buy that Fuel drink anywhere else in the world? :(

  7. MrBejeebus says:

    I think the same goes for Burnout Paradise Kakrafoon, at least on PC.

    I enjoyed the demo AND want me one of those energy drinks, /crosses fingers for winner

  8. Nighthood says:

    The tiny amount of comments here makes me think I’m in with a chance. Hooray.

    Also, when is the closing date? Am I blind or is it really not there?

  9. toro says:

    You are overdoing the ads for this game, in spite the fact that is not really a great game from the demo or otherwise. Why so serious? It simply doesn’t have any kind of simulation, the driver is still magically bound with the vehicle, no collision damage and no story. The game has potential, but not with the current incarnation. Great scenery it has.

  10. sigma83 says:

    Since I am Not British:

    I would like to take a roadtrip to Atlantis, in my custom built steel rivets and extendable wings two person submarine, complete with 7.1 stereo, MP3 collection and drop down plasma screen so I can play Team Fortress via my satellite uplink which will float upon the surface tethered to my little machine by ethernet cable. In back will be a little bunk bed (though not so little, space enough for the Girl of My Dreams™) a fridge with some diet soda and carrots, and the heart of it all, the cold fusion drive. Cruise speed will be six miles an hour, with a max acceleration rate of 12Gs and a top speed of Mach 2. Underwater.

    Also, weapons systems include rotatable facing dual torpedo launchers, an aft gatling cannon, and 7kW lasers that blind attackers and double as searchlights so we can get a good view when we get there.

  11. Inanimotion says:

    Just started playing this game and thoroughly enjoying it.

    Now I see why that road trip took him all day ><

    If I were in Europe I would definitely enter.

  12. jsutcliffe says:


    I don’t think you can call them ads. Like the game or not, you have to admit that it’s an impressive technical feat, and possibly a milestone for procedural content in mainstream gaming. Which is a good thing.

  13. Nighthood says:

    As competitions go, this doesn’t seem overly popular. Do people just not want fuel?

  14. Vinraith says:


    I’d cheerfully enter, but I suffer for being a Colonial.

  15. roryok says:

    @RPS – is this one of those situations where I can pretend Ireland is part of the UK and get away with it

  16. Rei Onryou says:


    PS: Would the drink have this effect? link to

  17. Rob says:

    Does the competition end at noon or midnight on Tuesday?

  18. Nighthood says:

    I think it should be over now. But it’s RPS, who knows.

  19. Nighthood says:

    This is beginning to get ridiculous.

  20. Dr.Gash says:

    Yeah, I’m FUEL-rious.

    I’ll get my coat.

  21. Rob says:


  22. Rob says:

    Who won?

  23. Rob says:

    Has this competition been forgotten about?

  24. Jim Rossignol - AFK says:

    Nope, I’ve just been busy. Will announce the winner later in the week, as we announce another competition.

  25. Rob says:

    Cool, thanks