Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Edit: The incorrect video was posted on GT earlier, and has now been replaced with an HD offering.

It’s been almost two years since the last time we posted a trailer of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. This is extraordinary for two reasons. Firstly, this 2D indie shmup has been quiet for two years. Secondly, RPS is old enough to write that. It still looks like a cute, interesting shooter, with an extended trailer to see below.

There appear to be some rather lovely short animations that will be a part of it. You can watch them on the official site, and even donate to his bandwidth costs. By the second half of the trailer, as you’re watching the game itself, it’s all a bit more realistic, but still looks quite a lot of fun. The art style is, obviously, beautiful. You can read an interview with developer Michel Gagné at the Escapist’s site to get a pile of more detail.

The release date is yet to be announced, and while platforms haven’t been settled on, Michel Gagné assures us, “Our goal is to get it on as many platform as possible.”


  1. Halbyrd says:

    Absolutely brilliant art style, and fairly interesting-looking gameplay, though I hope the final game plays at a slightly more relaxed pace than the trailer–some of those run-the-death-gauntlet puzzles look awfully exacting on timing.

  2. Quasar says:

    This looks really quite cool, though I hope the style doesn’t take precedent over gameplay.

    Is this a freeware thing? Any word on price if not?

  3. Hi!! says:

    Xbox 360 only :-(

  4. The Innocent says:

    Wow. I wasn’t expecting much from the trailer, but… wow. I went from bored to anticipatory in those couple minutes.

  5. TheLinx says:

    This looks awesome!

    Too bad I don’t have a Xbox 360..

  6. Owen says:

    Anyone else reminded of Zarathruster?

  7. Some Guy says:

    looks amasing, love the art style

  8. phil says:

    Jetpac + World of Goo?

  9. Owen says:

    (oh and I don’t mean that in a negative, ‘bah, this just a rip-off of another game’ way.)

  10. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Good: great art style not unlike Patapon.
    Bad: Xbox only? o_O

  11. jalf says:

    Oo, looks cool. What’s with the music though?

  12. Darkflight says:

    Holy cow that looks fantastic

  13. lobo_tuerto says:

    So what platforms is this going to be in?

    Here ppl say xbox, in other sites they say iphone and pc…
    Like in here:
    link to

  14. Dain says:

    Personally it reminds me of the mysterious explorations of Jasper Morello

  15. Dominic White says:

    @jalf – I was surprised by the music as well.. although for a different reason.

    Dimmu Borgir doing game soundtracks? Why, yes, that is rather awesome. Epic black metal strikes me as the perfect accompaniment to a game about a swirling shadow-planet filled with fangorious umbral beasts.

  16. jalf says:

    Well, do they do soundtracks, or did the developer just nick an existing track?

    Apart from that, no, I don’t think it’s a perfect accompaniment, but that’s just me. I really don’t think it fits the video. It comes across like all those youtube vids where people show a bit of footage from their favorite game, and replace the sound with whatever generic hiphop or metal they’re fanboying about at the moment.

    But that’s just me being boring and cynical. :p

  17. Dominic White says:

    I didn’t recognize the track in question, but I’m not a big fan of theirs anyway, so it might be something from one of their existing albums.

    Still, the fact that they’re credited in the trailer would hopefully (at least for me) suggest that the music will be featured in the full game.

  18. Jonas says:

    Wow that looks incredibly difficult. Love the music, personally. And the art, of course.

  19. TurboLento says:

    Reminded me of Earthworm Jim 1 for some reason, i guess the animations and level layouts.

  20. Dr. Nerfball says:

    Hmm… looks increadible to me, better than Trine, acquired taste I guess. Or the fact that I see in monochrone. Yay colour blindness! =P

    Actually it’s quite nice to see a game where the colourblind segment of the market isn’t at a disadvantage when trying to play it. Yay Michel Gagné and Joe Olsen!

    Oh, and it reminds me of Soap Bubble 2 more than anything else. Albiet rather more insane.
    link to
    Go play!
    (Psst! I have no idea whether that link worked or not. I’m new at this internet thing.)

  21. Nero says:

    Looks great, hope a PC version is in on, since all I’ve read is about the 360 version :(

    And for those interested, the Dimmu Borgir song is Blood Hunger Doctrine.

  22. OoohShinyGraffix says:

    Uh…anyone else getting “Movie Not Available” from the embedded player?

    Taken down due to copyright issues?

  23. Cheespuffs says:

    Yeah when Dimmu Borgir isn’t doing pop-metal they do some pretty awesome symphonic metal instrumental tracks. I thought it fit really well in this trailer, which I thought looked awesome.

  24. Lintman says:

    The game looks beautiful, but hard as hell. Particularly because it looks like a “one touch and you’re dead” type deal, rather then a health bar, where you might be able to survive small mistakes.

    Dr. Nerfball: monochrome? You mean you didn’t see all those red enemies on against the green background?

    just kidding. sorry.

  25. Little Green Man says:

    Yeah I can’t see the movie and it doesn’t seem to be on Gametrailer’s site either.

  26. Pani says:

    It’s a beautiful looking game, but the game play looks like it would drive me crazy. Twitchy madness. I don’t think I’ll be playing it.

    The music reminds me of REM – Orange Crush minus the lyrics obviously.

  27. jalf says:

    Huh, I thought the music was pretty bland and monotonous, and didn’t really fit the game or follow the trailer (and I deduct 200 cool points for just slapping what’s apparently an existing song on your trailer. Make your own, or get someone to do it, dammit! ;))

    But yeah, video seems to have been taken down unfortunately. The game looks awesome though.

  28. Στέλιος says:

    This does look rather nice, I must say. Not a fan of Dimmu Borgir (or is that Dimmu Burger? Chortle chortle) but it works rather nicely. For some odd reason I thought of Psygnosis’ Agony shmup, which I love. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the fact that some post-black metal band (Cradle of Filth maybe?) pilfered some music from Agony, heh.

  29. TCM says:

    I am now officially in love with this.

  30. Baris says:

    That really did look like something which could be big, but probably won’t be. Although I wish it would be…

    Oh and I really loved the music in the trailer too.

  31. Cedge says:

    I’ve been a fan of this artist for years, ever since I saw his Prelude to Eden short sometime in the late ’90s or early ’00s.

    Been looking forward to this game ever since it was announced…love it, love it.

    Also, platforms aren’t confirmed, so calm down, you folks who are posting “Xbox 360 only :(“

  32. Vinraith says:

    Absolutely spectacular artwork and animation, I have to say. No idea if the game play will live up to it, but I look forward to a demo.

  33. Dood says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters. This game (or the trailer at least) looks stunningly pretty. Lets see if the gameplay is equally good. I am a bit worried about the “run/swim from giant thing that wants to eat you through a corridor of sorts”-missions in the trailer. I always hated those in the SuperMario games.

  34. C0nt1nu1ty says:

    who did the art? I can think of at lest three artists that it might be

  35. C0nt1nu1ty says:

    never mind, its exactly who i though it was (says at the start) wasnt paying attention.
    More of his stuff can be found here link to

  36. Tei says:

    Judging for what the game is ( 80’s gameplay ) seems a very good one. With some Epicness and Greatness. 2009 hardware let you do some crazy things that was not available 20 years ago. But 2009 hardware also able 2009’s gameplay. And I consider our current 2009’s gameplay superior to all the 80’s one. I don’t miss “game over” screens, 3 lifes… and that stuff.

    Gran Torino was a nice movie, but I the car looks to me like ugly.

  37. teo says:

    Dimmu Borgir have completely lost it now but they’ve made some good stuff, and there are a few really good songs on DCA too

  38. Henrik J says:

    Newver heard of Dimmu Borgir before this, what is the track called?

  39. Matosh says:

    Like the good folks said, the track is “Blood Hunger Doctrine”. Personally I think the music gives the footage a certain vibe it would otherwise lack. The artwork (and even more so animation) is staggeringly good, in a way I’ve never seen in a 2D sidescroller, but it runs the risk of seeming ‘cartoony’, and therefore slightly detached. The music tells us that as cute as the little flying saucer might be, for the guys inside this is a matter of life and death. A cartoon monster to us is a Lovecraftian horror to them. It helps with empathy.

  40. teo says:

    Blood Hunger Doctrine

    Some other good songs from the same album:

    link to
    link to

  41. Scandalon says:

    Yea, music’s a bit different than you’d expect, but I think ultimate it works, not like, say, Marylin Manson/DragonAge. And no, it’s not like clip #2,843 from Final Fantasy _ w/ Linkin Park slapped on top…if you pay attention it’s actually edited to the music, like a proper music vid should be. And really, do you want them spending the time/money on a new trailer song, or on making the game?

    As others have said, looks bloody fantastic, hope it’s fun!

  42. Kenny says:

    Well. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been blown away. A-mazing. I will be getting this when it comes out. It looks like you’re playing through a Samurai Jack episode with that art style. Sure to be a very absorbing game. Hopefully they’ll give us a break in the action to enjoy the scenery.

  43. EDD says:

    Might be just me, but this is the best trailer for a video game I have ever seen. And I’ve been frequenting gametrailers dot com pretty much since day one :)

  44. Kai-Itza says:

    I MUST have this game.